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Another threesome with Candy, per request of a friend.
As you tilt your head back to finish the rest of your beer, you notice the dark sky above is scattered with stars. They are kind-of hard to see through the rising steam coming from the hot water bubbling around you.
Candy’s giggle brings your head back down and you notice she is holding a fresh opened beer out to you. Smiling at her, you take the cold bottle, with beads of water dripping down the sides, and hand her the empty bottle. She swims back to the other side of the tub to throw it away. Her bare ass slips out of the water as she leans out, and you lean back and sip the ice cold Bud Light, watching the water sliding off her tight, tan ass.
At of the corner of your eye, you notice Alison, Candy’s roommate also admire Candy’s pretty butt. Alison reminds you a little of Christina Applegate, but with long curly blond hair. Happily, you also know Alison is bi-sexual and has been helping Candy with her own curiosity. Candy mentioned this when she invited you over for the skinny dip in the Jacuzzi.
Alison looks over at you and winks. That wink, just got your cock a little bit harder. You’ve been semi-hard most of the night since they have been sitting naked in front of you- their nipples tempting you from the bubbles, and the occasional peak of their cunts through the water.
Alison slides over to Candy and whispers something to her. Candy nods and then they both look over at you and smile. At that moment, the phone rings, and Alison climbs out of the tub, giving you a nice view of her body, dripping wet. She’s tall, about 5’10. She’s has long, tan legs and you can see she’s completely shaved. Her body is athletically trim, with large, but fake, tits.
Candy swims back over to you, slides her body against yours and kisses you. You can taste the Jack Daniels on her tongue. Candy takes your beer from your hand and as she leans up over your head to put it away, her tits are right in front of you. You reach up and grasp them in your hands, bringing a nipple into your mouth. As your tongue circles her hard nipple, Candy sighs loudly, tilting her head back as she enjoys feeling your mouth and hands on her.
Slipping back down into the water, she sits on your lap, her pussy against your now hard cock and she kissed your neck and nibbles your ears, grinding a little on your lap.
Alison returns and swims behind Candy and starts kissing Candy’s neck. Candy turns towards Alison and they begin to kiss. You actually get harder watching their pink tongues caressing each other’s while you’re still squeezing Candy’s breasts. Alison breaks the kiss and leans over to you and kisses you for a moment and then slips under the water.
You swallow hard when you realize you’re going to get to fuck both of them. A sharp wave of pleasure hits you when Alison guides your steel hard cock in her mouth. You pull Candy close and kiss her hard, almost as if thanking her for letting you come over for this. Alison’s mouth sucks you for about a minute and then resurfaces.

Candy turns and kisses Alison, moving off your lap a little, making room for Alison to climb on your lap too. Both of them are now running their hands and mouths all over you, your arms encircling both of them to pull them closer to you.

All you can hear are moans of pleasures over the sound of the bubbling hot water surrounding you. This goes on for about 20 minutes. Just a mixture of kissing and stroking….. licking and stroking.

At some point, you can’t take much more of this teasing. You stand up and both girls move off your lap. You grab Candy and spin her around, facing away from you. You bend her over, admire the view for a moment and just ram your cock into her tight, hot pussy. Candy moans as you thrust deep into her. The jet that was on your back is now pounding the hot water on your ass and balls, intensifying your pleasure.

Alison is sitting back for a moment, watching you fuck Candy. She is playing with herself, watching you driving deep and slow into Candy. After a moment, she gets up and moves in front of Candy. She starts kissing Candy while you are still pounding her. Alison’s hands move under Candy and she’s fondling Candy’s breasts while her tongue is in her mouth. Candy’s moans get louder as you both continue to tag team her.

Alison looks at you and you can see her hungry lust. She swims to you and climbs up on the underwater shelf you’re standing in front of. She positions her long legs over Candy, so Candy is between her legs… still being fucked by you.

Alison positions herself facing you, her pussy right in front of your face. Spreading her pussy open for you she tells you huskily “Eat me”. Your mouth dives forward and your tongue begins to lap her up and down. Alison uses one hand to push your head closer, so you can slip a little deeper inside her cunt, already juicy and hot.

You keep burying your cock inside Candy’s hot pussy, she so wet and hot, you can’t believe how good she feels each time you slide in and out of her. Alison is breathing hard and fast as your tongue continues to taste and tickle her.

Your mind begins to think how hot this must look if someone was watching you guys. The image starts to make you hornier and you start to pound harder and faster into Candy. You feel her pussy getting tighter around your cock, and she begins to quiver. You feel her cum and slow to a stop to feel her pussy wrapped around your dick.

