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Piza boy gets samantha to have sex

Samantha, a gorgeous, attractive blond hair blue eye girl in her thirties was sitting at home in her hometown of Westbridge, Connecticut one summer evening watching television. On a rare occasion, her husband, Douglas was working late at his office at Polk and Adams Firm. As she sat watching a western on television she decided that she would order a pizza to be delivered at the house. Getting up she dialed the number of Pizza Hut that was closest to the Silverton’s house.
“Hello, thank you for calling Pizza Hut,” a male voice said on answering the company’s phone. “How may I help you?”
“This is Samantha Silverton and I live at 1164 Washington Ave. I would like to order a large all meat pizza with deep dish crust. I would like for it to be deliver at 1164 Washington Ave,” Samantha said.
“Will that be all?” the voice asked on the other end of the line.
“Yes, that will be all,” Samantha said.
“Thank you for your order and it will be there in thirty minutes. Your total will be $15.00,” the voice said at the other end of the line.
Samantha thanks him and hung up.
While she waited for her pizza order to arrive, she got the amount out of her purse to get it ready when the order came. Thirty minutes later, the doorbell rang; Samantha rose to answer the doorbell.
“Mrs. Silverton?” the delivery boy asked making sure that he was at the right address.
Samantha acknowledges that she was and that he was at the right address. She invited him in.
“Thank you,” he said. “My name is Andrew.”
Andrew opened the pizza box top to show Samantha that the order was right. She was satisfied with the order.
Taking the pizza box from Andrew she laid it on top of the television set while she reached for the money to pay him.
“Mrs. Silverton,” Andrew began, “Did you know that we are conducting a survey of who haves the best delivery service and we would like for your input about our delivery service.”
“Well, what do I have to do to help with your survey?” Samantha asked.
“I show you what you can do to help with our survey. Mind if we put it on tape?” Andrew asked.
“No, I don’t mind if you tape it,” Samantha answered. “I will ask if I can have a copy of the tape.”
“Sure that won’t be a problem,” Andrew said.
“Turn on the camcorder and start the tape,” Andrew instructed his assistance.
Taking her hand Andrew guided it to his crotch of his pants for her to feel.
“You feel that down there?” Andrew asked.
“Oh my,” Samantha said squeezing his crotch a second time to get a good feel. “You’re getting a hard on down there.”
Samantha could feel a slight budge in his crotch.
Mrs. Silverton would you like to have a taste of it?"Andrew asked. “That meat down there taste better than the meat that is on the pizza and will fill you up.”
“Sure I take a taste of your meat,” Samantha said, feeling his crotch again. “Come upstairs.” Samantha directed towards Andrew and his assistance to the bedroom.
Kneeling down she undid his pants and pushed them down out the way along with his undershorts. Taken his meat she lifted it up she put her lips to taste his meat.
“Um,” Samantha said tasting his meat.
“Like my meat?” Andrew asked.
“Oh, yes, taste good,” Samantha said.
“Like to have another taste of my meat, Mrs. Silverton?” Andrew asked.
“Well, fuck why not,” Samantha said. Taking his meat again, she put her lips on his meat head.
Taking his hand, he placed it on the back of her head he gently pushed her mouth farther on his dick. “Come on give me some cock sucking,” he said. “Don’t tease me.”
Samantha complied going over his cock head and onto the shaft of his penis.
“Stroke it while you suck my cock,” Andrew said.
Taking one of her hands she wrapped her fingers around his girth gingerly. Slowly she began to stroke his meat, as Samantha worked her way over his dick head on to his dick shaft. She stroked his dick going all the way to the base of his cock. She could feel his dick getting harder and swollen as she suck and stroke his meat. The harder his dick was getting her mouth was being forced wider to take his dick in.
“Play with my balls, as you suck my cock,” Andrew whisper to her leaning down.
Obedient, she complied with her free hand, feeling his nuts. Cupping her hand she juggled his nuts squeezing them as she suck and stroke his cock.
“Shit, she knows how to play with nuts as well as sucking a cock,” the boy said.
“She sure does,” his assistance said. “I am getting it all on tape.”
“If I didn’t know better, I would say that she was a slut.”
“Can you suck balls as well as you can a cock?” Andrew asked.
For answer she moved her lips down to his balls and began sucking them. Taking his nuts in her mouth, she flicked her tongue around them jostling them in her mouth.
“Damned she knows how to suck balls also,” his assistance said.
“She sure does,” Andrew said.
Leaning down to her, Andrew said “You are a bit overly dress for this. Why don’t you let us have a look at those titties of yours? Why not you undo your shift dress and pull the top down.
