A tribute...
Touching you
makes this world worth surviving in
It makes me want to be a better man
and talk to you

Describe my feelings
Pour my heart out
Write it all down so I'll remember

But the why of my suppression has a because
A higher authority to report to
A master which cannot be swayed

Looming in the shadows
of an old deserted house
Somewhere out there
Where we used to be

I hear the tired groan of the wind
It calls my name
Ushers me away
on the wings of an eagle
Carries me to a utopia in the mountains

Voices praise
the sun's rays
Voices sing

Has a reason
And a season
Dry your tears
I'm right here

I still recall
Those days in Fall
We laughed and cried
And then you died

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2011-04-08 13:49:00
i can only say thank you, i got laid because of this poem, i fell sincerely sorry for you


2011-03-25 16:25:52
I was too screwed up in the head by my ex leaving when we met. I could have and should have married her. I always hoped to get in touch and talk and laugh together in our old age. I googled her name in November. One of the nicest & most intelligent people I've ever known died of ovarian cancer four years ago at the age of 48. She left me with three years of wonderful memories that I'll cherish until the day I die too.

One of your best poems for me. Thank you.

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