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read carefully says Tony
This is story of Tony when he was in u.s.a.

My boss’s daughters are gorgeous. One blonde, one brunette. Beautiful angels. The brunette Charlotte had just turned sixteen and the blonde Amy was seventeen. Every time I visited my boss and his wife I had trouble trying to keep my eyes off the angels. Amy was well developed with huge jutted torpedo tits.

On the odd occasion they would be unfretted when I visited and they would bounce and jiggle under her tight white t-shirt. Other times she would be wearing a wonder bra that would make them stick out like gravity defying missiles tipped with bullet nipples. On those occasions her enormous boobs would come into the room a few seconds before Amy. Amy had a pleasant face, shoulder length blonde hair and serious green eyes.

Charlotte was almost the opposite. Smaller boobs, peach sized. An angelic face with bright blue eyes and long silky brown hair. She would always have a broad smile on her lips, lovely red inviting lips.

Both girls have slim with tight little bums. Spankable bottoms I had the pleasure to see once when it was hot one summer and they were wandering around the house in bikinis.

They led very sheltered lives protected by their parents and going to private schools. When they were home for the holidays Amy helped out with the local junior school in the small town a few miles from where they lived and Charlotte spent most of her time in the local amateur dramatics group. To my knowledge neither girl had had a boyfriends so I assumed they were still virgins.

Yes, I wanted to fuck them. I wanted to spank them and fuck them and make them suck my cock. Sometimes my erection would press hard against my trousers. Sometimes Amy’s hard boobs to rub me as she passed or I’d get a glimpse of cleavage.

Charlotte would push passed me in a door way her arse rubbing against me. I wanted these little teen fucks. I wanted them but I controlled myself. They were my boss’s daughters. Amy was the most tempting. Charlotte was a beauty but her hair was too long and I wasn’t that keen on long hair.
Then it all changed.

Two weeks! He wanted me to house sit for two weeks! To keep an eye on his daughters. Two fucking weeks. How was I going to cope? I convinced myself it was possible. I convinced myself I could control myself for those fourteens days in their large rambling five bedroom house in the country with his two lovely teenage daughters.

My boss and his wife flew off to America on a Saturday morning as I arrived at their remote house in the middle of the flat Norfolk countryside. I pulled my car up their two hundred yard drive and parked outside the front door. Amy was waiting for me standing in the doorway, wearing a Girl Guide uniform.

I got out of the car.“You’re late,” she said in a sulky voice pulling a disappointed face.“Sorry,” I said opening the boot of my car trying to keep my eyes off her twin jugs straining the fabric of her blue uniform, “why are you dressed like that?”“Fancy dress party,” she replied, “but I missed my lift because you’re late and I had to wait for you to give you the key.”
Where’s Charlotte?”

“In town getting her hair done.”Oh,” I took out my case, “where’s the party?”
“Town and I missed my lift…”“It’s on ten in the morning bit of a strange time for a party.”I walked up to her in the doorway; she seemed to thrust her boobs towards me. She wore a small guide cap on her head; the uniform was genuine, but a little too small for her. The buttons taunt over her wonda bra tits, the skirt above her knees and she wore black shoes and white ankle socks.

“It’s a bar-b-cue for the junior school…”“Aren’t you a bit old…”“I’m helping out silly. Or at least I was supposed to be.”Her boobs were an inch away from me as I walked into the house, “Do you want a lift?”Thought you’d never ask,” she perked up smiling.“How will you get home?”“I can get a lift no problem,” she was all smiles.“When does the part finish?” I asked taking the keys off the seventeen-year-old big boobed Girl Guide.

“Six.”“So,” I checked the keys keeping my eyes off her titanic tits, “back by six thirty. No later.”“Or what?”“Or,” I thought for a moment then said it, “I’ll smack your bottom.”“Kinky.” She grinned.And I’ll smack your tits and spank your tight little pussy as well. I thought as I locked the door and took Amy to the party.

Later, I was comfortable in the lounge watching the wide screen television and sipping a bottle of Buds. I glanced up at the clock, it was five. If Amy were late would I have the courage to spank her? I wanted to. Badly.
The front door opened and I remembered Charlotte.

The gorgeous little sixteen year old with the long brown hair. She walked in dressed in t-shirt and jeans, but her hair wasn’t long, it was short. Very short. Cut above her collar and around her large ears. Her thick eyebrows lifted as she saw me and her blue eyes widened. I stood up as she came in.

“Wallace!” she shrieked running up to me and giving me a hug.“Charlotte.” I kissed the top of her head.“You like my hair?” She twirled around showing me, “very Major Kira don’t you think?”I felt my cock stiffen. I looked her up and down. Tight jeans over a tight little butt. White t-shirt, tight across her peach breasts, nipples, I would see her nipples through the fabric. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

My face must have given something away, “You okay?” she walked up to me, “you don’t look well.”Charlotte,” I croaked, “I’m going to have to fuck you.”
Charlotte’s pretty little face changed in an instant to concern for me to fear.
“Wh…what?”“I’m going to have to fuck you, right now, right here.” I was shaking all over.Why?” she asked.

“Because you’re such a little prick tease.” I found the words, I couldn’t believe I was saying them, “and because you’re such a little tease I’m going to have to punish you as well.”

“Punish?” her voice quivered.Yes,” I took a deep breath, “I’m going to have to spank you.”On my bottom?”I thought it and it came out, “All over.”I lunged forward and grabbed Charlotte’s arm yanking the little sixteen-year-old forward. She let out a squeal as I held her against my body, my hands grabbing the bottom of her t-shirt and pulling it up.

I lovely pink flat stomach came into view, with a naval ring. Then her tits sprang out, bouncing slightly, her nipples erect. I held the top of her t-shirt with her arms and head trapped in it and pulled her over to the sofa. She struggled and a surprised myself by slapping both of her young sensitive boobs.

“Keep,” smack still!“Owww!” she moaned under the shirt.I pulled her on to the sofa and on to my lap. I held the t-shirt and her wrists in one hand while the other started on the buttons on her jeans. I stopped undoing them and looked at the trapped teens titties. The two peaches were a little red. My hand came up and slapped hard on the nipple of the right tit. She squealed in pain as I smacked hard down on the nipple of the left tit. Then one hard slap on her flat belly.

SMACK! Right tit.SMACK! Left tit.“Charlotte,” I held her head close to my mouth, “you are a little cock teaser. No bra today.” SMACK! Right tit.“Last week running around in you bikini. That thong, right up your tight little pink bum cheeks. Did you want to tease me? Do you want me to fuck you?”
“No.” she whimpered. SMACK! Left boob!“No what?”

“No I don’t want you to….” She trailed off.“The word is fuck prick tease.”
I gripped her red right nipple and shook it from side to side making her let out little gasps.“Pleeease,” she sobbed, “stop!”Prick tease listen,” I flicked her nipple with my finger, “I’m going to take off this t-shirt and I want you to stand up and take off your jeans.”“No!”

I suddenly whacked my hand hard between her open legs. The sixteen year old brunette let out a scream and tried to double over but couldn’t.“Do you want that again?”“N…n…”“So what are you going to do Miss P.T.?”“Take my jeans off.”“Good girl.”

