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Part Five, cant wait for all your feedback, THANK YOU ALL!
I pulled down Nikkie’s little panties, to reveal her beautiful pussy, pink puffy lips, wet as a hose, and it was just the kinkiest thing ever. I kissed the out side of it and heard Nikkie moan; she clamped her knees against my head and moaned more. I kissed it and licked the outside of it slowly with my tongue that got her moaning like crazy, “Don’t tease me Tyler! Please, Come-on! I WANT you!” I heard her saying, between gasps of breath, so I moved forward, and licked until I was licking her clit, it didn’t taste of much, it was just hot, and I licked down and rimmed her hole, then stuck my tongue in. Now I could taste it, sweet but kind of salty at the same time, I licked sucked and kissed all around her pussy, up and down. She climaxed, and her juices started flowing. I didn’t really know what to do, so I went with instinct, and licked it all up. It tasted good surprisingly. I kept repeating this process and she climaxed again. Eventually she dropped her knees and was gasping for breath. I crept upward toward her, kissing her stomach until I got to her chest, (Still covered in her t-shirt) and looked into her eyes. They were watery, from being exhausted from having her first two orgasms. She smiled weakly at me, and put her hands at either side of my face, I could tell what she wanted, so I leant on my elbows and pulled myself up. I kissed her once on her lips, then her jaw, collarbone and just below her ear, and then her lips again. She pulled my head out so I was looking at her. I took her hands and placed them around my neck, and wrapped mine around her waist.
I pulled her toward me, until I fell onto my back, so she was lying above me, I slowly moved my hands towards her ass, and squeezed it gently. She looked shocked, so I let go of her ass and moved to her waist again. But before I could Nikkie grabbed my hands and kept me securely with my hands on her ass. “No” she said half smiling. “I like it”. I leant toward her and kissed her full on the lips. Once again our tongues were entwined with each over and Nikkie once again was running out of breath. I pulled her away from me and smiled “I need a drink. Ill be back in a couple of seconds” I said, I pulled my socks back on, I knew her floor would be cold; it was about 3 in the morning now. I trotted downstairs rubbing my eyes, toppling to the side but eventually made it to her kitchen “What to do what do to” I said to myself, as I walked toward the cupboards. I grabbed a glass and poured myself an orange juice. As I don’t drink water or milk because they both taste disgusting (Yeah, people tell me water don’t taste of anything but it does! And I don’t like it) I drank it all in one go, and leant against her counted, tapping the glass with my fingers. I couldn’t hear anything really, as I was deaf in one ear and it was very quiet as it was. But I suddenly had that feeling of being watched and looked up, and to the right. Toward the front door.

Cayla was leaning against the wall, spinning a key on a key-ring around her index finger. She looked pissed, but smiled “Little thirsty are we?” she said smirking. Cayla threw the key onto the sofa and walked toward me. She was no where near as stunning and beautiful as Nikkie, but she was sexy. Her hips swayed from side to side, she had that perfect American girl hour-glass figure, her hair was pulled up, and she had red lipstick on. “C-Cayla” I said, wide eyed. “What are you doing here?” I said, slowly. I was so confused, like a bat being suddenly exposed to the sun. Having no clue what just happened. Before I
Knew it, she was standing in front of me, pushing me against the counter, with no escape. She took off her jacket and threw it behind her. Then tiptoed to kiss me, but I put my hands on her shoulder and pushed her down, so she couldn’t. “Come-on Ty! You can’t possibly like that blonde bimbo over me?” She said, smirking. I did that half laugh half humph sound and looked away from Cayla. “I don’t like her over you Cayla” I said, turning back toward her to look at her. She was about to say well. But I covered her mouth and spoke again. “I’m in love with her. You’re still my best friend. But she’s my Love. And your not going to change that” I said slowly, I think I smirked, but I didn’t mean to. “Watch me” Cayla replied winking. She tiptoed up to kiss me, and this time reached. It was different to kissing Nikkie, with Nikkie it was passionate and meant something. With Cayla, it was rash and hard, vicious in a way. We kissed for a while before Cayla pulled away laughing, “See” she said, tapping her temple with a finger “so much better”. I put my cup in the sink and walked to the sofa and picked up the key. I put it in the front doors key lock, and it fit. “Cayla, why do you have a key to Nikkie’s house?” I asked looking at her with a tired expression... she didn’t answer... “Well?” I asked folding my arms. “Wells...she gave me it, so I could come in without having to knock when she invited me round. She didn’t ask for it back, so I didn’t give it back.” Cayla laughed and reached for the key, but I snatched it up and held it in my palm. “Well, you’re giving it back now, well no, actually, I’m taking it back. Goodbye Cayla” I said. But she just stood there looking at me. “So that kiss then, didn’t mean anything?” she asked, annoyed. “Fine!” I shouted. “If you won’t leave sleep on the couch. Just don’t annoy me, for fuck sake don’t annoy me” I closed the door and walked upstairs. When I got back to Nikkie’s room, she wasn’t there. So I sat on the bed and waited for her. She walked in from the bathroom and looked at me. She looked like she was about to cry. She turn’t around and walked back into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Was she sick? I stalked after her and opened the door, to find her sitting on the floor, head in hands sobbing. I sat across from her, but next to her. “What?” I said. Confused...

Nikkie looked up toward me, with a red face. Tears on her cheeks, “oh no! Don’t cry, what’s wrong?” I said as I kneeled toward her and wiped the tears away. “Tyler, you have lipstick on your cheek, and I know that lipstick. It’s Cayla’s.” Nikkie went back to sobbing “Did you kiss her Tyler?” Nikkie was crying full pelt now. 100mph, no stopping her. “No, I didn’t. She kissed me. But I didn’t kiss her. She’s an idiot, much as I love her like a sister; I wouldn’t ever kiss her back. I’m not like that Nikkie. I love you. Now please, come and sleep in your bed with me? And in the morning we can all discuss this? I’m getting so bored of Cayla that I just want it over and done with.” I said shaking my head, and every word I said was true. I do love Nikkie. Ill never stop loving her, I always will. I pulled Nikkie up and carried her back to the bed. She climbed in and I climbed in next to her. She didn’t sleep looking at me, or huddling next to me. She slept with her back to me. “Fine” I said under my breath and wrapped my arms around her stomach and pulled her towards me. Her back to my front. I could have sworn she laughed, but I couldn’t hear properly or clearly. But she held my hands round her, tightly. She kissed my arm and whispered “Goodnight” to me. And I kissed her hair and said goodnight back.

I woke up around 8 am with a head ache. I rolled over and pulled Nikkie closer. And tried to get back to sleep. But I could hear someone breathing, like angry breathing, and looked towards the end of the bed to see Cayla there, looking as angry as she could get. I was afraid she might have turn’t green and ripped me apart. “Oh for god’s sake Cayla fuck off and get over it” I said burying my face against Nikkie’s back, away from Cayla. I felt her stand up and walk to my side of the bed “Just remember, when bimbo here breaks your heart, I’m always up for a good fuck Ty” Cayla said smirking; she kissed my cheek and walked out. “See you later” she said, as I caught a glimpse of her spinning a key on her finger as she walked toward the door. I laughed. “Sneaky Little Twat” I said under my breath as I tried to get to sleep again.


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What a cliffhanger that was! I can tell you are well educated in the art of writing. More, please oh please!

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Great Story, and you have spun that ironic conflict (Cayla's attraction) into the story line quite well... that is what I think.


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thx for another awsome chapter stil think cayla is geting the shitey end but lshe is sly and sneekey wonder what ill happen next

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