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This is Chapter one in a series of sequels.
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He entered the national museum of ancient art. Let's just call him Jason for now. He was an interior architect, and he was given the job to validate another designers work. As he stepped into the large lobby hall, he was astonished by the beautiful images on the ceiling. They were big, that's what lured his eye towards it. He liked it and decided to continue on. "Excuse me miss, I'm from RM&A, I was sent by my manager to check on the newly designed interiors?". A blonde secretary looked away from the screen she was stuck on, to look straight in his eyes with amazed eyes. She said: "I'm sorry sir who did you say you were?". He looked at her with a dissapointing smile. Then suddenly somebody from the other side of the hall shouted: "Ah, you must be the guy I let them send over right?". "Right this way sir" he said, It was a small man with this cuban look on him, and he had a very maffia-like accent.

Jason followed the guy right in his office, which smelled like... cuban sigars. "Sit down if you will". He sat down. "So, here's the plans the company sent us, see anything wrong?". Jason looked at it, "I don't know sir, It's gonna go faster if I see the design rather than a plan". The small guy put up a frown. "Are you kiddin' me?". Jason, scared, tried to fix up, "No sir, I-I'm pretty sure you know I'm an artist, I mean if it looks good it's ok, that's what they sent me for right?". The manager looked at him with a very painful face. "They were supposed to send me an architect, you're an architect, they told me we had a problem in the design of the wooden ceiling in hall 3". -"That's not really my job sir, I'm a interior architect, I design interiors rather than the pure architecture itself". After some discussions the two got in some sort of a fight wether who was going to fix the problems.

Jason was clearly wasting time, so he took off without anybody leading him outside. He got lost in the office complex and suddenly found himself inside the workshop at the back of the museum. Here they took care and maintained all the artwork. Instead of leaving, Jason took some time to look around and enjoy the oppurtunity of watching premium and unseen art. His attention got drawn to this glowing rock. It wasn't really glowing, but the pale light made the red stone look as if it was. The red color was very flashy, and Jason soon got fascinated by this piece. First he took a closer look. Then he wanted to touch it. He put his hand closer to this piece when suddenly he felt intense heat coming from it. It was like a flame, getting closer to it made you feel a sudden stroke of heat. Completely flabbergasted and amazed by this stone, he took a pencil and pushed it towards the stone. Nothing happened, it did not catch fire. So the stone wasn't anything like magma. How come there was heat? Maybe it collected heat from the enviroment, like the light. All his thoughts were not deep enough to unravel this puzzle. He put his finger on the stone and suddenly he felt the immense heat taking over around his whole body. He woke up, everything was white and the material he was laying on appeared to be glassy. It was like the matrix. A man was standing 5 meters in front of the place he was lying on. "Where am I?". -"You're not in heaven, you're still alive but are experiencing an OBE". -"A what?!". -"Let me explain, an OBE means, out of body experience, in fact, it's controlled by me. I am an astral body, currently gathered via you as proxy". -"What is this place". -"Haha, this? Undefined, do not concentrate on it, look at me and listen good. The stone, it's our proxy right now. It will release it's energy from you in a few minutes so we have to cut this conversation short. I am here to tell you that you have been selected to do a test for us. This test will require your attention and your cooperation. Are you willing to do that?". -"Yes!". -"Ok, listen closely, when you wake up, go to the corner of the room. You will find a golden ancient watch. Pick it up and don't ever let it fall into the hands of another person. Got it?". -"I won't!". -"Good, I'm going to shut down the proxy now, good luck, and see you soon".
Jason snapped and had a jerk while awaking on the tiled floor of the workshop. He got up and wondered wether that was a dream or the stone. He suddenly recalled the instructions, went to the corner of the room to find the golden watch. He failed to find it however. He gave up and decided to sit on top of a wooden box. The box gave in to the weight of Jason. "Shit, I forgot. These are all ancient pieces. Fuck!". He looked at the broken box, and decided to get out of there as quick as can be. He was about to start running when suddenly his eye caught a glimpse of gold in the box. He opened the box and found the golden watch!