My mouth raw, shaking and trying to forget the consequences of my actions I pulled the t-shirt off her head. Her pretty big blue eyes were full of tears, her lovely cheeks flush, her full lips downwards quivering. Charlotte reluctantly stood up, trying to hide her spanked boobs from me. She stood in front of me.

“Jeans off!” I barked.Charlotte kept the “I don’t want to do it face” but started to undo the buttons on the front of her hundred pound pair of jeans.
Sixteen-year-old Charlotte was a prick tease, no doubt about that. She knew exactly what she was doing that day she wandered around the garden in her black bikini with the thong bottom disappearing between her flawless pink buttocks. She knew it as she aimed her arse at me wherever I went.

I was getting my revenge. Little Miss P.T. with her freshly cut short brown hair stood in front of me as I sat on the sofa undoing the buttons on her expensive jeans. Jeans mummy and daddy had bought her. My friend’s daughter opening the jeans up to show a lovely white pair of lacy panties.

“As you pull then down, turn around and show me your naughty little bottom,” I commanded.Charlotte did just that. Pulling the jeans down to her knees she turned around and gave me a lovely view of one of the most gorgeous bottoms I had seen in my life. The lacy panties complimented her pink skin.

I reached my hand out and rubbed my palm on her beautiful buttocks making her stop the jeans at her knees and straighten. It was a lovely sight the little sixteen-year-old beauty standing topless with her jeans half way down her legs and her pretty girlie knickers on show. I rubbed her arse cheeks, moving closer, kneeling behind her.

I could hear her making little gasps and sobs. I knew her face would be bright red. This was humiliating her and I was loving it.My hands moved down to her thighs. I slowly brought my hands up and took each side of her buttocks opening them up as if I was trying to look up her arse.

“Do you masturbate Charlotte?” I asked standing up behind her. “M…mmmm,” she murmured her cheeks flush. Tears rolling down her face.
“Is that a yes?” “Y…yes,” she looked at the floor. Nothing wrong with that. What do you use Charlotte? You’re fingers?” “Yes.”

I gripped the corners of her knickers. My fingers at the front just above her pussy. Then I jerked her panties up hard and said in her ear, “Wedgie!”
Charlotte gasped as the fabric pulled up into her arse cheeks and at the same time parted her pussy lips bringing her little teen cunt into view for the first time. There was hair, not much; light brown and neat as if she’d groomed herself down there.

My hands moved down brushing against her tender pussy lips. She gasped, blushing. I gently took the cloth of her knickers out from between her cunt lips, pulling it back, stretching it. Charlotte knew exactly what I was going to do, she nervously looked down then up at me biting her bottom lip, waiting.
I let it go.

THWACK! The elasticised knickers snapped back between her pussy lips making the young girl jump and squeal. The instant it whacked her in the cunt I slapped her bottom as hard as I could with my other hand. She jolted forward right on to my hand cupping her mound. Twitching she moved her hips off my hand only to be smacked back on to it.

I looked at her little confused red face. The teenager couldn’t work out hat was worse, being smacked or having my hand touch her most sensitive private area.Please don’t…” she whimpered.I rubbed my hand on her naked cunt lips, my fingers probing, investigating her body. I smacked her reddening cheeks again making her thrust forward, my fingers pushing open and into her pussy.

“No!” she screamed trying to pull back.“Little prick tease!” I yelled smacking her bottom harder than ever and fucking my fingers into her tight opening, “don’t you like that?”Charlotte’s whole face was red, as she sniffed, “No.”“Okay P.T. let’s try it the other way shall we?”
I may never get a chance again, I thought. Push as far as you can go.

My fingers pried opening her twin cheeks and searched for her tiny pink starfish.What are you doing?” she asked nervously.My other hand pulled out and smacked her hard between the legs. The sound of palm on pussy was almost silent but the effect was greater. Charlotte buckled over in pain, pushing her arsehole on to my fingers, while she sobbed in pain.

I wiggled my fingers inside her arse and smacked her on the cunt again with the same effect. Little Charlotte held on to my shoulders to keep herself up as she nearly fell over the jeans still around her knees. She bent her head down sobbing and gasping.N…n…no…p…p..owww!”SMACK!

Now one finger was deep inside her bottom up to the knuckle. She didn’t seemed concerned about that, she was trying to move out of the way of the palm attacking her crimson cunt lips.

“You want me to fuck you don’t you?” I asked smacking her in the pussy twice.“No…”“Then why do you keep teasing me?”“I don’t know….”

My friend’s sixteen-year-old daughter was crying now, tears pouring down her face. She was in a lot of pain and I thought I’d better ease off. I yanked my finger out of her arse making her grunt and stopped smacking her between the legs.

I stood up in front of her taking her chin in my hand I made her look up at me. She was a picture beautiful bambi blue eyes puffy and swollen from tears. Her nose running into her gasping mouth and her cheeks wet.“Upstairs.”
Pleeease…don’t do…”Upstairs now.”Charlotte went to pull up her jeans but I grabbed her hair yanking her head up and said “No.” into her sobbing face.

The teenager shuffled along the floor with her jeans around her knees. I rolled up her t-shirt and used it like a wet towel on her blushing buttocks. Slapping her as she moved slowly into the hall. Every so often she would try to protect her bum from the whipping but gave up when she reached the stairs.

“Upstairs teencunt!” I snapped whacked the t-shirt on her pink unblemished thighs.Crying even harder Charlotte tried her best to get up the stairs. When she fell on to her knees I smacked her bouncing red globes until she stood up. I also concentrated on her thighs with my hands, leaving red blotches and handprints up and down her legs. By now I had a raging hard on. The sight of Charlotte’s naked flesh and the punishment she was taking was getting a bit too much.

Once upstairs I led her into the spare room I was to use for my stay. It was smaller than all the other rooms with a single bed. I pushed Charlotte on to the bed and closed the door.Jeans and knickers off Miss P.T.!” I whacked the t-shirt on final time on the back of her legs.

Lovely little Charlotte pulled her jeans off, then her knickers. She was naked now apart from a pair of trainers. She lay on her back on the bed look at me with sulky blue eyes and a down turned mouth. Her tears were dry, but not for long, I thought.Lay down, lift your legs up so you knees are near your head.” I ordered her as I sat on the bottom of the bed.“I don’t understand.” She moaned.

I grabbed her ankles pushing her legs up and over her head bending her body. “Grab your thighs girl!” I told her holding her legs in this position. She did as she was told.

In this uncomfortable position Charlotte realised her pussy was fully exposed, “What are you going to do?” she asked staring at me through her legs as I sat right next to her bottom.“I’m going to smack your cunt till it is red raw.” I said in a matter of fact voice.Charlotte’s eyes widened in horror as I raised my palm aiming it at her exposed flesh. I started smacking her cunt as if I was swatting a fly.

Quick snapping movements. Quick hard stinging slaps making Charlotte cry out with each sound of hand of sensitive pussy. With her cries came the odd swear word mixed in. A fuck here and a shit there. Her face was bright red with her teeth gritted as I slapped away at the teenage girls pussy lips. Tears rolled out of her eye, down the side of her face and into her ears. Ears that were crimson.

