My Daughter sets me up on a date, doesnt quite work out in the end
Jenni and Kati were ecstatic, Jenni had a sister, and Kati had a family. Oh the thoughts in my head where; what was going to happen now? It could only get better, like the first night Kati had been adopted. Instead of one horny, hot, sexy teenager in the house there was now two of them; I couldn’t help but think about Jenni and Kati both being my cock whores as well.

I had a lot of work to do, so I told Jenni I wouldn’t be back for awhile, I was doing some work on a house for a friend of mine and he was desperate to get a few things finished before the inspectors came by to check it out and approve it, so that the new tenant could move in.
I figured it was going to be just a hum drum day, fixing up a house and drinking a few beers, little did I know that my little Jenni had other ideas for the night, I was something I had not expected, and she set me up on a date, with Julie.

Julie was the manager of the Mexican restaurant that we had been to when we celebrated Kati’ adoption, Jenni had got her number from my phone and called her telling Julie that her Daddy thought she was a beautiful woman, and that I her daddy was way too shy to ask her out, so she figured she would set Julie and I up on a date, and apparently Julie was all for it, didn’t know what she was getting into, or did she?
To describe Julie a little bit better than before, she was 5’8”, very nice long legs, perky 36B breast, beautiful green eyes and a hell of a smile, at one point when she had left our table the night we ate there, I had noticed that she had a tramp stamp as well, made me wonder if she had any other tattoos, and where they might be on her beautiful body, guess I would never find out so I put it out of my mind.

I have to admit I had fantasized about Julie after the day I had met her, but never really thought I would have her in my bed, but leave it to my baby girl Jenni to put it all in motion, she was a devious little girl but I loved her and she was looking out for her daddy, but what was going through her mind, and did Kati have anything to do with it.

About half way through my day I got a call from Jenni, she was all excited and talking fast, I told her to slow down and tell me what was going on, so I heard her take a deep breath as she started talking, “well daddy. I have a surprise for you, but you can’t be mad at me,” I replied, “Ok Jenni what’s going on?” “Promise you won’t get mad daddy,” Jenni pleaded, there was very little that she ever did that upset me enough to get mad at her, so I said, “I promise baby I won’t get mad, what’s up?” “Well remember Julie Daddy?” “Yes, the manager from the restaurant right?” “Yes daddy, well you and her have a date tonight,” “ummm, Jenni how did that happen? I never called her, she don’t have my number,” “well daddy I took the number from your phone and called her for you.”

My Little girl was devious, I can’t believe that she had done that, so I asked her, “what time is my date with her?” jenni replied, “you have to pick her up at eight o’clock daddy, I have her address for you.” “well then baby girl I guess I need to finish up here so I can get home and get ready, as well as find something to wear,” No worries daddy,” Jenni said, “me and Kati picked out what you are going to wear tonight, you will look hot and she will love it too.”

Well I guess there wasn’t anything my girls had not thought of, it made me smile, and then I told Jenni I would be home in an hour or so, told her I love you, and tell Kati I love her too and hung up the phone.
I was actually getting excited that I was going on a date, I had not gone out with or been with a woman my age in over ten years, I hoped that I didn’t fuck it up tonight.

It was almost four o’clock when I got home, the girls greeted me at the door, and kissed me on the lips, each one in turn, I loved seeing my babies they always made me smile, and always made my day perfect.
The girls led me upstairs, telling me that I needed to get ready for the date, they undressed me, my cock got hard, Jenni finished undressing me as Kati went to the bathroom to start the shower, when it was hot enough they ushered me into the shower, and joined me in it, I was thinking I was going to have a little fun with them and play, but I was wrong.

