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this story is based on very funny english tv show are you being served. dedicated to ww wimmers

Miss Brahms is Spanked ( An “ Are you Being Served” Story)

Miss Brahms new she was in for it today. She was very late for work on account of missing her double decker bus. She hurried off the lift and went to sign in the book. She quickly wrote her name in the book and wrote that she arrived on time. She started towards her counter where Mrs. Slocum was helping a customer but Captain Peacock, floorwalker, intercepted her with a stern look on his face.

“I’m sorry Captain Peacock that I’m a little late, I missed me bus, but it won’t ‘appen again I promise” Miss Brahms said sweetly, batting her eyelashes at the middle aged man.

“Please stay where you are Miss Brahms” he said. He walked over and picked up the book and returned to her. He opened the book and his face turned red with anger.

“Miss Brahms I could overlook you being late, even if it’s the third time this month, with a minor dock of your wages. However filling out the book with a falsified time is serious. I will have to take this up with Mr. Rumpole and possibly with Mr. Grace himself. Falsifying your time could be grounds for dismissal.”

The pretty and young lower class counter girl looked about to cry.

“Please Captain Peacock I can’t lose my position at Grace Brothers. Can’t you take pity on me?” she begged.

Captain Peacock ogled the young woman he had long lusted for and a wicked idea came to him. He stroked his mustache with his hand.

“Perhaps Miss Brahms something can be arranged. Today at your lunch break I will speak to you again. Now go to your counter.”

“Yes Captain Peacock” Miss Brahms meekly said and went to her counter.
After Mrs. Slocum finished with her customer she turned to the younger woman.

“He seems to be in a foul mood, but if you were on time as you should be it wouldn’t matter” she said.

“Blimey it wasn’t me fault, I had a run in me stocking and by the time I changed it I had missed me bus” the shop girl said. And you should mind your own business you old cow, she thought to herself.

“Well you seem to be on his bad side lately” Mrs. Slocum said.

“Yeah ever since the Christmas party he’s ‘ad it in for me because I wouldn’t kiss ‘im under the mistletoe.”

“Why was that?” she asked Miss Brahms.

“ He hung the mistletoe on ‘is belt and I wasn’t that drunk” she answered.

“Yes Captain Peacock does get amorous at these parties. One time he cornered me at the coat rack. He was like an octopus” Mrs. Slocum said.

When the rest of the staff went to the canteen for lunch Captain Peacock met with Miss Brahms in the stockroom. He locked the door for privacy but never told her.

“Now as I was saying before this is a serious matter and you must be disciplined. If I report this you will be dismissed . But there are 2 infractions so there must be 2 punishments. If you are a good girl all will be forgiven.”

“If I agree, what am I in for?” Miss Brahms asked.

“For being late you will receive a good old fashioned English spanking. For the time book incident it will require something more. Perhaps what you give your dates at the end of the evening.”

“You want a hand job?” Miss Brahms asked mortified.

“No Miss Brahms I shall require more than that. You will have to kiss and suck my cock.”

“Blimey I’m a good girl I don’t think I could do that.”

“Your choice Miss Brahms but I will have to go to management then.”

He had her a over barrel and she new it.
“Ok Captain Peacock I agree to your perverted demands” she said.

Captain Peacock smiled then sat down on a chair.
“Miss Brahms stand before me and raise your skirt.”
She had to do as he said so she stood there but faced away from him. She slowly lifted her skirt first exposing her shapely legs with black stockings on them. Her skirt kept going up, Captain Peacock then saw her suspenders and her knickers. They were red bikini style and they didn’t cover all her sexy bum, some of her cheeks showed. Captain Peacock was getting excited and he pitched a tent in his trousers.

“Now Miss Brahms remove your sexy knickers so I may begin to spank you”

“Oi you want me to remove me knickers and be spanked on me bare bum oh I couldn’t”

“You can and will you little tart or I will” he answered and reached out and yanked at her knickers. Because she bought them at Grace Brothers they were of poor quality and as he tugged they ripped. He didn’t care but tore them off exposing her round sexy English bum. He also caught a glimpse of her fine looking cunny.
Being very forceful he then pulled Miss Brahms over his knee and held her down with one hand.

“Are you ready for your discipline?” he asked her his voice sounding horse.