Taking her hands, she unzipped her dress and pulled the top down for them to see her tits. While she unzipped her dress, he pulled his shirt up over his head and off. Andrew tossed it to the side.
“Man, look at those titties she haves,” Andrew said seeing her tits. “Get a close up of her titties.”
Andrew’s assistance moved closer to them to get a close up of her tits, as Samantha pulled her mouth from his dick.
"Andrew would you like to feel of my tits?"Samantha asked Andrew.
“Sure,” Andrew answered.
Andrew leans down to feel of her tits. He directed Samantha to turn around and face the wall. Getting up from her kneeling position, she turned to face the wall. With her back towards Andrew, he reached around to her front to feel her tits.
“They are incredible,” Andrew said as he ran his hand over her tits. “They are the right size for a man’s hand.”
Andrew fondled her tits as he squeezed them. He tweaked her nipples as he played with her tits.
“Um, yes,” Samantha said. “Like to suck my tits?"
“I would like that,” Andrew replied.
Moving around to her front where he could have a better access to her tits, he began to suck them. He sucked and licked her tits all over, running his tongue over them.
“Oh, yes,” Samantha said groaning at the feel of her tits being suck on from Andrew, while she continued to play with his cock.
“How about letting us have a look at your pussy,” Andrew said as he pleasured her tits.
Pulling the bottom up, Samantha pulled it over her head and off. Andrew pushed her black lacey panties down and Samantha stepped out of them. As she was stepping out of her panties, he pulled his pants off.
“Look at that pussy,” Andrew said to his assistance. “Have you ever seen a more fine looking pussy than hers?”
“No, I can’t say that I have,” his assistance said.
“Get a close up shot of her fine pussy,” Andrew said. Then he added “Mind if I touch your pussy?”
For an answer Samantha laid down on the bed spreading her thighs apart for him to see her pussy better to feel. Getting between her thighs, he pushed a finger in her vagina to finger fuck Samantha. At the same time he flicked his tongue out towards her pussy and a hit a spot that sent sensational feelings through her body.
“Oh, that spot you hit with your tongue felt good,” Samantha said feeling the sensational feelings that went through her body. “Your finger feels good also in me.”
Andrew licked the spot for a few more licks. Soon he hand another finger in Samantha’s vagina. Then he had three fingers in Samantha.
“Ah, ah, ah, yes,” Samantha groan feeling his fingers in her vagina.
A few minutes later her vagina was wet and lubricated. Taking his cock Andrew rubbed her snatch with the dick head and pushed the head in. He continued to push his dick in thrusting hard in her. Samantha could feel Andrew’s cock stretching her vagina wider to accommodate his cock.
“Ah, yes, oh, oh, oh,” Samantha groan feeling his cock stretching her vagina out.
With each thrust of his dick, Andrew went deeper in her vagina. He pounded her pussy as he pushed in deeper. His nuts were making the slapping sound against her labia lips when he pushed and retraced his penis. Samantha felt he was going the full length of her vagina with his dick filling her up.
“Um, you were right about your meat filling me up,” Samantha said while Andrew fucked her.
“Now didn’t I tell you my meat down there would do that?” Andrew said as he continued to pound in her. As he pulled his penis out of Samantha he told her “Now get on your hands and knees.”
Samantha knew got in the position Andrew wanted her in knowing that he was about to fuck her doggie style. Getting in the doggie style position she spread her legs apart. Kneeling on his knees, Andrew positioned her where he wanted Samantha, so he could insert his dick in her again.
“Now Samantha open your Ass so I can see where your pussy is.”
Obeying the command, being a witch, she twitched her nose to keep her chest elevated while she spread her Ass apart for him to see better where her pussy was. Taking his penis he guided it to her pussy opening to push in her.
“Is that where you want my cock, Samantha?” Andrew asked.
“Oh, oh, right there,” Samantha said feeling his penis going in her from the rear end.
Feeling his dick in her once again, Samantha twitched her nose to undo the spell so her hands had to support her chest, while Andrew fucked her from the rear end. Andrew placed his hands around her waist to keep her rear end close to his lower abdomen. She lowered her head groan softly in pleasure she felt coming from Andrew’s dick sliding back and forward in her.
“Oh, oh, your cock feels good back there,” Samantha said groaning in pleasure as she felt his thrusts in her rear end.
Suddenly Samantha felt his cock going in deeper from her rear end as her vagina was getting lubricated and wetter even more from the movement of Andrew’s cock. His cock was making friction between her vagina walls and his dick in stimulating her vagina.
“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, back there,” Samantha said screaming as she felt his dick went deeper in her. “Oh, my, fuck me deeper and harder with that throbbing cock of yours, Dammit,” Samantha said, begging him to fuck her deeper and harder.
