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So Rachel finally tells Will about Mark, Maggie comes to visit, Blane's conditon is revealed, and the good reverend and his assistant do more evil's getting good!!
"Will we don’t have time to do this!” Brook yelled, as Will insisted on having sex.

“We have thirty minutes, Brook. We’ve done it in less time than that!”

“Look. Maria had to go out for groceries, Maggie will be here in thirty minutes, I mean, really want to, since our last time was so ruddily interrupted, but we just don’t have time. Also look at our track record, we seem to get busted a lot.”

“Come on, Brook. Please? What about just a hand job?” Will asked, desperate for any kind of sexual release.

“Look. I want to, I seriously do. But I’m tired, and we’re expecting company at any minute, so how about this. You masturbate half way, and I’ll finish it, alright?”

“Come on, Brook! You-”

“Will, do it, stand up and give me a show”

“Aw, come one, Brook-”


Blushing, Will stood up and dropped his shorts and sliders. Expecting to have sex, Will was already hard, and his dic was already leaking pre cum. Brook looked on in lust as she reclined in the couch. Will felt a strange pulse in him as he watched her stare at him.

“Will you at least touch it?” Will asked, trying to act as helpless as possible.

“You know, before we moved in together, you would ‘touch it’, all the time. Come on, Will. I want to see some strokin!” Brook spoke back matter-of-factually.

“She has such a condescending stare”, Will thought, but that’s what turned him on, as he noticed Brook glaring at him with a sense of superiority. Grabbing his dick by the base of the shaft, Will stroked up and over his head. He quivered as he finally passed the head of his dick, It seemed like it had been a while since Brook had made him masturbate, but nevertheless, he was enjoying it. As he stroked his 6” dick, Brook felt her hormones overtake her. She hadn’t gotten off in what seemed like eternity, and with their last attempt at sex ruin by intrusion, she was horny as ever.

“It’s been like ten minutes, Will. You getting any closer.”

“Uhhh...yeah...ah...I am...” Will moaned back, he was truly enjoying preforming for his girlfriend.

“Well your starting to turn red in the face, and your sweating. I think it’s my turn. Now come over and lay down on the couch.” Brook ordered, putting her hand on the spot she wanted Will to lay down.

Putting his head on the arm rest, Will’s butt sat directly on Brook’s lap, as she sat on the middle of the couch, his now pre-cum leaking dick sticking up in front of her. She grabbed the top part of the shaft, directly under the head, and began to stroke the dick up and down, only going up and over the gland of the head on every third or fourth stroke.

“Ahhh...uhh...Brook..” He moaned in pleasure.

“Are you getting close?”

“Yeah...uh...I am...uh..”

“Good”, Brook responded, adding a few twirling motions to her stroking.

“Ahhh...yeah...uhhh..ahhh...oh!” Will Moaned as he felt the magical feeling began to appear in the base of his cock. It shot up quickly, bursting at the top in a fountain of cum, as Will clenched his ass cheeks together to make the orgasm even more intense. The cum shot up and landed on his red t-shirt before trickling down over Brook’s hand and resting in his growing pubic bush.

“That feel good?” Brook asked in as sexy a voice as she could.

“ did..” Will replied between breaths.

“You know, Will. I think we should have sex again soon. I mean-this might sound strange-but I really need to get off.”

“Alright!” Will said excitedly, “When do you want to do it?”

“Soon, but before that, could you do something?”

“What?” Will asked, he didn’t want anything ruining his chance at sex.

“Can you just shave off these pubes? They just are growing to rapidly and they feel weird when we do it”

“Brook! I can’t do that! What would the guys say in the locker room if I showed up with-”

“Look, Will. I want sex, and I know you want sex. If you don’t shave them, then I will. Besides, you shouldn’t worry about what those ‘other guys’ think so much.”

Will blushed. He did not want to shave off his pubes. They were a status symbol of manliness, and of all the guys in his grade, Will was one of the hairiest in the pubic region.

“Brook...we can talk about it later. I’m gonna change shirts, I’ll be back in a minute”, Will said defeatedly, he knew Brook would get her way eventually, she always did.