Suddenly she started screaming making me put more force into the spanks. Bringing my arm right up and slamming into down palm on to pussy with force. After about a minute of this I stopped and pulled her legs down. Instantly her hands went between her legs trying to comfort the burning, throbbing and stinging pain. Her pretty little face was screwed up in agony.

“Do you want that again?” I asked calmly.No.” she half said half pleaded.“Good, made my hand a bit sore. I’ll have to use a belt next time. Charlotte you have a horse don’t you?”Yes.” She said cautiously.Wears your riding hat?”In my bedroom.” She tried to fathom what was going on.

I went into her room and found the black riding helmet on her dressing table. I brought it back into my room. I always thought she looked cute in her riding hat. I put it on her head as she rubbing and soothed her burning swollen pussy.

“Keep this on for the next bit.” I said sitting back on the bed.Why?” she asked eyes blue and helpless.Because you look so cute in that hat.” I took hold of her cheeks pushing them together making her lips form a kiss, “and I want to see my cock go in and out of these pretty little riding girls lips.”

If she was going to say anything she didn’t. Charlotte was more submissive than I expected. Maybe going right for her cunt was the right thing. Maybe my thoughts on Amy were right as well. Her tits were going to be my first area of attack. Little brunette Charlotte knew I could cunt smack her any time and she was ready to do things to get out of going through that again.

I made her kneel on the floor between my legs. I removed my trousers and pants and sat back on the bed my long thick cock waving at her as I put myself closer to her beautiful face. My cock was at half-mast, nerves taking the blood from one head to the other. Charlotte the little cock tease stared at it as if I had an alien between my legs.

“Have you ever sucked cock before Charlotte?” I said hearing the words but nervous that any minute now the prick tease would leap up, run away and ring her mum and dad.“What?” she said not really listening her eyes not moving off my cock.

I went for it; gripping my prick in one hand I held the top of the Charlotte’s riding helmet and slapped my cock across her pretty little turned up nose. She tried to pull away but I held her head in place, smacking my cock head on her cheeks, feeling my prick slap against her soft flesh. Her hands came up to stop me and she grabbed the shaft of my cock. I shivered and pushed my cock into her left eye. She yanked my shaft back pulling the skin and exposing my wet hypersensitive mushroom head, which was pressed against her closed eye.

“You dirty little teencunt,” I gasped, “you’re trying to wank me off.” “No,” she said desperately her eyes still tight shut, her tiny hands wrapped around my throbbing blood engorged member.“Open you eyes prick tease,” both my hands moved around the back of her head. One on the back of the riding helmet, the other on the back of her neck feeling her skin and the collar of her freshly cut hair, “open up and say hello to the cock.”

Her angel blue eyes opened to see my one eyed snake staring at her.
Please…” she began to sob.Kiss it,” I lifted her head slightly so my cock was level with her lovely innocent sixteen-year-old lips, “Or are you a lesbian?”I’m not,” she blubbered, “I’m not a lesbian.”“Well then,” I moved forward my purple cock head pressing against her trembling red lips, “kiss my cock and show him how much you like him. Or would you rather lick a cunt?”

Charlotte, my little riding whore, closed her eyes tight and planted a cautious kiss on the shaft of my prick.That’s cheating Charlotte and you know it is,” my mouth was dry I was shivering from fear and lust, how far was I going to be able to push it with the little teenager. As far as I could, “kiss the piss hole Charlotte. The eye. The cock’s eye.”I rubbed my sensitive gland over her lovely lips again avoiding the temptation to face fuck her there and then.

She looked a pretty picture on her knees between my legs in her riding hat.
Kiss it right on its lips,” I held her face in place, “prove to me how big a girl you are. How you’re not a cunt licker.”Charlotte, with tears running down her cheeks pressed her lips hard against my throbbing cock head.Good girl,” my mind was racing, “now stick that little tongue out and give him a great big French kiss. Show him you’re no lezzy.”

Her mouth opened, her pink tongue pushed out licking the tip of my cock. Slowly she became a little braver, lapping around the head, “That’s it!” I jerked forward, “Lick my cock like a lollipop!”Charlotte licked away, her tongue darting in and out, and then rolling around on the tip of my cock in circles. By now her hands were off my shaft, but I still held her head in place. Between the licks I heard her say, “

I’m not a cunt licker.” Which made me even hornier. My cock was fully erect, with my friends beautiful sixteen year old daughter licking away like she was attacking an ice cream. It was now or never. What I’d dreamt of doing to her since she was fourteen was on the tip of my cock. Her teenage mouth and I was going to fuck it. I was going to ram my cock so far down her throat…

“Keep doing that Charlotte, prove to me you’re not a muff diver. Get your mouth all wet, because I’m going to fuck you face now. I’m going to shove my cock into your prick teaser little mouth.” I grabbed her head hard and shoved my prick between her lips pushing my body forward as I pulled her head towards my crutch.

Charlotte tried to pull back but I held her tight, “I’m going to ram my cock so far down your fucking throat it’s going to come out of your pussy!”I kept on stuffing my prick in, force-feeding the little cock tease my swollen dick. I suddenly pulled out listening to her gasp and cough, my prick poised on her lips.

“They call it deep throat baby,” I was over excited now; my cock was in charge of my sense. I began spanking her pretty little dazed face with my swollen cock head, “you like this don’t you teencunt? My prick whipping your pretty little stuck up face. You’re a cock teasing teencunt, what are you?”Her eyes were glazes as she said through her tears, “I’m a cock teasing teencunt.”And you want me to slam my cock into your throat as hard as I can! Don’t you!”

“Yes,” she said to my surprise, maybe she was completely broken.
Yes what!”I want you to slam you dick into my throat as hard as you can.”
Good,” I aimed my prick at her drooling sixteen-year-old mouth, “now open wide baby and say ahhh!”And she did. The little brunette in the cute riding hat open her lips as wide as she could and said, “Aaahhhh,” and as I rammed my cock into her open mouth it turned into a “aawwwwww!”

I now fucked her head on and off my prick while shoving really hard into her tight mouth, “Yes! Take that cock! You fucking little cunt!”
The riding helmet slammed up and down and I could here her starting to gag as my cock head assaulted her tender virgin throat. I slammed all eight inches into her little face, I felt her throat muscles spasm and convulse as she choked and gagged on my prick.

My prick! Which was fucking my mate’s daughter’s tight resisting throat. I realised she was taking it all; this little teenager was taking all my cock into her gullet. I fucked a little hard turned on by the fact she was gagging. Saliva drooled down my cock as I rammed it in and out, pulling it out of her throat then slamming it back in with more force as if I was trying to make her actually eat it.

“Do you like that Charlotte?” I asked pulling her head off my cock with a pop as it unplugged her throat, spit gushed out from where her mouth had tried to digest the invading prick meat, “Does that feel good? My cock bashing your tonsils? How does it feel?”

Without waiting for an answer I yanked her head back onto my cock and started fucking away making Charlotte gag and squeal under the onslaught. I pulled out again.You’re loving this aren’t you,” I smiled into her confused face.

