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just fun
Freaky Hot

Now I must mention I also have an older

brother. Dan is 2 years older than me but

younger than Shelly. One night Dan and I came

home to find Shelly passed out on the sofa

wearing a short robe that was open halfway

exposing her boob. Dan and I looked at each

other with our jaws dropped. Dan whispered to

me "Should we wake her or check her our for a

while"? I shrugged my shoulder replying

quietly " I guess we should at least try to

wake her".
Dan say's let's gently wake her"! We walked

to the sofa and stood in front of her looking

at her naked tit and looking her legs and

the edge of her pubic area . Dan whispered "I

dare you to open her robe up all the way!" I

said "no way, you do it!" He chuckled "no,

you, I'll give you a buck"! A buck back than

was a lot! I put my hand out for the dollar"!

He pulled a dollar bill out and gave it to

I was nervous but I slowly pulled the edge

of her robe and pulled it off her and we were

shocked that she wasn't wearing panties. We

could see the whole front of her naked body!

I told Dan "your turn, I'll give you a dollar

to touch her nipple"! He laughed "I just gave

you that"! I told him "you get it back if you

touch her nipple"! He grinned and slowly put

his hand by her boob, put his index finger

out and touched her nipple, only for a quick

second! I handed him the dollar bill and he

said "your turn, keep it"! I whispered "now

what"? He whispered "lick her nipple"! I said

"no way"! He upped the anny "I'll add a buck

to it if you lick her nipple"! I hesitated

than kneeled down and put my mouth in front

of her boob, stuck my tongue out and tasted

her nipple"! I really liked it and just let

my tongue taste it for a couple seconds.
I turned to Dan and said "how much if I

rub my dick on her tit?" He paused than

answered " $5 "! I got really nervous as I

opened my pants up, pushed them down , took

my hard dick out and rubbed the head of my

dick on her nipple"! My pre-cum was oozing

out and I watched it stick to her nipple!
I noticed the way her arm was out-stretched

and her hand was open and told Dan "put your

dick in her hand!" H quickly "if you put your

dick in her mouth"! I said "fine , you go

first"! Dan pushed his pants down and kneeled

down holding his dick and positioning it

inches from her open hand, palm up! He laid

his dick across her hand. He rubbed the head

along her fingers and moved in letting his

balls rest in her hand.
He whispered again "you're move!" Adding

look how open her mouth is"! It was open kind

of wide so I just thought "what the heck"! I

moved my dick in front of her mouth and just

gently touched her lip with the head of my

dick. I watched my pre-com laid on her lips

as I pushed the head in past her lips . I

glanced at Dan's dick rubbed her hand.

Seconds after I looked at her hand, her

fingers wrapped around his dick and gripped

it. I looked at her face and her eyes looked

at mine.
My blood turned cold , realizing she woke

up and my dick was in her mouth and Dan's

dick was in her hand! She stroked him as she

closed her mouth around my dick and sucked

it. She spread her legs and stuck her hand

between her legs and started fingering

herself. Seconds later Dan grunted and his

cum shot on her belly and boobs. She looked

at me and whispered "cum in my mouth"!

Seconds later I came! I felt my load squirt

and she gulped and swallowed all of it!
She rolled over mumbling "now go away, and

keep quiet"! We covered her and went to bed!
The next morning I woke up and Dan was

already up and out of bed. I got out of bed

and tried getting in the bathroom but the

door was shut and locked. I knocked and

Shelly said "I'm getting a bath"! I said "ok"

and went right for my peephole! I got in

position and looked to see Shelly sitting on

the toilet and Dan standing naked in front of

her and she was jerking his dick right in

front of her face. I was amazed!
Of course I continued watching! She than

stood up, completely naked, and while still

stroking his dick she started kissing him. A

minute later she was leaning over the sink

and he got behind her and started fucking her

from behind! I had my dick in my hand,

jerking it and it was like we all came at the

same time! I cleaned up and jumped back in my

bed! I waited a minute than got up and went

to knock again but as I approached the door

Shelly walked out in her housecoat.
I said thanx and went for the door and she

stopped me saying "Dan's getting a bath, but

I think you know that already"! I acted dumb

saying "what the hell you talking about?" She

smiled "I know about your peephole, I know

you were watching us"! I was speachless!
Shelly whispered in my ear " did you watch

when he fucked me from behind"? I I just

nodded "yes"! She stuck her hand down my

shorts and grabbed my dick as she whispered

"do you wanna fuck me"? I whispered "yes"!

She replied "how about I fuck you"? I said

She took me by the hand and led me to her

bedroom, walked in , shut the door and locked

it. She told me to take my clothes off and

lay down. I did just that as she took her

robe off and stood beside the bed and just

looked at my dick for a couple seconds. She

crawled in beside be with her head by my

crotch area. She stuck her fingers between my

legs and played with my balls while she

started licking the head of my dick. She

sucked it for a minute or 2 than started

kissing up my belly, until her mouth was on

mine and are tongues were dancing.
Than she sat up, straddling me with her

pussy over my dick. She rubbed my head along

her pussy before whispering "are you

watching"? I said "yea"! She lowered her

pussy onto my dick slowly, going up a little

than down more. I watched my dick enter her ,

getting deeper and deeper before I was all

the way in her. She put my hands on her tits

and I squeezed them as she fucked me! I told

her I was gonna cum and she whispered "cum in

my pussy"! With that I shot my load deep

inside her!

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2011-05-12 02:43:16
Never seen a beettr post! ICOCBW

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2011-04-26 16:21:22
I am glad that both of the brothers got some. Can we all get along.

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