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fufils his wifes fantasy
I am Salim 28 years old married since past 3 years my wife is Shahana 25 years old very hot very sexy looking. She actually looks very similar to Priyanka Chopra. We reside near to Hyderabad. Ours married life is wonderful we don’t have any problem what so ever except just one. It was my thinking my fantasies which were not going true. I loved my wife and she loved me more than I do. My fantasy was to see my sexy young wife fucked hard by another male. Any doctors from Hyderabad wants to fuck my lovely and sexy wife just mail me on

This fantasy of mine started building stronger and strong in my mind, and I was unable to bear it any more so I decided to speak upon it to my wife. I knew that she will never agree if I approach I tried several things as role playing while sex showing her all sort of porn’s, which she liked. Once while making love I told her what I was thinking off. She slapped on my face and started crying she said she will die but will not give her body to another male other than me.
So everything stopped and I was really unable to digest it.

So I started to make a plan. Once my wife was not doing well she caught a cold and cough. We needed to visit a doctor and we were about to visit a one. Suddenly my mind started working, I though that this is my golden opportunity, now she will be with another male as she is a house wife she don’t have a chance to meet other males. So I picked up a young doctor who was good looking. I went to his clinic I took his mobile no and I messaged him.”

Sir, this will be a shock for you but I am looking for a doctor who should fuck my wife and I will watch it secretly if you are interested sms me”. I got a reply he asked several things and I called him up and told him everything openly, he agreed. We decided to take my wife to his clinic and do what we have planned for. Any doctors from Hyderabad wants to fuck my lovely and sexy wife just mail me on

Next day I took my sexy wife to the doctors clinic. She really had a bad through and she was coughing allot, when we entered his cabin he asked my wife to sit on the stool. My wife was wearing a burkha she took off her nose piece and my doctor was amazed to see her beautiful face. He asked her since how long are you effected, she said its been 3 or 4 days after asking few more questions he asked her to open her mouth and he inserted a stick which is used to see throat.

Then he placed stethoscope on her back and asked her to breath heavily which she did, then he put it on her chest and asked the same after that he put it on her ripening breast and pressed a bit he asked her to take a deep breath, she was shy as he put the stethoscope on her breast but she took a breath. Doctor said well you have some infection and you should have to go through some tests, otherwise it will be a problem if it is not cured on the right time. I said its ok sir you can take the tests.

He asked her to come at examining room. She went there doctor told me that there is a hidden place where I can sit and watch whats going on in. I said ok and I went to the place which he showed there was a curtain and I could sneak in entire room was visible from there. She was sitting on the table doctor told my wife to remove her burkha and lie down on the bed. She was looking nervous.

Doctor asked what’s wrong she said she is afraid of injections, doctor smiled and said don’t worry I won’t give you until you asked for it. She went to the bed and lied after removing her burkha she was wearing a black sari as well as black blouse. Doctor once again put the stethoscope on her chest he was placing her and there, then he put it on her breast and pressed deeper. My wife closed her eyes.

Doctor asked her to remove the pallu of her sari from her chest, which she did now doctor can see my wife’s lovely assets placed on her chest, I could see his eyes glowing up. He was looking at my wife’s boobs my wife turned her face around. Doctor now went nearby and took something in his hand my wife was looking at him. He came near to her and said well Shahana as I said we need to do some tests and I have to put this objects on your chest and you need to unhook your blouse.

She was shocked, doctor said look Shahana its all ok I am a doctor and you are my patient I come across hundreds of patients and young woman like you ours is a total professional relation so please co-operate with me. My wife started to unhook her blouse and it was the moment for me I started to watch the proceedings without blinking my eyes I don’t want to miss a single moment happening in.

Any doctors from Hyderabad wants to fuck my lovely and sexy wife just mail me on She opened her blouse and her lovely breasts came out she was wearing a black transparent bra which was struggling to hide anything behind it. The doctor was able to view even her maroon nipples my wife blushed and I can see her face turning red. He placed the tool on her breast and pretended as he is doing something he placed on several places on her chest and even on her breast.

After a while he said Shahana you have to take off your bra as well because I need to put this tool on your tits. She was helpless so she sat and removed her blouse as well as she removed her bra. She was not looking towards the doctor she was looking down. She was totally naked till her waist and what a site was that her 36” breast was all in front of the doctor and he can see her beauty with all ease. She lied down she closed her eyes, I observed that doctor got a hard on in his trousers.

He looked at my wife’s bare breast for some time and then he took some cram and he started to rub on my wife’s chest and breasts. My wife opened her eyes and asked him what was he doing, he said that he is placing a tool which needs a creamy surface so I have to rub this cream on your body. She kept quite, he started massaging her body gently and now he started to move his fingers on her sexy boobs she shut her eyes tight then he grabbed her breast in his hand and pressed harder now he took her nipples in his fingers and pressed.

Now he put some tool on her breasts and start the tool. The tool was actually sucking her breast and my wife was enjoying the thing it was un bearable for her, suddenly she coughed doctor asked her. Shahana ? she said yes sir, he said when you cough do you get wet between your legs. She thought for a while and said I don’t know sir. Doctor said well let me check and he raised my wife’s sari till her waist without asking her permission or even informing her but she didn’t reacted to it.

She was now used to with the conditions. Then doctor took off her panty and now my wife’s sexy pussy was before the doctor he looked it for a while my wife’s eyes were still closed. Doctor adjusted his cock in his trousers and then put his finger on my wife’s pussy and rubbed gently. He said hmmm, I think I have to put there something and he took a rod like structure which was not very thick it was a size of a dick.

He showed it to my wife and told her I need to put this thing in your pussy. she signaled him positively doctor first put some cream on the steel rod and then slowly inserted in my wife. It was like a cock going in my wife’s pussy she was feeling like she is getting fucked. She was very hot by now. Doctor stood near to my wife’s face and slowly gave blows in her pussy by the rod. It was unbearable for her now.

Doctor took my wife’s arm in his as he is reading her pulls. Then he placed my wife’s arm very near to his dick. It was eventually touching his dick, he came even closer to my wife it touched her arm and he started stroking gently on her hand. She was on higher skies then he took her arm and put it on his tool. My wife grabbed it like she was dying to take it in her hand. She pressed it deeper and harder, then doctor unzipped himself and took out his tool and gave it to my wife she started stroking it. His pace of fucking her pussy with rod increased.

Then he went to her face and put his tool in her mouth she suddenly started sucking his dick. My dreams were coming true now I was watching which I always wanted too. Now he removed his trousers and he climbed on the bed he took out the rod from her pussy and without wasting a moment inserted his dick in her pussy and started stroking her very fast she screamed in pleasure he took out the tool which were on my wife’s breast and started sucking them with his mouth he fucked her for some time and then, he cum in her.

Then he went down and he took his trousers and wore it my wife also wore her blouse bra and panty no word were exchanged between them. When they wore the entire dress doctor told her you wait in the cabin I will be there in a moment. I went to the cabin as well she came and sat silently. Doctor said. The tests are over and I will give a report tomorrow and if your wife feel she can again come tomorrow for a test that is not necessary but if she wish too.

My wife smiled and said if it important I will surely come tomorrow. I was shocked to see my wife’s changed attitude and I thank doctor in my heart to change her.

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