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Betty’s Initiation

This story is about the Initiations My friends and I went through after starting our own club including how I talked our first female member Betty into her initiation.

I live in a small rural town with my parents. Our street is about 3 miles long in a wooded area with homes built on both sides. All homes are on two to three acres or more.

Most of us on the block are involved in animal rearing and have animals of some sort that we’ve raised from babies. We show them in fairs and community contests, or where ever there is a contest.

My story is about myself and my group of friends on our block. My name is Joshua. My two best friends are Noah and Ethan. One day we made a pact to start our own club. We help each other with our animals and chores when possible. We hang out together most of the time. We wanted an initiation in case others want to join. We decided it would be something bad, something humiliating that we would never want anyone else to know about, like a hazing. It had to be good. I’m ashamed to say we definitely came up with a dilly. We are not Gay, but we sucked each other off until we came in each other’s mouth, this was humiliating, it shamed us and definitely bonded us like brothers, this is a secret we are not telling anyone, except club members who go through the same initiation.

My closest neighbor is Betty. She looks just like Ugly Betty except nicer looking and a bit thinner. She even wears braces and red glasses just like Ugly Betty. She is a Mexican American with dark skin and big boobs.

Betty came walking by while I was finishing up my chores and stopped to hang out a while, I have known Betty since we rode tricycles together. I asked if she wanted to go swimming as we have a pool. My parents work and are gone all day. Its summer and I’m home alone every day, except for when my friends are over. Betty’s parents also work and are gone all day. Betty smiled and said I’ll be back, she ran home to get her swim suit. Ten minutes later Betty was back wearing a two piece and a towel. She looked great. Her Boobies were much more than a hand full. I had not seen her in a bathing suit in over a year and she changed for the better. Her cleavage moved like jelly. I drooled all over myself when I saw her. We swam for a couple hours and had a great time hanging out together. I barely got out of the water because I had such a hard on most of the time thinking about how good she looks.

Betty asked about our club and what we do. I explained how we help each other with our chores and our animals when needed and just hang out and have fun together. She then said can I join you guys? I said I would have talk to Noah and Ethan …... I never thought that a girl would want to join our club. I then told her that we three boy’s had an initiation that I couldn’t talk about. Betty asked why….what is it? I said it was something that we never like to talk about and don’t want anyone to know about except club members who go through the initiation. She asked? Would I have an initiation too? I said yes. I don’t know what it is yet. But it will have to be equal to ours.

The next day I told Noah and Ethan that Ugly Betty wanted to join our club. I said I told her she had an initiation to go through that we have to decide on. Ethan smiled and said make her fuck us while laughing and Noah laughed and said yeah make her fuck us. I had already thought the same thing. It would be at least equal to what we went through. And I really wanted badly to fuck ugly Betty.

Betty came over the next day to go swimming with me. I was afraid to tell her. This was definitely going to be an awkward conversation. I said…. Betty I’ll tell you what our initiation was, so that you don’t feel taken advantage of by your initiation. But you have to promise me, never tell anyone. Promise me on your mother. Betty said she would never tell. She had a very serious look on her face.

I told her what we did to each other and why we picked that. Betty then said. … Are you gay? .... I laughed and said “no”. it was only a humiliating initiation, but it was a tuff one for us because we are not gay and it’s our secret among club members. Betty then asked what her initiation is going to be. I said Betty you’re going to have to let me Ethan and Noah Fuck you into the club. That would be your initiation. Her mouth dropped as she said I’m not doing that. I told her why we picked it. I explained it’s something you don’t want anyone else to know about except club members; just like us. I explained that our initiation was equal or even worst. I said what we did keep’s us bonded like family it’s a secret among us we don’t want anyone to know and that’s why we picked sex for you. It would be something you would want to keep secret, except for us.

Betty said; I’ll have to think about it.

I figured she would back out, and I was now worried because I had told her our secret. I said if you decide not to join us, please keep our secret. Betty promised and we went swimming and still had a good time considering what we had just talked about. She looked like she understood and I still had hope.
Two weeks had gone and Betty had not talked about it. Monday I was working with my animals and Betty stopped by for a visit. I said Hi Betty do you want to come swimming today, she smiled and said yes, sounds good. I said well did you think about it? Betty smiled and said I thought about it good and hard and decided to join the club. My mouth dropped and my dick got hard. She said I thought about it and your initiation was pretty bad. My initiation would be at least equal. She then said I’ve never had sex before….. I laughed and said don’t feel so bad Betty….. I haven’t either. Then Betty smiled and said I feel better about it as we both smiled. She said the more I thought about it. The hornier I got. I laughed and said me too. I jacked off thinking about you; she smiled and said you played with your little thing while thinking about me? I said yes but it’s not a little thing anymore with a big smile on my face.

We went swimming only we were now a lot friendlier and closer. I accidently rubbed up against her and she was ok with it, she just smiled…. I had a huge hard on and she knew it…Betty rubbed her hand up against it and smiled at me.

