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Lusting my cousin Part 2
I've been secretly lusting my cousin since we were young, constantly under torture everytime she was around me, which is often. Tammy is a gorgeous woman. She's about 5'6, silky dirty blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, with B cup tits, which are nice and firm and perportioned, she's always had a flat stomach that she rarely shows off, her ass has got some meat on it, but in a good way, though I wouldn't say its her best asset. That would have to be her legs, and probably her personality too. Her legs are long and sexy, I'm always finding myself in a mental struggle to reach out and touch them, luckily, sensabilty wins out, with the exception of a few nights I found myself alone with her sleeping in her room. I wouldnt go as far as saying she's hot, because she doesnt dress skanky or even wear much makeup. She's classy, and graceful. Even on halloween, while you'll see girls dress as slutty school girls, or slutty cheerleaders, or slutty cats, Tammy would dress as school girl, but one that looks like she's actually going to school. She still turns heads however, and for me, its a much more attractive look.
I never thought I would get a chance with her, until one night, things just kind of fell into place. Tammy was seeing a guy for couple of years, and would often fight with him when they were out drinking. On one of these nights, while I was at home by myself, which really didnt happen often since I had two roommates. My phone rang, and I remember being startled because it was after 11, and I never get calls that late. I looked down at the call display and saw Tammy's cell number, so I answered.
" Hello?"
" Ryan? Its Tammy, are you at home right now?" She was noticably crying, and it was hard to understand her through the sobbing and the party noise in the backround.
" Yea, I'm at home, is everything okay?" I had an idea that it was probably her boyfriend, but I asked anyways.
" I'm coming over there, and I'm walking so I'll be about twenty minutes." She was still crying, and ignored my question, and now I could here Jeff, her BF, arguing with her to stay in the distance. I told her I'd meet her half way, but upon letting her go, I had to run into my room first. I quickly picked up all my mags and hid them in the closet, and cleaned up a little, making my bed and that. If there was any chance she was gonna stay in my room, I wasnt going to fuck it up.
After I had met up with her, and we arrived at my house, I offered her a drink and we sat on the couch. She was looking unbelievably sexy, she was wearing a low cut shirt, that her tits always seemed to want to jump out of, but a pushup bra will do that, and some hip hugging jeans, which were tight and showcased her ass. I couldnt stop staring at it, her ass, as I opened the door and let her lead the way. To my dissapointment, she asked if I had a sweater she could wear, so I grabbed her one of my hoodies.
Now we were on the couch, sipping a glass of white wine that I didnt even know we had. " I'm pretty sure Jeff was doing coke tonight." Tammy said. I was pretty sure he WAS doing coke, since I've done it with him a few times. However, I'm not a rat.
" What makes you think that?"
" He just looked like he was. I've seen him on it before, and I told him if he ever did that shit I'd be gone. I can't believe him!" She took a sip from the wine and held her head back with a big sigh. I knew she was serious, because she had lost a friend to an overdose when she was a teenager, but I also knew how much she liked this guy, her future husband and father of her only child. I told her that she should probably give him more thought tomorrow morning, when she was sober, and a little more calmed down. I gave a speech about how good they are together, which they are, and told her how Jeff isnt that bad, even if he does coke once in awhile.
We talked for about an hour, and it was getting close to one in the morning. I told her I had to work early, and I should probably go to sleep. " But I set up my bedroom for you if want to sleep in there." I told her.
" Well... where you gonna sleep then?" She asked.
" I'll just take the couch, I've done it enough times." I said, and went and grabbed a pillow and a sheet from my bed.
" You don't have to do that, I can sleep on the couch."
" No, you wouldn't want to sleep on that thing, its a piece of crap. Really I don't mind, you can have my bed tonight." I assured her.
" Well..." She said hesitently." How about we both take the bed, I mean... its big enough for two right? Whats the harm of sharing it?" She caught me off guard, and once again my head spun. Was she inviting me just because it really was a big enough bed, or was it something more. I know she was pretty drunk, but she holds it really well, and it never really effected her judgment. I couldnt deny myself such a meaty oppurtunity.
I pretended to think it over for a moment, then said " Sure, to tell you the truth, I don't really want to fuck my back up." I got onto the bed, and went to go under the covers.
" You don't sleep in your cloths do you?" She said, and a for the first time I noticed the way she was looking at me. It made me go InstaHard, and I nearly choked. For a moment she gave me a sexy look, then laughed and said " Don't worry, I'm not gonna look." and she turned away while I dropped my pants and was able to get under the covers before she saw my hard on.
I looked over and saw she was taking off my hoodie, and I could just see her thong as she reached her arms up. I had to give my cock a few rubs, imagining her my wife or something. God she's so gorgeous, I thought.
" Hey, you don't have anything I could wear do you? I don't want to sleep in this." She turned around and she posed sticking her hip out to one side, and gave me another sexy look.
" Sure, there should be a T-shirt in that drawer over there, and I got a pair of shorts in there somewhere too."
She dug through my top drawer, and I thought about how deciding to use the closet for my stash was a good idea. She found a T- shirt and a pair of shorts and went to the washroom to get changed.
