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In my family Christmas is sacred. We follow the Scandinavian traditions at this time of year. Between Boxing Day and New Years we visit family and friends enjoying one another’s company.
Starting the evening of December 31 and well into the morning of January 1, my family rocks; it is party time. The children are looked after at Christmas, the adults go crazy on New Years.
We are reasonably well off as a group and have large homes. Our parties generally average eighty plus souls; all related. Food and drinks, along with a sampling of illicit chemicals are the norm.
The party was at our house this year. I had turned sixteen two months back so it was decided that I could stay as long as I was out of sight. I was more than a little happy with this arrangement. I had learned from others that these to-dos were a big drunk fest, along with some naughty behaviour.

My room was in the basement out of harm’s way. When we built this room not only was it given lots of size but the room was soundproofed with a two door system to gain entrance. These doors were separated by about six feet of hallway.
My room was equipped with a large TV, my own computer of course, audio system, and so forth. All that you would expect a spoiled rich brat to have.
I had no window in my basement bedroom, which I know it against code, but I had a way out if need be. When dad built this house he had an underground escape tunnel built exiting from this part of the house. This was to counter home invasions which seem to be the thing to do these days. There are three separate sets of stairs into the basement. One of these stair wells is only accessible thru the second floor safe room. Access from the upper levels to the basement was made easy in this home. The alarm system when activated would automatically open my bedroom doors and the emergency door located in the exterior wall leading to this tunnel. The tunnel ran some one hundred feet to a bunker beneath the garage. Once entered one simply pressed to THE button which would close all access doors....
But I digress.

I had spent the night watching a movie, ‘Salt’. When the movie ended I went on my computer and checked out some porn. I have never had sex; actually I am shy and not very good looking so I never even had a date. My total sexual experience is thru the internet. Some pretty gross stuff, definitely eye opening.
I do not do any social networking. My nose is big and I get the usual rude remarks when I show a picture of myself. So I quit that when I was thirteen. Plus there is on line bullying, similar actually to the bullying myself and a couple of nerdy buddies get at school. In addition to my big nose I am skinny. I am only five foot six.

I Looked at the time ... it is 1:51am. January 1.... Happy New Year Tim, I say to myself, tipping back my can of pop in a feigned skol.
I am frigging starving ... I will chance it and see if I can score some food. The Tim-ster leaves his sanctuary.

I open and then lock door number one behind me. I open and then lock door number two behind me.
.... PHEW! .... Fuck...Someone puked.
I turn looking into this large play room. Devoid of relatives, thank God. I see my aunt Mina lying on the floor / carpet --- passed out, with her broken glass near her. She is one fat fucking woman. She was likely trying to find me to fuck me, is my guess. She has that reputation.
I love my dad, I’d better thank him again for this secure room. Can you imagine losing your virginity to a woman like my aunt Mina...YUK!
I scurry about the room turning off most of the lights, making sure there is enough like to show my aunt lying on the floor. It seems fortuitous that a pot light is directly above my aunt.
I am heading for the stairs when I hear my name being whispered...
It is mom. My mother is hiding in a small closet I build for just that purpose. To hide from people; I had shown mom this room years back in case she needed to hide.
My mom is hot; I know everyone thinks their mom is hot ... but my mother is a sexual magnet.

“Were you going Tim?”
“I’m starved mom; I was going to scarf some food.”
“No, don’t Tim, your aunts are on the prowl, and they’ll will strip you and use you for finger food, covering you with garnishing. It is a fuckng zoo tonight Tim.” ... it’s the worst night of my life.”
“Geez mom, it must be really bad, you are never like this. I mean hiding.”
“Ya, can I spend the night with you Tim, I need a safe place... your uncles are trying to rape me.”
“Rape you .... What the fuck, I mean geez mom ....Sure mom, you stay in my room. I will just grab some food.”
“Tim..., be careful.”

Like any deft teenage boy I snuck past enemy lines and returned with some pop and a few sandwiches which had been left unguarded near the kitchen door.
I went to where mom was hiding and like two mice we scurried to my room. All locked up and secure.
Mom ate one sandwich and drank a pop; I had two sandwiches and drank a pop. I had a small cooler in my room; I put the two remaining pop and one sandwich into this cooler, for later.