I started to reach for Jenni’s pussy with my hand but she moved it away, I looked at her puzzled and ask, “What’s wrong baby?” Jenni replied, “Daddy you’re going on a date, and if it goes well and you get lucky, you will need all your energy.” I smiled and laughed a little as the girls continued to wash me all over.
The girls did everything for me, they washed me, and then they shaved my head and my face for me as well as my balls, and all this time I couldn’t help but stay constantly hard, I so wanted to have fun and fuck them in the shower, but they wouldn’t let me I loved their hands on me.

After everything was done in the shower we headed into the bed room, my clothes were laid out on the bed, it was a pair of silk boxers, a pair of black pants, a charcoal gray shirt, a white wife beater, and my Harley boots, I must say these girls did a good job at picking out my clothes for the evening, and to top it all off they had bought me some cool water cologne.

I looked at the clock it was almost seven o’clock, wow the time had went by so fast, I was actually getting nervous, this was a first date in a long, long time, I really wanted to make sure it would go good, I actually wanted this woman to like me, but by the end of the night there would be a lot more than what I was thinking that was going to happen.

It was now seven thirty, I was heading out the door, but Jenni stopped me a second and said hang on daddy, and she ran to the kitchen, when she returned she had a dozen roses in her hands, I looked at her and smile, handing me the roses she said, “here daddy, Julie will like these, they are very pretty.”
With a final kiss from Jenni and Kati I was off to my date with Julie.

I wanted my date with Julie to be very good, I didn’t want it to be like a normal date, I wanted it to be something to remember and hop4efully get a second and maybe more, little did I know how y night was going to end.

First place I took Julie was to a comedy club place for dinner, basically a dinner and a show all in one, and then I figured I would take her to a nice type of bar, something a little upper class for some drinks, and the see where it would go from there.

I showed up at Julie’s door a few minutes early, when she opened the door I was stunned, she looked absolutely beautiful, Julie was wearing a nice tight red dress that showed off all her curves, her breast were accentuated in the dress, and it hugged her ass nicely, got an instant boner, it had been awhile since I had been with a woman my own age, and wouldn’t even had gone had it not been for Jenni setting it up.
I handed her the rose’s she smile as her hand covered her mouth, when the surprise wore down she leaned in and kiss me on the cheek thanking me and telling me that they were beautiful, I didn’t tell her that my daughter had bought them for me to give to her.

Within a few minutes we were on our way, the night went really well the date was working out real good, I even thought I might get lucky, Julie was giving off all kinds of signals, thru dinner all she was doing everything she could to keep her hands off me, but on occasion I felt her hand on my leg and sliding up to my cock to give it a quick squeeze, which in turn kept me hard.

My mind was racing, I was actually thinking about fucking Julie, I mean after all she was beautiful, hot and sexy and I was totally turned on, but then Jenni and Kati popped into my head, I couldn’t do it, I loved my girls to much, but at the same time Jenni did set me up with her, and she probably figured I would fuck her, so I let it out of my mind and set my sights on fucking Julie.

It was just after 2am, and we had literally danced the night away, she couldn’t keep her hands off of me after we had left dinner, and now here I was, I couldn’t keep my hands off of her either, the heat had been building all night, but I didn’t know how the bight would end, but hoping it would end in the way my cock was thinking, and what I was wanting!

I hadn’t drank a lot I didn’t want to be drinking and driving and if anything was to happen between her and I, I was going to make sure my cock worked.

I started to head towards Julie’s house, and she happened to see that I was when she leaned over and asked me, “Do you think I could come to your house for a night cap? Do you think the girls would mind?” I answered her, thinking with my cock, “I don’t see why not darling and I think the girls are asleep, and I don’t think they would mind, after all they set us up on this date.” Julie kissed my cheek and smiled as I made a course correction to head to my house.

When we got to the house the only lights on were the porch light and the living room light, it was after all 3am, and I figured the girls were asleep, I told Julie we needed to be a little quiet as we entered the house, we put our things down on the couch, told Julie I was going to check on the girls, and told her there was some wine in the fridge and to grab us a couple of glasses.

