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My husband was out of town and I was horny
On Monday night I was bored and went out to see if I could find some guys to play with. My husband, Alex was away on business and I was horny so I went to a business hotel not far from our home. I was wearing a red skirt that was slit up the side, a see thru black blouse, red garter belt, stockings, a red jacket, red high heels and red thong panties.  With the jacket buttoned, I did look like another business woman staying at the hotel.  I arrived at 8:00PM, and there was only the bartender and one other guy sitting at the bar. They were both watching the final game of the college basketball championship on the TV. 
I sat at the bar 4 seats away for the other guy sitting there, he was about 35 years old, with blond hair and blue eyes.  I ordered a glass of wine and after a few minutes I acted like I was interested in the game and asked who was winning.  I had no idea who was even playing, let alone cared about the game, but I thought this would be a good way to start a conversation with him.  He said the game just started and then told me that Florida was winning and I acted disappointed.  He then told me that UCLA was only loosing by 4 points.  He asked if I was a UCLA fan and I said yes. He said his name was Andy and that he was a Florida fan.  We talked a bit and I unbuttoned my jacket and every now and then I am sure that he was getting peaks at my tits as I sat there. When I was almost finished with my wine he asked if he could buy me another and I said yes and he came over and sat next to me. Florida was now winning by 6 points and we talked a bit more and he was bragging about how Florida was the best and they would definitely win and I said lets make a bet.  He said what do you want to bet.  I had no idea so he said lets bet a drink that whoever was loosing at the end of the first period would buy a drink.  I turned toward him and said why not, knowing that my jacket was now open enough for him to clearly see my tits thru the sheer blouse and he nearly choked on his drink. At the end of the first period, Florida was winning by 11 points and I bought him a drink. As we toasted each other I turned toward him again and made sure that my skirt rode up a bit and my stocking tops and garter belt were showing and he definitely noticed and did not know whether to look at my legs or my tits thru the sheer blouse.  He then said that I was one sexy woman and I said thank you and leaned toward him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  Now I was acting as though I was starting to get a bit tipsy and started acting really cocky and saying to him that my team was going to come back and that his team was no good and he wanted to make another bet, so I said sure, what do you want to bet.  He said whoever looses buys dinner and I said fine. We were now having a good time and I was casually touching his arm and occasionally placing my hand on his thigh as we talked.  He was also getting more friendly and was now touching my shoulder and giving me a hug every now and then. We started to make stupid bets on the game, such as who would score next and I was loosing nearly every one and I started to act as if I was getting more drunk. I wanted to make sure he thought that I was interested in him and I turned toward him and made sure my skirt rode up again past the top of my stocking and with my legs a bit apart so he could see my red panties and now he had his hand on my thigh, gently rubbing it. As we continued to make bets I told him I had no more money to buy him more drinks.  He acted disappointed, but then his team was shooting a foul shot and I then told him that if they do not make the shot, he had to buy me a drink and if they did make it, I would give him my panties.  He was shocked at first, but quickly said sure.  Well they made the shot and he said "pay up" so I started to get up and go to the ladies room to take them off and he said no, do it right there.  Well, since we were the only ones in the bar and the bartender was not around I said "sure" and standing there next to him I reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down (and they were wet from my excitement), stepped out of them, reached down, picked them up and put them on the bar in front of him. He was shocked I did this and just stared at me so I lean toward him and kissed him on the cheek again. As I sat back down I again made sure I was facing him and my skirt rode up again, but I crossed my legs so he could not see up it.  The next time my team was to make a foul shot, I said that I bet they would make it and he said since I did not have any more money, what was I betting.  I told him if they did not make it I would take my blouse off.  He said sure and of course they did not make the shot. I stood up and said I would be right back and was going to go to the ladies room and he said oh no, right here, just like the panties, so when the bartender went to the back room, I took my jacket off, unbuttoned the sheer see thru blouse and took it off and put my jacket back on and I started to button it, but he said no fair, that I had to keep it unbuttoned, so I said sure and sat there facing him, with him looking at my tits.  