Molly spanks Trey, both get aroused
I posted this story a year ago as "Trey and his Mommy" I've edited it and repunctuated it, hope you enjoy

Molly Martin kicked off her shoes and collapsed into her easy chair. She was tired after a hard day at the hospital; Molly was a registered nurse on the pediatric wing. It was Friday evening and Molly had been so looking forward to a leisurely soak in the tub with a glass of or two of wine to follow; then she’d gotten the call from school about her fourteen year old son; Trey. They’d caught him spray painting profanities on the outside wall of the gym. Now, she had a Tuesday morning appointment with the principal to discuss Trey’s behavior. Because this was his third offence the principal was contemplating expulsion.

Molly was at her wits end about what to do. She’d grounded Trey the first time. After the second she’d taken away privileges; she’d taken his cell phone and computer; obviously this wasn’t working. And these were only the things at school. At home Trey had gotten surly, sassy and smart mouthed with her.

Molly was tired, angry and frustrated. Just then she heard Trey come in the back door.

“Thomas Standish Martin III, come in here now.”

His father, Tom had died in an industrial accident when Trey was only three, Trey was his namesake.

Trey thought uh oh, when she calls my full name I’m in trouble, the school must have called.

Entering the room, Trey answered, “What’s the problem Mom?”

“Trey I think you know what the problem is. I got a call from school about what you did. I have to meet with the principal; he’s talking about expelling you.”

“Oh what the hell Mom, I don’t care; if they kick me out its ok with me.”

“Trey, that’s the attitude that is getting you in trouble.”

“Mom school’s no big deal; if they kick me out they kick me out.”

Molly blew out her breath in exasperation; she just couldn’t deal with it right now, “Trey, go to your room; I want to change clothes then we’ll talk.”

Trey went to his room but he wasn’t concerned. After all she’d already taken his cell phone and computer and she’d grounded him. There wasn’t much more that she could do.

As she walked towards her bedroom Molly was thinking much the same thing. There wasn’t much more she could take from him; what could she do. She had no idea.

She took off her white nurse’s uniform and tossed it into the clothes hamper. She was wearing her unadorned white bra and modest white cotton panties. Putting on a robe; she decided to put off dressing until after she’d had her talk with Trey; she sat at her vanity. She might still have that soak in the tub. She’d dress later. She picked up her hairbrush and brushed her short strawberry blonde hair. She wasn’t looking forward to the talk with Trey; what could she say to get his attention?

Molly called out, “Trey come to my room please.”

Trey sauntered into her room.

Before she could speak Trey said, “Don’t sweat the little stuff Mom; I really don’t care if they expel me.”

Molly’s anger snapped; she’d decided what she was going to do. She didn’t lose her composure and scream at him, she simply quietly said, “Trey, come over here to me.”

Trey walked over and stood in front of his mother. “What, Mom,” he asked.

“Trey, the grounding and the lost privileges remain in effect; you have to earn them back; but those penalties are not working to get you to clean up your act.”

Molly reached forward and grabbed Trey by his belt pulling him toward her.

“Son step out of your shoes.” Trey was so startled that he complied without argument.

“Mom what are you doing?”

Molly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and tugged his jeans downward ‘til they fell to his ankles.

“Step out of the jeans Trey.”

Again Trey asked, “Mom what are you doing?”

“Trey you’re going to get a spanking, a good hard one; step out of your jeans.”

Trey was feeling a bit of fear now. He hadn’t been spanked in years but he hadn’t forgotten how much they could hurt.

“Mom you can’t do this. I’m fourteen; I’m too old for a spanking.”

“I don’t think so Trey; you’ve pushed the envelope too far. You’ve tried my patience long enough. I’ve tried everything else; now step out of those jeans.”

When Trey continued to hesitate, Molly stripped down his whity-tighty underwear.

“Now step out of both.”

“No Mommy, please don’t spank me on my bare bottom.”

Boys Molly thought; being sassy to his Mom just a few moments ago and now pleading with his Mommy in a little boy’s voice.

“Trey let’s don’t make this any worse than its already going to be; step out of your pants and get over my lap.”