I headed up to the girls room, I peeked in, they were, my two little angels sleeping in each other’s arms, I walked up to the bed and kissed them both and headed back down stairs.

I joined Julie on the couch, she had already poured the wine, we each grabbed a glass and then toasted to the great date, after Julie had taken her sip she set the glass down and then leaned over and kissed me, right on the lips, I went with it and kissed her too, our tongues danced around each other’s mouth’s, we had kissed earlier but nothing like this, she was kissing me like she was hungry, with a need!
It was getting hot and heavy, Julie popped up and threw her leg over me and straddled my legs, my cock was raging hard, I could feel her grind her pussy against my cock I could feel the heat thru my pants, and with what Julie was doing I was ready to take her and fuck her good and hard. I reached my hands under her shirt and popped her bra clips and in one move I pulled her shirt and bra right off and tossed them to the floor, her breast popped free and like a magnet, my lips went right to her nipple, I wanted to suck them and make them even harder than they already were.

Julie reached down my sides and pulled my shirt off and tossed it to the floor next to hers, we keep kissing deeply as our bodies get worked up even hotter, with what Julie did next, I didn’t think we were going to make it to the bed room, she slid down off my legs and dropped between my legs, as her hands skillfully undid my pants, the moment she had them undid my cock popped out, her eyes got wide and I could her a low “mmmmmm” escape her lips.

Her hand found my cock, and her lips found the head of my cock, I watched as every in of it disappeared into her mouth, but she could only fit about seven of my eight inches, unlike my daughter who could take my cock all the way down deep.

Even while she was sucking me she found a way to pull my pants all the way down and off of me, I will say she wasn’t bad at sucking cock, it worked for me though.

I was totally naked on the couch, Julie still had her skirt on, after about ten minutes of sucking me, she stood up in front of me, then stepped up onto the couch, at first I was puzzled until I realized what she was doing, when she lifted her skirt, my jaw dropped and my eyes went wide, I had no idea that she had not been wearing any panties the entire night!

I put my hands on her ass and pulled her to me so that her pussy met my mouth and I started to eat her beautiful pussy, she wasn’t shaved but had like a little landing strip, but I didn’t care I was in heaven between her legs, I wanted to eat her pussy till she came on my face.

I could feel her body shake and get a little weak, she was trying to stay standing but couldn’t do it for too long, when her orgasm exploded, she literally dropped right down onto my cock, her pussy was so fucking wet my cock slid all the way in without a problem, she was even a little tight, made me wonder how long it had been since she had gotten laid.

Right then and there we started fucking on the couch, nice and slow at first, building up as we got more and more into it, her pussy was so wet it glided on my cock with ease, Julie wrapped her arms around my neck as she ground her clit to my pelvic bone causing yet another orgasm to wash over her, as she came she whispered in my ear, “I have been waiting to fuck you ever since I met you, my god how I have wanted it.” I smiled and just kept on pumping my cock into her.

We fucked like that for almost thirty minutes, that’s when I wanted to change it up, but she had another idea, she got up and turned around and then settled back down onto my cock, and then leaned back against me, I brought my hands around to grab her tits and play with her nipples, with one hand on her tits the other traveled to her clit, the things I was doing to Julie was driving her fucking nuts and all she kept doing was Cumming and Cumming and Cumming.

I needed to release, I pushed her forward and down to the floor doggy style, my cock never left her pussy and I started to pound her pussy like a piston in an engine, her pussy was hot and on fire the harder I pounded the more she came, she started to scream a little I told her to keep it down, that’s when she really blew my mind, “I’m sorry Daddy,” OMG…….WTF…….Did she just call me daddy? Was I hearing things? As I continued to pound her hard I asked her, “did you just call me daddy?” she replied, “yes daddy I did, I want you to be my daddy like you are to your girls, and fuck me like you fuck them,”

I was lost in a land of wicked thoughts, but I knew I could go there without talking to Jenni and Kati about it, I was ready to explode, all thoughts left my mind as I grabbed her hair and plowed my cock one last time deep inside her and unload my hot cum deep inside her pussy, my cock pumped out three loads of my hot sticky love juice, I was spent, I kissed Julie on her back as my cock slipped out of her pussy, juices from both of us dripping from her pussy onto the floor, it was a hot mess.