Saturday morning was not as good for Pierce. Haley may have been coming over that one, but Pierce was finally breaking from the sexual tension. Unable to even have an erection properly had taken a lot out of Pierce, he was dying to have an orgasm, and even attempted to jack off using the chastity device, but found it’s tightness to be to painful. Now sitting naked on his bed, he played with his trapped dick, breathing heavily and pouting from his frustration.

“I want to cum so bad!” He thought to himself, “Why! Why did it have to happen to me! This thing is killing me!”

The only thing that gave Pierce even a hope of shred, was that Haley knew about him and Will’s situation, and had agreed to help find a way out of it. But deep down Pierce knew she wouldn’t be to much help. Haley was to innocent, to pure. She couldn’t go against a cunning weasel like Amy Lewis.

“I hate her!” Pierce thought out loud as he was reminded of his teacher.

Pierce thought about what she had made him do. He felt sick to his stomach just thinking about giving Will head. He was comfortable around Will, and the two had talked about how much they had hated it, but to Pierce it meant so much more. Will was his best friend, and forcing two people that close to one another to do something like that was just disgusting.

“I hate this stupid thing...I hate Ms. Lewis...I just want to cum!” Pierce yelled to himself, throwing his pillow across the room.

Brook was still in the living room while Will had gone upstairs to change. She had reclined on the couch again and had opened The Cather in the Rye, a book she had to read for school. As she read the novel, she heard her cell phone go off. Walking over to the kitchen counter were she had felt it, she picked up the phone and answered.


“Brook!” Lynn yelled from the other side, “They-they- have pictures...”

“What do you mean?”

“Of me! They have pictures of me! I’m almost naked and I’m making-out with some random girl from the party! What do I do, Brook!”

“Well, Lynn do you remember doing any of that?” Brook said, reminded of the craziness of that night.

“No, not really, I-I-I....” The only thing Lynn could remember was making-out with that girl, she could only remember what if felt like, and how it felt so different that a boy. Lynn thought about how it had ‘turned her on’.

“Lynn? Lynn? You still there?”

“I’m sorry, Brook. I just lost my train of thought. Here, I’ll call you later, okay?”

“That’s fine, Lynn. But listen, you were on shrooms and you drank alcohol. I wouldn’t blame you if you made those kind of mistakes”

“Th-thanks, Brook”

Brook suddenly froze as she said the word mistake. She couldn’t help it anymore, the thought of Mark was now burned in her brain, and she wanted to tell someone, anyone.

“Wait! Lynn! I-I did something stupid too...”

“What?” Lynn said with sudden curiosity.

“I-well. You know Mark Logan?”

“Mark Logan! Of course I know him! He’s in all those commercials and he’s always in those plays that they have at the performing arts center! He’s kinda a local celebrity!”

Brook froze as she thought about who she had just gotten to second base with, “A hot actor, with a beautiful personality...” she thought to herself as she quivered with delight.

“So...why do you bring him up?”

“Well, I-uh. He gave us a ride home from the party after you and Will had passed out, and-uh-when I was walking him out, we kinda-kinda, made-out”, Brook said, feeling one-hundred pounds lighter as she let her conscious finally breath.

“Wow...You are lucky as hell, Brook! Wait, is that all you did?”
“No, not really-I mean-he kinda-he-uh-he touched my-uh-my tits.”

“AHHHH!” Lynn squealed with excitement. Gossip always delighted her.

“And I also-uh-touched his dick-”

“AH!” Lynn yelped with joy, “Ohmigod! Have you told Will?”


“Ooooo! I wouldn’t! I mean, I’m not his stay-in girlfriend, but I won't tell!”

“I can’t tell him! I won’t tell him! Will would be pissed off if I tell him!” Brook yelled back at Lynn.

“Tell me what? What would piss me off?” Will asked, walking back downstairs after he had changed his shirt.

“Oh shit” Brook muttered to herself.

“What’s wrong? Did he hear?” Lynn asked, as Brook hung up the phone.

“Will, look. You know Mark Logan, right?”

