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I turned over feeling the sunlight filter through my long eyelashes as it shown through my window. I turned over and felt every muscle in my body strain; I realized that I was so sore I could barely move. Then it came back to me there had been punishment last night. I yawned and threw my arms over my head. I turned my body around so my legs would hit the floor, then I shifted my weight around to pull myself into a sitting position. Once sitting I inspected the damage from last night. My ass was certainly sore, my pussy was undoubtedly sore. My wrists were chafed from the ropes that had bound me last night. I stood up and picked up my jeans and grabbed a sweatshirt, deciding against the bra that would just make my nipples hurt worse. I grabbed my work boots and put them on so I could go out and feed the animals before my dad found something else to be pissed about. Slipping the boots on I trudged down the steps. I could hear my Mother in the kitchen rattling pans as she cooked breakfast; I knew that Dad was still home if she was making breakfast.

I walked past her in the kitchen she mumbled good morning and I cleared my throat as the back door banged. I was somewhat embarrassed by the good hard fucking that I took last night by both parents, well not Daddy I had been fucking him for years, but my Mother typically never joined in. However, last night was a different story. I went to the smoke house out back and picked up the buckets and headed to the feed bin in the back by the barn. I opened the corn crib door and filled my buckets full of corn for the horses. I carried them to the barn past the stalls to the back pasture. A pasture I put them in down and rose up stretching and taking a deep breath of fresh damp morning air. I felt hands on my shoulders, I knew the hands they were Dad’s. He spun me around and looked right at me, “you were wonderful last night baby,” he said. I smiled at him; I was always wonderful according to him. “I know you didn’t like your mom joining us,” he said matter of fact he was right I didn’t like to share. He hugged me close and I knew he was going to tell me he had hoped he didn’t hurt me, as he always did. And he did as he held me close, his lips found mine, I kissed him back, my tongue exploring his hot mouth, I pulled back my lips brushing his slightly as I pulled back and looked at him. He moved in closer his mouth finding mine again, small little light kisses caressed my mouth, and I became excited. And he sensed it as he always did.

He moved me to the wall at the back of the barn and pressed me up against it with his body. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my pussy. He kissed my mouth, and my neck as he made his way to my tits, he began to rub them harder and harder through my sweatshirt. I pulled my shirt up and began to massage my sore nipples, I told him they were sore and he pinched them harder. He pulled them out with one hand taking his other hand he took two fingers and flicked my hard stretched out nipple. I breathed in sharply, but he quickly put his hand over my mouth. He kept it there as he went back to the act of ravaging my little hard sore nipples. He pulled and pinched and smacked at them. The bad thing about it, he knew I loved it. He knew that the sorer my little titties got the better I liked it. He knew me very well. He pulled my shirt off and began to suck my nipples as he pulled, I was getting wet and I knew that he realize it. He began to unbutton my pants, and slipped them down my hips. He was delighted that I had no on panties so he had access to my slick little pussy.

Laying me down on the ground he pulled the jeans down around my ankles and reached down between my legs to my wet slick juicy little snatch. He grabbed my hair and pushed my head down so I couldn’t watch him finger my pussy. Unzipping his pants he slid out his big hard cock surrounded in black curly tight hair. His cock was always so smooth and huge and I loved to feel it in my hand, my mouth, my wet pussy, or my tight little ass hole. But today he wanted me to stroke it so I accommodated him. I began to stroke his hard cock, slowly like he liked it. I felt his hand on the lips of my cunt, he first stroked the lips of my pussy gently and he slid my legs further apart. He began to gently rub along the nice little dripping wet slit. My clit began to get hard and I could feel it protruding from my slick pussy lips. I felt his thumb working the tip of my clit that was sticking out. I continued to stroke his hard cock for him. His fingers pulled me apart as he explored my wet quivering little hole that was ready to be pounded.

Pulling my jeans off the rest of the way he got between my legs taking the shaft his hand he ran it along the slit and rubbed my clit for several seconds to see that I was good and wet. He then moved his cock down and into my waiting pussy, as he shoved it in I felt myself stiffen and cum all over him. He pulled his cock from pussy and proceeded to shove it right up my ass. I gasped because I hadn’t been ready and he was very large and hard he shoved it in and pulled my legs up over my head as he got on top of me squatting drilling my asshole with his big hard cock. He grabbed me by the waist and flipped me over pulling my ass into the air. He then shoved his cock hard into the deep darkest part of my asshole. I screamed out as he went in deeper than he had ever been. He smack me ass hard repeatedly as he he continued to fuck my tight little ass.

He stopped and stood, he picked me up and took me to the barn he laid me on a large bail of straw, he walked into another part of the barn and came back, and leading behind him was the pony Ben. Shit he was going to make me fuck Ben, sit up he said, as he pulled my hair he made me sit up. Pulling the horse over close to me, he grabbed his cock and began to stroke it, and then he took my hand and put it on the horses cock. He wanted me to stroke it. I did, the horses slick hard sleek cock got harder and longer. Daddy got behind me and since I was lying on my stomach he jerked my hips up and popped his cock into my tight little ass again. I felt him spit on my ass to get it good and wet as he began to really fuck me. He kept telling me to stroke the horse harder and faster which I did, as he fucked me harder and faster. I thought he was going to cum, but he stopped, and stood back. He had other plans I could sense that much. He moved me over and began to rub my pussy and slid me under the horse. He took the huge horse cock and ran it along the lips of my pussy; it felt so hot and smooth.

I was under the horse and daddy had gotten under the horse as well. He spread my lips and began to thread the horse’s big dick into my cunt, he shoved and shoved until I could take no more, then he began to move it in and out of my creamy wet little pussy. He rubbed my clit with one hand and fucked me with the horses cock in the other. I was getting dripping wet with excitement. Stepping up his assault on my pussy he began to fuck me harder and faster the horse began to spurt his hot load into my little slick pussy, Daddy pulled the horses cock out of me and held it over my gapping pussy I was covered. Backing the horse out of the stall left me lying on the bale, I was still trying to catch my breath and wonder how I was going to clean up my mess between my legs. When Daddy was standing back over me with his cock in his hand. He knelt down between my legs and slipped his dick back into my cum covered cunt. He slid his hard big cock in and out of my tight little quivering hole. I wrapped my legs around him and began to move my pussy with the rhythm he had created with his cock. The feeling was amazing I knew I was nearing orgasm again, and I moved my hips to keep up with him. I felt his head get larger in my tight little hole, and I felt his hot seed all over my pussy. He pulled out and moved over me. Patted me on the head, as I was his sweet little angel girl. Helped me get cleaned up from my good horse fucking and took me to the house for breakfast where I’m sure that Momma knew something was awry because we were somewhat disheveled looking. Maybe he would tell her tonight when he fucked her, if he wasn’t’ upstairs in my bed fucking me.

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2011-04-04 18:40:24
nice horse fucking story

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2011-03-31 21:06:54
Your wrong, horses do eat corn, not sure what kind of farm you have been. Loved the story great line going keep it up!

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2011-03-26 01:37:55
good story but one small but MAJOR mistake the part where you said you whent to get CORN for the horses um if you feed corn to a horse it will kill it.they cant digest it.just sayin other than that good story keep um cumming.

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