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My great night...
Hmmm...where did we leave off last time? That's right, Brian, Bill, and I had a very hot and fun time at the adult theatre. I got Brian fired because I couldn't have him around since he knew too much about me and the fun I liked to have. The next stories I can't remember what exact order they came in but I'll try to keep them as linear as possible.

The next time I wanted to meet with Bill was a Saturday. I emailed him with my instructions, but to my surprise, he told me that he had family in town and would not be available. I was disappointed and a bit angry that I wouldn't have the fun I'd came up with. But I wasn't going to let my weekend go to waste. So I hopped on my laptop to see what there was to do and what events were going on. While I searched for bars, I came across a place called The Chapel. I saw that they had 4 and a half stars and massive good reviews. It was a gay club. Within a blink I had my scenerio in my head. I'd go there, get a little tipsy and see what kinda fun I could find.

Around 8pm I hopped in the shower and did my usual routine. I shampoo'd and washed up. I grabbed my enema kit and used it. I really do enjoy giving myself an enema. I usually fill my bum full of water and try to hold it as long as possible and then letting it gush out. Feeling clean, I grabbed my new black dildo. It was about 8" long and 2" thick, but also had a suction cup at one end of it so I could stick it to the wall. I was already on all fours so I reached under my body and but up to finger my clean asshole. Feeling my finger inside me, I imagined what fun I could have in a couple hours. I felt that my hole was pretty relaxed and ready for something to be inserted, so I stuck the dildo to the wall and positioned myself while the hot water was still spraying on me. The water was ok enough for lube, so I backed my ass and slowly slide back into it. I think I got about 6" and then I felt that was enough. I started to slowly fuck myself with the black dildo. Since I didn't use lube, I felt every length of the cock sliding out of my ass. I imagined me being fucked in the middle of a dance floor while everyone was watchin and jacking off. I decided to change position and took the dildo off the wall and stuck it to the bottom of the tub. I squatted over it and lowered myself. I remembered the fantastic fucking Bill and Brian gave me in the theater. Riding the dildo up and down, I reached down and stroked myself. Within minutes I shot my load up and watched it as it floated towards the drain. I stood up and finished cleaning up. After getting dressed I checked my email, there was a message in my inbox from Bill. But I didn't care, I decided not to read it and left.

I drove downtown and it took me a few circles around the block to find the place. When I walked in, the place was packed. I looked around and it was dark but I could see it was elegantly decorated. Chandeliers hang from the ceilings and sexy guys were dancing on the floor. I walked over to the bar and ordered a shot of Patron. I took the shot and ordered a Red Bull and Vodka. I'm not much of a drinker and I'm considered a lightweight. I walked through the crowd of people dancing to see what I had to look forward to tonight. After a few rounds, I felt the alcohol sweep over me. I felt the bass of the music and got to the middle of the dance floor and danced. I didn't care who was around, I just danced. The alcohol took over and after a couple songs. I felt someone behind me. I couldn't really see him but I didn't care. I backed up into him and we immediately started to grind into each other. I reached behind and guided his head towards my neck. He started to kiss it as I felt his bulge on my ass. His right hand reached around me and started to feel my abs. The stranger slowly moved his hands down and then grabbed my hard cock. I turned around and threw my arms around him. I kissed him deeply and shoved my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues wrestled for a while until he broke away and said he needed a drink. He took my hand and we went over to the bar. He ordered drinks and then we made our way to the back where the booths were. I was pretty buzzed and probably drunk by this time. I remember seeing guys making out in the booths. We got to an empty one and we sat down. I downed my drink and felt his hands on my leg. I did the same but then went straight for his bulge. We rubbed each other while making out. I tried to go into his pants but then he stopped me.