“Yeah, we met him at the party, he’s pretty cool”

“Yeah he is” Brook was now having second thoughts. Will hadn’t voluntarily had sex with anyone while they were dating. And the one girl he did do it with was doing it for all the wrong reasons, “Well...uh...he...-”

“Brook, if you have something just tell me-”

“You guys passed out, he drove us home, was really nice, I walked him out, we made-out, he felt me up, and I felt him up”, Brook blurted out as quickly as possible.

“Wha-what?” Will asked, confused by the story.

“Me and Mark...we hooked up while you and Lynn were passed out on the bed”, now her mind was at complete ease.


“I’m sorry, Will! I was a little buzzed, and he was so nice that night!”

“Were is he? I want to talk to him now!”

“I-I have his number, Will”, Brook said defeatedly as she pulled it up on her phone. Will snatched it from her hands and wrote it on a sticky note before running up stairs to text Mark. But before he ran upstairs, he turned and faced Brook.

“You know Brook. I don’t blame you. You were drunk and he look advantage of that. And besides, I guess I wasn’t completely honest yesterday either...” Will said to Brook, looking down as he did. But before she could respond, he darted up the stairs and into his room.

“He-he forgave me?” Brook thought to herself in confusion, “I cheat on him, and he forgives me just like that? What the hell?”

Will was actually furious. He was as pissed off as a boy could be about Brook cheating on him, but in all fairness, he had technically cheated on her with Anna back in Brownsville. Will had also, though he didn’t want to, had sex with Rachel, and so far, Brook had just hooked up with some guy from a party.

Will punched his desk as he looked at the number. He called it and waited patiently, yet angrily, for Mark to pick up.




“This is Will”

“Oh! Hey! What’s up, Will?”

“So Brook told me that you felt her up on Friday”

“Oh...look, Will. I was a little drunk and so was Brook. I’m sorry, dude, I mean, she told me that she wanted this, and that she had thought about older guys before but-”

“What? She didn’t tell me that!” Will yelled, now angry at what he was hearing.

“Yeah...she was pretty open about that to me. I mean, she said you were great and all, but she kept talking about how she wanted someone more mature and older-”

“What!” Will was now confused. Brook hadn’t acted like that, could she? He was now furious and no loner at Mark, but Brook, “What really happened? I don’t think she told me the truth?”

“Well, I helped her drop you guys off, and I carried you guys upstairs and to your bedroom. Well next she’s thanking me and walking me out, when she suddenly pushes me against the wall and starts making-out with me. Now I’ll admit, I was drunk, so I wasn’t really thinking about the fact she was your girlfriend, but I remember her saying things like, ‘I wish I had a more mature boyfriend’, and, ‘I like Will, but this feels right’.”

“Thanks, Mark. I’ve got to go.” Will hung up the phone and stomped downstairs.

“So what did Mark say?” Brook asked, now sitting at the kitchen table texting Haley.

“You know, how you kissed him and how you talked about wanting older guys!”

“What! I never said that!” Brook yelled back, now upset at Will’s accusations.

“Don’t lie to me! He told me what really happened! He said he made a mistake, but at-least he was willing to admit the truth!”

“What the fuck are you talking about, Will?”

“Quit the act! You goddam cheated on me and you wanted it!” Will yelled, pointing at Brook.

“Will!” She shouted, standing from her chair to face him, “I never wanted any of it! He kissed me! He started it!”

“Your getting a little defensive about this, aren’t you, Brook!”

“Shut up, Will! You weren’t there and you can’t prove anything-”

“What’s there to prove? I already know your a whore!” Will shouted as Brook suddenly obtained a shocked and angered look.

“You asshole!” She shouted, as she slapped him across the face.

“OW! What the hell, Brook!” Will said. He felt like hitting her back, but he knew better than to do that.

“I can’t believe you!” Brook walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to the guest room. Plopping down on the bed she buried her face in her pillow and cried.

“Dammit!” Will shouted, running both hands threw his hair before sitting down at the table, “Goddamn!”

