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it is a shortened version
I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I born in a middle class Bangladeshi family and serving in a public organization I’m married and having two kids. I spent a lustful life indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change costumes.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. So I want to share the stories of those incidents with others. I assure u that every tale will give u a full satisfaction.I grew up in my native village and most of the village dwellers were ignorant. Mu uncles except my youngest uncle were not educated, they were farmer. My third elder uncle has five daughters, three were older than me and two were younger.

Between younger two one was almost at my age, a little younger named Sonia. I was then 19 and Sumi 18 and a half. She was so rough and tough and courageous that didn’t care anybody or anything. Climbing trees, swimming, fishing, fighting, plowing, kiting, knitting, harvesting all were under control her, what she couldn’t? I slightly fear her but she was my well wisher, every times when I fall in danger she saved me. She had a firm body and wore cowboy dress.

Most of the time she spent her time grazed cows and goats in the grazing field. She never went to school but her general knowledge was splendid.
There was a big pond a little far from our house. The pond was surrounded by reeds and nobody usually went there as it was behind some jute and sugarcane field. Once I got severe scabies at my penis and its surroundings. It caused much pain to me, it made scab me always and after scabbing it gave me severe pain. At that stage one afternoon I was fishing in that pond. I wore a shorts and t-shirt.

In the meantime my penis’s scabies made me scabbed and I rolled my penis vigorously with my two palms. When I finished scabbing it was bleeding from the wounds and so burning that I just cried out. I didn’t know where Sumi was and she appeared as a ghost and inquired about my crying. I told her that it was a secret matter and I couldn’t disclose it. She sat beside me and with a soft voice she asked about the pain. I didn’t mix with her bantering or so. I hesitated to explain her but defeated at her will.

At last I told her the cause, she wanted to see my penis. Being shy I denied but she applied force to bring out my penis, it was then 4” long and some thick. She first stared at it and picked me up, she took me to nearby jungle and under the shed of a big tree she told me to lie on back after removing my shorts. I obeyed her command and put off my shorts and lain down on back on the grass.

Sumi wore a petticoat and blouse, she stood astride over my body. Then she pulled on her petticoat at her waist, I clearly could see her brown colored pussy, its deep crack and small clitoris from the ground. But my condition was not at the stage to observe it, she suddenly sat on my penis, her pussy touched my circumcised penis tip but she didn’t care. I couldn’t think about her behavior and even thought that what she wanted to do.

But my thought didn’t go further she pissed on my penis. Her piss spurted from her pussy hole and soaked my penis. A severe burning sensation I felt on my penis and I shouted loudly, I tried to fall her from my body but couldn’t. She placed her two hands on my chest and forced to lay me on the ground. After finishing pissing she lean from my body and held my penis by her hand she began to blow on my penis. I tried to cry and shout but she shut my mouth by her hand.

After few minutes the burning reduced and I calmed down, she continued her treatment. After finishing the treatment she told me to go home. Surprising me within three or four days the scabies cured. After one week of this happening another evening I went for fishing in that pond. I saw Sumi was fishing sitting at the bank of the pond, in the meantime I was so courageous to say anything to her. I snuggled beside her; she smiled me and inquired about my scabies. I informed her that is cured.

She wanted to see my penis, without any hesitation I opened the zipper and brought out it. She told me to turn my face towards her; I sat her face to face. She grabbed my penis with her right hand and began to press and said, “it fully cured now, the scabies are disappeared”. Her grabbing and pressing gave me another sensation and soon my penis began to erect. She told, “why are you making it hard”.

I said “I don’t know, it independently become harder.” She moved her hand up and down so my 5” penis soon became hard as an iron rod. She squatted and descended her head. I enjoyed that and wanted to touch her boobs and pussy. I told, “you have touched my organ, let me touch your pissing machine”. She told, “not here, someone may come here, let’s go under that tree in the jungle.”

Both of us went to the place where Sumi gave me pissing treatment, it was a solitary place. She told me to be stark and without any hesitation she took off her all attire one by one. Her teats just puffed up and looked like a large abscess; about 80 percent of it was her nipples tip and black circle. The breasts were tilted upwards like a hill from the base. Seeing that my penis again grew upward. Pointing her breasts I told “will you let me touch it?” she replied, “why not, but press gently, otherwise it will pain me”.