Andrew obeyed to fuck her harder and deeper in her pussy. He fucked her deep and hard in her with each thrust of his cock.
“Oh, oh, I like how you fuck me with that hard throbbing cock of yours,” Samantha said with pleasure as he thrust deeper and deeper in her wet and slippery pussy with his hard cock. “Oh how I love your hard throbbing cock in me back there. Let me feel every inch of your cock in me back there, oh, yes. Let me feel every inch of your throbbing cock in me as you fuck me God Dammit.”
Andrew fuck her deeper and deeper till Samantha felt every inch of his throbbing cock in her, his balls hitting her labia lips making slapping sounds with each thrust of his dick. He fucked her deep and hard in her rear end for several minutes, and then Andrew fucked her slow and easy. Samantha felt the slow and easy movements in her and knew Andrew was getting ready to do something different. She soon found out what he wanted to do next.
Withdrawing his dick, Andrew crawled to the other end and asked Samantha if she would like to taste her pussy. Taking his cock in her mouth, Samantha began to suck her pussy juices off his dick. She sucked his dick the full length of his penis while she stroked his cock for several minutes. His dick clean of her pussy juices, Andrew told her to stay in the position that she was in, while he crawled back to her rear end.
Position himself behind Samantha, Andrew began to finger her in her Asshole to get it lubericated so his dick could slide in her anus easier. Slowly he stretch her Asshole open so it wouldn’t be painful for Samantha when he would push his dick in her anus. Having her Asshole sufficately lubericated he told her to grasp her Ass and open it for him. She obeied spreading her Asschecks open for Andrew to see where her Asshole was. Guiding his cock to the hole, Andrew gently pushed his dick in her anus. Samantha felt his dickhead enter her Asshole stretching her Asshole open for his cock.
“Oh, yes,” Samantha said, as she felt his dick entering her anus. She commented “You dang cock feels tight in my damned Ass” as Andrew began to move his dick in her anus.
“Yeah, Baby, it’s tight in there,” Andrew said.
“Oh, I like having your cock in my Ass. God dammed how I like it in my Ass.”
Andrew moved his dick in her Ass with slow long thrusts letting her feel every inch of his cock in her anus as her Asshole gripped his dick to make it feel comfortable for Samantha. With each move backward her Asshole muscles squeezed his dick and each thrust forward her anus muscles relaxed.
“How do you like being fuck in the Ass, Sweetheart?”
“I like it,” Samantha said feeling each stoke of his dick in her anus. “Yes, oh yes, I like being fuck in the Ass. My God I like it.”
Suddenly she moaned and groaned when she felt him going deeper in her anus.
“Oh my God, you are going deep in my Ass,” Samantha scream in pleasure feeling Andrew’s dick going deep in her anus.
“Yeah, I am going deep in your Ass, Sweetheart,” Andrew said.
“Fuck me harder, oh God, fuck me deep and hard in my Ass with that throbbing cock of yours,” Samantha said, begging him to fuck her hard and deep in her Ass.
Andrew fucked her deep and hard in her Ass as Samantha wanted him to do.
“Yes, that’s it, Andrew, deep and hard in my Ass,” Samantha screamed in pleasure that she was feeling coming from her anus.
Andrew fucked her deep and hard for several minutes. She felt one sensational pleasure after another through her as she felt and enjoyed every thrust of his cock in her Ass.
Withdrawing his dick from her anus, Andrew moved off the bed. He told Samantha to do the same thing. She knew or had somewhat of an idea what he wanted to do next. Andrew told her to bend over with her hands down on the bed. Samantha bent over the bed placing her hands on the bed. Taking his dick, he inserted it in her vagina. He began to fuck her again in her love tunnel.
“Oh, oh, yes,” Samantha said feeling Andrew’s dick stretching her vagina open for his dick.
Andrew fucked her hard and deep, with his hands around her waist. The harder he fucked Samantha the tighter her vagina gripped and squeezed his dick till his cum in her. As he cum in her, Samantha felt his seed going in her till Andrew filled her vagina up with his sperm and seamen. Withdrawing his penis from Samantha when the last drops of his cum were out, his dick returned to its limp state.
“I’m done fucking you,” Andrew said when he pulled out of Samantha.
“I enjoyed you screwing me,” Samantha said as she straightened up. You were right you did fill me up. I give my vote that Pizza Hut haves the best delivery service.”
Getting washed up in the bathroom, Andrew put his clothes back on and left to go back to work. Samantha put her nightgown and robe on and went back down stairs to see what was on television.

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