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a rape
Sanjay came to our house had been the 2 days. Sanjay was 35 years old and had a job in Indore. In a way he was a friend of my father. She looks beautiful and white-colored. When he came to our house to see him take my mind Machal. He even saw me she was also attracted to me. I am beautiful in appearance. My breasts have taken full emergence. My body is white and smooth. My body erosion, emergence and Ghhraeayaँ anyone can own and pull. Especially to my Cutdon Goalaiyon, and its Afaanken round and have emerged Huyie. My jeans are entrenched in the depths. Which seems to be very exciting to watch.

Sanjay also Jlvoan of my youth could not escape. Excuse me again and again to things that either comes into the room himself, or takes call me. Dole was in his mind with my sexy antics. Sanjay has it that I was waiting for action.

Mom left Dad's office after the change and only shirt I would wear was. In Paante wore not. Was therefore not used to wear a long shirt pajamas. Because of this flexibility of my Cutdon, Bubs was the move and sees flexibility of body. I wanted it in some way and be attracted to me and I'll quench the thirst of her own body. Like every day in my room called Sanjay. He took me to sit and talk to me.

It looked like he was talking just like that she just wanted to support me. I've been on him to implicate Ahthkande adoption. I never take the upper hand by Aangdae, ever look Khujane to Bub. Some of my Bubs Kurte were peeping out, his eyes on my breasts Ghdi apparently. I sat up in bed. In the meantime we were going to do things. I took a book and was reversed by late ... and got to see open. Now my bare breasts swinging clear of my Kurte began appearing. I looked through the eyes askew Lund seemed to stand still. My shirt was up to my thighs. Height of his pajamas and came up. In their minds I woke up smiling.

The same was as I wanted to. Sanjay lost his senses. He woke up and I sat on the bed. I know of was that his intentions were noble now. I have spread my legs and ... pages of the book and began to reverse. Sanjay looked at my whole body and then suddenly ...... He came to bed and was riding on my back. I could do something, before he took me Jkaad. The emphasis of his cock I was beginning to feel at Cutdon. I know Chiakie the light .. "Sanju ..... keep doing what they are ..."

"Neha is ... is no more to me ...."

"Look, I'll tell dad ....."

Now he was captured on my breasts. I was beginning to very fun. I'd say more so than not they leave me. So in his Hont my cheeks were stuck. He made up my shirt and pulled down my pajamas. Now I and Sanjay were bare bottoms. He once again pressed his cock on my Cutdon. I also left loose Cutdon ... and my ass hole banged Lund.

"Now just do not ..... leave .... do not do this ..... .... Sanju not move ..."

Lund on my ass hole was arrived at. As he put the emphasis of cocks that ...... ... Bell ringing woke call home.

Sanjay was terrified. He turned to jumping. And began to fix my pajamas. I was disappointed own. I was about to Chuadane who came to be.

I arose from bed and looked outside Sanjay artificial anger here. Tiffin had brought the food. Tiffin at heart, who has plenty of lanes. I kept bringing in Tiffin Kaichen.

I now come to my room. Thought the opportunity was out of hand. Dhamma I go to bed opposite the fallen. My shirt fan came up on the air-flown Acwhad. At the same time I felt I have Jkaad Sanjay again. This time he came to take off pajamas.

"Hey ..... do not go out ...... Move Sanjay ..."

"Do not refuse ... Neha ..."

"Look, I Peduँgee screaming .."

"No no ... do not do that ....... You have discredited Jogi .. I do ....."

My mind was saying do not leave me this time. Acod be the same.

His naked cock had now entered into the crevices of my Cutdon. I spread my legs a bit. Lund crashed into my ass hole. Just putting the emphasis had entered in his nut.

"Ah ... do not ... not ...... Sanju ... did you see?"

"Neha .. Do not say anything ... not going to leave you today .... I will fulfill my wish."

I was so enjoying ... Where to leave. That I was simply speaking up. My mind was so Chuadane itself.

Now the depths of my Cutdon Chirte Lund took the inside seating. I woke up filled with joy. His attack began to grow. I am speak "Hi Ray ... Do not get out .... look .... Sanjay ..."

"Ah ... ah ... my queen .... what t is smooth ass come ...... Ah Ahhh Enjoying ......."

Dhkko smarter than I find satisfaction in his heart was. Heart full of joy was raised. I was happy that today I got cock to Gand. And my ass was Acud.

Suddenly he put me straight .... And show me your cock ... "Neha see what state it is ... you ......"

I see his fat hard cock sucking she began to desire .... According to him he was on my rape. And force my ass was Acod. The faster I come Choadane it was fun. I said .. "see Sanjay ... I beg ... I give up now ... please .."

"Neha ... sorry .... it's not in my control now ...... I will now complete the fun ..... you have Hrpio me .."

To say he rammed his cock in my pussy ..... And I turned again to play ....... How long did that on ... I was losing consciousness ..... I was raised to enrapture ..... Die happy My heart was jumping ..... Were only increasing his attack ... my Acwhad now make yourself Chudwo were bouncing bouncing ....... Automatically put out of my mouth .. "Hi Sanjay I do not leave ... give me ... Re Acod Acod give ...... Hi Sanjay felt nice of you .... ... and thought out loud ..."

"Yes, now enjoyed not really enjoy taking the Queen ...... ..... .... ha ...... and take heart's take Chudwo .... Yess Yess ... .. .

"Ma come .. .... Hi ..... My mother was Acud Ree ..... .... Hi mom .. I was ripped pussy ... Acod Ray Ray ..... I Acod ma come ...."

Take this ... and take ...... Oh ... Oh .... I went. ...."

Sanjay say lay down and cocks up my pussy at the root of the emphasis put put ... My pussy hard cocks Ghrte the hose turned on gradually. I was loud volley. He then wrapped wrapped only put the emphasis of cocks ... and it had the juice out.

"Yes ... I went to Neha ... Hi ... came out ...... ....... Neha Take me Jkaad. I've wrapped it with love. My wish was fulfilled. He take sides on the side dropped.

Who made what I was going. He was keen to take a deep breath. Noermal as soon as he stood up.

He looked at me and mouth hid.

"I'm sorry .... forgive me ... Neha has not been me .... I had become animals ... I'm sorry ....." He walked out of the room turn. I gather my stuff in her room she was gone. He was able to Hyhyhari.

I was sad. I was beginning to realize my mistake ... I did not know that I will fall drama in her sight. I was able to run and it was wrapped. And started kissing her. "Do not get Sanjay .. not ....."

"No I do not live here right ..."

"Sanjay MS ...... sorry ..... I did not because of me ... Do not look ......"

He looked at me and the head was tilted

"Go well with me now ...... who would rape ..."

His sadness was over ....... He had to laugh ........ I also added the wrap.

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2013-09-09 10:27:55
wtf!! such poor english..!! pllzz either write in ur own language or get atleast get the basics of English correct. till then. stop hurting our eyes.

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2013-09-09 10:27:23
wtf!! such poor english..!! pllzz either write in ur own language or get atleast get the basics of English correct. till then. stop hurting our eyes.

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Nonsence dude , completly unreadable.
i suggest u to learn i littel english and then try to write

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Wheveor wrote this, you know how to make a good article.

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You need to learn english. After the third line I gave up

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