Mom was fidgeting allot.
“Mom, I can see your panties.”
“Sorry Tim ... those bastards put something in one of my drinks or on some food. They were after your mother ... I have an itch Tim.”
“Ok!” I answered, not really understanding but I kind of figuring what she meant. Mom was pissed at dad’s relatives from Quebec. They were the ones that showed her no mercy. Mom said at one point dad had to rescue her from them. They had her cornered and were not shy about where they put their hands. That is when mom took flight and hid in the closet.
Mom and I sat and talked for about one half hour. She never mentioned her ordeal with the frogs. Mom had to pee so we snuck out of my room and went to the bathroom together. That is the first time mom and I had our pants off together in the same enclosed space; in this case a full size bathroom; at least in my memory.
While we were in the bathroom we heard some noise on the stairs. We shut the light off and stood with our respective ears to the door listening for the enemy. Eventually mom and I made our escape back to the secure confines of my bedroom.

Mom was having a very difficult time with her body and I could see she was embarrassed. Her nipples were poking thru her dress so she coved herself with her arms crossed... except she was fidgeting so much her arms kept moving about re-exposing her erect nipples.
“Mom, would you like me to turn the lights off?”
“Maybe the brightest one honey, but leave at least one on so I can see you... Is that not something Tim, some mother I am... Wanting to see her son when she is hot to trot....
... Aaaaarghhhhh! ... Damn those buggers.” ...
Mom bent slightly at the knee, closing her legs tightly in a pigeon toed fashion while pressing her hands against her lower stomach, actually into the ‘Y’ of her lower body.
“..... Aaaaaaargh! ... What am I going to do Tim ?”
Mom seemed to be getting worse. I had no idea so I suggested she talk. Tell me what happened. I thought that might get it off her mind.

Mom seemed eager to vent.............“ I was standing by the refrigerator, I had just finished my coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream when your Uncle John walked by and touched my crotch. I jumped, I was startled. He grinned at me as he walked on by. I could not fathom why he would do that to me...
... I noticed two women snickering at this molestation. Bitches I thought. I never noticed your French Canadian uncles moving in on me or I would have run for my life. The three of them cornered me in the kitchen with only those two women as witnesses. Some help they were I would later think.
Leo, the oldest one got beside me blocking my escape route. The other two were head on, their hands touching my arms, my shoulders and some brushing of my breasts, all accidently they said; one apology after another. They were all talking to me. I was drowning in French Canadian accents.
I could puke Tim at the memory of their drunken smoky breaths... YUK!
Leo kept putting one hand on my hip and sliding it toward my crotch. I was defending myself mostly against him so the others were getting in some feels off my tits.
I think it was Rene who decided to go for gold. He got his hand between my legs and I was pushing at him trying to get away. In doing so, pulling my hips away from him I was bending slightly. Leo slipped his finger into the crack of my bum and finding my anus, he pushed my panties, my dress and the tip of his finer into my bum hole.
He was rough Tim ... he hurt my bum.
I swatted at his arm but to no avail. When he fingered my ass I jumped forward giving Rene a good feel of my pussy. Christ Tim, one had my tits, Leo was fingering my ass while Rene was working over my twat. I had never been touched by any man other than your father Tim.
At precisely that moment dad stepped in. He pushed Leo out of the way and stepped in between me and the other two forcing an end to my being sexually assaulted.
Your dad turned to me and said,’ run Julie’. I stepped thru the doorway, pulling my panties and dress out of my bum. I turned as I left to see how he was doing against those three.
Dad told them that his wife was not that kind of woman and to leave her alone. He was very forceful Tim, I was proud of him. Your dad is not a very big or forceful man.
Leo looked at me Tim and said; ‘’I will be back to stretch that for you Julie.” He kissed the finger he had in my ass.
Dad looked back at me and mouthed the word, ‘GO.’ I ran into the basement straight to the bathroom. I hid in there for a long time. There were people in the basement, none whom I would call close relatives so I would never confide in them. Eventually they all left and I left the washroom. That is when I remembered your closet. I hid in there and fortune smiled on me when my heroic son rescued his mother.”
I smiled and went to hug her but mom pulled back.
“Don’t honey .... I don’t know what I will do if a man holds me” ... she smiled weakly, almost apologetically; and definitely embarrassed.
“OK!” ... Feeling proud, my mother thought of me as a man in the sometimes shady world of human sexuality.
Mom bent slightly again, forcing her hands into the ‘Y’ of her body. Her thighs pinched together, she groaned ... she moved or jerked a little. Mom bit her lower lip. I knew from what I had seen on the internet that mom was having or had had an orgasm.
I had mixed feelings. I was sad for her ... I knew she was embarrassed. Through no fault of her own she was put in this predicament. I was angry at my uncles for drugging her; at the same time I was a little excited. My mom is hot and seeing her like this is the best sex I had ever seen, much better than anything on the NET.