With no alternatives, Trey stepped out of his jeans and underwear and lay across Molly’s lap. As Trey slid across Molly’s legs her robe parted slightly. She thought, his anatomy has certainly changed since the last time I had to do this. Pushing him forward to get him into a good spanking position; his penis lay between her thighs.

“Trey I’d like to say this is going to hurt me more that it’s going to hurt you, but it’s not. What you’ve done has hurt me but this is going to hurt you. Are you ready, young man?”

“Mommy please don’t spank me.”

Trey knew that his plea would be fruitless; still he had to try.

“No Trey, this is going to happen.”

With that Molly started. She hit him high and low on his back side; alternating from top to bottom and side to side, even slapping the backs of his legs. Through the pain Trey began to feel an even stronger emotion; embarrassment. As his Mommy spanked him, Trey began to sprout an erection. He just knew his Mom would feel it. As she continued to spank him he continued to stiffen. Trey just had to get away. Something bad was going to happen.

“Mommy please stop, please, please.”

Molly ignored his plaintive wails. Trey’s discomfort continued to rise. He could feel himself leaking pre-cum between his mother’s thighs. He knew if he didn’t get away soon he was going to cum all over his mother’s lap; he’d die from embarrassment.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view Molly quit spanking. Trey gave silent thanks; then the pain in his ass exploded. Molly had kicked up her hairbrush. Trey shrunk immediately; the fire in his bottom replacing any other feelings. Molly began to whale away; top, bottom, sides and thighs; Trey finally began to sob from the pain. Thwack, thwack Molly spanked harder and harder; she wanted Trey to remember this for a long time.

Through his sobs Trey wailed, “Mommy I’m sorry, I’ll behave, I’ll be a good boy, please stop, please, please stop.”

Molly was getting him to where she wanted him to be but she wasn’t quite through with him yet. She spread his legs and squeezed his penis with her thighs to protect him from being hit there; whack, whack she punished the insides of his thighs with repeated blows. Trey wasn’t trying to wiggle and squirm any more nor was he wailing and pleading. He just lay limply across Molly’s lap and quietly cried into her robe. For several minutes he stayed in place.

Then lifting his tear filled eyes to look at her, he sobbed, “Mommy I’m so sorry.”

Molly answered, “I’m sorry too sweetheart; I didn’t want to do this. Why don’t you go to you’re room, get cleaned up, put your pajamas on and lie down for a while. I want you to think about what you’ve done and then think about the consequences of your actions.”

Trey shuffled to his room, washed his face, blew his nose and put his PJs on and lay down to think.

Trey had never thought of his mother as a sexual being; she was forty with a little grey beginning to show in her hair; her body was ok but not great; maybe ten or fifteen pounds more than she needed; so why did he get so aroused? While she spanked him he had gotten harder than had ever happened from masturbating to the Penthouse he kept secreted in his closet. He could feel himself hardening just remembering the spanking; he would masturbate to that memory right now if he wasn’t so sore.

After Trey left, Molly remained seated at her vanity. She realized that her son had gotten an erection while she spanked him; she looked down and saw that the insides of her legs were wet and sticky. My God, Molly thought but she wasn’t in the least appalled; in fact she found it quite erotic. Molly had been without sex for eleven years. Between working and raising Trey she couldn’t find the time nor work up the enthusiasm to get into the dating scene. She didn’t even masturbate. As she sat thinking, she began to experience feelings she’s not had in years. She was soaking wet and agitated with sexual frustration. Maybe that bath would be a good idea right now!

Molly set the tub to fill and added a nice peach scented bath oil. She removed her bra and standing in just her panties looked at herself in the mirror. Admiring her breasts, she thought she was still pretty firm for a forty year old. Walking to the hamper she threw in her bra and stripped off her panties; their gusset still wet. She brought the panties to her nose; the musky aroma; although it was her own was intoxicating. Throwing her panties into the hamper; she climbed into the tub.

