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sequal to masturbation lesson
The next morning I had awaken in my mommy's arms, my head resting on her big soft breast like a pillow. I had such a nice, lovely mommy as I moved my head, and started sucking on her soft brown nipple like I did when I was young. It was so nice, her eyes slowly opened, and held me closer to her smile wide, and big as she was happy to wake up next to me as I sucked away. We both smiled, and got up, still naked from the night before. We took our showers, and watched each other making sure we each paid close attention to our pussies playing, and fondling with them. Picking out clothes for me to wear, my mommy laid short cut off jeans for me, and tight shirt, I felt so slutty in it but I didn't care since it was my mom's decision anyways.

She made breakfast, and we talked about the night before, how she taught me out to masturbate, and make my pussy feel better when I think about daddies big cock that I 'accidentally' saw. After we ate she wanted to take me clothes shopping, and we had funny watching all the boys gawk at my revealing clothes, and what my mommy was buying me. Later we got home, and changed as we just wore some sexy underwear that we just bought, and watched T.V. cuddling on the sofa missing my daddy who was away at work. We started talking about how good he was bed, and how nice his big dick was, my said said that he put some lotion on his cock that made it taste like cookies n' cream, and I couldn't believe it. "Yeup, it's true why I like sucking him off so much." She said lauging, and winking at me.

After awhile we both got ancied up again, and I asked my mommy if she could play with me tonight, she smiled, and nodded taking me by the wrist, and leading me to her bedroom, where dad would make love to her nearly every night. She started kissing me, and rubbing her hands all over my body, it felt so amazing until she broke the embrace, and said. "Mmm, baby how would you like to fuck your daddy?" My eyes widen, I couldn't believe what she said, since I saw his big cock I had always been fantasing about it. I just nodded silently, unable to really say a word. My mommy smiled, and slowly got out of the bed, and into her bathroom. "It'll just take a sec baby, go ahead, and take your clothes off.

I do as I was told, taking my tight shirt off revealing my little A cups as I didn't bother wearing a bra with, I removed my shorts, and pussy slowly down to my ankles kicking them both off to the side, and I slowly start massaging my clit as I waited for my mother like the way she showed me. "Ok, you ready baby?" She called out, and I yelled that I was not knowing what my mommy had in stored for me. She came out, my eyes widen. I couldn't believe what she was wearing, and especially what she was holding.

A black leather top that covered everything but her belly button, breast, and pussy. He gloves reached down to her eblows, and her long leather boots went over her knees as it was laced together. She had spikey black collar around her neck, her hair all pulled back, she looked like a dominatrix, did daddy get off to this? I wondered cause it was making my pussy wetter by the second as I fixated on the outfit, my eyes move over to her hand, it was holding a large rubber dick, I couldn't believe that my mommy was wanting to fuck me with that?

"When your father always went away for business meets, he got his penis molded for me, so I would always have him. Now, were going to work on you so you can take daddies big cock." She said in a devilish way, her smile was crooked, and sly she was feeling naughty, and so was I. Sitting there rubbing my little pussy getting my self ready my mommy climbed over me again, kissing me rubbing the fake cock against my breast as her tongue danced around mine. She slowly moved the head of the dick down ward to my pussy, slowly tracing around my pussy lips. She giggled as she did so, I just moaned loudly. "This is what your father always does before he enters me."

She said, it felt good, teasing my clit like it was. I knew daddy must have been a good lover to keep my mommy so happy, and I was glad that she was going to share him with me. Then she slowly moved the cock head in, never have I had something that thick open my lips up like that, it felt good but also it was painful. My eyes tearing up, as I moaned in pain but I didn't want my mommy to stop, I wanted her to take me. She moved it in slowly, my moans louder, and louder as it goes inch by inch. The rubber dick started fucking me, I felt a sharp pain, my tummy tucked as the pressure was too great, I felt something thick running down my pussy, my mommy just kept fucking me with it, I screamed, and moaned as she pushed it in harder, and harder. The pain was finally subsiding, and now I was enjoying it, my first fuck was with a rubber dick, and my mommy was controlling it. It was amazing.

I ohed, and awed my hips matching my mommy's thrusts taking in as much as daddies dick as I could, I wanted him for real, I couldn't wait my pussy clamping down hard on it, I could feel it spasming like the night before. I knew what was happening, I couldn't take much more of my mommy ripping me open. It was incredible, I screamed at the top of my lungs, my body twitching, I was cumming, my fluids rushing down my legs as my mommy started licking it up. Cleaning the feminine juices from littly pussy, and thighs. "Oh mommy that was wonderful." I said as I looked down, seeing the mixture of blood, and cum. My mom explained that it was ok, and that it was natural. She told me to go clean up, and get read for bed. I did as I was told, and anticapated my fathers return home tomorrow.

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2012-08-09 06:05:52
it wasn't as good as i expected but still not too bad

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This arictle achieved exactly what I wanted it to achieve.


2011-04-28 08:49:33
Nice! Mom is having fun getting her ready for daddy, I bet daddy would have liked to have popped her cherry. Keep it going you could use more details about the little girls reactions. Likeemyoung

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