I picked her up and lay her on the bed as she coughed and spurted, “You a little deep throat queen,” I said placing her head half way up the bed, “now I’m going to fuck your face again.”“No,” she managed to say, “too rough.”
“Too rough?” I tried not to laugh; she said it as if she took cock all the time.

I straddled her head, holding her arms above her head. I put my prick back into her mouth and leant forward so I could fuck her pretty little face while she say underneath me. I started pushing my cock into that lovely mouth and didn’t stop until I felt my balls slap against her chin. My belly pressed against the rim of the riding hat as I pummelled Charlotte’s tight throat with stroke after stroke. I was skull fucking her as if I was fucking her pussy.

After a few minutes of fucking her mouth on and off I eventually pulled my suffocating cock out of her mouth. She didn’t make a sound this time. She lay there looking at me with those big blue eyes. Her lips were wet and her whole face was coated in sweat. I’d just violently face fucked my friends daughter and now I was shitting myself.

Charlotte swallowed and sat up. I still had a raging hard on when she said slowly, “You said you were going to fuck me. Punish me and fuck me you said.” Her hand went between her legs and for the first time I noticed how wet she was. The bed stained by her juices coming from the prettiest little pussy I’d ever seen, “I do tease you.” She was playing the game as well, I could tell, “and now I need your cock inside me. But not my mouth. My pussy.”

“Little whore,” I said moving to her.“I’m a teencunt,” she said frigging her pussy, “and I need a cock to punish me.”I lay on the bed, holding my cock in my hand, “Well little miss riding whore. Climb on the cockhorse and ride it. And if you don’t make me cum it you tight little cunt I’ll fuck your throat again and make you swallow.”

Visibly shaking Charlotte stood on the bed above me. She looked down at me her hand reaching under, her fingers gripping her cunt lips, “Do I just put it in?” she asked shyly.You squeeze it in,” I tried not to laugh, “sit on it and ride you stuck up little cunt.”

Charlotte’s legs bended bring her tight cunt hole closer to my throbbing prick. She was now having second thoughts as her pussy lips touched my mushroom head. I took her hands to steady her and watched in awe as the sixteen year old applied pressure and pushed her virgin cunt onto my cock.

“Oww,” she moaned, “it’s not going to fit. Ouch.”“It will, you have to push harder,” my prick head squeezed between her lips into a hole tighter than her throat.“This will bust my cherry won’t it,” she was sobbing now, not sure that the big girl act was the right thing to do.

“Charlotte,” I said slowly, “look at me.” She did tears in her baby blue eyes, “my cock is going to fuck your little cunt whether you like it or not. So you do the fucking, at your own pace and enjoy it or I’ll just ram it in there.”

“You bastard,” she sneered.“Teencunt,” I snarled letting going hold of her hands, grabbing her hips and shoving her frail pink little body hard onto my cock. The whole thing disappeared, I felt her hymen burst, it lubricated it slightly, but I still felt like my cock was I a vice.At the same time Charlotte’s eyes bulged and she spat out air.

“Still got a choice little miss riding whore,” I loved the feel of the sixteen year old’s cheery pussy around my cock, “either the rider rides the horse. Or this horse will ride the rider.”

Charlotte sat on my cock for what seemed like an age. She was having trouble taking in the situation and the dick deep in her virgin pussy. I waited, watching the expression on her face, she winced as she tried to move and a tear ran down her cheek. My cock throbbed trapped in one of the tightest cunts I’d ever felt.

The sixteen year old put her hands on my shoulders and started pulling herself off my cock.“Bounce,” I said, “bounce like you’re riding your pony.”Sweat dribbled down her forehead from underneath her cute riding hardhat. Charlotte bit her bottom lip and started fucking up and down. It felt great, her tight cunt pumping up and down my shaft. She started feeling something other than pain and her youthful buttocks slapped against my thighs.

“Horsey ride,” she whined fucking my cock, “I’m riding my horsey!”“Fuck it teencunt,” I cried under her bouncing body, “Fuck my cock!”“Fuck my horsey!” she squealed getting faster, pounding up and down her face a mixture of pain and pleasure.Charlotte looked her eyes looking right at me, “You’re my fucking horsey!” she breathed, “fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

I grabbed her young hips and helped her fuck me. Her hands flew to her riding hat and she put her hands on the top bouncing and screaming, “Fuck my horsey!”“Fuck horsey!” I yelled back, “fuck it you little cunt!”Charlotte must have been nearer her orgasm. She squealed and squirmed while pounding me into the bed. Her cunt muscles milked my cock and she yelled in my face, “I don’t lick cunt! I’m not a cuntlicker! I swallow cock and fuck cock!”

This was all blowing my mind. My little sex victim was turning into a lust cock crazy animal before my eyes. I was going to cum. I was going to cum inside her.“Fuck!” she bounced faster now just making inarticulate sounds.

I sat up and grabbed her head forcing my tongue in her mouth. She responded as I started fucking her as she rode her horsey. Her thin frail body felt so good, so hot, and so tight. I rolled her over and started fucking her my mouth not leaving hers. I held her legs wide open pumping into her body, ramming my cock into her well-juiced virgin cunt.“I’m going to cum in your mouth,” I grunted leaning back and pulling myself from her pussy.

Charlotte sat up her little hands grabbing my cock, wanking it, the prick head aimed at her mouth, waiting mouth.I gripped her riding hat, “Get it in there!” I shoved her lips onto my cock and held it there tight and I blasted my hot spunk into the teenagers sucking mouth. She sucked hard, as if she trying to get milk shake through a straw. I felt myself explode, cum filling her cheeks, which ballooned. I watched her swallow, which was a lovely sight.

Charlotte’s lips popped off my cock and I slapped my wet stained prick on her button nose.Good girl,” I breathed, “good miss riding whore.”What the fuck is going on!”

I turned to see Amy in the doorway of the bedroom. I had know idea how long she’d been there, watching us, watching me fuck her little sisters cunt off. Amy was flushed, still wearing the Girl Guide uniform, which strained against her hefty bosom.“I’m fucking Charlotte,” I found myself saying getting off the bed and walking towards the seventeen year old.

Charlotte, her face smeared with cum, her cunt wide open and slowly contracting grinned like and idiot and said, “I’m not a lesbian.”You’re fucking sick,” Amy said trying to look me in the face but her eyes drifted down to my dwindling erection, cum dripping from the end.You’re late.” I said in a “matter of fact” tone.What?” Amy’s serious green eyes looked confused, “you’re fucking my sister.”Are you jealous?”

I knew what I was going to do. I had it in my head but I couldn’t imagine actually doing it. I had to step over the edge.“No.”“Flaunting those fucking tits all the time.”I grabbed two handfuls of the biggest tits in the world. My fingers sank into the flesh through the Girl Guide uniform. I gripped the jello bags and tugged her into the room, swinging her around by her jugs and throwing her on to the bed.

Charlotte sat on one side looking at her well-fucked cunt like it was an alien creature. I leapt on Amy still squeezing, tugging and yanking her fun bags. The girl was trying to fight so I punched her hard in the left tit, squashing the bra monster, then I punched her even harder in the right on, my fist spreading the flesh out flat. While the Girl Guide under me started sobbing I ripped the shirt open and looked at the bra, it had a front catch.