Betty asked. How are we going to do the initiation? I said my parents are gone tomorrow, the four of us will get together and I’ll be first one to fuck you then Ethan and then Noah. Betty smiled; we were both getting a bit turned on talking about it. She rubbed her body up against me. My dick was hard and Betty put her hand on it and smiled, she began rubbing it, and asked if I liked it. I said yes and put my left arm around her back and my right hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy as we stood in the shallow end of the pool, it felt very soft. We moved with her back up against the pool side and I put my arms around her as she spread her legs apart I put my dick up against her pussy, we pumped hard on each other until I literally almost came in my bathing suit. I started rubbing her tits. They felt so soft and big. I said Betty lets go to my room. Ugly Betty and I were being naughty. We moved into the house to my room. I dropped my bathing suit and showed her my dick; her eyes were big as she stared. I was hard as a rock and about 8 inches long. Betty wrapped her hand around it and stroked very softly as she studied my balls and my dick. It felt so amazing. I removed her bathing suit and admired her body. Her pussy was hairy with black pubic hair, her tits were big, her nipples were big and round and sticking out hard. She looked really good. Her pubic mound is well rounded and her pussy crease is perfectly formed. She said you can get a closer look at my pussy if you want. I spread her legs apart as she watched me. I got up closer to her pussy and took a good look. I could see her pussy hole, her pretty pussy lips and a lot of pink. I looked up at her and smiled as she smiled back, Betty was getting off at me looking at her pussy.

We lay on the bed, rubbing and pumping each other for quite a while, her body was very soft and she smelled really good. I ran my hand between her legs as she spread them apart for me to feel her hairy pussy, it was very wet and soft, my finger found her hole easily, I ran my finger in and all around, Betty started panting and told me it feels really good. I continued fingering her wet pussy as Betty moaned loudly; her tits were large and so soft, they moved like jelly. I slid her legs apart more and scooted between them and put my dick at her pussy hole and slid the head in. It went up to her hymen and stopped. We were both so excited we pumped and it was over I pushed through. Betty moaned with pain as we continued to fuck. I sucked on Betty’s boobs as I slid my dick in and out of her pussy. She was very wet as we pumped against each other in perfect rhythm. I lasted about 15 minutes and shot about six big squirts deep in her pussy. It was the first time for both of us.

I said did you like it? Betty smiled and said oh yes. We laughed as we agreed we got carried away and we just couldn’t wait until tomorrow, although tomorrow was still on as we agreed.

Betty was going to let Me, Noah and Ethan fuck her.

Tomorrow is here and so is ugly Betty. She came over early nervosa about getting fucked by all of us.
I promised not to tell about us fucking yesterday and that everything will be cool and fun.

Betty reluctantly smiled. Noah and Ethan are hear also and excited as hell. The four of us go into my bedroom and get Betty on my bed. I smiled at Betty and asked if she’s ready? She smiled back and said yep. I stripped my clothes off as did Ethan and Noah. My dick was hard as a rock as was my two friends. We then stripped Betty naked. She took a good look at our dicks and smiled at us. We all had a major league hard on. The three of us stared at Betty’s hairy pussy and big tits Noah and Ethan each began rubbing and sucking on Betty’s tits, her nipples were large and hard. Betty spread her legs as I ran my hand between her legs and finger fucked her as my two friends watched in amazement, their dicks were big and hard. I was so excited and without thinking, I scooted between Betty’s legs and put my dick at her pussy hole and pushed all 8 inches in. Betty jumped and yelled “ that Hurt” I said I’m sorry Betty and stopped until I felt her pussy muscles tighten up on my dick, then I began again slower until we got into a good pumping rhythm Ethan and Noah watched in anticipation of their turn on her, Betty began moaning loudly loving what was happening to her. Her pussy was tight, wet and slippery as my dick slid in and out over and over. I lasted about 15 minutes and I shot a wad of cum deep inside her pussy. Betty looked at me and smiled as I slid out dripping wet and Ethan wasted no time sliding in. Ethan and Noah are both still virgins and Betty is going to be their first as she was mine. Ethan slid his dick in her pussy and started to pump wildly, I can see in Betty’s face that she was really into it and so was Ethan. Me and Noah rubbed and sucked on Betty’s tits as Ethan took his turn fucking. Betty moaned loudly and pumped hard at Ethan. Noah and I got our dicks in Betty’s mouth. Betty liked it and kept sucking us side to side Ethan lasted about 10 minutes and Shot his load also deep in her pussy. Betty looked up again as Ethan slid out and Noah slid in between her legs. Noah was nervous and kept missing her pussy hole but Betty reached down and guided it into her hole. He began pumping in and out furiously. I can see in Betty’s face the enjoyment of getting gangbanged Ethan And I softly rubbed Betty like she was the queen bee and we were her little workers. Betty didn’t just lay there through all this. She fucked us back and enjoyed it as much as we did. Noah lasted 10 minutes and also came deep in Betty’s pussy.

I whispered to Betty and asked? Can we all go again? Betty was so hot and into it she just smiled and nodded yes, I think she was speechless. As Noah slid out dripping wet I got Betty to move onto her hands and knees. I slid Betty’s legs apart, her pussy was dripping wet with cum and her owe juices as I slid in doggy style and fucked her hard one more time. Betty loved doggy style and really got into it. We all took another turn fucking Betty and Betty fucked us all back just like the first round.

The four of us lie on my bed exhausted and weary. I said, Betty you look like you just fucked 6 times. Betty smiled at all of us and said it was only an initiation and although it was good. I’m not doing it again. We all agreed and welcomed Betty to our club with a group hug. We assured her that when there is another initiation, she will be involved in the decision making. Girls go through the same that she went through, plus they have to do stuff to her. Boys have to do what we went through, plus whatever you want done to you Betty.

Noah and Ethan had gone home and Betty and I took separate showers and got dressed. We sat on the front porch talking. Betty said I’m not doing it again with Ethan and Noah. I said you don’t have too and we will never tell anyone.
Betty smiled at me and said that don’t mean you and I can’t still do it and keep it to ourselves. I smiled back in anticipation of our next encounter.

My next story will be kinky Betty

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Enjoyed this story. Leaves plenty of room for sequels. Get thinking (and writing).

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