My mom is a tall woman. Mom is about five foot ten inches. Her hair is dark brown and cut short. She has a bit of Anne Hathaway look to her but with a smaller nose. Mom is a fit woman; she likes to swim but is not one of those runners. Her breasts are probably a large ‘B’ or small ‘C’ cup, hard to say.
Although I am pissed off at Uncle Leo for fingering mom’s ass I can understand his attraction to it. Mom works hard about the house and yard, even doing most of the maintenance. My mother has great legs in my opinion ... and I think in most men’s opinions ... I have seen many men check her out when she is in shorts; even at church functions.
Mom’s stomach is amazing, it is so flat ... she even has those hollow areas inside her hip bones. I am very proud of her. She is careful about tanning which leaves her skin milk white most of the year.
Yup, for an old lady of 37 she can still turn heads, even with her conservative dress.

Here I am standing in the centre of my room, some ten feet from my mother, watching her sexual torment. I want to help her but I do not know how. Worst of all, I have an erection. What kind of a fucking son would get hard watching his mother suffer...and yet, I was definitely getting turned on.
“Look mom.” I pointed to my erection. Mom looked at me. Her eyes grew big for a split second.
“I am sorry Tim; I did not mean to do that to you.” She looked down for a few seconds, her gaze returned to my hard. Mom stared at it for several more seconds.
“Does it hurt Tim, I mean ache?”
“It feels like it is too big for the skin, like the skin is stretched to the max... Mom..., but it does not hurt.”..... [Pause]... I guess misery likes company.”
A slight smile came to mom‘s lips but soon left. “Funny, Tim.”

Mom is a good woman, a Christian woman in most ways; although she did have her qualms about many right wing conservative interpretations. She was very comfortable with herself and her needs. I guess because she satisfies these needs with her husband. She is down to Earth and people respect her for that, well most people. Maybe being a farm girl fit into her outlook on life somehow.
Being raised in a household which treated sex openly might have been the reason I made the following suggestion. Or maybe being a porn watcher on line was it; or maybe both, but I did and got a big reaction.
“Mom, since we are both suffering why we don’t have sex. I’ll be with the only woman I love in the whole world, and you can use me to stop the pain you are in?”

...“ T I M ! ... I ‘m your mother.”

I moved back a step as mom yelled at me.
“I don’t see the problem. Lots of people do it according to what I read on the internet Mom.”
Mom eyed me suspiciously...“I want to see this internet you keep telling me about Tim?”

I went to my computer and logged on, quickly bringing up my favourites, the blue page of XNXX appeared. After signing in I went straight to stories, Incest.
“There see mom. I like this story.” Mom read the story and looked at me. I clicked another favourite which took us to sexuality and a discussion, mostly between two women, about fucking their sons.
Mom read intently. “This is what you spend your time reading Tim?”
“Yes. It is very interesting and informative, don’t you think mom?”
“And that is what you want your mother to do?”
“Yes please.”.... “Oh mom..., please, please, please ... that would be freaking fantastic.”.............[pause]............. “If you wish mom, we can keep it a secret, lots of people do according to these writers ..., and, ..., and..., and we can do it lots of times if you like... I mean we don’t have to do it only once ... I mean I would like to do it lots of times mom. Please!”...” I love you mom, you know I do, I really love you.”
She looked at me, not angry, not happy, but stone faced.
AS for me, I was excited. I know I was fidgeting on the carpet. I must have looked funny to mom because she smiled at me after a bit.
“Are you leaking Tim?” .... for a moment I did not understand.
I quickly undid my pants and put my hand inside my underwear, pulling out my hand equally quickly. The head of my cock must have appeared because mom’s eyes stared at me down there.
None of this was pre-planned. It was just a boy showing a woman he was ready for her, that is how I would explain it.
“See mom. I have pre-cum all over me.” I proudly stepped toward mom showing her the evidence. Her face was expressionless.
I was crushed. I thought mom would be thrilled to see how excited I was for her. I stood there for several seconds waiting for I don’t know what. She kept looking towards my crotch. Her eyes darting back and forth, and then looking away embarrassed...I think.
Then it dawned on me that mom wanted to see my cock. So I pulled my pants down to mid thigh exposing my teenage cock. It spring out pointing directly at her...I am not big down there; perhaps six inches ... if I’m lucky ...I never measured it...probably less, like five and a half.