Jason was driving home from work later that evening. He still had the watch and decided it was time to take a look at it after all. He couldn't stop thinking about it at work, and finaly he has the chance to reveal the truth of his so called out of body experience. He was finaly sitting at his desk in his appartment. He took the piece out of his pocket, which was wrapped in a white cloth. He was surprised how gold the piece was. He looked at the small details on the back, lot's of engraved emblems describing some sort of instructions on the back panel. This didn't look ancient, but had the same shape as a regular watch. There where 2 buttons on the top, like a chrono. 1 button was engraved for grip, probably to perform a rotating action, the other was smooth, probably pushable. The analog display had all the numbers like a clock, but the indicators were missing. He turned the engraved button around, to see what it did. He was amazed to see that suddenly a panel shoved out from the middle, revealing 2 yellow bars and a cross between them. The distance between the 3 elements could be controlled by the knob. The swaying of the cross from left to right however, could not be controlled. Puzzled and amazed Jason tried to decypher the purpose and the workflow around the thingy, before even pressing the push-button. "Hello again, it's me". Jason startled! "Who's there, where the fuck are you". A man appeared, moving through the wall. "I see you found the piece", he said. "You! B-But how did you get here, am I dreaming?". -"No, this time you're wielding the watch. The I can always appear, if you like that ofcourse". -"Why are you here?". -"Well isn't it obvious? You will never find out how that stuff works, else the guys at the museum wouldn't have just let it in the box would they? In fact, the piece is made to trick you into thinking it's a watch. Ironic, because the real purpose does have alot to do with time my friend". -"What is this thing, and don't just tell me things to do, I want to know why!". -"Right know you are carrying the piece, so we have all the time of the world, literaly, to discuss matters about this watch". "Ok, what are you exactly, mind telling me that first?". "My name is Andreas. My task was to predict the future. But that is a long time ago, and forgotten. I have failed, that's all you need to know. I was born here, on earth, just like you. But now I am more of a symbol that indicates what to do with the thing you got in your hands, so if you want to know can I please... ?". -"Alright, I'm dying to know more about this thing anyway." -"Good, rule number one: Don't ever let anybody touch it or in worst cases, steal it from your hands. I won't go into detail, you don't want that to happen, you don't! Second rule is, do not use it unwisely. There are some sort of traffic rules you should obey, and you will collide if you don't! Final rule, You are obligated to the use every 5 hours". -"Ok.. but what is it?". -"Alright, to make things extremely short, because it's not as simple as you might think, the piece is a timestopper. It can stop time and the person that carries it, is not prone to time anymore. It's not really stopped, but let's just say there's a fold in time, and it might appear as if you are walking around while others are still on another frequency in time. Don't let that trick you though, there's alot behind it, and I must teach you on the fly". Jason was speechless. His face stood the same for some time. -"You must be kidding me" he said. -"No, and in fact, let's go for you first lesson". The man dissapeared and told Jason to go outside.

It was getting dark and cold. Not many people were walking around, and traffic was limited. "Ideal conditions for a test-run", said the man. "Don't worry, they can't see me if they haven't touched the watch. Take it out but be careful, if their skin touches it you're done for! Screw the know to displace the 2 bars from eachother. The cross will start wiggling to the left. Cage the cross to the middle by making quick jerks to the left". Jason tried to but failed numerously. "You really don't have to do it as weird as you're doing it now. Just a quick & subtle jerk, the finer the better". This time Jason noticed the cross changed it's place and was getting closer the the centre of the watch. "Ok, once you got it in the centre, try to get the bars as close together as you can, do this by screwing the button. This will determine how long you fold time. The closer the better. You might notice the cross gets away from the middle again, cage it back it and make absolutely sure that it's pointing into the centre". -"Ok, I think I got it good now". Jason felt stupid for a minute, doing stuff for a guy he didn't know, and who's presence wasn't really clear. "Ready now? Press the second button and enjoy!". Jason pressed the button, he saw a light particle travel from the middle in circles. It moved to the outer rim. Where it was spinning very fast. Jason looked up, everything in the street seemed calm. "Nothing happened?". -"Sure? Check the old lady over there". There was an old lady crossing the street, and she stopped right there moving her foot just above the ground. It already proved time was still. Or the lady would fall because of the gravity. Jason was astonished! He ran around the street seeing some other people in the same conditions. He was happy to find out gravity was still the same for him, and he felt perfectly fine!

