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This is an unfinished story I had roiting away on my harddrive: On the outside David Chase looks like the typical 15 year-old, but in reality he’s a lot older. David is an immortal being tracked by the government who wants to turn him into their science experiment. David spends his days trying to live the typical life of a teenager while coping with the harsh reality of his condition.
The two clean shaven men caught sight of David Chase on the crowded sidewalk as he carefully whizzed his way through the pedestrians on 8th Street. David was running for his life as he made a sharp turn into an alley, leaving the bright lights and billboard advertisements of Minion Square behind him. The two tall men neatly dress in black government issued suits chased after him. His heart desperately wanted out of his chest as the two men behind him dashed through the huge swarm of pedestrians chasing after him.
David had been running all his life, about two centuries and a half. He was one of the few immortals who walked the earth. At least he was the only one he knew of, but he had heard stories of others. David had stop aging at the age of 15, his arms and legs had stopped sprouting, and his facial hairs never grew into his baby face. The men chasing him through the alley were government agents. David knew if they captured him he’d awake on a gurney in a secret location where the government would conduct millions of experiments on him. The two men cornered David and began to move in. Just then a loud noise ranged out and the two men paused and everything became fuzzy.

“It’s another beautiful morning here in the great city of Metropolis…”

David leaped off the bed. His face was covered in sweat. It was all a dream, but not far from reality. He jerked his teenage body off the moist sheets and mattress and stumbled out of bed. He reached for the alarm clock on the floor. Twisting the knobs he lowered the volume on today’s weather report.
He was living in the affluent neighborhood of Apple Gate in a cramped spare bedroom nestled in Metropolis’ Upper East Side. David had convinced a single middle-age woman he was homeless and had nowhere else to go. She had taken him in and he was happy to have the comfort of a warm bed again.
Making his way to a nearby window he peeped through the elegant blinds. Temporarily blinded by the morning sunlight, he rubbed his eyes and glanced out the window again. Across the street, through the tree branches and scrubs, he could see Lucy -- a fourteen-year old he’d been watching for quite a while.
David wasn’t anything like the superheroes you’ve seen on television. It’s not easy being immortal, but the TV made it fantastic-looking. While immortality may seem like a fantasy, to David it was a living nightmare. One never seems to think about the consequences of being young forever. This thought usually ran across David’s mind three or four times per day.

It wasn’t his fault he lusted for young girls and they lusted for him. He was stuck inside the body of a scrawny teenager with the mind of Aristotle. No girl over the age of 16 would look at him. How could he possibly have a decent relationship? Most girls who looked his age were immature, and David knew this quiet well. So he exploited the young girls. 14 was the perfect age, his victims weren’t too young nor were they too old to suffer from any psychological damage in the long run. Perhaps they believed it to be their first true love.

With an oversize shirt on, he appeared to be a scrawny teenager. But underneath the shirt David concealed his chiseled physique. Occasionally he did seduce a teacher now and then. Teachers were easy he thought. They spent most of their days around teenage guys, and sex was an inescapable thought. It’s only so long one can go without sex, and avoiding it only causes more problems. Soon you’ll find yourself with your hands in your pants, or you’d find your teacher in the back seat of a minivan with one of their students.

Lucy was his next target. He grabbed his jacket from a hanger and slowly put it on while simultaneously watching Lucy out the crack of his window blinds. Making his way into the bathroom across from his room, he combed his hair into spikes—which was the latest trend amongst teenagers in the year 2217. After carefully grooming himself he made his way down the silent stairs where Maggie, the elderly lady who had taken David in, was preparing breakfast.

“Good morning David.” Maggie said. “I’ve made breakfast for us both.”

David grabbed a glass of orange juice and quickly downed the whole glass. “I’m sorry Maggie, but I’m in a rush this morning. “

“David you have to eat your breakfast if you want to become a healthy adult,” Maggie continued.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine.” David grinned and made his way to the front door.

Maggie, a 40 year-old fitness instructor, had taken care of her body throughout her life and didn’t look a day over 35. David didn’t know that Maggie secretly lusted for little boys.
Once outside David cautiously glanced around. He knew he was being followed, but he didn’t know if the agents had tracked him down at his new location. Across the street Lucy was carelessly riding her bike while listening to her iPod. A car was steadily making its way down the street doing at least 60 in a 35. Now was the time for David to make his move.