As the hot water washed over her she began to feel her tense muscles relax. As she luxuriated in the warm bath she began to idly caress her own breasts. Using both hands she took her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and twisted, gently pinching them. She started to feel a tension building in her lower tummy; her bowels watery and, almost involuntarily, she began to squeeze her thighs open and closed. The long forgotten feelings this produced were wonderful. She slowly sunk her right hand beneath the water and parted her lower lips; she found her clitoris and began to rub. Harder and faster she manipulated her love button; she felt her climax rising and moaned. It wasn’t explosive, just a series of small orgasms. Nonetheless, they rocked her; she hadn’t gotten off in eleven years. It felt fantastic; why had she denied herself all these years?

But at the same time Molly’s thoughts were conflicted. Her thoughts as she masturbated herself were not about her long dead husband Tom but rather were about her fourteen year old son Trey. She knew that was wrong. It was feeling Trey’s erection between her legs and his leaking pre-cum while she spanked him that had sparked her. With those thoughts she got out of the tub and toweled dry. She gave up the idea of getting dressed and doing something. She just put on a pair of her plain white cotton panties and donned a robe. She also gave up the idea of fixing dinner; she’d order a pizza; but first she wanted to check on Trey.

His room was dim, no light was on and the fading twilight of evening provided scant illumination; she walked to his bedside and sat down. Trey was lying on his stomach clutching his pillow; still emitting almost silent sobs. She gently stroked his cheek; still damp with tears.

“How are you feeling sweetheart?” Molly asked.

“Mommy I’m sore but more than that I’m embarrassed about what happened while you were spanking me. I can live with the pain but I’m so ashamed about the other thing.”

“What other thing was that sweetheart?” Molly knew but she wanted Trey to say it.

“Mommy you know what I’m talking about.”

“No Trey tell me what was so bad.”

“Mommy I got a hard on while you spanked me. I even got your legs wet; please forgive me.”

“Trey yes I do know what happened but there is nothing to be embarrassed and ashamed about. You’re a healthy teen aged boy; your reaction was the most natural of things. Don’t be embarrassed and ashamed by them; save your bad feelings for what you did to merit the spanking.”

“Mommy,” Trey said, still sobbing gently, “I’m sorry. I know I deserved the spanking. I’ll try to do better and make it up to you.”

“I know you will; Trey let me look at your bottom,” said Molly as she gently pulled down his pajama bottoms.

Trey’s seat was a fiery red with a few purple bruises.

“Oh sweetheart this looks sore; would you like me to rub some soothing lotion on you?”

“Mommy if it will help put out the fire, I want it.”

“Trey all I have is my strawberry scented body lotion, would that be ok?”

“Mommy I love strawberries, please do it.”

Returning with the lotion she told Trey, “Sweetheart I’m going to take your PJ bottoms off so I can get to your legs and inner thighs.”

Trey blushed but raised his hips. Molly gently rubbed the lotion onto his bottom and back of his thighs.

“Is this helping son?”

“Yes Mommy it feels cool.”

“Ok now spread your legs so I can do the insides.” As she coated his inner thighs with the soothing balm she could see that his penis was nearly erect. She asked if he would like a back rub to help relax.

“Yes Mommy; please.”

Molly stood and unbuttoned his pajama top, helping him to shed it.

Would you like to lie with your head in my lap while I rub your back?”

“Yes Mommy.”

He seemed so much like a little boy right now that Molly could almost forgive him. She sat at the head of the bed. His face buried in the folds of her robe she stroked his hair and began rubbing the lotion onto his back.

Lying face first in Mommy’s lap Trey was overcome by a fragrance he had never before experienced; yet some things are in the genes; Trey knew the musky redolence was the scent of an aroused woman. Body took control over mind; Trey stiffened. He was so hard it was uncomfortable lying on his stomach. As he tried to shift, his discomfort and the reason for his distress became evident to Molly.

“Sweetheart I want to ask you a very personal question; after your spanking did you masturbate?”

Trey was tongue tied with embarrassment. “Mommy what kind of a question is that?”

“One I’d like an answer to.”

“No Mommy I didn’t; I wanted to but I was just too sore.”

Molly didn’t know what came over her. She rolled Trey onto his side and with a lotion coated hand began to stroke Trey’s rigid member.

“Does this feel good sweetheart?”

“Mommy it feels wonderful but I’m about ready to cum.”

Molly didn’t want to mess the bed but there was nothing available to catch his ejaculate. Then she had an idea.