“ T I M ! “ ................ she yelled at me. I just stood there dumb founded. I did not know what to do for her. It seemed easy to me but I guess I misunderstood.
She groaned again bending at the waist and slightly at the knees..., slightly.
“Ungghh ! .....
I could see she was trying to will it away. Mom’s efforts seemed to be in vain.

It was at this point were my love for my mother overtook my lust; my need to get fucked. I pulled my pants up to my hips, leaving my cock somewhat exposed. I moved the three or four steps that separated us...
I moved to put my arms around my poor mother, she reached out to ward me off with her hand. She stepped backwards in her effort to keep me from embracing her.
I heard her say; “ No...Tim don’t.” ... but I was already intent on hugging her. I was sure by hugging mom her feelings for me would help her overcome her distress. After all a mother’s love, right!
“Mom...let me ... “ I never finished. Mom was in retreat but forgot the bed. She backed into it which had the affect of tripping her up. She was falling backwards onto the bed. The hand she held out to ward off my approach moved aside. I reached mom as she was falling and attempted to steady her. Silly me...
I am four or five inches shorter than mom and she out weights me by at least thirty pounds. Our descent to hell was interrupted by my bed. As fortune would have it my body fell upon my mother with me wedged between her legs. My left hand found moms right breast, again good fortune I suppose.
My right hand was partially under mom as I tried to hold her. My wrist rolled and I yelped.
... This is what interrupted me.

My mother, being a good mother, tried to protect her child. She managed to get her right hand on my hip bone and her left hand on my head, pushing it aside so our heads did not collide.
My bed is a water bed, so mother and child bounced and traveled some across the bed. This action pulled my pants down to mid thigh again. My bare erection was pressing against mom’s lower tummy, then her pubic bone for a few oscillations. I have never had sex but it sure felt like fucking to me, at least the motion of it. Mom was dressed.
Mom was holding my head tight to her, for protection I guess. AS we came to rest I kept up the fuckng motion, it just automatically continued.

I could feel the heat from her. Her thighs felt warm and soft as I rubbed against her. Her bone was the centre of my thrust. I dug into mom, pressing against her. Feeling the softness of her under pressured. God it felt so good.
I know I was leaking on mom’s nice party dress, I was ready to cum all over that pretty dress when mom moved her legs up; squeezing me between her thighs; her calves around me, grabbing my ass she ground her body against mine...This hurt my cock killing my orgasm.
I wanted to look at mom, to see her face, but ...

“Uh Uh Uh Uh Huhnn ... “ .... I heard mom ... I knew she was cuming. I did not want to wreck it for her so I stayed as I was .... I endured the pain she inflicted on my pinus ... she hurt me with her bone ... grinding against my cock, rubbing her dress into my erection. She moved me higher on her body, her grinding hurt my nuts. I thought sex was supposed to be fun. This was not..., and my ass hurt... mom really dug her nails into me.

Mom finished. I laid with her for as long as I could handle it; I moved away. I could see she had her hands covering her face. I knew she was upset with what had just happened between us. I tried to hide the pain as I crawled off the bed...but alas.

“Oh God Tim, I’m so sorry .”
“That’s ok mom.” I answered. She must have picked up something in my voice because the next thing I knew she had a hand on my arm.
“Timmy ... honey..., going to be ok?”
“Ya... I will mom..., you a... just...kind of.., uh..., hurt my pinus..., and my nuts mom.”

I thought she was going to come apart. She was at me, hugging me and begging my forgiveness like I have never seen my mother before. I struggled to get my arms free to hold her ... finally after nearly a minute of mom crying and holding her child I got free enough to wrap my arms about her neck. I told her over and over that I would be ok and that I loved her more than anything or anyone on Earth. It took some doing but I got mom calmed down ... I swear it took me five minutes of straight up loving her to get her back to some semblance of normal.

We had stayed on the bed during mom’s meltdown; after she recovered we got off the bed and straightened the bedding. Mom wanted to leave because of what she had done to me. I physically stood in her way at the door not allowing her to leave. I was so sure she would pay a steep price if she was caught outside the safety of my room. Finally she allowed me to search the house security system via my computer. Sure enough there were still a lot of people hanging about drinking. Some passed out, not one sober one. I never found dad.
She agreed to stay the night as originally planned. I had some large tee shirts which people had given to me as presents; obviously having no idea of my size. I gave one of these to mom to change into. I took all my clothes off except my underwear and slipped under the covers. Mom changed into this large tee shirt. It amazed me how she could pull that tee shirt over her dress, and standing sideways to me remove her dress, bra, stockings / hose without me seeing anything except her legs.
I left the night light on near the computer. Mom lay flat on her back, I curled up but changed and also lay on my back. My nuts still hurt some so I opened my legs in a weird 'V' position. Mom detected this and ask, me why I was laying that way.
“My nuts and lower stomach hurt mom...more like ache.”