“Hey! Watch out for the car!” David screamed.

Lucy paused like a deer gazing into the lights of an oncoming car. David had expected this. He ran across the streets and gave Lucy a hard push. David and Lucy collapsed onto the hard asphalt. The car zoomed past David and Lucy without slowing down.

“Hey, I saved your life,” David said while gasping for air.

“You sure did,” Lucy mumble while still in a daze.

As she rested on the sidewalk, her perky breast bulged out of her spaghetti strap shirt, enough to make the average man give into his sexual desires, just imagine what was going through the mind of a pedophile. Well, some pedophiles didn’t like a good set of breast, and David believed these guys gave pedophiles a bad name. She wasn’t wearing a bra. David tried to imagine what her nipples would look like. He knew he would discover the answer soon. Teenage breast are the best he thought, but he couldn’t explain why, this was still a mystery to his mind. Maybe it was the way they stood up without any help from a bra, but why would that make them attractive? David believed that there were biological factors that made men and women attractive to each other, but he also believed that humans could fall in love with whatever pleasured them.

The blood began to flow through his limp penis as he stared at Lucy’s breast. The blood flowed faster with the help of the mental images in his head of what he could do to her. He was suddenly snapped back to reality, a voice was interrupting his mental process.
“I’m having a slumber party tonight, want to come?” Lucy said, interrupting David’s thoughts.
David, a little shaken from the interruption, finally regained consciousness and replied. “Sure, why not?”

In an undisclosed location Richard Scott sat behind his office desk in a shadowy room. Across from Richard were two men in black suits.

“Did you catch him?” Richard said.

“He got away,” one of the guys in the black suits responded.

Richard fist left his side and came crashing down on his desk like a fighter-jet.

“How could you let a kid out smart you? When are you two going to do the job I pay you to do?”

“Sir, we’ve been observing him. He’s staying in the Upper East Side with an older lady. We think she has taken him in, we’re waiting on the perfect moment to pounce.”

After a long talk with the two guys in black suits, Richard dismissed them and made his way over to a nearby window where gazed out at the skyline. Richard was on his last leg, at the age of 55 his sex life was diminishing. He dreamed of pleasing his wife, he dream of being wealthy forever, he even dreamed of having a few underage girls stripping in his office, but most of all he dreamed of capturing David Chase to make his dreams come true.

The slumber party was everything David could imagine, the girl-boy ratio was as if he was the first male accepted into an all girls school, the shorts were really short, occasionally he even got a glance at a camel toe, he was in heaven. He didn’t think it would be this easy.

Lucy’s father slipped in and out of the room with refreshments and snacks for the guess as young as 12, and then he slipped back into his quarters. In his room he stared at several split screens on his computer monitor. There were several hidden cameras located throughout the apartment. With one hand reaching for his penis, he watched the screen in the upper-left corner as one of the girls stripped and climbed into the shower.

With planning David was finally able to get Lucy alone. He had asked her to escort him to where the bathroom was located. As they made their way to the bathroom, David was ready for his next move.

“Here’s the bathroom David.” Lucy said.

David shoved her inside and slammed the door as quickly as possible.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Lucy grunted.

“Do you like me?” David said.

“Yeah,” Lucy replied.

“Take your clothes off,” David retorted.

“No way. I’m not taking my clothes off.”

“Why? Are you scared?”

David had been in this position once too many. He knew he could make a girl do anything after they admitted to liking him. And if they didn’t comply he would move on to the next prospect.

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2011-11-13 07:49:27
haha...his name is DAVID CHASE!
sopranos ftw

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2011-10-15 09:47:26
poda loosok kuthi


2011-04-15 04:54:45
Good story that shows some great imagination, but as another commenter say don't make him into a creep. I really like s/f and would like to see more in this series. - THX


2011-04-15 04:54:44
Good story that shows some great imagination, but as another commenter say don't make him into a creep. I really like s/f and would like to see more in this series. - THX

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2011-03-24 18:01:53
its alright lets keep going. Lets make Lucy and imortal Also.

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