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Part III : Pleasant Surprises

We had slept together that night, naked as was now usual, I awoke first. I looked at the clock, realizing that we both had classes to get to in less than an hour. This was no problem for me, I can be ready and out the door in five minutes flat, but Holly needed more time. I turned towards her, she was sleeping on her side, facing away from me. I kissed her on her cheek, and rubbed her arm. “Holly, wake up” I said gently. She was definitely still very asleep. I decided to take advantage of this situation. I moved onto the other side of the bed. I went under the covers, and found her special area. I started by very gently rubbing and massaging her pussy with my fingers. Then I increased my pace slightly, she let out small moans, but was not conscious. I used one hand on her nipples and breasts, and the other to rub her round smooth, wonderful ass, and I began to lick her pussy. I expected her to be awake by now, but she was still asleep. I went for it, licking and sucking and prodding with my tongue for all I was worth. I massaged and sucked on her clit and lips, and even started to tongue fuck her. She was still not awake. I picked up my pace to the point that I would expect her to cum. Her nipples were hard and her breathing had increased. I sucked and licked her clit as fast as I could, suddenly she came all over my face, squirting sweet juices. “Ohhhhhhhh” she moaned quite loud. I moved up so we were face to face. “I thought you’d never wake up.” I said. “Ohh, what a way to wake up that was” she said dreamily. “We got classes” I said matter-of-factly.

I got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom. I needed to take a quick shower so that she could get in after me, and have enough time to get to class. I jumped in the hot shower, and started to soap up, still nearly half asleep. I was simply amazed at Holly, I was so lucky to have her, and I knew I would never let her slip away from me, what fortune I had. The shower curtain suddenly pulled back, and Holly was standing there, hair in a mess, juices still running down her legs, “My turn” she said. She stepped into the shower. Our faces melted together, under the hot stream of water, tongues exploring and enjoying one another. I started massaging her now slippery wet breasts. She rested her head on my chest, leaning on me, and simply hugging me, enjoying the moment. My hands went down to her beautiful ass cheeks, massaging and rubbing. We stayed in this position for several minutes. Holly moved down to her knees, “Now it’s my turn” she said. Holly, now seemingly a pro, started stroking my barely semi hard shaft. The wetness of her hands and my cock, combined with her saliva was invigorating. She was sucking me off very fast and deep. Moving her head in and out very quickly. I was moaning. The water continued to stream down, hitting her back, as I was leaning against the opposite end of the shower. She pulled her mouth off my cock, continued stroking, “I want your cum”. She said provocatively. She had apparently taken a liking to the taste of my cum. She immediately resumed moving her neck rapidly, in and out, and her tongue was exploring my cock. The slurping noises were too much, I was going to blow. Luckily for her, last night she had gotten me off, so my load wasn’t nearly as big. “Im about to cum” I said, arching my back, knees weak. She kept her mouth on my cock, but stopped stroking. She just massaged my head with her tongue. I came into her mouth, Holly swallowed it immediately. “What That’s it?” she said looking up, “Last night it was like half a gallon”. “It takes a while to build up you know” I said. “I really like it, its sweet and kinda salty, its weird, but I like it.” At that moment I realized how pretty her brown eyes were, she had been naked so much I barely had a chance to notice. I got out of the shower, and she started hers. I went on with getting ready myself, we shared a kiss before we both left for class.