Candy swims to the other side of the tub after you pull out of her. Reaching up, you pull your mouth from Alison and sit down on the bench and bring her down onto your throbbing dick. Alison begins to ride you, hard and fast. Your hands grip her hips to guide her up and down for the speed you want. Then your hands and mouth caress her breasts while letting her fuck you. Your head tilts back, just enjoying the feeling of her pussy getting your cock hot and creamy.

Candy returns and slips a hand between you and Alison. Her finger slips into Alison’s twat and rubs her swollen clit. Alison goes crazy and begins to pound you faster. Feeling Alison cumming on your cock, you lift your hips up, burying deep inside her, shooting a thick stream of jizz, and coating her shivering pussy walls.

After a moment of rest, everyone climbs out of the tub. After wrapping towels around your bodies, everyone walks inside……

After entering the house, you sit down on a puffy armchair. While you watch Alison dry off her hot body in front of the couch, Candy hands you another beer. Candy then crosses the room to the couch and to Alison. But before Candy sits down, Alison reminds her of the house rule about not being wet when you sit on the couch. She says she will just have to dry her off.

Your cock stirs to life as you watch Alison remove Candy’s towel and start to dry her off. She moves the towel slowly across Candy’s smooth skin. Everywhere she dries off Candy, Alison kisses her softly and slowly. When the towel makes small circles on Candy’s breasts, Candy lets out a sigh and licks her lips erotically. Alison lightly pinches them with the towel.

Watching Alison lick Candy’s hard dusty-colored nipples with her little pink tongue, your shaft is now as rock hard again. Alison now moves the towel around to Candy’s back, her arms around Candy’s waist. Their bodies are now touching, nipples rubbing against each other. Alison slowly cups Candy’s ass with the towel. Then bending down to dry off each leg, one at a time. Your hands are actually tingling, wanting to touch Candy soft, smooth body too.

Alison brings the towel up Candy’s thighs and then to her pussy. Candy spreads her legs open a little, as Alison rubs her pussy with the towel. Candy whimpers with wanting. Alison drops the towel and uses her bare hand to slide inside Candy’s steaming hot cunt. While her hand is pleasuring Candy, Alison kisses and licks up and down Candy’s legs. You watch as she moves around to be behind Candy, while she continues to finger bang Candy, Alison kneels down on her knees.

Your stiff cock throbs as you watch Alison rub Candy’s ass and then dives her mouth between Candy’s legs and eats her pussy from behind, her fingers still inside. Candy sways from pleasure for a moment, but regains her balance and bends forward a little so Alison’s tongue can go farther in.

You are now breathing heavy watching Alison tongue fuck Candy. Your rod is throbbing with need. Looking down between Alison’s legs, you can see she is becoming wet with playing. Her pussy looks so good to you, its almost dripping wet. Alison stops after a few minutes, stands and moves back to face Candy. They are kissing each other again, urgently. Their hands move quickly with need over their silky skin.

At some point, Candy lays down on the couch, bringing Alison on top of her. Alison moves over Candy and positions her self so her face is over Candy’s pussy, and Alison’s pussy is hovering over Candy’s face. Alison’s tight ass is pointed right at you.

Leaning up, you watch them 69. You pull off your towel and begin to stroke your dick, being so turned on. After a few minutes, Alison lifts her head from between Candy’s thighs and looks over her shoulder at you. She nods her head, indicating to come to her. You stand at her side, your cock pointing at her, pulsating with heavy need. Candy reaches over to a nearby table and grabs a bottle of K-Y. Alison pauses a moment to shudder in pleasure because Candy is still under her, eating her out.

Alison rubs some K-Y on your stiff cock and then tells you to fuck her in the ass. Alison returns to Candy’s thighs, back to licking Candy’s muff, while she raised her ass higher in the air for you.

Gripping Alison’s hips, you slip slowly inside the tight hole. Your body is rocked with pleasure; her ass is so tight around your dick. Sliding all the way in, you pause for a moment, your balls against her ass.

You start to pump in and out, moaning at how good it feels. Alison is moaning against Candy’s pussy, which is causing a vibration, exciting Candy. Candy then reaches up between Alison’s legs and starts to caress your balls while your fucking Alison’s ass.

The combination of fucking a tight hole and your balls being stroked has you lose control. You can’t wait. You have to cum. Your final thrust brings Alison to orgasm too as you’re shooting your load inside her. Candy climaxes right after.

After catching your breath, you collapse on the chair again, satisfied.
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