I put myself back on the couch, Julie just kind of sank down on the floor exhausted, after a few minutes, Julie got up and turned to look at me, with a devilish smile, and what happened next was something I never saw coming, just as Julie was going to lick my cock clean of our juices, I saw Jenni and Kati coming down the stairs with huge smiles, and at the same time said, “Hi daddy!” Julie grabbed whatever was close enough to cover up, and all I could think was “oh shit” but managed to say, “uhhh hi girls, what are you doing up?” and Jenni smiled as she told me, “we never went to sleep daddy, we were waiting for you,”

What Jenni asked next was mind blowing, she asked if her and Kati could join the fun, I said, “well you kind of missed it baby,” “no we didn’t daddy we watched the whole thing, our pussies are so wet, we want your cock too,” so in response I told Jenni, “if you get daddy hard again we can have some more fun.” Jenni whispered in Kati’s ear and I watched as Kati went over to Julie and kissed her full on the lips, and at the same time Jenni got on her knees in front of me and started to suck Julie’s juices from my cock.
As Jenni worked my cock, and oh how she loved to suck it, Kati had Julie laying on the floor and eating her pussy out, licking up all the cum I had pumped into her, with all this going on I was hard within a few minutes, I wanted to fuck my Jenni, my cock missed her so, I pulled her up onto the couch and onto my lap, Jenni guided my cock to her wet and waiting pussy, waiting for daddy’s hard cock.

As Jenni started riding me I could see that Kati and Julie had moved into a sixty nine position, they were eating each other’s pussy’s I even saw Kati slide a few fingers into Julie making her squirm under her.
Jenni’s pussy was hotter and wetter than Julie’s had been, I seemed to do that to my baby girl, and knowing that she loved my cock deep inside her, it always made me harder than a rod of iron.
I pulled Jenni to me as I kissed her deeply and passionately, feeling her breast against my chest, and her skin on mine, there was no better feeling in the world, this was my baby girl, I loved her with all my heart, and I knew that no matter what she would always be mine.

I could hear Kati and Julie start to orgasm, it was a beautiful thing, and I could feel Jenni’s body start to tremble and shake on top of me she was going into her own orgasmic word, I was making my baby cum and was about to fill her up with my daddy seed.

The harder Jenni came the harder she rode my cock.

Jenni was riding my cock so hard that she had me to the brink of Cumming, but I had an idea, I stopped Jenni for a moment, had her get up off my cock and turn around with her back to me, then had her settle back down on my cock, then looking over at Kati and Julie, I told Kati to lick my cock and eat Jenni’s pussy while I fucked her, I wanted Kati to lick our juices.

Kati got between mine and Jenni’s legs and went to town on my cock and Jenni’s pussy, then I felt her hand start to rub on my balls, squeezing them making it hard for me to hold my cum down, and in the mist of all that was going on I saw Julie slide under Kati and start to eat her pussy, it seemed everybody was happy, either eating sucking or fucking, it was an orgasmic orgy.

With one final push on my cock and a hard kiss I shot my second load of the night deep into my daughter’s pussy, I couldn’t believe the load I shot, it was almost as big as the load I had pumped into Julie, it was leaking out of Jenni’s pussy and down my cock and balls, Kati wasted no time in lapping up every drop of cum she could find, Jenni’s orgasm was still ripping thru her body, shaking all over.
Jenni fell against my chest, breathing heavy; I had my hands on her breast squeezing them and pinching her nipples, her hands came up and she reached back and grabbed my head, and leaning back to kiss me. My cock still deep inside her, it felt wonderful.