I sat in my room, I was seriously in trouble. I didnt know if I could contain myself, and I was constantly convincing myself she wanted the same thing I wanted. I mean come on! Was this really happening? I was in la la land, and I started thinking about how I was going to make my next move when she came back in.
" The T-shirt fits okay, but your shorts were way to big, so I'll just wear this." Holy fuck! She looked amazing. I hadnt seen my cousin wearing just a T-shirt and panties ever! And now that I had, I knew I wouldnt make it through the night without shooting a load in this woman. My T-shirt came just above her knee, and it had looked like she removed her bra as well.
" Do you mind if I sleep next to the wall?" She asked, tossing her cloths in the corner and climbing over me, giggling,and pushing me to the outside of the bed. Than she got under the covers and turned to me. She was close enough for me to kiss, but I still fought the urge. " Hey, thanks for the talk tonight," she whispered. " you've always been there for me, and I want you to know that means a lot to me." She looked like she was going to go in for a kiss for a moment, a moment I found myself frozen like a deer in the headlights. " Are you going to get the light?" She asked, and it broke me out of trance.
I got up, hiding my boner the old fasioned way, and got the lights. I got back into bed as fast as I could, anticapating a memorable night. " Good night." I heard Tammy say, and she turned on her side, and faced the wall away from me.
I was going through hell, even though I was in heaven. All I wanted to do was scoot over and put my arms around this girl and give her a trail of kisses that started at her neck and went down to her tight little pussy. However, I couldnt bring myself to make a move. Afraid of being rejected, losing a good friend, and my Rep, I laid in bed with my cock aching. God I wanted her.
Finally, I gave in. I would never have an oppurtunity like this again, and if I didnt now, I never would. I slowly scooted closer to Tammy, getting close enough so my body was right up against her. I waited for her to push me away, but she didnt. Instead she let out a little sigh, and was still, as if she was sleeping. I knew she wasnt, It had only been about ten minutes since we turned the lights off. I then put my arm around her, pushing it under her arm and letting it rest between her breasts. I could feel her breathing, calm and steady, still as if she was sleeping, but then I felt her hand close around mine and give it a gentle squeeze. My hard cock twitched, and I could feel it start pushing up against her ass.
I was in bliss, and could of easily slipped into unconsciencnous, but I wanted to take this all the way. After a few minutes of spooning, I slowly let my hand slide down to her flat stomach, and continue down to her legs, purposly avoiding her panties. When I found my hand resting on her thigh, I started to just gently move it up and down. I could here her breathing start to get heavier, and the sound of her tongue going over her wet lips.
I started inching my hand ever so slowly towards her pussy. I could feel the bottom half of her panties, and I slowly put a finger underneath, than another, and could instantly feel the heat coming from her wet pussy. The first thing I noticed was that she was shaved, oh how often I've wondered that. When I got to her clit, she let out a deep sigh and lifted her leg so it rested on mine. When she did this, my finger penetrated her a little bit, and my cock pushed even harder up against her.
I could feel her hand now reaching back and going right under the elastic band of my boxers. She wrapped her tiny hand around my cock, letting out these sexy little moans, and started jerking me off. My eyes were closed, but I wasnt dreaming. My cousin Tammy, the girl I was secretly inlove with, had my cock in her hand, and my fingers were in her pussy! My head spun, as I fought off an ejaculation.
I leaned down and started giving little kisses on her neck and it instantly made her moan noticably louder. Her pussy tightened around my fingers, and her hand quickened its pace up and down my seven inch cock. I kept kissing her neck, something I fantasised about for so long, and pushed even harder up against my half naked, sexy cousin. I started to kiss down, and was pulling away so I'd be able to go further down, which evidently was pulling my cock away from her, but the thought of tasting her sweet pussy was more than enough me to just do it.
I was kneeling down by her hips, and she was able to roll over onto her back. It was my intention to spread her legs and dive into her pussy, but for the first time since this all started, we were staring into each others eyes. She was looking up at me, and her eyes said she wanted me to take her. I moved on top of her, and started kissing her. Her mouth opened, greeting me with her tongue. We were locked in a very passionate kiss, our tongues circling around each other, always finishing one with a tiny peck on the lips, before going back in for more. I brought my hand up her side and under her shirt, cupping her naked breast. I pinched her nipple, and she let out a little squeek. We continued kissing, lasting what seemed like ours. It was a kiss we both had been waiting for so long to experience, and now that built up lust was exploding.
My cock was resting on her cleft, and the her hot pussy was burning through the thin fabric of our underwear. I slid it up and down, and pushed hard when I felt her clit. She moaned through our kisses, and it was making me crazy hearing her like this. We slowed down to catch our breath, and I caught myself deep within her eyes.
" Holy shit Tammy.. what are we doing?" I said, still catching my breath, and still moving my cock up and down on her pussy. I leaned in and kissed her again, which she accepted with her tongue, and we broke it off again.
" I don't know... but, it feels right, right?" She said, still looking me in the eyes, but I could see she was taken aback as much as I. I leaned in again, and we shared a long, wet kiss. It seemed to settle any second thoughts we might of had, and whirled us back into a heat of lust.