I grabbed those with my two palms, those were so firm that I felt a solid thing inside two pieces of soft flesh. I pinched her nipples with my index and old finger. She only kept her hands on my shoulder. Then I went to my previous point, “now let me touch your pissing machine”. She nodded and I sat on the ground, now the pussy came in front of me. I saw it few days ago but from far, now it was only six inches from my eyes.

The pubic was so beautiful, rose-colored, tiny non-grown hairs looks very fine. With a small hole the crack began and deeply went through her two thighs. I kept my index finger on the crack and divided with my two fingers, she spread her two legs furthermost, and her tiny clitoris was visible.

I didn’t control me, Renu mami trained me how to lick the women’s pussy. I brought out my tongue and touched her pussy crack. Sumi surprised at my act and said “what are you doing, it is dirty”. I smiled and said “it’s not dirty, but tasty” and inserted my tongue through her slit. I began to lick it properly, her pubic, her clit and the hole. She also enjoyed it and being curious she said, “so let me lick your thing”.

I told her “let’s lie down and lick one anothers pissing machine”. Sumi lain on the ground on her back and bent the legs from knees and parted opposite ways, her pussy opened in front of me. I dipped my tongue into her crack, she grabbed my penis with her hand and inserted into her mouth. She began to suck it like sucking the lollipop. Thus we spent 10 minutes or so then she told me to insert my penis through her pussy hole. I knelt between her two legs and poured some saliva on her pussy hole and my penis head.

My penis stiffed upward and hard as an iron rod, holding with hand I set it to her opening and gave pressure. Her pussy was seriously tight but it was well lubricated with my saliva and my penis disappeared its fifty percent. I fully inserted my penis with shoving into her pussy hole, she moaned in pain iiiissshhhh.

I then began to drive my penis through her pussy canal. I felt some extra excitement at my penis and increased the rapidness. The ground hurt my knees so I spread my legs straight and fully lain on Sumi’s body. I took her breast in my mouth and sucked then pinched with teeth but she got pain, I started again up-down my waist. Her pussy hole became sticky and I got pain so I pulled out my penis and poured more saliva into her hole and began to fuck.

The enjoyment grew more and more, at about 30 minutes passed, I felt an extra pressure at my penis and fucked speedier. At last I felt that something would spurt from my penis and felt a whirl in my head and something ejected from my penis into Sumi’s pussy hole. I couldn’t drive more as my penis head became sensitive. Then I pulled out my penis from her vagina, it was reddish. Later I came to know that was my first semen ejaculation in my life which drank by Sumi’s pussy.

Soon the harvest time appeared. Sumi's father, brother and workmen became fully busy with harvesting paddy. With them Sumi also involved, so I hardly met with her but my heart required her affection. The harvesting field was about two kilo far from our house, there was a hut which was used as farmhouse. Early in morning Sumi went there and all the day she stayed. In the meantime my school closed for one month. The next day I started for the farmhouse.

After walking about half an hour I reached the hut at about 10 am. I saw Sumi was working in the yard, seeing me she became very glad and cordially welcomed me. She informed me that all persons went out for field work at early in the morning and nobody returned the hut before noon. At the noon they came for taking lunch and a little rest and then they went out and came back again in the evening. She observed me closely and giggled, she understood the cause of my going there. She took me inside the hut and lain on the bed placed on the floor and called me to snuggle.

I soon snuggled and hugged her, then I fucked her repeatedly twice. She didn’t grow adult and she had no semen but I ejected every time on her body and pussy.Next some days I regularly went to the hut in the morning for fucking her, she never refused me but enjoyed. Then one day I saw some village girls collecting fire woods (died and dried leaves, jute stick, sugarcane etc). Among them I saw a very beautiful girl, fair complexion and her body color was just like raw turmeric. My evil thrust wanted to fuck the girl, I thought and thought.