As we rested a moment Julie had made Kati cum again, but Kati wasn’t done with me or Jenni, my cock softened up and slipped out of Jenni’s pussy, the moment it did Kati took it into her mouth and started cleaning it with her mouth sucking it like Jenni had taught her, Julie had slid up next to Kati, and looking at Jenni, begged her if she could eat Daddy’s cum from her pussy, there was that Daddy thing again, we definitely had to talk about that when this was done.

Jenni grabbed Julie’s head and brought it to her hot, wet, cum soaked pussy, Julie started licking her pussy making Jenni moan and shake on top of me, and with Kati on my cock, I just enjoyed the view.
By the time everything was done, everybody was satisfied, clean and happy, all of us were exhausted from the evenings events, which ended up being more than I could ever had dreamed of, three beautiful women and all for me, hell it was a record for me, and I was sure that there would be more to come with all three of them.

It was just after six am, we had been going at it for just over three hours, I was tired and old the girls I was going to head to the shower and then off to bed, good thing it was a Saturday night and I didn’t have to work the next day, I had a feeling I was going to sleep most of the day away.

I woke up, and as weird as it was I found myself alone in my bed, there wasn’t even a hint of anyone having been in the bed with me, I looked over at the clock, it was almost four pm, I had slept part of the day away, but I felt good when I woke up.

I got up threw on some clothes and headed to the bathroom, figured I would check on the girls on my way thru, I was wondering if Julie had went home or not, I peeked into their room and no one was there, that’s weird I thought, the house was quiet.

I was hungry so I headed to the kitchen to grab a bite, figured the girls were just out getting acquainted, looking around the kitchen, I noticed a note on the table, it was from the girls, “Daddy me and Kati took Julie out shopping with us, we will be back in a little while,” love your baby girl and Kati. That was sweet of them.

I made a quick sandwich and went to the living room to watch some TV and eat.

About an hour or so later all the girls came thru the door giggling and laughing, it looked like they all got along pretty good, maybe this would work out after all, but then again time would only tell. I stood up and greeted them, “well hello ladies,” as I kissed Jenni first then Kati, and last but not least Julie.
“Hi Daddy,” Jenni and Kati piped up, and Julie said Hi Matt, that was a change from last night when she had been calling me daddy like my little girls did, but I let it pass my mind, and asked where the girls went shopping.

“We went to the mall daddy and did some clothes shopping and got to know Julie a little better,” jenni stated. “oh and daddy,” Kati popped in, “we got you something to, we hope you like it, Jenni and I picked it out for you,” looking puzzled, I asked, “and what did Daddy’s girls get for him?”

Jenni picked up the back and reached into it, what she pulled out was a real nice cowboy hat, it was sharp, and the girls had always said I would look good in one, no w I realized why they had asked me what size hat I wore, guess now I know.

“Wow girls, I love it!” how did you know I really wanted one? Julie was kind of off to the side just watching what was going on, like she was a third wheel, but smiling the whole time, I wondered what she was thinking.

After the girls had shown me what they bought, all three of them, I decided to order Chinese for dinner, it wouldn’t be there for about forty five minutes to an hour, so Julie said that she had enough time to go to her house and grab some clothes for a few days, I smiled and kissed her as she headed out the door. Finally I was alone with my girls for at least an hour to just sit and be with them, we already knew that we were going to have each other later.

Not even a few minutes after Julie left the girls sat next to me one on each side. “Daddy,” Jenni said, “yea baby, what’s up?” I asked, “Kati and I had a talk with Julie,” “ok, and what did you talk about?” well, Jenni breathed in deep, “we asked her not to call you daddy, because you’re our daddy, mine and Kati’s and I don’t think she should or has the right to call you that.” “I hope you’re not mad at me for that.” I smiled and pulled her to me, “why would I be mad baby?” “That does explain why she called me Matt today, but no I am not mad, you were right to put her in her place.” I hugged the girls close to me, looking at them I told them both, “I love you Jenni, and I love you too Kati, you are both my baby girls and no one will ever take your places.”