I started kissing her neck, and she pushed me off. Sitting up, she reached her arms in the air, " take this off of me... " she asked, with a pouty look on her face. It drove me up the wall. I took her shirt, and pulled it up over her head. After it was off, she had her hands over her breasts, and just kept them there, looking a little shy. But than she slowly pulled them away, and for the first time a laid eyes on my cousins perfect tits. She laid back down, and I quickly went in to suck on them. I started with light kissing, and let my lips linger around her nipple, than I went to the other and circled my tongue around her other nipple. She let out a series of those sexy little moans, and when I let my hand slide up her leg and press against her pussy, I could tell she was really enjoying it. I kept kissing, and slowly started kissing my way down to her stomach. I gave her bellybutton a little kiss, but kept going. I kissed to the bottom of her stomach, and then contiued to her inner thigh. I kept up the light kisses all the way down to her calf, before retreating back up her leg. This time when I got to her inner thigh, my face just inches away from her pussy, she thrust her hips in the air, and started pulling her thong panties down. I helped her the rest of the way, and let them fall from my fingers as I went back in.
I started eating her out. I had dreamed of this moment for as long as I could remember, and have been told I was the best my numerous woman, three actually, and four after this night. I started with her the clit, and slowly licked it bottom to top, careful not to apply to much preasure. I flicked it against her button a few times before doing a circling motion, then pressing it as hard as I could against her. Her pussy was, by far the best tasting pussy I had ever had, and it was soaking wet. I could feel her juices all over my face, and I started to penetrate her hot love hole with my tongue. I started to make out with her pussy, and I could hear her moans getting louder and louder. Now she was moving around, and wrapping her legs tight around my head, I knew she was close to cumming. I kept up my pace, until I felt her hands grip my head and pull relentlsy on my hair. She was biting her tongue so she wouldnt wake up the neighbors, and finaly, she eased, and her legs let go the death trap hold they had on my head.
I quickly scooted back up, and sucked on her nipple for a second before making my way even further to kiss her clean on the lips, giving her a taste of her own pussy juices. Again, we were in a deep passionate kiss, and my rock hard cock was poking out of my boxers. I could feel the familiar touch of flesh on flesh, and I kissed her harder. I felt her hands pulling my dick out, and I took a second to kick my boxers off, before diving right back into her lips. My cock was rubbing up and down her pussy, and getting closer to penetrating her hole with every stroke. Our mouths remained deadlocked as finaly, I felt the head of my dick enter her. I pulled out slightly, than inched it in a little further. God she was so tight! I kept this up, until I felt her really start to open up for me, with our tongues still in their dance, I slid in all the way to my balls.
We broke our kiss, and I pushed a little deeper, both of us letting out grunts and moans of pleasure. I held my cock inside of her, cherishing the sweetest and tightest pussy I have ever had. It was like we were made for each other, and I coudnt have even dreamed it could be better. I started to slowly slide my cock in and out, and we started kissing again. I could feel her pussy tightening and releasing my cock as we got our rythym going.
" Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me...." I could here her whispering inbetween kisses, and I started fucking her a little faster, gradually picking up the pace. It was a tough moment for me. I remember how hard it was not to cum, and doing mental math in my head was not going to work.
Suddenly I felt Tammy's hands pushing, and I fell back on my hands with my cock still inside of her. She than sat up and wrapped her legs around me, a first for me position wise. She than rode my cock, and attacked me with a series of deep kisses again, something I'll never get enough of. I cupped her ass, and helped her up and down my raging hard on. Our bodies were sticky with sweat as we held them against eachother.
I could feel my balls tighten up, and perpare to let go. " Tammy, I'm gonna cum..."
" Cum inside me, ooooo, yea... cum baby...., cum in my pussy..." she whispered in my ear and it was more than enough to send me over the edge. I erupted shot after shot of hot cum deep into my cousins pussy. I dropped our bodies back to the bed and thrust my cock as deep into her as I could, shooting off the last of my load. We were both breathing extremly heavy, having just made love for almost an hour. An hour that seemed to have lasted forever in my opinion. I rested my head on her breasts, my deflating cock still deep in her pussy, and could feel her fingers playing with my hair. Now this is Bliss, I thought.
" That was amazing..." Tammy said, and I looked up at her. The moon let just enough light so I could catch a shimmer of her eye.
" You don't even know." I said, and leaned in and gave her another slow, wet kiss.
" God, your amazing kisser, you know that." She gave me a few more pecks. I rolled over onto my back, and she cuddled up next too me, putting a leg over mine. She rested her head on my chest, and threw and arm around me. I laid for a while, just taking in everything, and imagining that I could always have her like this. Obviously, our family would approve, and friends might be a little weirded out. But I could dream.
That morning, she woke me up with a tender kiss, and she had to get up and go home. As she started putting on her cloths, my morning wood demanded attention. I stood and walked over to her, taking her into my arms, and gave her a hot kiss. She knew what I had in mind.
" I really can't, Jeff and I actually have something too do this morning, but don't worry, if we keep this a secret, this won't be the last time." And she came and pressed her body against me, giving me a deep kiss. I let my hand fall on her ass, and gave it a squeeze.
" Than it'll be our little secret than."