"Want some fun Hottie?" He asked drunkenly. I nodded and then he grabbed my hand and led me to the second level of the club. We walked up to a big muscular black guy and my makeout buddy pulled out a card. I didn't get a good look at it but the bouncer seems to know what it was. He moved aside and opened the door. Inside there was a long hallway with doors all down it. He chose one and we entered a room with a round bed. The room was a deep purple and was very dimly lit. We attacked each other once the door was closed. Ripping each other's clothes off. Before I knew it I was on top of him. The bed felt nice, I remember a black furry blanket. Like I was saying, I was on top of him and I could feel his cock ready for me. The tip of his cock was already at my back door. He put his finger up to me and I licked and sucked on it. He proceeded to reach behind me and massage my hole. We kissed and I let out a little moan into his mouth. His finger entered me and he wasn't too gentle about it. He fingered me a couple times and then I felt a second and then third finger. He roughly fucked my ass with his fingers and once again, i was impatient. I pulled his hand out and sat right on his cock. It surpised him, but he slid partially into me. I started to rock back and forth, letting my ass swallow him little by little. It felt incredible. Soon I felt his full length inside me. I sat straight up and moved up and down. Taking long strides on his cock. He layed there and enjoyed me riding him.Til this day, I still don't remember what he looked like. My lust got the better of me and I wanted more. So got off him and got on all fours. He quickly sat up and grabbed my hips and yanked me towards him. His hard dick dove right in.

"Uh!" came out of me. And he furiously started to fuck me. The feeling of his strong hands griping my hips and fucking me wildly drove me nuts. I lost control, and when I lose control, words just spew out of my mouth.

"Uh! Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Fuck me damnit! Oh! Yea! Fuck! Me!" I screamed as I gripped the blankets. The sensation of my asshole was intense. I dont remember we he said but I know it was like, "Yea? You like that bitch? Fuck!"

Pounding my ass, he reached forward and grabbed my hair. I loved it. I felt like a total slut. He pulled out and spun me around by my hair. He slapped me with his cock and said, "You want my cock? You want this cock don't you bitch? Tell me!" I told him that I did and he continued to slap me with his cock. He told me to open my mouth and he shoved it in. I gagged and he pulled out.

"Take my cock!" He yelled and he shoved it in again. This time I relaxed my throat and it was ok. With my hair still in his grasp he began to fuck my face. I flicked my tongue out as he did. I remember hearing him moan. Next thing I knew, I saw a flash. It was from his cell phone. But I didn't care. I sucked his cock until he was about ready to cum, the stranger pulled out and shot the thick cum all over my face. And yes it did get in my eye. And yes it does sting. He rubbed his cock in it, spreading it all over my face. I stuck my tongue out and he layed his cock on it. I licked it clean and then grabbed some tissue paper near by and wiped my face. I remember seeing him get dressed. He had a nice ass. I'm guessing he had to be in his twenties too. He quickly left and in my drunken state I layed back on the bed. Still naked. I was getting sleepy and probably would have fallen asleep but the door opened and the bouncer came in and said, "Hey kid, Jake left, so get dressed and get out."

I remember hearing him but I didn't want to get up. I was too drunk. Still laying there, the bouncer came over and yelled, "Hey, get up and get out. Last warning."

I just smiled. He then said, "Ok...I warned you." He flipped me over and I heard him undo his belt. He got on the bed and he pinned me down with his strong hands.

"When I tell you to do something, you do it..." He said in his deep and calm voice. I felt his cock move up and down my ass. He then drove it in me. It was pretty painful because of how thick he was. He wasn't that long, maybe 5" but he was thick. He started to thrust his cock inside me. Fucking me hard, I felt the bed move with every push. And with every thrust he said, "When I tell you to do something, you do it! So now you have to take my dick in yo ass!" He kept fucking me for a couple minutes and then I felt him try to shove his cock as deep as he could and cum inside me. He quickly got off and put his pants on. As soon as I turned over he left. Feeling pretty satisfied, I slowly got up and dressed. I walked out of the room and say an exit to my right. I walked out and it led me outside to the back of the club. I walked around and got into my car. The drive home was pleasant enough, trying to piece together what happened that night.

When I got home I saw that the inbox of my email still had the one unread email from Bill. Ignored it and stripped my clothes off and jumped in bed. Cum was still in my ass and all over my legs. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Until next time my friends...

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2013-08-26 17:54:10
I'm so turned on!!!

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2011-04-02 18:24:05
Your stories are fucking hot :)

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2011-03-28 00:55:15
love your life having lots of fun but try using a condom and keep clean continue

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2011-03-26 10:00:00
Loved it! Lots of detail, very sexy story.

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