With that, Jenni hugged me and then kissed me deeply on the lips, her tongue passing through my lips to dance with mine, Jenni’s kisses were always passionate and deep, she had turned into quite the woman, and I think her mother would have been proud.

Dinner arrived, and shortly after Julie had gotten back as well with a small suitcase, she wasn’t moving in but she had brought enough clothes to stay a few days, which was weird since we had just started seeing each other the night before and fucked all night.

Everyone was cheerful at dinner talking about everything under the sun, I looked at each one of them, they were all beautiful, and I just sat and listened to them, then I heard them say in one way or another, that all three of the girls had a surprise for me tonight, which peeked my interest, wondered what it, was that they had gotten or planned.

The girls finished dinner, and then I went to watch some TV again, the girls told me to just relax and that they would take care of everything, I smiled and kissed them all. After being in the kitchen and cleaning up from dinner the girls all rushed out of there and headed upstairs, giggling as they did, I wondered what they were up to but kind of let it go and went back to watching TV.

I heard the shower pop on, didn’t think anything of it until I realized I had to take a piss, so I headed up the stairs, opened the bathroom door, and to my surprise all three girls were in the shower together, “holy shit” I said with a huge smile on my face, I opened the curtain a little to peek in, the girls knew I was there, but continued washing each other up, then Jenni turned around to me with a beautiful smile and told me, “Daddy, you are suppose to be watching TV,” I questioned back, “was this my surprise?” Jenni answered back that no it wasn’t and if I wanted my surprise I need to go back down stairs and wait, I took the piss I had gone up there for and headed back downstairs.

Just when I felt like I was going to fall asleep, I heard the footsteps from the girls, they were coming down the stairs, Kati spoke, “don’t turn around and look daddy, close your eyes,” I did as I was asked and told them they were closed.

When I heard Jenni tell me I could open my eyes, I got an instant hard on, there standing in front of me were three of the hottest bodies I had ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on, my hands on and my lips on as well as the pleasure of fucking each of them.

First in the row was Jenni, then Julie and the Kati, what they were wearing was amazing, Jenni and Katie both had on my favorite color and each of their favorite color, Jenni in a black and purple lacey teddy, and Kati in black and pink lacey teddy, and other than the colors they were the same sets, Julie on the other hand was wearing an all red silk cami, and as I looked at each my cock was as hard as it could be.
“Time for your surprise daddy,” “you might want to get your camera for this.” Jenni told me as she giggled.
I ran up to my room as fast as possible and grabbed my camera and shot back down stairs, my camera wasn’t a bad one either it was a fourteen mega pixels, the pictures always came our sharp and the video’s were clear as day.

By the time I had gotten back down stairs the girls had moved everything from the center of the room, and were all kneeling on the floor together, I sat down in my chair and turned the camera on, and that’s when the show began.

Right from the start I could tell jenni was running the show, she kissed Kati on the lips very erotically, and was running her hands along the sides of her body, Kati submitted to Jenni. After a moment Jenni laid back on the floor, and reached up to take Julies hand and pulled her to her, I heard her tell Julie, “I want you to eat my pussy, and make me cum,” and I was amazed that Julie did what she was told, next she called Kati to her, told her to straddle her face so she could eat her pussy out, I had the fucking camera rolling I was making sure I didn’t miss a fucking thing.

Jenni wrapped her arms around Kati’s legs as Kati lowered her pussy down to Jenni’s waiting lips, while Julie was going to town eating Jenni out, these three beautiful ladies were a sight to see, it was one hot fucking mess, but beautiful.

Kati had her hands on Jenni’s tits as she ground her pussy against her face, I could see her body tremble, as well as Jenni’s, as I panned the camera around these beauties, I noticed that while Julie was eating Jenni, she was finger fucking her own pussy, and rubbing her clit, she didn’t seem to have an issue making herself cum.