As Will and Brook both cooled down in their own place, they both received a text at the same time from Blane. It read, “This is not Blane, but Mrs. Bailey. Blane’s in the hospital and is in a coma. Please come visit him if you can, we are all praying for him. Thank you and love Mrs. Bailey.

“Oh my god!” Will said a loud as he immediately called the number.

“Mrs. Bailey?”

“Will! Thank you so much for calling.”

“Hows Blane?”

“He’s fine, dear. The doctors say he’ll be awake any moment now, but he-he just isn’t waking up...” Mrs. Bailey said between sobs.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Bailey. How long has he been like that?”

“Since Friday. He went to that party at Matthew Kimble’s and I guess he was found lying face first on-on..”

“It’s okay, Mrs. Bailey, you don’t have to tell me, I understand.”

“Thanks, Will. I’m glad you called.”

“No problem”

“Bless you, good-bye” Mrs. Bailey said as she hung up the phone.

Will couldn’t believe what had happened. Blane couldn’t be in the hospital. He was to tough, to strong to be taken down.

Upstairs, Brook was thinking just that. Though she had known Blane for the shortest amount of time, she was in disbelief that the ‘muscle’ of the group was being hospitalized. Brook suddenly felt very vulnerable. She had just fought with her boyfriend, and she had just temporarily lost one of her closet friends.

“Why-why is this happening again!” She thought to herself, “I can-can’t loose anymore friends!” She suddenly thought about Anna and Lisa. Though Anna had betrayed her, and Lisa simply remained in Brownsville, she felt as though her whole world was being slowly pulled apart.

Rachel sat in the passenger seat of Lloyd Greene’s pickup. The old man had laughed at the pictures and had complemented both Amy and Rachel for taking them.

“Rachel, yall know how to bring people apart! Now tell me, you plan on simply breaking them up?”

“Yes, sir. I understand that by doing something like that, these, ‘supports’, will slowly disappear. I mean, having Blane out of the way is good, but-” Rachel was suddenly texted on her phone, checking quickly to see the sender, she unlocked her phone an dread the text seeing after seeing that Amy was sending it. She quickly read the text and raised her eye brows, “Well, sir, looks like Blane is only in a coma, he isn’t fully dead, sir.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, Rachel. Hayden’s already thought of it, and she’s working on it as we speak.”

“I see, sir. Well I apologize, but it’s getting ate, I should probably-”

“Now hold on! Take this!” Greene said joyfully to the girl, as he handed her a dozen small, almost unseen, cameras.

“What are they?”

“Cameras! Spyin’ equipment! I, however, call them ‘Angels’, and I want you to plant them in the Reed household tonight, after all, they are going out with that Maggie girl apparently.”

“How do you know that, sir?”

“I have an Angel already in their house, by their phone! They don’t lock their doors out back, and Hayden easily got in the place.”

“Well then, sir I will absolutely plant them in the house.”

“Good, and, Rachel?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Wreck up the place too. I feel as though altering their sense of security is vital to our mission.”

“Yes, sir, I will, sir!”

When Maggie arrived, Maria and her walked in the house laughing and smiling. Will ran to greet his cousin, as the two embraced, Brook walked down the stairs to say hi.

“Hi, Maggie”, she said meekly.

“Hi, Brook! You feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

During dinner, the four ate out at a local restaurant. Will and Brook had decided to remain civil despite their argument earlier, and yet Maggie could sense something was wrong. So when Maria excused herself to answer a call, she immediately began to speak up.

“Look, I can tell you two had a fight, you guys are acting way different.”

“I’m sorry, Maggie. Its just Brook cheated on me-”

“I didn’t! This guy named Mark lied about the whole thing!”

“Yeah right! You even said that he was the nicest guy you had ever met!”

“Brook! Will! Guys! Stop it! You two have gone through so much shit together! You both don’t seem to realize that your both telling the same story. Both of you have lost faith in the other person, but regardless of what happened or not, you two have a bond that you can’t just throw away. Both of you need to stop this and grow up!”

“Maggie-” Will spoke up.

“I’m sorry, Will!” Brook spoke up. She knew she and Will had something special, and to salvage that special relationship, she was completely willing to cave into such a dirty lie.


