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Bottom Feeder Chapter Two
I was taking the long hot shower You had allowed me, following the afternoons
activities with Your tranny friends, in the park. I had lots of time to think about
how things had evolved so quickly with You. It had only been six weeks since I
had begged You to train me as Your adoring toilet slut. And today I had been
fully baptized by You. Your training of me has been masterful. I now only crave
those moments out of chastity, when I am allowed to service You, in the most
intimate of ways. I know how You love to have me feed from You directly, and I
so love to please all of Your wicked whims. And I figure, as Your full toilet
servant, I will, hopefully, not be subjected to the rape I had experienced this
afternoon, ever again. Feeble hopes, as it would turn out to be.
You had instructed me to re-apply my make-up and fix my hair after the shower,
and that You would have one of Your slaves lay out some new clothing for me to
wear for You. I was in a reverie – I was finally truly owned by a beautiful
Goddess! I dried myself off and went to the vanity – You had chosen some very
sexy garments for me – all in vintage style – real silk stockings; a delicious
looking cream corset with 12 garters and laces for tightening; a sexy, sheer, full
satin slip, with matching stiletto heels; no panties as usual. You always prefer to
see me fully exposed.
As I was putting the final touches on my makeup, and was feeling quite pretty, I
heard Your heels clicking down the hallway. You walked into the bathroom,
without knocking, of course. I was shocked to see a man with You. He was very
well dressed, and I assumed he was probably an important client of Yours. I
dropped my eyes to the floor – I felt his eyes all over me.
“ Well, here she is, Brad. I told you she was a little dish. And well trained in cock
service, let me tell you. She's the top of my pick in the stable, right now. Just
recently been turned into a full, lifetime, personal toilet of mine. Just to give you
an idea of how obedient she's become.” Mistress snapped Her fingers twice. I
knew the signal – I immediately dropped to my knees and crawled over to Her
ass and started licking her beautiful asshole. “ Open your mouth wide, slave.
Show my friend just how obedient I've made you.” I went all gooshy as I
obediently opened my mouth to Your wicked desires. I felt my cock pulsing in its
chastity cage “ Stick your tongue right up my anus, my little toilet whore. Im
going to slowly tease you with my shit – and I want you to let it slowly slide down
your throat until you are truly deep-throating me. Understood?”
“ Yes Ma'am” I gasped, as She pushed Her ass right over my mouth.
“ Get your tongue as far up my anus as you can, while I push my offerings out to
My tongue was getting so good at snaking up Your asshole. Weeks of training
had made it quite agile and strong. But I had never had You deliver your shit
directly onto my tongue before. This would be a first. And also with a different
twist, because as I was tonguing You, I felt your friends hands caressing my ass.
He stuck two fingers up inside me, and I obediently began to thrash my little hips
and ass in response! I caught a glance of him ripping his fly open and pulling out
his cock – he seemed quite pumped! I wiggled my ass in response, just like
You'd taught me. I could see it was working – I pushed my ass high up in the air,
reached around and pulled my cheeks apart. My stocking clad feet were wriggling
in mid air – I knew I was the picture of submission. But I wasnt fully prepared
for the onslaught from Your friend. He pushed my hands away and spread my
cheeks for himself. I felt his cock head up against me for a few moments, until
he painfully, fully, thrust himself inside me. My breath was taken away! I caught
another glance – he was really having an enjoyable time, with my ass, thrusting
fully, deeply, in and out of my little cunt. Then I saw Your look – You were proud
of me, I could tell – it only made me buck my hips more wildly, to pleasure him.
But of course, ultimately, to pleasure You! He grabbed me by my corset thongs,
and proceeded to pound my little slave cunt to oblivion! But, of course, this was
not all. The whole time, I had my lips wrapped around Your anus. You had truly
turned me into a multi tasking slave – just like a female. I was becoming more
able to please and serve under a variety of venues. Tonight I would be Your cock
whore, again, as well as Your full toilet!
“ Get your tongue deeper up inside my shitter, slave. Im going to slowly push out
your dinner, while my friend here has his way with you. Hold your tongue there.”
Mistress pulled me into Her, with her hand behind my head. The pounding
continued. I was already so sore from the five trannies that had raped me that
afternoon. I was drifting into a state of absolute submission – the pain was
dulled by the wonderful expression of pride on Your face. This client would be
paying very well, I could tell.
“ Hold your tongue there – now wriggle it – coax out your meal, c'mon, wiggle
wiggle, thats right , here it comes...and keep wiggling that ass, of course.”
I guess You'd made it easy for me – only 2 things to focus on: pleasing Your
asshole, and pleasing your client with my asshole. But I was struggling to do my
best. I had to really focus on the tasks at hand. My tongue was aching from
being so deep inside You – but I was getting the first taste of Your shit as You
very slowly were sliding it out onto my tongue. I made myself keep my tongue
stiff and compliant. Your delicious log was beginning to slide across it.
“ Lift open your mouth now, slut. Create a passage for it. Thats right, open wide
and deep throat me!”
You push Your first log out, so that it is completely draped across my tongue,
and is filling my throat, right to the back of it. I have no choice but to breathe
You in thru my nose. I am, as it happens, in absolute heaven! Though my ass is
in such pain from the fucking that your friend is giving me, I am truly starting to
love my place with You. No-one has ever ruled me as completely as You do. And
used me so fully! And intimately. As I suck on Your log, I truly imagine that I am
a deep throating little cock whore for You, as I struggle not to gag on Your
delicious shit. This is what i've become. You have molded me to this moment – to
perform so devotedly for You and Your clients and friends.

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2014-06-28 18:23:58
I seriously cannot tell if the slave is a boy or a girl

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