I lay there thinking about the night. I became aware of mom quietly crying. I reached for and found her hand. I pulled mom’s hand to my mouth and kissed it.
“Oh Tim...” she was upset.
I moved to hug my mother and at the same time I slipped off my underwear in what I considered upon reflection as a pretty cool move. I put my arm across her upper body, my head resting on her shoulder and touching her breast. I placed my left leg across mom’s legs bringing my cock and balls against her bare thigh.
What a feeling, my first experience with bare skin; mine against moms.
“T I M...”
“I know mom, but it sure feels good..., the ache is lessening mom.”
I heard mom sigh. I thought to myself, now what kind of a guy would embellish the facts to get sex from his own mother, his own distraught mother..., a desperate teenage male...M E !
... Hell... any male.
I carefully adjusted my position against mom so that the edge of my mouth was just touching the side of her breast. I moved my left leg sliding it atop her thighs; WOW! In doing this my cock rubbed ever so slightly against mom’s thigh; ERECTION...I almost came.
I squeezed her; “ I love you MOM.”
I held onto my mother tightly. She never answered, this made me nervous. I adjusted again, this time moving upward on her body while I squeezed her tightly; my cock sliding along her thigh. The tip of my cock reaching the edge of her panties; “Mom..., are you ok ? ” ...I whispered in her ear.
She did not answer again. I kissed her cheek; “Mom..., I love you..., very, very much ... M-m-om ..., would you please answer...”
Mom was quiet. I heard a sigh...
I raised myself up on my forearm to look at her face. In doing so my arm brushed her breast, unintentionally... Mom startled...she seemed to be on edge.
“Tim..., it’s back..., Tim I’m hot again.”...
... I looked at her, I could see she was distressed...and fidgety.
“Let me look after you mom, you know I want to.”
“I know Tim ... I don’t know if I can do it Tim, your my son ... “

I decided right then and there to act on my own; mom was never going to be reasoned into sex with me. I sat up some and moved her left arm out from her body. Laying down again hugging her I covered her arm with my body. One appendage taken care of.
Here mom, lift your head so I can put my arm under your head, I can hug you better that way. Without questioning me she lifted her head and my arm made its move so it was under her neck.
I placed my left hand in hers moving it to my mouth for a kiss. Mom looked at her son with that loving warmth only mother’s process. I kissed her hand and fingers. Taking her hand I moved it over her head to my right hand, taking firm hold of her thumb with my right hand I move my left hand to her right breast.
Mom jumped. ... “ T I M .....”
... Breast’ feel very soft was my first impression. I squeezed her breast, kneading it, circling it with my palm. All the while mom was trying to free her hand but I was not letting go. She needed me and I was going to help her, to hell with stupid rules.
“I love you mom... I am going to help you.”
“Tim..., no you can’t...” as mom struggled to free her hand the other arm was trying to move but she gave up quickly on that arm.
Following what I had read in my instruction manual, the internet; I place my fingers and thumb on her nipple and squeezed it gently, then twisted it, and rolled it between my thumb and finger.
“No Tim, don’t ...” ... “UH!”
She pushed with her right leg trying to flip me off her. I pressed hard against her, trying to keep my position. I had allot more experience than mom wrestling on a water mattress. The result of this short lived match was my pinus head was pressing against her panties, in her crotch. I know mom felt that, I know I did and I felt the wetness on her panties.
Our tussle resulted in my cock rubbing against mom. I could not stop it, I came, and cam allot.
My cock sliding on her thighs, so soft they were, so smooth to rub on. The knowledge of where my head was poking her. All added up to my first orgasm.
As I cam my cream made for slippery conditions. I’ve never fucked a woman but this sure felt good. As my cum wetted mom’s panties I started to feel her soft lips down there every time my head pressed against mom’s pussy.
I was going crazy, fucking mom’s panty covered pussy like a mad man. Hell, I was sixteen and this was my first contact.
I had let go of her hand, moving that free hand under her at the small of her back. My other arm was pinned under mom. I held onto my mother like she was a life preserver. My body jerked and bounced on top of her as I sprayed her body and panties with semen. My face nestled between her boobs; cheek bone resting on her sternum, nose and lips pressing into her soft lovely breast.