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2013-02-07 21:13:31
do all readers a favor and delete both stories and rewrite them using a good editor before posting.way to many STUPID errors that should have been caught in PROOFREADING IF IT HAD BEEN DONE. this also is in MAJOR need of PARAGRAPHS. lack of PARAGRAPHS make it unreadable DO A TOTAL REWRITE NOW.

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2011-03-27 17:52:43
i refuse to cum for this....this....bullcrap. writen by some-one who's ball's will NEVER drop (Or get hard). This is soo bad i would kill myself just so i could never accses this story.....And how meany times can your head spin without brakin/fallin off........
Your Notepad

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2011-03-26 17:42:35
It's too bad you didn't bother to proof read and correct OBVIOUSLY misspelled words before you posted your work. .... Not only very amateurish but it leaves you looking like a sixth grade drop out. Unfortunately, you aren't the only ignoramus who has a good imagination. ... but, in the real world, who'd hire you to a position of serious responsibility? You thought you were fooling the teachers but they knew you were cheating yourself. Congratulations. You've succeeded. Now pay for it for the rest of your life.... 'smart guy'. .... The story was mediocre so your literary ineptitude made it a completely unworthy read.

I hope my acidic comments shamed you and pissed you off enough to make do something about your lousy education. You can do anything you want to, if you want to do it badly enough. Right now, I peg you as a lifelong loser. Start now and prove me wrong.

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2011-03-26 16:01:26
On a Scale of 1 to 10 there is not much that "they" can do to you if you fuck your adult Cousin and she is okay with it.

In most States you can't Merry your 1st Counsin, but their is nothing about living with him/her or fucking him/her. They can't do much about the kids you have either.

Brothers and Sisters live togeather and fuck there Brains out, they just keep it to themselfs. They are either their only family are accepted or just do not care.

You run into that in Geneology at lot. A line is strong and just gets lost.

Smith can always Merry Smith but Tadamyer, or Throndike has issues.

Pest is Merrying someone else and then keep there name when you Divorce or they die. Not always a bad marriage they just died, War, Accident, etc.

Then you decide to hook up with you Brother, you just get Married and kep the Name no Questions.

Not all Incest marriages are made in Heaven and there is sometimes Divorce.

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2011-03-26 15:47:29
I am not taking back anything I said about you in part 1.

However this is a very good story and you really can write.

You want your family to approve so much that you did a typo, that if you did not know the story would have changed things.

A least the Two of you got some and you wasted so much time, If I was your Dick I would have been very upset with you,

When I was a young Teen, there where Publcations on the market that every month had several stories about Guys by Guys that Almost Got Some.

I bought them every month for a couple of years and then now and then figureing that the next month someone would get some. Not to be.The one I remember most was this guy who went around doing Basketball Shooting Demo and the high light of his life was he was next to girl on a Grayhound and she letb him feel her out.

Like a tight clothing site, why bother.

I went to Gallery and a pub called Love Storys, Which was mostly Incest Stories but No pictures. I loved that mag.

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