Written by a friend
Female age 53

I spoke to an old friend named John last week and he told me about a story he had written and published on XNXX that I might find interesting. If you have read it you would know me as Karen and him as jimjr1945. After reading his story and becoming very aroused by the memories it brought back, I contacted him again to ask about his reason for it's creation. We had a very special and intimate relationship for more than three year. It ended many years ago with us both married to different people but staying life long friends. I live in Silicon Valley and he is about 50 miles South. We have not seen each other since we married. We stay in touch by phone and e-mail at least monthly but never meet to keep from destroying marriages and hurting our spouses. Neither of them knows about our past together. I don't correspond with John on a phone of computer my husband has access to and I'm sure he will never read any of this.

When we spoke John said he had written a couple of stories and was enjoying it. He also said if I wanted to write a reply or rebuttal to his story he would publish it without making any changes. I can't join as a member using my work e-mail address. Even though he posted it as “fiction” most of it is near the truth. To my regret I do not see myself as looking that much like Charlize but most of the rest of his physical description is close.

I think his interest was in what caused my fixation with being filled to the max. as he named it. That started in my childhood I think with hearing my parents having sex and my fathers bitching and complaining afterward. He never seemed to care about the proximity of us kids when fucking or complaining. Most often following sex my father would complain about the size of my mothers vagina. It was usually refereed to as her gash or cunt. My mother never complained about the size or lack of size his cock had to offer or bothered to argue with him. I never saw it but have always wanted to believe he was a dinky dick and abused her verbally to cover up his short comings. Foreplay to him seemed to be unzipping his pants. He would often walk into the kitchen, push mom over the sink or table, lift her dress and screw her from behind before she could stop him. This happened even with company in the house. Never seemed to take more than a minute and I'm sure she never had a climax or any sexual fulfillment. We would all scatter when hew was around or be included in his constant abusive verbal harassment of mom.

He was a beer drinking good old boy and would often sit around in a mild stupor making comments about the size of her snatch and how he should buy a whole ham, shove it into her cunt and then remove the bone before he fucked her. He was a mechanic and it had something to do with resleeving her cylinder. I think this and many other analogies he voiced at the time made me more aware of a need to have the tightest vagina in the world and be able to cause my sex partners pain or pleasure at will.

My older sister and I started experimenting early. We shared a room and bed from the earliest time I can remember. Comparing vagina’s in the bath started when I was about five and soon progressed to mutual and self masturbation. I didn't have a full orgasm until I was 8 or 9. With our fathers big mouth and his lack of modesty we figured out early things could be inserted in either hole and manipulated to cause pleasure. I don't remember when or how I broke my hymen so it must not have been a very remarkable of painful experience. We soon had a large collection of pencils, candles and other phallic shaped devices that we used on ourselves and each other. I enjoyed manual finger stimulation the most but felt when I had something inserted that there was a spot deep inside that I couldn't quite reach that would bring greater pleasure. I had found an empty flat shaped long necked hand lotion bottle that became my favorite toy. Wearing a play dress and no panty’s I would squat on the floor above it then slowly insert it. My sister and I would play jacks or a card game in our room and I would be squatting there impaled on the long neck bottle but from all appearances be involved in the game but with a lot of wiggling and squirming around. I would squat there slowly rocking back and forth in absolute bliss for hours at a time play games or dolls.

My mother walked in once with an arm load of clothes for each of us to put away and I had to stand up while holding the bottle with nothing but my vagina muscles. I was amazed that I could hold the long wet slick bottle inside until she left. This started my experimenting walking around with it and other things inserted. I filled the bottle with hot water for extra stimulation and weight. And with practice was able to lift it off the floor. The bottle soon became my piggy bank and was filled with penny’s. It wasn't to wide so it didn't make my walking step that strange and I was soon venturing about the house with it held in place by pussy power as my sister called. She had attempted it several times and was not successful for more than a few seconds at a time even without weight in it. I once answered the door with it inserted and held a short conversation with a neighbor looking for my father. It was giving me quite a naughty tingling inside to stand there talking to him with my pussy filled. When I returned to my room I had to masturbate immediately and enjoyed a delightful orgasm. I would get wet every time I saw him after that and was only about 9 or 10 years old.

As I started to develop breasts I loved having my nipples pulled and pinched by my sister. I soon found that rubber bands tied around my nipples and weighted were another delightful device to keep me sexually aroused. If I removed my loose fitting blouse it looked like I was wearing earrings on them. Running with rubber band held weights attached to my nipples is a most arousing feeling, causing them to bounce and stretch as they rub against the blouse fabric. They were most always in a state of erection.