“Trey sweetheart please lift your head a little.”

As he did so she slipped out of her panties and wrapped them around Trey’s stiff cock. Stroking faster now, she brought him off in just a few Moments. God he came hard, he completely soaked her panties.

“Mommy, thank you.”

Molly thought; she’d enjoyed helping her son but where did she go now? Here she sat; no panties, no bra, just a robe, in bed with her fourteen year old son. Molly knew it was wrong but she’d already crossed the line and she didn’t want to go back now.

“Come up here sweetheart, I want to hug you.”

Trey hated to leave the comfort of her lap but a hug sounded nice. He slid up and Molly crushed him to her breasts. She opened her robe as Trey gazed at her swollen breasts.

“Trey sweetheart, please suck them like you did when you were a baby.”

Trey had no experience but some things come naturally. He circled her nipple with his tongue then sucked and nibbled each in turn; gently biting. Molly felt an exquisite pain as Trey bit her. She could feel it to her very core. She tried to touch herself but couldn’t make the reach. God she needed attention there; she took Trey’s hand and guided it to the V between her thighs.

“Trey sweetheart, open my lips and stroke me please. Oh that’s it baby. Put a finger in me and pump it in and out a little. Oh yes sweetheart, add another finger; Oh that’s perfect.”

As his fingers worked away at his mother’s pussy, his thumb found a button like protrusion higher between her lips. Trey began to massage it with his thumb. As he rubbed; his mother’s excitement rose. He’d read about a clitoris and now he’d found one. Putting a little more pressure on it and quickening his pace, his Mommy began to breathe raggedly and moan loudly; thrashing her head from side to side. She clamped her legs tightly together; keeping his fingers trapped in her body as wave after orgasmic wave of pleasure coursed through her body. It was so intense she thought she’d received an electric shock to her vagina. No mere ripples like in the bath, these orgasms were so intense they were almost painful; but what a mind blowing pain!

“Trey I don’t know how to thank you. Before today I hadn’t reached climax in eleven years. I think those made up for all the ones I’ve missed.”

Molly laid back on her pillow her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face. Trey was astounded by what had happened. Until a few hours ago his only real sexual experience was masturbation; now in just those few hours he’d been spanked by a woman, masturbated by a woman, had suckled her breasts and had stimulated her pussy to climax. Even without real hands on experience Trey had learned a lot through reading. He knew what he wanted next.

Molly lay in a dreamy state, enjoying the aftermath of her orgasms. Her robe fell open on both sides exposing her body; her legs were splayed. Trey had inhaled Molly’s musky aroma; now he wanted a taste. Easing down the bed ‘til he could get between her legs, Trey gazed at his mother. He was a little surprised that she kept herself neatly trimmed. He gently parted her lips to admire her pink and reddish core. Her musky scent he’d noticed earlier was far more pronounced. Trey licked along her inner lips, top to bottom on each side. Molly had dozed off; she was having an erotic dream. No wait, the pleasure she was feeling in her vagina was real. She looked down and saw the top of Trey’s head and thought; oh that little devil.

Realizing that Molly was awake, Trey increased his pace. He’d read about something called a “G” spot; now he went looking. Pushing his index into his mother as far as possible Trey felt against her front wall. Finding an area that felt rougher than anywhere else, he pressed and rubbed. Molly responded with a loud groan. No one had ever touched her there before. Trey again began to thumb her clit. Between the pressure on her “G” spot and the friction on her clit Molly moaned as another orgasm shook her. Trey’s hand was sopping with her love juices.

Lifting his Mommy’s legs Trey could see her anus; it was pink and tight in the middle. He thought it looked more like a small open tea rose blossom than a rosebud. Using his mother’s own juices he lubricated her then circled her entrance and pressed into her. He slipped his finger in to the second knuckle. Molly squirmed a little and made a low grunting sound but did nothing to stop him. Needing no further encouragement he pressed his finger in as deeply as possible.

He pumped his finger in and out as Molly continued to a low grunt; “Um, um, um; oh sweetheart that feels so good; no man has ever been where you are right now. Please rub me while you do that; um, um.”