We met again for lunch in a cafeteria on campus. We were both sitting and eating. “After my 1:30, can you meet me at my dorm.” She asked. “Yeah sure” I said. “My roommate wants to meet you” she said. That sounded interesting to me, it had previously occurred to me that her roommate had been privy to the details of our relationship, now I would meet her. We finished and went to our separate classes. After my class I headed over to her building. I saw her first, she was sitting on a bench outside, reading. I walked up to her, and said “Hey stranger”. “Let’s go up to my room” she said in her sweet way. We walked up the stairs. As we got to her room, she unlocked her door, a cute blonde stepped out of her room and gave me quite a look, then we walked into her room. “I need to change out of these dirty clothes” she said. “Those dirty dirty clothes” I said jokingly. Holly took off her pants and panties, throwing them to the side, and finding new ones out of her drawers. It amazed me how calm she was about nudity, even though we had only met a few days ago. I sat on her bed, and she came and sat next to me. She had taken off her shirt and bra, and now she was naked from the waist up, with jeans on below. “John, my roommate won’t be here for twenty minutes” she said. “Interesting” I said. We started to make out, This is what I thought high school should have been, making out with a topless girl, isn’t that second base. Well I just hit a double. We were all over her, made bed. “Want to try something new” I asked her. “What What!?” she said excited. I figured, rightly, that she really didn’t know anything about sex, this was the next logical step. “Okay, get naked.” I said. She was so excited it took literally five seconds to get completely nude. “Now what” she said. I stripped off my clothes, tossing them onto the neighboring bed. I laid down on Holly’s bed. “Okay now, you give me a blowjob”I began to say. “this sounds familiar” she interrupted. “But put your legs around my head, so that we both pleasure each other.” “What’s this called, like 59 or something” she asked. “69, but close” I said. She put her knees on either side of my head, I could smell her aroma, she was wet. Then she leaned forward to my crotch. I put my hand on her ass cheeks pulling myself up to her slit. I started to lick her like a lollipop. She mimicked my every action. I could feel her nipples poking my stomach. Her door opened, and her roommate walked in. “Hello?” the girl said, walking into the room. “Ohhh!” she said, seeing us. Holly picked her head up off my cock “Hi Stephanie” she said very normally. I continued my work. “Is this John” she asked. “It is” Holly responded. “Are you going to introduce me?” she asked. “Ohh sorry, John this is Stephanie, Stephanie, John” Holly replied. I still had only seen Stephanie out of the corner of my eye. Stephanie went to sit on her bed, and saw my clothes. Meanwhile, Holly had resumed her half of the 69, 6 or 9 im not sure. “You guys didn’t do it on my bed did you?” Stephanie asked. “Huhhuh” I managed a muffled response out of her pussy. Holly got a real kick out of that, and she started giggling, which felt good on my dick. “So this is a penis” Stephanie said. Stephanie moved over to the bed leaning down, her head right next to Holly’s. “Yeah, it tastes good” Holly said. I still hadn’t gotten much more than a glimpse of Stephanie. She had blonde hair, and was skinny and tall. I just continued my work. I could barely hear muffled whispers between the two of them, but I could feel their breath on my cock. I increased my pace dramatically on Holly’s sweet pussy and clit. She leaned back, resting on her knees, face away from my cock.. She was arching her back and was close to cumming. I heard some muffled words, and I caught just a few of them, “…can I . try..” is all I understood. I felt Stephanie stroke my cock a few times, then she licked it, like a lollipop. This got me very excited, I brought up my hand and started finger fucking and sucking Holly’s clit. She had an orgasm, screaming very loudly. But I didn’t stop licking stroking and prodding, and Stephanie didn’t stop with her gentle attention to my cock. This continued for several more minutes, with groans escaping both of our lips. Holly had orgasmed at least three times. They had all started to run together in a mass of quivers and groans, shaking and screaming. Holly was too horny now, she moved Stephanie out of the way and went forward, impaling her mouth on my cock. I had been close to coming for minutes now. Holly kept moving her mouth very quickly, tongue doing its own exploring. “Ihhmm Chummhing” I managed, mouth still busy. Holly picked her head up allowing Stephanie to see me shoot my cum into Holly’s beautiful breasts. Holly finally moved off of my head, very shakily. We both sat up on her bed. “What does it taste like” Stephanie asked, looking at me. “Don’t ask me ask her I said.” Getting to see her for the first time. She was a cute blonde, blue eyes, very skinny, very small tits, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. “It’s good want to try it.” Holly said. Stephanie leaned into Holly’s chest and licked some cum off of her breasts. I won’t forget that sight. “it’s different’ she said, not liking it. Holly saw the look on my face. “What?” she said. “Wow that’s hot” I said. “What?” Stephanie said. “Oh my god” I managed. “What this?’ Stephanie said as she started to suck my cum off of Holly’s nipples, toying with me. “Ya that would be it” I said. “Why don’t the two of you make out?” I asked sarcastically, but to my surprise they did. I just kept staring. After a few minutes I was on Stephanie’s bed, watching them roll around on Holly’s. After a while, Stephanie sat up, turned to me, pointed at Holly’s pussy, and said “How’s this taste.” “Why don’t you try it” I said incredulously. She did. Stephanie, still fully clothed, started to eat out Holly. Stephanie was much more experienced than Holly. She obviously had played with herself to know what to do here. That gave me an idea. I started to look through Stephanie’s dresser, underwear drawer, jackpot. I found her vibrator. Went over to the bed, Stephanie was still lapping and poking with her tongue; I turned on the vibrator and put it on Holly’s clit, rubbing it around. “I need to get me one of those!” I heard out of Holly, as she had her latest orgasm of the day, spraying her juices on the both of us. After a moment Stephanie had to leave for her next class. I though Holly might have gotten kind of jealous from the encounter, so I made sure to make her feel loved, we made out some more on her bed, and I told her I loved her, she returned the favor.


2008-03-10 02:49:20
why no fucking?


2007-01-03 17:14:31
X, your just jealous because your story sucks so much

awesome stories John, keep it up!


2005-07-02 22:27:57
your story sucked


2005-03-05 15:43:42
You write awsomly dude keep it up


2004-10-20 18:20:15
Awesome story man. Really cool, you can write well.

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