“Front loader,” I said putting all my weight on her gorgeous body, “what a tit teaser you are.”I undid the catch and the enormous boobs sprang out to greet me. Pink sensitive flesh and two of the largest nipples I’d seen in my life.“You are a big girl Amy,” I leant my head down and sucked one of her nipples, taking a mouthful of tit.

“Get off me!” she squealed.Charlotte was walking out of the door, “Where are you going P.T.?”The sixteen year old shuffled on her feet, “Gonna make a cup of tea. You’ve got to fuck Amy so I don’t really have to watch do I?”“Okay teencunt,” I held both Amy’s huge nipples in a thumb and forefinger “keep your riding hat on around the house and make me a cup of tea as well.”
“Okay,” the well-fucked teenager walked out of the room.

“You’ll never get away with this,” Amy said as I twisted her nipples, watching the tit flesh distort.“Amy listen,” I shook her nipples, slapping her tits together making a lovely sound, “we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Easy way, you let me fuck these Godzilla tits. Or I beat these jugs black and blue with a belt, and then I fuck them. You choice.”

Amy looked at me with disgust; maybe I’d misjudged her. Maybe she wasn’t as much of a submissive as her younger sister. I grabbed her head and pulled her left tit to her mouth, “Suck your own tit, come on!”Her mouth wrapped around the nipple as I pulled her boob flesh to meet it.“Suck it!”
And, to my surprise and joy, she sucked.

The tit fairy had been kind to Amy. Fourteen she sprouted two enormous boobs. She was a little girl with fucking big tits. I had trouble talking to her and keeping eye contact. But she was still a girl, not a woman. Now at seventeen she was a young woman with a fucking huge pair of air bags. And I was making suck her left nipple erect.

My other hand gripped the right tit and brought it her mouth. With some trouble I managed to squeeze both her nipples into her mouth and laughed as I heard I suck.“Suck them! Suck them both!”After a while I pulled her fat knockers out of her gasping mouth.“Did you like that?” I asked her still sitting on her stomach, my cock growing with anticipation“You sick fu…”

I slapped her hard around the face. Then hard on the tits. I started spanking her huge boobs as hard as I could.“Don’t” WHACK! “You!”“Fucking

Amy struggled and cried under the onslaught. I was half crazy with lust and totally pissed off at the tit queen. I wanted to fuck her jugs so much I was going to do anything to make sure she let me fuck them willingly.

The tit spank continued. Sometimes on the nipples, other times right on the tit flattening the flesh, then others on the sides or uppercut sending her big boob smacking into the little teencunts chin.

I suddenly grabbed both of Amy’s huge tits and squeezed them as hard as I could watching the nipples harden. I leant my head down and took a sensitive nipple in my mouth, sucking hard on the flesh. Sobbing Amy watched as I swapped my mouth over to her other trapped boob.

My cock was fully erect now. I sat back, let her tits go and aimed my cock at the valley between the huge pink pillows.“Titty fuck time Amy.” I slid my cock between the warm valley of her young tender boobs. I pressed the tit flesh together trapping my cock between the twin mountains of seventeen-year-old tit flesh.

“Now,” I said to her tear smeared face, “I’m going to fuck your tits. And when my cock comes out to your face and says hello I want you to kiss him to show him how much you like your teenage jugs being fucked.”

It was an unbelievable sensation having my cock ramming in and out of the teenagers cleavage. Her tits were squashed together and I started fucking away at her boobs as if I was fucking her cunt.

My cock popped into and out of her cleavage smacking against her chin, then on one stroke she repositioned her head so my cock touched her red lips and to my surprise the busty Girl Guide kissed my prick.

“Good girl guide!” I yelled fucking away at her boobs, “bob a blow job for you. Now lick it! Yes, that’s it! Lick my prick!”

She did. Amy started licking my cock as it pounded in and out of her big tits. She lifted her head anticipating my cock and opened her mouth so my prick head popped in and out of her hot little mouth as I tit fucked her.

“Yes!” I cried, “you suck it!”Amy, the huge chested seventeen year old started sucking my mushroom head when I pushed it between her lips. She sucked hard, trying to keep it in her mouth but I always pulled myself back into the warm sticky valley of her young enormous boobs.

“Right,” I fucked harder, ready to cum, “stick your tongue out and catch my spunk!”I shafted Amy between her tits and as my cock sliced in and out of her cleavage my spunk started blasting out of cock as I screamed, “Take it you little cunt!”

Amy took it full in the face. Most of it on her outstretched tongue. I kept fucking her tits till I was completely spent and most of it was in the blonde’s bemused face. Some of my cum found its way on to her girl guides cap. With a final grunt I shoved my cock into Amy’s waiting mouth and fucked her face with what little strength I had left. It wasn’t a throat fuck more a gentle mouth fuck, my cock popping in and out of her lips and finally resting on her chin.

I looked down at her. She was dazed, not quiet sure whether she liked it or not.“Tea.”I looked up at Charlotte who stood by the bed holding a cup of tea. She was still naked, her pretty body shivering with anticipation, the riding hat on her head. Tell tale signs of dried up spunk around her lips.

“Amy has a riding hat too.” The little sixteen year old smiled.I felt Amy suck the tip of my dwindling erection and I knew I was about to have two fucking brilliant weeks.
The sun shimmered on the pool as I took a sip from my ice-cold lemonade. Charlotte was swimming naked her beautiful body appearing by my side, wet, sparkling her short brown hair slick on her head. I glanced over at Amy as she walked towards me in one of the skimpiest bikini’s

I could find. It was black, with a tong and two of tiny diamonds which barely covered her huge nipples on her enormous bouncing pink pillows that shook as she moved closer. Her black velvet-riding hat firmly on her blonde head. In one hand she held as requested a bottle of vegetable oil, in the other a strap on dildo I’d brought the night after I’d tit fucked her and fucked her little sister stupid.

The rest of the night had been eventful. I spanked Amy on her tight bottom and made her have a shower with me while she was still in her Girl Guide uniform. Under the water I spanked her some more and slowly removed the wet clothes.

I finished off with another glorious tit wank with Amy kneeling in front of me squashing her mammoth mammeries together while I fucked away at her soft wet tit flesh. This time I made her hold the tip of my cock in her mouth and came making her swallow every drop.

I went to sleep with both girls that night and was pleasantly awoken the next day by little Charlotte sucking on my cock trying to make it erect. The sweet little sixteen year old wanted me to fuck her again, so I obliged ramming her as hard as I could and this time cumming on her tight flat belly.

I’d spent the rest of the morning by the pool watching Charlotte swim.Amy knelt by me holding out the strap on cock.“Charlotte, come here.” I said sitting up and taking the plastic prick off the big boobed blonde.

Charlotte climbed out the pool showing me her lovely naked body. Her peach tits all wet and her nipples rock hard. I motioned her to kneel down and she did. I lifted the strap on cock and placed it over her head.