Molly sighed; no one had ever been in this, her most private of places; now her son was there. It felt so good. She could feel herself moving toward her orgasm then there was a sweet release. Feeling his mother flow again; Trey knew there was one thing more he wanted. Oh, he’d like to take his mother’s bottom; he knew she was a virgin there, but that could wait for another time. Crawling up her body ‘til he was poised between her legs, Trey leaned forward, massaged her breasts and gently kissed her sweet lips. Rubbing his cock up and down her slit he found her vaginal opening and thrust into her. Molly whimpered just a little but pulled her legs up allowing him deeper access. She felt a slight twinge of pain; it had been a long time.

Trey wasn’t huge, only about 5 1/2 inches, but after all he was only fourteen and still a growing boy. Trey was amazed at how tight his mother was. She was a fully adult forty year old woman, but then again, no one nor anything had visited here in eleven years; not even a Tampax; Trey knew his mother used pads. Trey also knew she stayed on birth control pills to regulate her often painful periods. This was the greatest feeling Trey had ever experienced but he knew he wasn’t going to last long. He pounded Molly as hard and fast as he could. He suddenly exploded. Continuing to pump her Trey emptied himself into his Mommy then collapsed on her breasts. Molly hugged him as she felt him soften and slip out.

“Come on sweetheart, after this workout I’m hungry; how about a pizza.”

“Ok Mommy that would be great; will you get a two quart Coke, too; this is thirsty work you know.”

“Ok smarty pants, get cleaned up and dressed while I order.”

Molly looked herself over; her robe open and she was completely exposed. She saw her panties; reached down and picked them up. They were still damp with her son’s cum. She slipped them on; she didn’t rinse or wash down there; she wanted to keep his come in her. She tied up her robe and went to the phone to order their supper.

When the pizza was delivered Troy and Molly sat at the table and ate.

Upon finishing Molly said, “Trey, we need to talk. What we did today, and I’ll tell you, I’m not sorry that we did, is illegal in the eyes of the law.”

“Mommy, I know but I’ll never say anything to anyone else. I’ve never felt so close to you and so loved by you; I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt you. I’ve never felt as good as I feel right now; in spite of my blistered bottom. I know you did that for my own good. I think it will do the trick, but if I screw up, please do it again. I mean that. But Mommy, I don’t want this to be a one time thing; do you?”

“No sweetheart, I don’t either. It’s like I was frozen but you awakened feelings in me that I thought I’d lost forever. You’re a remarkable lover; you did things for me and aroused feelings in me that I’ve never had before. No, it’s not going to be just once.”

“I love you Mommy.”

“I know you do sweetheart and I love you too, dearly. Trey, where did you learn to make love like that? Have you had some experiences?”

“No experiences Mommy, I’ve just read about it in books.”

“Did you get to try everything you wanted?”

“Mommy, like you said earlier; I think you know the answer to that. You tell me what you think and tell me if there’s anything we didn’t do that you think you would enjoy.”

“Well sweetheart, there is something I want. I want to take you in my mouth and taste you; I want your cum in me. And I think I know what you want. You want my virgin bottom, am I right?”

“Yes Mommy, that’s what I want.”

“Trey sweetheart I’m not so sure about my bottom; your finger felt good but I think your hard cock could hurt me. Come on, let’s go to bed, its after eleven.”

“Ok but can I sleep with you tonight; I want to snuggle.”

“That sounds nice; I’d like that, too. Get into your PJs and come on.”

Molly went to her bedroom, took off her robe and panties and put on a mid-thigh length nightie. After finishing her ablutions she sat on the toilet to pee. She could feel Trey’s cum leaking from her. She wiped and went to the bed. She turned down the covers and slipped between the cool sheets. She was tired; she’d not been worked like tonight in a long time, if ever, but she was still sexually stimulated. She didn’t want the evening to end yet. She wanted to suck her son, and, the more she thought about it, if he was going to take her anal virginity, maybe the sooner the better. If she held him off too long all he was going to do was grow.

She decided that if he tried she’d let him but she wasn’t going to be a volunteer. If it did happen she was going to want some lubricant; she didn’t have any Astro-Glide or KY, there’d never been the need. Then she remembered the small jar of Vaseline in her medicine cabinet. She went to the bathroom, retrieved the lubricant and put it in the drawer of her night stand; she slid back into bed to wait.