“Please be gentle on me bum as I need it to sit on” she said

“I’m afraid it will be a couple of days before you sit on it again” he said before reaching back and delivering the first blow. Smack it sounded as his hand delivered a heavy blow to her bum. Miss Brahms cried out in pain as her bum was soft as a babies bottom and wasn’t used to being hit. He kept spanking her because it excited him and she was being punished. Though she tried to keep a stiff upper lip it wasn’t easy as his hand kept hitting her soft bottom so hard she was crying.

Captain Peacock stopped for a minute so they wouldn’t be heard. He took her torn knickers and forced them into her mouth to quiet her. Then he spanked her some more. By this time her cheeks were very red from the attention they got and they were tender too. Captain Peacock was getting more and more excited from this. The bulge in his trousers began getting bigger and harder. Miss Brahms could feel it and she was alarmed. She had never felt one so big. Her last boyfriend named Willie Wimmers had a very small one but this felt huge pressing into her.

Finally Captain Peacock stopped spanking her. She had a fine contrast between her pale white skin , her red bum cheeks and her black stockings. Captain Peacock admired his handiwork then tried to slip his hand between her legs. She then spit her knickers out of her mouth.

“Oi what you be getting at. I never agreed to that” she said as she struggled to stand up.

“I apologize Miss Brahms it was the heat of the moment and that your cunny is so tempting.”

“That may be, but ‘ands off it or the deal’s off” she said while rubbing her sore bum.

Captain Peacock now stood up and undid his trousers and pushed them down to the floor. He had skinny legs and knobby knees like most englishmen but the bulge in his y-fronts was not small.

“On your knees Miss Brahms, I want you to wet my willy.”

Miss Brahms went to her knees and to tell the truth she had been in this position many times. She reached out a hand and pulled down his y-fronts freeing his cock. She gasped as she saw it for it was the biggest one she ever beheld. Captain Peacock stood in all his glory, rampant, and as proud as any feathered peacock.

“My what a whopper that is you have” she said “I don’t think it will fit in me mouth.”
It was around 16 centimeters long but it was very thick and as Miss Brahms touched it gingerly she couldn’t fit her hand around it.

“Start by kissing it Miss Brahms. Get it wet then suck on it.”

Though she wasn’t happy about what was going on she was very excited to see one so big and started to feel randy. She first kissed the large crown then began to kiss it all over the length.

“That’s it Miss Brahms get it nice and wet. Kiss it near the knob.”

She slobbered all over it for some time then opened her mouth wide and managed to take the tip in. As soon as she did Captain Peacock grabbed the back of her head and forced it into her mouth more. She tried to pull back but he held her in place with one hand and slapped her face with the other.

“Just suck it and mind your teeth” he said.

He then began to face fuck her, pushing it to the back of her mouth but it was too thick to fit in her throat.
So he just forced it to the back of her mouth again and again. She started to gag but he just kept going even as tears streamed from her eyes which began to make her makeup run down her face. He liked this a lot as his wife, Mrs. Peacock was a very proper English lady, and would never suck his big English cock.

Miss Brahms was a real trooper and kept working him even though he made her gag and her jaw ache. He felt he was getting close to shooting so he began to pull out of her mouth but it was too late. Before he could his big cock shot a big amount of his semen into her mouth, but he then pulled out and began to make a big mess on her face. He shot a lot until her pretty face was covered.

Then being a proper Englishman he offered Miss Brahms his handkerchief to clean up. He also picked up her torn knickers and sniffed them before putting them in his pocket.

“Thank you for letting me use your handkerchief Captain Peacock” she said.

“Think nothing of it my dear, now let’s forget about all the unpleasantness” he answered.

The End If you like the story let me know I have more Are You Being Served story ideas. If you don’t like let me know because those comments are usually funnier. J


2011-05-29 15:15:49
I liked the story......a good teaser.........good job

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-16 07:46:13
More posts of this qaultiy. Not the usual c***, please

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-28 00:31:18
I loved that show. Keep writing.


2011-03-27 14:26:25
Not bad....but remember when you told me

u should stop voting people stories down...and they might stop voting yours down....

welll my "friend" take your advice back and use it


2011-03-27 13:53:23
wilbur, all that sex and not one mention of Mr's Slocums pussy, You may have to see young Mr Grace when you are free. Eastenders fans will be after you locking Pauline in the cupboard with that lecherous Captain Peacock.

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