By the time I was in my teens I had vagina muscle control that would make a hooker envious. Every man I have ever had sex with thinks he broke my cherry, even though they know I have two children. It has been of benefit in more ways than that. I have avoided being raped twice by simply flexing my muscles and making it impossible for the asshole to get it in. The first one was quite a laugh being an attractive Filipino man who worked in a dental lab. I probably would have screwed him but he lied about wanting to show me something in the lab and tried force instead of seduction. I became angry when he got physical and started slapping me around. He managed to tie my hands behind me and proceeded to tear my blouse open and rip off my panty’s. When he kept trying to insert his cock but failed the frustration made him so angry he sobbed like a child. Even though I was scared and bruised I kept laughing at him and making fun of his limp dick. At the end he begged me not to report him. I'm sure he had done this before and gotten away with it but I didn't want the hassle with no evidence but bruises and red cheeks from the slaps. The other incident was too brutal and frightening to bring to mind or repeat.

John refereed to a story I read when I was 15 about fist fucking. This was before the common use of the computer and after the appearance of Tijuana Bibles which I also enjoyed. With the age of re-pro machines people were writing sex related stories and copying them for distribution among the younger set. I had read several that I quite enjoyed. I was then given one that contained the first reference I had ever seen or heard that talked about the insertion of a persons hand and part of the forearm into a young woman’s vagina at an all girls school. I didn't know if this was really possible or if it was some spoof that would make me out to be an idiot if I questioned it. Never the less I was hooked and made careful inquiries if anyone had heard of or attempted it. Most answers I got were are you out of your mind. I didn't find anyone until John that I felt comfortable discussing or attempting it with. When he suggested it I knew I was in for the wildest thing I would ever attempt sexually and could hardly wait. I think that was the thing that made me fall totally in lust with him. It had been on my mind and in my fantasies for the better part of 20 years. I have had a full fist fucking five times in my life and all of them were with John. They were the most sexually intense and fulfilling experiences I ever had and the most physically depleting. I have not attempted it again since we were together. I think about it often with lust in my heart but don't think I will ever try it again.

One of the talents I acquired in my early twenties was the cathertization process I used on John several times. This was learned from a girl friend of mine who worked at the county hospital. She had an attractive roommate who had expressed a desire to have a three way with her another girl. She had avoided it for some time and finally decided to give him his wish. Their relationship was coming to an end and I think she had wanted to have sex with me for a long time. She asked if I would and told me at the time they would be splitting up soon anyway so not to feel that this would cause them problems. I was curious since I had not shared a sexual experience with another female except my sister. We had not experimented with oral sex and I wanted very much to taste another woman. Some men like to give a woman oral stimulation but I have always believed only a woman knows what will most please another.

When we three got together it was crazy. I think her boy friend was disappointed. He seemed to enjoy the two of us working him over. This was where she instructed me in the use of a catheter and he loved watching use go down on each other but it was kind of a blow to his ego when he realized he was the third wheel. The two of us were enjoying each other much more than we were him. For all of his good looks and great body he was more into himself and failed to consider his partners pleasure which she confirmed later to be the major contributing factor to their breakup. I found that licking and sucking on a woman and receiving the same is an experience all women should have at least once with an open mind. I will never be a lesbian for the need of being filled and the security of living with a male, but will always cherish the experiences I have had sharing the pleasures of an uninhibited attractive woman’s body.

I still do my house work often with a weighted dildo inserted but wear a skirt or dress to hide it. I still have several orgasms each day and hope I can continue the rest of my life. My husband knows I posses and use dildos for self pleasure but does not know about my strange exercise program. I love him dearly but some people will always be a little prudish. He gets to reap the benefits often even though we are getting older and he is still amazed by what I can do with the muscles in my vagina. I would suggest any woman try it because it’s never to late. I can still contract and manipulate my pussy and have an orgasm with out touching myself. It can do wonders for a persons attitude if you pass the time while sitting through a dull meeting or presentation enjoying a fantasy and orgasm at will.

I have started reading many of the stories on this site and enjoy the True and Written by Women most of all. The written by women true stories seem to be a little more believable.

John never made good on his suggestion of having me used by an animal. It is an intriguing idea. I have seen some of the internet photos and movie clips and read many stories. It will have to remain a fantasy for now or my husband would have a coronary. A little beyond his sexual desires or fantasys (or is it??).I may have to talk to him about getting a dog. A very very very large one. By all love Karen

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2014-07-18 21:53:08
yWzdQK A round of applause for your post.Thanks Again. Cool.

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2011-03-30 13:46:42
i love it. a mind opener. i hope you can write more. this is the type i like to read. more details on the sex please...


2011-03-25 10:58:22
What a refreshing change of style; I enjoyed reading it; it was like a personal letter.

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