“What?” she said nervously.“Ssshh Charlotte or I’ll have to smack you.”I fixed the fake cock so it was level with her mouth. She looked strange, this gorgeous teenager with a strap on around her head, the thick black eight-inch cock coming from her mouth.“Stand up, both of you.” They did, “now, face each other.”

I stood up and placed my hands on the back of both their young necks.
“Charlotte and I are going to teach you how to deep throat Amy.” I said in a matter of fact way as I pushed Amy’s head forward so her lips touch the large plastic cock head.

“Open up Amy,” I held her by the back of the neck and edged her forward, “that’s it, wrap your lips around the cock.”Amy didn’t struggle, her lips parted slowly and I pushed them both so the mushroom head slid into the chesty blondes mouth.“Get it all nice and wet. Build up that saliva,” I grinned my cock was getting hard pressing against my trunks, “nice and wet so it will slide down your throat.”

She struggled a bit on the word throat, but I held her fast. Charlotte’s lovely blue eyes were widened in a mixture of fear and lust. She didn’t know what to think of it as moved their heads closer together getting another inch of fake cock into the 17 year olds wet saliva dribbling mouth.

I stroked down Amy’s flawless back, down her spine and on to her lovely firm buttocks. Nice pink globes with a black thong deep between her cheeks. I patted her firm bottom then smacked her left cheek as hard as I could. Amy jerked, a red handprint on her goose bumped skin.

I turned my attention back to the young girls mouths. The plastic cock wasn’t as deep as I wanted it to be. I added pressure to the back of both their necks. I shook them slightly, “Come on Amy, you can do it.”

I pushed Charlotte and Amy closer forcing another inch of the dildo into the blonde girls mouth.“Kiss your sister,” I chuckled pressing their young teenage heads closer together.

After a few more seconds I let go. Amy yanked her head back, coughing and spitting. The spit hit Charlotte full in the face and the sixteen-year-old girl yelped under the black cock, “Don’t do that!”

I stood behind Amy and took both of her heavy huge tits in my hands. My hard on pressing into her back. I kissed her soft blonde hair and whispered, “Open wide and put the cock in your mouth.”

Amy’s lips opened taking the bulbous head of the plastic prick. I brought my hand up taking a handful of her hair, which hung from the back of the riding hat. My other hand continued squeezing and kneading her firm teenage tits, they were so big and firm I couldn’t stop pulling and yanking them as I pushed her head into the cock.

The blonde struggled again but I held her firm slapping each of her tits making them bounce and jolt in the flimsy bikini.You’ve got to learn to swallow it all.” I said firmly watching tears form in her beautiful blue eyes as I forced the dildo further into her over stretched mouth.
I could see she wasn’t going to do it so I let go. Instantly she pulled back gasping for air.

I sat on the sun bed pulling my shorts off to reveal my raging hard on. I told Charlotte to remove the dildo and swallow my cock. I made the two girls sit either side of the bed, either side of my cock. I removed Amy’s riding hat and took hold of the top of her head, I grabbed the top of Charlotte’s head aiming her open mouth at my prick.

“Watch and learn Amy,” I said as I pushed Charlotte’s head down, my prick entering her mouth, slowly my whole shaft slid between brunette elfin teenagers lips, into her mouth, into her throat. She took it will ease as she was used to me pounding her gullet.

I held the side of Charlotte’s face and started fucking her mouth up and down my cock. I felt her throat convulse as she tried to swallow my prick. My thick shaft never leaving her lips as she sucked and gagged.Good girl,” I shivered looking at my prick between the 16 year old teases lips.

I let her face go and put my hands behind my head watching as she gobbled, throated and sucked my rock hard cock.“Don’t be greedy,” I took hold of Amy’s blonde hair easing her face down to my crutch, “give some to Amy.”

Charlotte popped her mouth off my bulbous head. Her hand gripped the shaft and aimed the cock at her older blonde sister. Amy reluctantly opened her mouth and sucked on the spongy pink knob while Charlotte licked the shaft. Amy sucked noisily just on the tip of my cock her tongue licking and circling the slit. I shivered as she became a little bolder and took the whole head between her lips, her cheeks sucking in and out as she tried to copy her little sister.

“Come on Amy, try and suck it all the way.”Her hand was now on the shaft rubbing up and down as she gobbled on my cock head. Charlotte was now licking and rubbing her face against my balls. Amy sucked and wanked harder and I knew she was trying to make me cum so

I wouldn’t make her deep throat. I looked down at the girls. A blonde head bobbing up and down now as she used both hands on the shaft. Charlotte’s brown hair almost gone, her mouth full of my balls, which she sucked on as hard as she could.

I took hold of Amy’s hair and pulled her mouth off my cock. She let out a gasp, her hands stopped wanking.Greedy,” I grinned, “let Charlotte have some cock to swallow if you won’t.”Amy looked a little upset, she looked at me with stern blue eyes, “I can swallow you,” she said flatly, “maybe I just don’t want to.”

Charlotte was already on my cock, fucking her head on and off the thick shaft. Her lips touching the base of the prick as she fucked her throat on and off.“Charlotte,” I groaned on the verge of coming in the girl’s bottomless gullet, “Amy’s turn!”

A hand full of brown hair and I whipped her off my cock. A string of saliva connected to my prick and her full beautiful bottom lip.Suck it all the way!” I yelled ramming my prick into Amy’s mouth as I pushed her head down, “fucking throat it you monster titted blonde cunt!”

Both hands held Amy’s head as I fucked up and into her mouth. She tried to pull off but I was having none of it. I leant forward pressing her head down, not caring as I heard her gag. I put both hands on the back of her head and pushed as I felt my prick fill her mouth.

She started struggling so I pulled her up for air. Spit and foam came out of her mouth as I pulled her off my cock. She was sobbing slightly as I made her face me.Tit fucks are all your good for isn’t it?” I slapped her face a few times until she opened her eyes.

“Go fuck yourself.” She said opening her blue eyes and staring coldly at me.
Right you cunt,” I pulled her so she was between my legs. With one hand I held the top of her head and with the other I slapped my cock over her beautiful face.

“This,” slap! “is going” slap! “down your fucking throat!” Slap! “Whether you like it!” Slap! Slap! Slap! “Or not!” Slap! The final slap was in her eyes, smearing them with precum.I pulled on her nipples to get her into position, my prick aimed at her mouth, hands both sides of her head.Stick your tongue out!” I snapped.

Amy’s wet tongue came out and I lay my cock head on it. I slid my cock over her tongue and into her warm wet mouth. I pulled her head forward forcing more of my cock meat into her hot inviting orifice. Her eyes widened as I shoved forward and pulled her head at the same time. I could feel my cock head against the back of her mouth, on the edge of her throat. Her mouth started to fill with saliva as instinctively she tried to digest the tube of meat invading her face.

“Okay a few more inches,” I pushed forward, “and we’re going to be there.”My cock hit what felt like a wall. Her tight throat spasm, contracted. I couldn’t ease it in. I’d have to ram it down the blonde teenager girls gullet.“Okay,” I pulled out of her gasping choking mouth, “let’s try this another way shall we.”

After some spanking of both her quivering thong encased buttocks and her bouncing twin torpedoes, I had Amy lay on the sun bed on her back with her head at the wrong end so it hung over the side. Her huge tits stood upright. Her huge nipples hardly covered by the tiny diamond shaped bikini.