The girls stayed in that position for about ten minutes, my cock was raging fucking hard, I was wondering if I was going to get some release after all of this, or was I going to have to take care of it myself? Either way I knew I was going to get off one way or another.

Jenni was running the show, next she had Julie lay down on the floor, and had and Kati start to eat her pussy out, the next thing that surprised me was Jenni pulled a strap on from a bag that was next to the girls, “holy shit,” I thought, Jenni was going to fuck Kati while she ate Julie’s pussy, the show was getting real good, I wondered what else was in the bag that they had bought.

It was so fucking hot that I had decided to take my clothes off, my cock popped out of my pants the moment I unzipped them, I was wanting and needing release I knew it would come soon, either from the girls or myself.

For almost an hour the girls switched up positions, and they even brought out a few more toys, at one point each girl had one of the girls get fucked by the strap on, it was my own live porno and I was loving every minute of it, the girls didn’t seem to lose steam either they just kept making each other cum, then each of the girls grabbed a toy, each of them laid next to each other, their pussies were facing me, their legs spread wide, it was the finale, this was the ending of the show.

As each girl played with their hot wet pussy, I made sure that I filmed each one, as they orgasmed, each one of them came in their own way, I started with my Jenni.

I loved watching my baby girl, she was so beautiful, of all three she was and always be my one and only true girl, watching Jenni she was using a bullet on her clit, it was actually the first one I had ever bought her, it was so hot that Jenni’s body shook and trembled hard as she screamed out, “I’m Cumming for you daddy, I’m Cumming hard,” I smiled and replied,”cum for daddy baby girl, show daddy how much you love him.” That sent her over the edge as her final orgasm ripped thru her body.

Next I filmed Kati having her orgasm, all she was using was her fingers, buried deep in her pussy, and her thumb on her clit, she wasn’t my jenni, but she was mine as well, watching Kati, I saw her body tense up as she came, as soft moans escaped her lips, as her orgasm hit full on, she grabbed her breast with her other hand, pinched her nipple hard and basically went limp from the power of her orgasm.

As I went from girl to girl, my cock was rock hard bobbing between my legs, aching for release, but I wanted to get my last girl on camera having her orgasm.

Reaching Julie, she was well on her way to her explosion, she was propped up on one hand and was working a vibrator deep in her pussy, it seemed with every thrust that she made had her nearly screaming, all she kept saying was, “Oh my God, Oh my God, I’m gonna cum,” and just as she finished saying that she thrust her hips up and with one final push of the toy she exploded, “I’m Cumming, ohhhh god, I’m Cumming,” her body shook as she exploded.

I had all the girls on camera having their orgasms, I went back to my chair to watch the girls recover from their paying, I set the camera down on the table, still on aimed at the girls, I wanted everything we did tonight on the camera, it was beautiful.

I decided to take care of business on my own while watching the girls, so I started to slowly stroke my cock, I couldn’t believe how hard I was, it was so hard it damn near hurt, I needed the release that I was about to give myself, but it didn’t go as planned.

As I was starting to get into it, Jenni picked up the camera, and then looked over at Kati, “Kati, go suck on Daddy’s cock, it looks like he needs some love,” Kati smiled and almost as giddy as a school girl popped over to my cock, removed my hands from it and replaced it with hers, then the next thing I knew she swallowed my cock almost all the way down, her mouth felt so hot.

Kati was going to town on my cock, every stroke with her mouth she tried to take me deeper and deeper, she almost gagged, it was so fucking hot, I opened my eyes to look down and put my hand on the back of her head, Julie even tried to slide up and in to help Kati out, but Jenni stopped her dead in her tracks, “Julie, don’t even think it, it’s Kati’s turn to have my daddy’s cock, she was the only one who didn’t get fucked last night,” Julie sank back down with a slightly prissy look.