At last got an idea, I told Sumi to manage the girl for me to fuck her at any cost. Firstly I thought that Sumi would be mind but she didn’t mind anything and with a great laugh she assured me that she would manage her for me and went to the team. After 20 minutes or so she chitchatted with the particular girl which I couldn’t able to listen for the distance. Then she returned but alone, I disheartened by thinking that she must failed. But Sumi came to the hut and said that the girl came from our neighbor village and Sumi agreed her to the sex session but I have to give her some remuneration.

On the other hand, today she had companions with her and she didn’t want to disclose to them about this matter, so she would come alone the next day.
I didn’t know how Sumi managed her but I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep, only rolled on my bed for the whole night. In the morning I took breakfast soon and went out for the farmhouse. I reached there so early that Sumi informed me the men just went out for the field, if I were went there 15 minutes earlier I would caught red handed by them. Time didn’t want to pass, in the meantime, I fucked Sumi once and waited for the girl.

When I became sure that the girl would not come then Sumi saw her to come alone. Sumi moved forward and took her in the hut and told me “take the girl and enjoy, I am watching outside” and went out from the hut. The girl told me to do hurry that she would leave this place soon. I told her to be quite and asked her name, she replied “Basonti”. Basonti wore a blouse and petticoat. I called her to come closer me, she was feeling shy and slowly came near me.

I kept my bended index finger under her chin and lifted upward. Her face lifted up she kept her eyes closed, I kissed on her forehead. Soon I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it from her body. Her breasts were just like tennis ball and the nipple with black circles was bigger than normal. I took one teat into my mouth and began to suck it, she began to moan aaaaah, iiiiiiisshhh, oooh. After sucking two teats I lay her on the floor bed and pulled up her petticoat on her waist.

Wow, her pussy was vigorously beautiful. The pussy lips were fattier and the crack was so deep, her clitoris was slightly black and half inch long, sparse pubic hair covered her pubic area. I dipped my head within her thighs, she first denied licking her pussy but I didn’t care but forcefully began to lick. Then she began to enjoy my licking and her pre-cum was outing, I got slight salty taste from her pussy hole. I tried to make her suck my penis but she didn’t agree at any cost.

Then I parted her legs oppositely and set my penis head to her pussy hole. With applying pressure I inserted my penis head into her pussy hole, she cried out in pain, uuuuuuhhh, I took a break and then give a great jolt. Shoved my penis fully through her pussy canal I began to drive my penis, she cried and tried to throw me from her body but I forcefully grabbed her shoulder and drive my waist rapidly. She moaned, groaned, howled, screamed what not, but no one around there to hear it except Sumi.

Sometimes I took her lips into my mouth and inserted my tongue through her throat to reduce her sound. Within few minutes she stopped crying and then began to response of my fucking. Within 20 minutes or so she grabbed my hair and bended her body upwards and gave the first ejaculation of her life. I drove my penis for more 10 minutes and then pulled out my penis from her pussy hole and spurted my semen on her petticoat and wiped clean with it. Then I admired her and hugged her tightly, grabbed her boobs and kneaded for few minutes and kissed her face, chick and chin.

I noticed that her pussy was bleeding and the blood strain was in her petticoat and the bed sheet. I didn’t let her know about the blood, her soft boobs crashed with my chest for hugging. Then I began to suck the teats again and within half an hour she again ready for fuck and I fucked her for the second time though she got so much pain and complained that her pussy area was aching.

But I didn’t care and fucked her for more half an hour. After the fucking session I gave her a coin of taka, she became very glad. I proposed her to come again but she didn’t response. Sumi was very upset that I took a long time to fuck the girl and men would come any time. I said sorry to her and returned home. I was damn sure that Basonti would not come again as I gave her so much pain, but the coin in a day was enough earning for her poor family,

She didn’t want to spoil the chance and after a week she again came to the hut and took my full length into her pussy and that day she screamed lesser. After that day all the school-off time I simultaneously fucked Sumi and Basonti daily. Then the harvest ended and my school remained so the program had finished but I fucked Sumi for next one year until I left the village for higher education.



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You should have fucked her (BASONTI) with love, so that she enjoy your sex session from her heart, not only for a Taka.

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