I knelt at the base of the sun bed, cock in hand. Her beautiful full blonde hair hung over the side, even her blonde fringe which was always just above her eyes hung back over her forehead. I slapped my cock against her sweaty forehead.

All this time Charlotte naked and gorgeous sat watching in awe. I held my cock towards Charlotte’s mouth.“Give him a kiss.”Charlotte leant forward her lips parting to swallow. I pulled my prick aside.“No just a kiss!”

Reluctantly the little brunette kissed my pricks tiny lips. I turned to Amy taking hold of her soft pink tits I pressed my knob against her lips and started fucking in and out of her mouth. Saliva and spit dribbled out of the corner of the blonde girls lips as I fucked her face. My hands squeezing, pressing, kneading, jerking, pinching, slapping her twin pillows.

I picked up as pace and my hands grabbed her head. I fucked harder, as hard as I could, my cock punching the back of Amy’s tight virgin throat.She couldn’t move her head as I ploughed in and out of her saliva filled gaping mouth. With each vicious stroke I felt my prick force in another inch.

During one of these strokes I felt my cockhead punch into her throat, she started to swallow around it sending waves of pleasure through my body. I looked down and I saw my cock bulging in her throat. It was there in Amy’s tight virgin gullet.

I held her tits for support and started throat fucking her watching my cock appear and disappear from her slender pink neck.I was in a frenzy holding her throat with one hand and slapping at her big bouncing boobs with the other my cock ramming in and out of her throat. The poor blonde beauty gagging and choking just made me fuck even harder until I lunged forward, my cock cumming in her throat.

I held it there as long as I dared then yanked back listening to a delightful plop as my cock head popped out of her gullet. Cum, saliva and foam spewed from her lips as I stepped back I grabbed her head and flipped her over so the liquid could pour from the teenage bitches mouth. She coughed and spat, tears in her eyes.“Told you…” she gasped, “told you I could do it.”

I lifted her head up. My cum all around her lovely mouth. I smeared it around her face, her cheeks, her eyes and in her blonde fringe. She tried to smile but it came out more of a slightly insane grin.Yes you did it,” I waved my cock in her face, “now kiss him and say thank you.”Amy pursed her lips and kissed the tip of my cock, “Thank you,” she croaked.

“Now lick him clean.”Her tongue went to work as I watched the naked Charlotte lying on the other sun bed. The little tart was frigging herself as she watched us.Amy’s sucked on my cock cleaning off the cum. She licked the underside so the prick lay on her face, on her nose and forehead. She now turned her attention to my balls that ached as she kissed and licked them.
Okay, enough.” I said pulling away.

Amy gave me a sulk look. She pushed her tits together so the diamond part of the bikini moved and showed her giant nipples. I wanted to fuck her again, but I was spent. I needed a rest and time to produce some more spunk before I fucked her tight virgin cunt.

I wandered into the outhouse by the pool, there was a large table used for massage. I lay on it and decided to sleep for a while. I could face the girls by the pool at the moment. Amy playing her tits and Charlotte fingering her pussy. I needed a break but only for a short while.

I massaged the oil into Amy’s body. I had taken a while covering her naked tits, squeezing them and rubbing the nipples till they became erect. Charlotte was busy in the house preparing lunch while I rubbed some of the oil into Amy’s plump buttocks. She lay on her belly. I slapped her left cheek hard so a palm print appeared then rubbed some oil in. I slapped the right cheek and did the same.

I pulled Amy up so her stomach was on the table but her buttocks high in the air. I parted her thighs and went to work on her pussy rubbing oil against her cunt lips then slapping them as hard as I could.

“Owww!” she squealed, “not there….”I slapped her winking pussy again, “Why,” SLAP! “not!”“It hurts.”I spanked the inside of her thighs for a full minutes ignoring her cries and wails. When I’d finished I looked at the crimson handy work.“It’s supposed to hurt Amy.”
I held her buttocks open and pressed my thumb against her puckered arsehole.What are you do…” cut her short by slapping the back of her leg.“Sssshhh. Do you know some men like to put their cocks inside women’s bottoms.”?“I know…”

SLAP! Right on her pussy lips.“Do you want me to put my cock in your bottom?”“No.”SLAP! On her quivering buttocks. I pressed my thumb, her anus sucked it in.“Why not?”“It’s too big. A cock is too big to go in my bum.”SLAP! Pussy lips again which were coming up a lovely bright red.“Okay,” I kept my thumb up her arse, “so where shall I put my cock then?”There was silence; I could hear her breathing her face pressed against the table, her gorgeous blonde hair laying over her face.

“My pussy.” She said her voice catching nervously. I pulled my thumb up and climbed on to the table “Thank you for the invitation my dear.”I rubbed my already erect cock against her pussy lips. Pushing forward I let my prick head prise the flesh curtains open. I leant forward edging a bit more in, my hands gripping her blonde hair as if they were reigns.

Then without any warning I shoved in hard! Something broke, Amy bucked underneath me letting put a pathetic squeal. But I didn’t stop. I yanked her head back and started fucking her virgin cunt without mercy.Awwww!” she yelled as I grabbed her face a leant over her my cock pumping in and out with fury.

I looked at her pain filled face from the side as I fucked away. My hand gripping her cheeks pushing them together so her lips pursed and her eyes squinted. She winced with every thrust.

“Take it you teen cunt!” I yelled in her ear fucking the teenager without any thought for the pain she was going through. Her first face fucked had been violent; her first fuck was the same, vicious, unrelenting. I pounded away at the girl now yanking her blonde hair with each fuck.

She collapsed on the table. I lay on top of her fucking at her body. My belly slapping against her buttocks, my head above hers, my chest mashing against the back of her head and her blonde hair. I pulled her back suddenly so she now bending over the end of the table. I took hold of her tits and began gripping them as hard as I could, during all this I didn’t stop fucking her.

“Ugh! Ugh!” she started groaning as I pounded away.I knew I was about to cum. I could feel it, I didn’t really want to cum inside her. I grabbed a handful of hair as I pulled out of her cunt, span her around and slammed my cock meat into her gasping mouth at the same time I came again. Blasting into her open mouth and face.

“Suck it!” I guided my cock between her lips and she instinctively started sucking.I fucked her mouth for a while until I was finished then to finish I wrapped her tits around my prick and made her tit fuck me for a little while until all my spunk was either in her mouth, on her face, or between the valley of her giant mammaries.

I lifted Amy up and sat her on the table. I examined her well-fucked pussy just to make sure I hadn’t cum inside her. She was a little hairy than I thought and I knew that tomorrow I’d shave her.“Thank you,” Amy said blankly.I kissed her forehead holding her against me. She felt so good and so warm. I knew I’d have another tit fuck before the day was out.

The next morning I was drinking some orange juice waiting for the girls to get up. The doorbell rang and I just assumed it would be the milkman after his pay or then postman with some recorded delivery. I opened the door to see a young girl with shoulder length black hair, piercing blue eyes and a slim figure underneath her black t-shirt and jeans. In her hair she wore a purple Alice band, which held her lovely hair out of her face.