As good as Kati was with sucking my cock I wanted to be buried deep inside her, I reached out and cupped her face as I brought her up to me, I kissed her deeply as I helped her put a leg on each side of me, her pussy just above my cock.

Kati’s hands were on my shoulders as she lowered her wetness down on me, she did it slowly so she could feel every inch of my cock enter her, she was so hot, her tits right in front of my face I leaned forward to take a nipple into my mouth, Kati moaned as I sucked on it, finally her pussy was set all the way down on my cock, it was buried deep, she started to rock back and forth I could feel the head of my cock rubbing on her cervix, I moved my hands down to her hips and helped her rock on my cock.

Jenni was filming the whole thing, getting close ups, and kind of directing Kati on what to do, and Julie really didn’t look to happy to be sitting on the side while everything was going on.

Kati was Cumming on my cock, her body shook, she wrapped her arms around my neck and held me as her orgasm swept over her, it was beautiful, her naked young skin next to mine her breast against my chest, she was breathing heavy as her orgasm calmed down, I was ready to blow my load, I had Kati get down on her hands and knees and did her doggy style, I sank my cock into her with one thrust.
I started pounding her pussy hard and fast, I bent forward to and grabbed hold of her hair as I felt my cock swell, this was going to be a huge fucking load, and I had been waiting to unload it ever since the show started with the girls.

When we had gotten into that position, Jenni had worked herself under my cock and Kati’s pussy, so that she could record me pounding her pussy, I grabbed Kati’s hips and drove my cock in and out of her wetness, I was ready to explode!

Just as Kati was Cumming I shot my load, the buildup of my load had been so big that it seeped out around my cock and dripped down onto Jenni’s face, and when my cock went a little soft and popped out of Kati’s pussy, Jenni’s mouth was there to take me in and clean my cock off of mine and Kati’s juices, and all the while as upset as Julie was she was furiously finger fucking her pussy making herself cum over and over.

I was spent, the girls were somewhat spent, so I sent my girls to take a shower and then Julie and I would take a shower after they were done.

After the girls headed upstairs, Julie slid up next to me on the couch, the look she had told me she wasn’t happy, I asked her what was wrong, “I didn’t appreciate being left out, and told what to do by Jenni,” looking at her I replied, “Darling you are new to our family, it will get better.” Julie smiled at me and said, “ok.” With that she hugged me close.

We sat there until we heard the girls were done with the shower, we headed up to shower and head to bed.
Over the next few months, everything seemed to be going well between all the girls, the sex was awesome, everything we did together was exciting, however, little did I know that Julie was actually more jealous of Kati than she was of Jenni, Kati did everything Jenni told her to do, and at the same time left Julie out more than she wanted to be, Julie loved sharing my bed with me, but didn’t like when Kati and or Jenni shared my bed, things were just falling apart.

Julie came to me and told me that she wanted it to be just her Jenni and I, and thought that Kati should be left out, that I didn’t need someone who followed orders, and that I needed to make a choice, I told her I would think about it.

A couple days later I sat Julie don and told her what I had decided, “Julie, I have decided that I am not and will not give up any one of my girls, I am sorry but they are my life,” Julie started to cry, “I am sorry then, I cant be in this relationship, as much as it hurts me, I hope you and your girls are happy together.”

With that Julie leaned over and kissed me and said goodbye.

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2011-06-26 12:36:37
Now he has to worry if Jullie will go to the cops, a woman scorned and all.

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2011-05-29 02:25:14
Matt choice the only correct answer in that situation and personal I would have stoped reading the story if hadn't chossen Kati over Julie and Jenni wouldn't had been happy with that choice either.

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I think that you should do a part where the girls tie him up and completely take control just a thought. love the story

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this story is very good will there be another part to finsh off the chapters...maybe add a little suspense maybe add something with seeing julie on the side or somethin in that type of matter

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Awsome!!! Please write another. And the ending was too fast. Add more suspence. And describe it more. =]

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