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second act
His mind was still reeling from the power of his orgasm. He looked across the table at the woman, her hair slightly mussed from her under the table activities. She had re-applied her lipstick – some of which was no doubt still dressing the shaft of his cock. He smiled as the thought brought him back to a semi-hard state. Her eyes locked on his as she let her mouth caress the lip of her martini glass, a smile flashing through the intense hazel color…

She reached over and casually let her fingers interlock with his as she sipped the drink, patiently awaiting his next request. The heat between her legs was exquisite and well worth savoring – she could wait as long as he wanted her to this evening for her turn – this one was for him. As her finger slid over his wrist, she whispered across the table “Feeling better yet?” the tremor the words sent through him rippled all the way to his fingertips, and she smiled at his response. She raised her glass and simply said “To an evening of memories” took a sip and ran her tongue slowly over her lips as she set the drink down. He stood up and left enough to cover the tab and a generous tip and took her by the hand, leading her out on the street. Rather than hailing a cab, he pulled her close and let the light rain fall on them as they walked. She shivered at the cold as it trickled down her collar and snuggled closer to him to stay warm. His hand crept down from her waist and came to rest on her ass, caressing her in time with the swing of her hips and making her forget about the weather, just reveling in his touch. Turning a corner, he pulled her into a shop doorway as the rain intensified a bit. He held her in front of him as she leaned back and pushed herself against him, purring as she felt his rock hard cock press and throb on contact. He let his hand slide inside her coat and slip under the top of her dress, hearing her gasp at the first cold touch and relax as his hand slid over her breast, caressing it and tweaking her nipple, then repeating the pleasure on her other. She lay back, quietly enjoying this, letting him have his way. Is hands explored the curve of her tits, lingering on the sensitive curve of the underside and gently teasing her hardening nipples. She groaned, eyes closed and let her mind run away with the sensations from his hands, the touch driving her closer and closer to the edge without even touching her below the waist. He was simply amazing in his understanding of her body, the gentle caress along the side of her neck was so erotic, and in combination with his lips exploring the edge of each ear, her desire for him was overwhelming. Her hand slid back and caressed his crotch – the answer she wanted came in the form of a low moan as the zipper was drawn down and she took the thick shaft in her hand. So hard, and the warmth of his flesh sent ripples of desire through her yet again. She gently stroked him and teased his head, rubbing him slowly, letting him know she wanted him more than he could know, but it was his choice tonight. Her hand was driving him wild. This woman was his to use as he desired, and she wanted it that way – he almost came just thinking about it. His free hand raised the back of her dress as she maneuvered his cock toward her. She leaned forward against the opposite wall of the doorway and spread her legs, pushing back slowly to engulf his pulsing rod. She growled as he penetrated her – his cock stretching her as he slid inside, the warmth of his thick shaft filling her completely as her juices created a slick warm seal between them, promising a truly amazing coupling.

He looked at her as her eyes closed and she stood there, unafraid and exposed to any passerby, doing nothing else but making his dreams come true. Her ass peeked out from under her skirt and the stockings and garters were shadows in the diffused street light in the rain. His strokes were long and firm as she steadied herself against the wall. He drove deep inside her pussy each time, and she contracted and relaxed around his cock in time, making each penetration indescribably pleasurable. They lost themselves in the act, the rain giving them a shield against prying eyes as they let the pure lust of their act consume the moment. As his cock tightened and he groaned, she pushed back against him and ground into his crotch, taking him as deep as she could as she worked her clit against him, trying to cum with him. Before she came, she felt him release deep inside her, jet after jet filling her as she suddenly went over the edge herself, her pussy milking his cock in a fury of pure animal longing, taking every drop of him deep inside her. He leaned against her, his hands squeezing and releasing her breasts through her dress as his last spasms subsided. His cock was buried in the warmest and most sensual place he had ever felt and all he wanted was to find another place to fuck her again as soon as possible. As he softened and began to slip out of her, he felt her fingers caress his slick shaft, then heard her suck each finger clean. She turned to face him and put her fingers back in her pussy over and over, bringing them back to her mouth as she cleaned herself and prepared for their next adventure. She took his still slick cock and gently tucked it back in his pants, adjusted her dress and coat and smiled as she leaned into to kiss him, asking softly “What next?”

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2011-05-02 08:15:43
Wow! Oh yes, "what next" pls!!

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