“Oh, hi,” she smiled awkwardly, “is Amy in. I’m Claire.” She held her hand out, “you must be Wallace.”We shook hands, “Yeah,” I said bemused and turned on by this new arrival, “come in Amy’s still in bed.”"No surprised,” Claire said under her breath as she followed me into the kitchen.I was naked apart from a dressing gown as I offered the new girl tea or coffee.

“Tea please,” she said sitting on one of the kitchen stools, “or maybe you’d like me to suck your cock.”“What?” I was shocked, “what did you say?”Claire smiled, “Amy says you like young girls to suck your cock. You like to make them put it in their throats.”I felt an icy chill, “She told you this?”

Something was wrong, the girl sat in front of me accusing me of fucking Amy’s mouth but I couldn’t get rid of the hard on under my dressing gown.
You’re an ugly old fuck,” Claire continued, “there’s no way I’d let you put your prick in my mouth.”At that moment I focused on her mouth, red lips, wet, inviting. I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock right down this cocky bitches throat.

“I said,” Claire got off the stool and walked towards me thrusting her teenage breasts at me, “you’re an ugly old fuck!”Without thinking I slapped the dark haired girl hard around the face. She jolted making a whimpering sound, then straightened.

I don’t know why I did it but I slammed my fist into Claire’s stomach. As she doubled over I grabbed her short black hair and dragged her across the kitchen into the lounge. As we struggled she ripped my dressing gown open.

I threw her against the armchair and she sat with her back against the chair looking at me with wild eyes. Her cheek was red from my slaps.What you gonna do old man?” she carried on pushing me, “going to hurt me? Punish me?”

It came to me suddenly and I still can’t remember where it even came from. I tore the dressing gown off. She laughed pointing at my erection. I turned around and aimed my big hairy arse at her teenage haughty face. I grabbed her wrists and held them between my legs.“Kiss my arse bitch.” I said pressing my bum against her face.

Claire had nowhere to go, she struggled but I managed to force her face against my arse crack. I jumped back and sat on the teenage girls face. Her head pressed hard against the cushion of the armchair. Her legs kicked out and her arms jerked back and forth. I felt her nose right up my crack, her button turned up nose penetrating my chocolate starfish. I grinded my arse in her face a few times laughing as she struggled and groaned.“No…owww….this stinks….ow!”

I eased her legs open with my legs so that the fabric of her black jeans strained against her crotch.Call me an old fuck…” I said as I used her hands and my balled up fists to punch her very hard right on the cunt.Claire buckled squealing and I felt her mouth against my arse cheeks.I lifted my bum up and looked over at her.She looked gorgeous her black hair spread out on the cushion, her face red and wet with tears, her blue eyes submissive.

“Open you’re mouth and stick you tongue out Claire, like a good teen cunt.”
Reluctantly with a “please don’t” look on her face her lovely wet red tongue appeared.Now, lick the chocolate starfish…” I slammed my arse back on her face and shivered as I felt the teenage girls tongue actually disappear up my arse.Claire struggled as I rode her face. I held her wrists and dodged her kicking legs. After about a minute I leapt off her and she gasped for breath.

“Jesus….” She groaned.I turned around, grabbed a hand full of her short black hair and pulled her up. She was gasping from breath as I took hold of one of her peach sized boobs through her tight black t-shirt. I squeezed the tit flesh as hard as I could, screwing up my hand into a tight fist.”Owwww!” she complained.

I released her hair and boob, she stood on wobbly legs her face bright red.
“Undress,” I said standing naked in front of the teenage girl.”Fuck off!” she snapped back.I grabbed her hair again and swung her around placing myself on the armchair I pulled her over my lap. I called her ever name under the sun as I held her down and started spanking her tight round arse cheeks through the black jeans.

“Don’t you swear at me!” WHACK! “you stuck up little…” WHACK! “cunt!”I smacked each cheek in turn, and then sent my palm slamming between her legs. She let out gasps, squeals and moans as I assaulted her through the black jeans. My hard on pressed against her stomach and as she squirmed and wiggled on my lap I felt myself get more erect.After a good couple of minutes of hard spanking I spoke, “Get up!”

Instantly Claire got on her feet. Her pretty blue eyes wet with tears.I started undoing her jeans from my seat position.”Don’t…” she said but before she could finish her sentence I snapped my hand hard across the breasts.
Aaaaahhhh!” she squealed.

I finished undoing her jeans and pulled them down to shown the thin white panties. I left the jeans around her knees so she couldn’t run away. My hand cupped her pubic mound. She was sopping wet.You dirty little cunt,” I said rubbing her sticky pussy through her pants, “you’re really getting off on all this aren’t you.”

“Go fuck yourself,” she snapped back.I grabbed the back of her head and stood up rubbing my cunt juice stained hand over her mouth and nose. She struggled a bit as I forced her lips open, pushing my wet fingers into her mouth.Suck my fingers,” I demanded pushing my fingers in her mouth, “suck your own cunt juice.”

Tears in her eyes she started sucking weakly on my fingers. My other hand caressed her black hair easing her head a little closer.“Now,” I whispered in her ear, “take your t-shirt off Claire.”My fingers slurped out her mouth and she started taking her top off. Underneath was her pale pink skin and a matching white bra covering her peach sized boobs.

I threw the black t-shirt aside and took hold of her tits through her bra. My fingers dug into her young flesh, I gripped her nipples and pulled hard on them making her grunt. She tried to move forward but I placed my knee against her cunt stopping her. I carried on stretching her 17-year-old tits as if I was trying to rip them off her rib cage.

“Now how about you taking those panties off and showing me your teenage cunt.” I said releasing her boobs, her hands coming up to comfort the abused flesh.Claire pulled her knickers down to her ankles and stood back up with her legs tightly closed. Her well-groomed pussy looked so inviting and I wanted to see more.

“Open you legs!” I snapped pulling her closer.
Just to encourage her I smacked the inside of both her thighs until crimson and she’s opened her legs wide enough. My hand moved to her sensitive pussy, taking hold of the lips on both sides I started to pull them open and look into the wet pink flesh. Her tiny cunt hole seemed to wink at me as I held her lips apart with one hand and brought the other back to smack hard on her defenceless open wide pussy.

Claire jolted, gritting her teeth, tears now streaming down her face as I smacked her again.SMACK! And again on her exposed cunt. SMACK!”Do you like that?” I asked looking up at her.My finger now probed the opening, pushing into the tight hole, screwing it into her. Her pelvis thrust down on to my invading finger, so I started fucking in and out. My other hand smacked her already smarting thighs and front of her legs.

Claire started fucking my finger, which was now deep in past the knuckle.”Ahhhh,” she moaned, “fuck me, hurt me….”I pushed another finger into her wet juicy pussy, fucking both digits in and out of her tight hole that seemed to suck me in. My other hand reached up and gripped her around the throat finger fucking her.”You like this you little slut!” I said fucking harder.

“Fuck me!” she squealed, “harder!”After about a minute fucking her tight cunt I yanked both my fingers out and released her slender throat.More,” she demanded holding her own pussy lips open, ” Again!

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