“I said I’m sorry...I admit I did kiss him, and I did let him cop a feel...but I swear to you...I never said anything about wanting an older guy!”

“Yeah right! You are such a fucking liar, Brook!” Will shouted. However, as he did, he felt something inside him churn. He clutched his stomach and felt his insides stretch and squeeze.

“You okay, Will?” Maggie asked, as she noticed the strange look Will was making.

“I-uh-I’m fine!” Will shouted as he jumped up from the table and ran to the bathroom.

Pushing open the first stall available, Will quickly dropped his pants and boxers, and let his intestines drain themselves.
After about a minute of unpleasant ‘crapping’, Will felt a sense of relief overcome him. He wiped carefully, pulled his boxers and pants back on, and walked out of the stall.

As Will washed his hands he looked up in the mirror. He felt so angry all of a sudden. Frowning, he yelled to himself, “That bitch! Why can’t she admit what she did! Why can’t she can’t just tell me the truth!”

“Woman trouble?” A voice from a stall behind him spoke up.

“WHAT!” Will shouted in surprise as he heard the female voice,

“I-is this the men’s-”

“Sorry, sweetie, you might have it wrong”, The woman in the stall spoke up again.

Will turned around abruptly to see that there were no urinals installed on the walls. In a panic his face turned red and he began to look around quickly trying to make sure that no one was in the bathroom to see his embarrassing moment. He turned to walk out, but as he did, the woman spoke up.

“Don’t leave!”


“It’s okay, honey just hold on.”

Hearing the toilet flush, and the stall unlock, Will next saw a beautiful woman walk from inside the stall. She was only a little older than Will, about eighteen or seventeen he guessed. She had a face like an angel, and a body like a supermodel, her straight blond hair fell perfectly down onto her shoulders. She was wearing gray skinny jeans, which showed off her body very nicely, and had on a white tank-top that exposed enough cleavage for the teenaged boy to become almost instantly aroused.


“It’s okay, little boy. Just listen. I’m obviously a woman, and I know a thing or two about relationships.”

“I’m sorry, but i reALly-” Will was interrupted by the woman as his voice cracked for the first time in what seemed like months.

“Oh! How cute! You know, whoever this girl you like is, she is so lucky to have a boy as cute as you!” The woman said, hugging Will so her large breasts would push against his chest.

Will, of course, was a teenager, and looked directly at the beautiful, sun-kissed tits starring right at him. He was now fully erect, and what was worse, the woman now knew it as her she had grabbed Will verily tightly.

“OH!” She gasped, feeling the boy boner on her stomach.

“I-I’m so sorry!” Will said in humiliation.

“Well now let’s see what we have here?” The woman said as she pulled Will’s pants and boxers down to reveal his dick sticking up straight.

“NO!” Will yelled, covering his dick as best he could as he could.

“Oh, honey! Don’t cover it up! Just look at it! It’s big for someone your age! What are you, fourteen?”

“Ya-yeah”, Will muttered back, bright red from humiliation.

“Well, follow me, I want to help you!” The woman grabbed Will by the arm and led him into the third stall of the bathroom. She sat him down on the stool and quickly shed her clothing, showing Will everything she had.

She grabbed Will’s hands and led them to her breasts. He cupped his hands around them and moaned with delight as the soft nipples rubbed against his palms. She giggled at his pleasure, and let him explore her chest as he felt all around the breasts. They were the largest Will had ever seen in person, and certainly the largest he’d ever felt.

“You like them?”


“Good.”, The woman next pulled Will’s shirt off.

“You have a great body, kid! Do you play any sports?”

“Yeah! I play football, lacrosse, and I sWIm..” Will felt mortified as his voice cracked again, the humiliation making his dick jump.

“OH! You’re so cute!” The woman yelled again, clapping her hands together in order to cover her smile.


“Let’s do something fun, okay?”

“Yeah, okay...” Will agreed, the embarrassment still overpowering him.

She stood over Will and crouched, lowering her vagina onto his fulling erect and leaking cock.

“Uhhh..” Will moaned.