"Don't forget to look at your watch though". The moving light particle was moving in rings, closer & closer to the middle. "When it hits the middle, your time is up, and you will leave the fold. When that happens no living being may witness that. Wether that is now or at any moment later. So careful for cameras". -"What if they spot me?". -"Same condition as if somebody would touch the watch, again, I can't tell you yet". -"What do you mean you can't tell me yet" said Jason angrily. "Time my friend, time is what you need". He smiled and faded away. -"Wait! What time, explain to me!". It was already too late. Jason looked at the watch, "fuck, already near the centre". He ran into his appartement and locked the door tightly, made sure he didn't have anything around to record this moment. He watched as the lighting particle lighted up the cross. Suddenly the watch shook heavily. The cross made an energy pulse come out of the watch and illuminated the whole room with a white but unbearable light. Jason woke up, finding himself lying on the carpet where he stood. He loved how this all worked, and was happy to find out it wasn't a dream, because the watch, was still present.

Jason sat on his bed, staring right at the watch. He felt as if this was going to change his life. He checked the time. "Still 4 hours left before I have to re-use it" he said. Jason was getting late for work, but he took all the time of the world to get there. He opened up the 2 bars and slewed the cross the the middle. He then pushed the button. Again the light particle appeared. It traveled to the outer rings. Jason ran outside towards his car. He got in without trouble, but the engine didn't start. In fact, it was in need of more time in order for the startup to complete. Jason was confronted with the first limitation and got a bit frustrated. He walked back towards his appartement until suddenly he was blocked by the man. "Having trouble?" he said.

"Well yeah, i'm having some trouble, you mind telling me what other limitations I got?". -"Let's talk about a few advantages before we talk about limitations. In this case, let's talk about transport. Your car doesn't work. That's a pity, but you still don't know about the newer way of transport that you can go with". -"Such as?". -"Very easy, look up", he said. Jason looked up and saw a few opaque lines hanging in the sky. "I won't go into detail about what they are and how they came here, in short, they are electromagnetic disturbances due to a shortage of a handful of elements caused by the time-stop. At first we thought they were dangerous and to be avoiden. Now, it seems if you catch the wave, you can fly across it's path". Jason looked at the man with a serious face, "How in fucks name do I get up or down from there?". -"Easy, they travel from antenna to antenna. So they will always be on the top of building blocks, you won't find them in the outback though". Jason looked at one, which was right above his appartment block. He ran inside and took the stairs to the top side of the building. Once he went through the door, he could see the local antenna glowing very brightly. He went closer, afraid of what might happen. Suddenly he got sucked towards the path and was sent straight off the building. Jason didn't realise what was happening, he wasn't falling but indeed he was carried around by this wave. Suddenly he got thrown away and landed painfuly on-top of another roof. "You now see what you can do with this realm?". The man was already there.

"How come you don't have to travel with those networks?". -"Aha! Now that's a secret. Let's just say I'm just like you but a bit more powerful". -"How do I become like you?", said Jason. -"That is only for those who are wise enough to seek the missing part". -"What missing part?". The man faded away and didn't say a word after that. Jason was on top of the building with a few bruises left from the fall. He tried to get off the roof and went through the exit.

11am and Jason just arrived, at work. He was already back in the normal time realm. "Jason, you're early this morning". His boss was a complete asshole, giving Jason the cleanup jobs in the office, or sending him to places where help was probably not of essence.

"Mind getting me a coffee? Jason?". As usual an expresso with some sugar. Jason had to go the whole block to get that stuff. He went into the mens room. "Come on stupid cross, get in the middle". Jason pressed the button and time, yet again, was still. He opened the door and walked down the hall. "Aren't you forgetting something?". Jason looked around. "You again?". -"Yes, & I'm here to tell you that you're about to make a series of critical mistakes. This man right over here..." Andreas went over to the janitor in the hall, ".. is looking at the door or has it in the corner of his eye. When you open this door and get that coffee, leaving the realm there. Then you will have forgotten about this door. The janitor will then see this door suddenly opened. This is impossible and if it happens you break the realm. You break your link and you get stuck here. God knows what will happen to you then". Jason looked at the door like it was his sworn enemy. He went over and closed it gently. "Is that better?" -"Much better", Andreas said. "Now, keep experimenting with the piece but keep in mind what you have learned". The man dissapeared.