Trey, dressed in shorty pajama bottoms and no top came in and stood by her bed “May I get in Mommy?”

“Come on, you’re who I’m waiting for;” taking his hand and pulling him into a caress.

Trey pressed his body to hers, as they hugged Molly kissed on the lips. Trey kissed back, pressing hard against her mouth and bruising her lips. She could taste her own blood; she knew her lips would be swollen tomorrow. Her breasts were crushed against his bare chest and she could feel him against her pelvis. My, the resilience of youth; he was stiff as a steel rod as he thrust against her bare pussy through his pajama bottoms. Molly couldn’t think of a reason to delay; she was ready and she knew Trey was, too. Turning down the covers she unbuttoned his PJs and pulled out his cock. It was throbbing. Molly bent forward and engulfed him with her mouth. She bobbed up and down a few times then released him and licked the length of his shaft. She circled the head and tickled his little hole with the tip of her tongue then she deep throated him again.

It didn’t take long. Trey breathed out, “Mommy I’m going to cum, I’m going to come Mommy.”

Ropes of hot salty cum filled Molly’s mouth but she didn’t miss a drop. Swallowing she thought, I want all of his cum in me that I can get. Trey kicked off his pajama bottoms. He lay behind his Mommy and pulled her back into a spoon position. Molly turned off the lights and snuggled back against Trey; completely sated. She was just drifting into a sweet, wonderful dream when she felt Trey pushing into her. My God he’s hard again; what have I gotten myself into; I may be walking bow legged for the rest of my life.

Molly wasn’t going to deny him though; she scooted back against his and arched her back giving him better access. She felt his fingers opening her then he filled her. Molly rocked back against Trey, enjoying the feeling. Troy stroked into her ‘til her love juices were flowing then he slipped out and she felt the pressure of his cock against her virgin anus.

“Trey sweetheart if you are going to take me that way, and I know that you are, we’ll need more lubrication.”

Molly thought that little rascal; he got my pussy stirred up just to get my juices flowing so he’d be ready to take my ass. Molly got the Vaseline and handed it behind her to Trey.

“Sweetheart I want to be well lubricated. Take some and rub it around my hole, push some into me then get more. Push it into me with one finger. Finger me for a while to relax me then add more Vaseline and a second finger. Finger me with both fingers to get me nice and stretched open. Then add a little more to me and stroke some onto yourself, ok? I want you to do me in the spoon position but I’m going to roll onto my tummy now; it will be easier to get me ready.”

Molly turned onto her tummy and spread her legs. She felt Trey start to rub the lube into her. He paused then she felt him push a finger deeply into her and he pumped in and out several times. A Moment later she felt two fingers push through her back door. Molly made a low sound in her throat. There wasn’t much pain yet but she was unaccustomed to pressure down there. She felt him stretching her and added a little more Vaseline then he rolled her back onto her side.

“Mommy are you ready?”

Molly was a little nervous, her bowels felt watery; she’d never done this before; but she was ready.

“Yes sweetheart, I’m ready;” as she pushed back against him.

Molly felt Trey spread her cheeks and press his cock against her rosebud. She didn’t wait; thrusting her hips backward hard, Molly impaled herself on his 5 1/2 inch cock. She felt a searing pain as she forced him through her sphincters but that quickly passed. Now all she was feeling was full, like when she needed to move her bowels. Well, she mused, that makes sense; I do have a full bowel. Trey began to pump her and she felt her nerve endings tingle. As Trey began to stroke into her deeply she felt her excitement rising. It felt wonderful but she didn’t know if it would be enough to get her off. She reached between her legs and strummed her clit in time with strokes. As he pumped her harder and faster she still kept time. Trey grasped her hips and pulled her back onto him. As he thrust deeply into her, she felt him swell. He grunted and she felt his hot cum fill her bowel.

After just a moment she climaxed, “Oh God that was good,” the contractions in her vagina, squeezing him with her constricting anus. Molly snuggled back into her sweet sons arms as be embraced her. He was still hard, still in her. As he began to soften the both drifted off to an exhausted sleep.

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