The woman giggled again as she next lowered her self about four inches onto Will’s 6” cock, her beautiful and smooth ass touching his pubes and groin area. She began to push back up using her legs, then quickly let herself come back down, massaging Will’s dick with her fully matured twat.

“Ahhh!” Will moaned once more.

The woman repeated this process multiple times, each time producing a lustful moan from Will who was enjoying the experience more than anything he had ever experienced. As the woman continued her fun, she looked at Will’s face. It was bright red and sweat was beginning to form at the top of his forehead.

“Uhh...Uhhh...I think...Uhhhh...any minute now.... AHH! AHHHH!” Will felt himself about to explode with cum. He felt it beginning to burst and he felt his body tighten as he prepared to launch.

The woman, obviously not phased by the fact she was having unprotected sex, began to speed up. She loved just seeing the boy become red-faced and panting.

“OHH! Ahhhh! AHHHH!” Will practically moaned as he shot his load into the woman. He clenched his eyes and teeth as he did. His face was red and sweaty from the massive orgasm he had just had, and his breath was rushed and quickened.

The woman laughed, got up of of Will, wiped the excess cum off and out of her twat, put on her cloths and walked out of the bathroom, not saying a signal word.

“Wha...What just happened...?” Will said between breaths.

As Will left the bathroom, he felt much different. He had had sex before, and he had loved it with Brook and Anna, but that woman had so much experience. And beyond just experience, she was hot and Will couldn’t believe his luck.

As he walked to the main part of the restaurant, he scanned the area for the woman, but he failed to see her. Sadly he returned to his table.

“You were gone for almost thirty minutes, Will. What the hell were you doing? And why are you sweating?” Maggie asked Will.

“Will? You okay?” Maria asked, seeing her son looked like he had just jogged a marathon.

“No, no I’m fine!” Will said, a little too happy.

“Did you whack off in there our something?” Maria asked playfully.


Brook laughed slightly at the comment and Will looked over at her. He felt better about what had just happened, and he felt suddenly forgiving. Putting his arm around Brook, he leaned over and kissed her cheek, “I forgive you”, he whispered softly.

Brook blushed and hugged him back.

As the Reeds had dinned, the antagonistic Rev. Lloyd Greene had sent his forces out. As Rachel headed for the Reed residents, Lloyd and Hayden had gone to the restaurant in disguise. Lloyd first posed as a waiter, and had taken the drink orders of all the people. Though his dyed hair and stage make-up did make him look different, Lloyd still had someone else take the drinks to to the Reeds, but not before slipping a laxative into Will’s Dr. Pepper.

After this had happened, Hayden, who had died her hair blond, had gone to the area of the restaurant were the restrooms resided. Unscrewing the signs to the doors, she switched them, and quickly ran into the men’s room to hide out in a stall, making sure to implant “Angels”, in the third stall from the left. Meanwhile, Will’s laxative had kicked in, and he had darted quickly into the bathroom only to be caught in the two evil-doers trap. Once Lloyd saw him run in, He quickly and deftly switched the signs back to their original places before putting an ‘out of order’ sign on the women’s restrooms to give Hayden privacy as she would secretly have Will fuck her. Hayden, on the other hand, had drawn Will into the third stall, and had treated him to a wonderful night of sex, meanwhile catching all of his behavior on tape.

As Will and Hayden’s session drew closer to the end, Lloyd had removed the ‘out of order’ sign and had left the restaurant, to wait int he car out back for Hayden to return. Once Will had finished, Hayden returned hastily to the car, and she and Lloyd drove off.

“There!” Rachel said, admiring her handy work. She had planted the cameras, or “Angels”, all over the Reed house. No one could do as much as take a shit without being noticed by the organization. Rachel had also opened every cabinet door, moved furniture around, rearranged pots and pans, thrown papers on the ground and had even stollen one or two of Will’s used sliders from the laundry room.
Smiling, Rachel removed her latex gloves and walked out the back-door, allowing it to remain wide open

“It’s all coming together, and when it’s all over, you’ll be MINE!!”

...........TO BE CONTINUED.........HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!

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