I’m not sure when I noticed mom’s arm around me. I lay atop her finished, the wetness from my orgasm fresh in my mind. I felt mom moving sexually but was rapt with my own experience. Mom’s hands cradled my head pressing me into her chest. I loved it. My mom was not mad at me.
“Oh baby, that was an act of desperation.”
“I know mom”..., was all I managed to say.

Mom was moving, she brought her thighs up holding me, squeezing me between them.. She started fucking with her panties still on. Mom angled herself differently this time, as compared to the time before when I was hurt.
My cream made for slippery panties. Mom made adjustments and soon I found myself hard again with my cock feeling her pussy lips. Mom did everything. She controlled our motion and position.
So this is what sex is like I though...WOW!
I could feel her pussy lips firming; I could feel her grip tightening on me. Her breathing changed, she pressed my face harder into her chest. Mom’s fucking motion grew in intensity.
“Suck my tit baby ?”
I took her nipple in my mouth, ‘T’ shirt and all, and began sucking. I did the best I could.
“Bite is baby .”
I gently bit mom’s nipple .... She pressed hard against my face...
“Baby, sit up please, let’s do this right.”
I sat up in wonder, what she was going to do ? I was excited. Mom was fucking me. Would she really fuck me..., I mean...for real ?
I got off her. Mom brought her legs up and whipped her panties off, and mere seconds later the “T” shirt flew off the bed. My beautiful, gorgeous, goddess of a mother was naked for me.
Mom smiled and laughed a little. She took my hands and pulled me on top of her. Cradling me with her thighs, she placed my cock just as she wanted placed her hands on either side of my face: “ Baby, you should see your eyes ... you look like the big bad wolf.”
I did not respond, how could I...My mouth was so heart racing...a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach. I was so nervous I was shaking.
“We will keep your lovely cock right there for me to work myself up on baby. When I am ready I will take you inside me.”
She smile again, all I could do was nod my head, and nod it I did ... mom laughed ... I guess I looked like a bobble head.

She showed me what to do. Mom wanted to enjoy me she said, so she was going to take her time... she said I would love it. I was a puppet on a string ... I did not care what she said ..I would do it ...

...We started slow ... me rubbing my cock against her pussy lips, sliding the head in her furrow of love...not entering her...teasing her she said...
After a few minutes mom took control...she had my cock rubbing her just the way she liked it...
God it felt good... I could tell mom was getting wound up...but just barely. My senses were overloaded with what mom was doing to me..... Sliding between her lips...
....................Aaarrggggh........Uhhhhhh uh .. I slipped me inside her...

...........I nearly blacked out.....the feeling of a woman. OMG!

We lay beside one another after we finished..., for several minutes. I was unable to speak... so in awe of my mother...completely and totally in love with her...
She held ME as we cuddled...
Finally I spoke: “I’ve been to heaven mom.” ... [ Pause]... “I love you mom.”
“You love me because I’m your mom..., [ she smiled] or because we had sex ?”
...I thought for a minute before I answered, wanting to say the right words.
...I smiled at her, resting on my elbow, being cool I thought: “ Because you’re my Sexy Mom.”

...My Mother looked at me, kissed me sensually on the mouth...
...“It’s a couple of months late Tim..., HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

...... “ HUH ! “

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2012-10-27 02:15:01
Good story line but porely written. I love mother/son incest stories for my mother and I had loving sex for about 10 years. Have mother and son have babies together and if father can't handle it have him get the hell out of the house.

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2012-03-21 17:02:02
Well in Ireland and England its the 4th Sunday of Lent so it was March 14th. Switzerland shares the same date as the US, the 2nd Sunday of May. Its aacltluy different in a lot of countries though the American date is the most common. Ireland, UK and Nigeria have the same day and many other countries have their own date. It's May 10th in Mexico.(I'm not some calender geek by the way, I just wiki'd it )

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2011-05-12 17:05:07
AFAICT you've covered all the bases with this asnwer!

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2011-03-26 12:45:14
I fucked my mother's pussy on my 12 yr. birthday. Mom came to my room naked as a gift for me. I put my 6 inches in her cunt and cum 3 times that night. Mother and I are lovers. We make love evernight. She's my teacher too. Oh. Mom I love you.

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2011-03-24 22:16:25
Incest isn't what made me dislike the story. It was just poorly written. I mean pinus? Are you kidding me?
2 out of 10.....& I'm being generous...

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