When the bartender came back and saw that I was sitting there with my jacket unbuttoned and no blouse on he did not know what to do, but stayed around to enjoy the view. As the game continued, I flirted with him and was rubbing his leg and he was rubbing my thigh working his hand further up my leg and was then rubbing my bare thigh above the top of my stocking. The game finally ended and my team lost.  He said "ok, lets go have dinner" and I said that I ran out of money and could not afford to buy it.  He said, lets still have dinner on him and we could discuss it. So I buttoned my jacket and we went to the restaurant and got a booth near the back.  As we started to have dinner he asked how I was going to pay up on my bet and I snuggled up to him and said we can find something as I kissed him.  As we ate I would be rubbing his leg and he was rubbing mine and after we ordered desert he again asked about the bet.  I turned toward him, unbuttoned my jacked and pulled his hand to my tits and he started to massage them right there in the restaurant.  When the waiter was coming toward us with the deserts, he stopped and I closed my jacket.  After he left, Andy said that was good, but not worth the meal he just bought.  So I again snuggled up to him, started to kiss him on his neck as I reached between his legs and started to rub his hard cock thru his pants and then whispered in his ear "maybe I can take care of this".  He looked at me and said sure, asked for the bill and we left the restaurant.  He wanted to go to his room, and I said that I couldn't and I pulled him out to the courtyard in the back of the hotel near the pool and jacuzzi.  I found an area that was off to the side and fairly secluded and then put my arms around his neck and as we kissed each other, I reached between us and started to rub his cock thru his pants as he reached up and unbuttoned my jacket and was playing with my tits again.  I was so excited and my juices were starting to run down my leg. I then pulled away from him, reached for his belt and unbuckled it and opened his pants and pushed them down as his cock popped out.  It was long, a little longer than my husband Alex's cock, but it was really skinny.  I pushed him back and he leaned against the wall as I stood there and took my jacket off. I got down on my knees and as I got close to his cock, I kissed the tip and then licked it down to his balls and sucked one and then the other into my mouth.  I then licked back up to the tip and looked up into his eyes and asked if this was enough for the bet and he just said yes.  I then took his cock into my mouth and started to suck on it as I stroked it with one hand and played with his balls with the other.  His cock was so different than Alex's, it was smoother and being really skinny, I was able to really run my tongue all over it when it was in my mouth.  Alex's cock is thicker and it fills my mouth up, but this was skinny.  And the smell was different.  I was now really going at it and I wanted him to cum, so I reached back and started to rub his asshole with one finger and he was starting to really moan and then as I stuck my finger in his ass, I could tell he was ready to cum and his cock started to twitch and I took it out of my mouth and I jerked him off till he shot his cum on my face and tits.  The first squirt, hit my lips and then I directed it to my tits and continued to jerk him till he was drained.  When he stopped I gently put my lips around the tip of his cock and licked it clean.  He was just standing there, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.  I got a tissue from my purse and wiped the cum off my tits, stood up, put my jacket on and kissed him with his cum on my lips and as I pushed my tongue past his lips, we could both taste the cum.  I stepped back, said thank you and just turned around and walked away, with him standing there with his pants around his ankles.  He realized I was leaving and tried to get his pants up and come after me, but instead he tripped because his pants were still around his ankles.  I hurried out of the hotel and got in my car and drove home, where I got my toys out and pushed it inside me till I had a great orgasm. My husband does not know that I did this, but I bet he would get hard instantly if I told him about it. And I bet he would even like to watch me do it sometime.


2016-12-16 17:54:08
That has been done before

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2016-06-04 09:52:46
I love sucking my BF's best friends cock and getting fucked hard by his 10" cock ,.... he likes to watch,,,,a voyier ,,,,,,, well, I give him a show!!!! I never thought i could take a fat cock like that all the way in both holes!!!!! at 44 ,,,,think I am a dirty cock loving slut!!!!!!!

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2011-04-08 09:20:17
Why do people write these stories all in one big long paragraph. Did they not take English class ?

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2011-04-01 15:00:39
Hey asshole. Write in shorter paragraphs so people can read your shit


2011-03-27 09:21:23
very good story but think she should have drained his balls by fucking him dry.

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