That day Jason only changed time-realm one more time, each time to get the coffee, because he knew the route and what to do. He didn't dare try another route because he was afraid to trigger any unwanted changes. His boss was completely flabbergasted when Jason returned after already 1 minute. The machine was 3 blocks further. Jason had a hard time not to laugh when he saw his boss looking for the machine in their office. A good day, Jason was up for some sport later that evening.

The gym-hall was old and smelled like the party that took place the night before. There was some sort of mist hanging there, even though you weren't allowed to smoke. It was the heat of the sauna, said the man at the counter once. Bullshit, this place was detoriating & Jason knew that better than anything. He had been going to that gym for years and was a regular there already. Some power training & condition. Same shit, everyday. A good shower! Jason unpacked his towel as he suddenly saw 2 girls enter the locker-room. They were giggling and sharing usual girl-talk. One of them was a blonde with curly hair. The other was a brunette, with a huge pair. Jason didn't realise it by that time. It took some time for him to sink in. The girls took their stuff and went inside the shower-area for ladies. Then it occured to him. He quickly looked around, went inside the toilet next to the locker room, aimed for the middle on the device, and BOOM, he was in no time again.

He ran into the shower area, the ladies were completely naked but the steam obscured the view. He could only recognize the girl with her big pair by far. He went closer to the blonde. He was now looking at her full naked body. She had her eyes closed at that point. He didn't hessitate and squeezed her b-sized breasts. To his surprise they were smooth and stable. The wetness made it a joy to massage her breasts. He stroked the rest of her body, from her shoulders to her hips. He then looked at her pussy. But since she was standing up, he couldn't really see it clearly. He put his finger against her clit and felt her warm and wet lips. He put one finger inside of here to feel her rough inside. Jason couldn't believe he was playing with the body of a complete stranger!

He looked at the watch. "Oh shit, the time is almost up!". Jason ran back to the toilets as fast as he could. The realms switched just then. Jason was standing there, half-wet. Looking at his finger, which was inserted in the blonde just a minute ago. A man entered the toilet, suddenly suprised and stopped at the door-opening, looking at him with gazing eyes. "Everything ok sir?". -"Yes, uh, yeah..", said Jason with a red face.

He ran outside of the gym and went straight home. He couldn't stop thinking about what he could be doing, now that he found out there's a whole new thing to the device which let him acces a pussy that day. Jason didn't have a girlfriend in 4 years. He was hungry for it! Just some plain SEX with strangers!
So he started thinking about places where girls are completely naked. Their homes, not really a good guess, they could be wearing anything in there. So chances are low you will stumble into a masturbating girl. Tanning girls? He already knew where to find those. But it was dark outside so that wouldn't really do the job. Suddenly Jason heard the water pipe from above. His neigbours shower opened. "She's pretty hot". He started using his device, and pushed the button. Ran upstairs to find himself in front of her door. He knew a trick around this, she always puts her key under the carpet. Jason picked the key up and opened the door. It was a regular mechanism so time did not interfere. He closed it again and he looked for the bathroom. All sound is gone when time is still so he didn't hear where she was.

He opened a set of doors, closing them carefuly afterwards, he opened a door and was suprised to suddenly see here there sitting on the side of the bath, completely naked. Her perky tits were a bit of a showstopper, but it gave Jason a kick to be seeing her naked. She was actualy busy polishing her toes. She sat on the tub with one foot next to her. She was looking at her toes and probably cutting her nails. It revealed her pussy nicely. A shaved and clean pussy. The inner lips weren't too big which made it look like a very cute muff. Jason went over to her puss and rubbed his face in it. Licking her out completely. He felt his boner pushing against his pants. He put them off and really wanted to just stick it in there. He went over to her and was now sitting against her. He tried to thrust his cock inside her pussy but it didn't really go well, she wasn't wet. Jason lubricated his cock a bit & retried. Again it still felt a bit hard. He looked around, tried to open the valve to get some water but water flew only at regular time. He suddenly saw a product for lubrication. He took some & rubbed his cock in. It made him feel very good, he then put his cock deep in her. Her pussy was very hot and deep. His cock was throbbing with the lube and her pussy making sticky sounds.

Jason nearly came, he pulled back and masturbated his load out into the bathtub. He cleaned some things up, making sure everything was back in place. He rubbed her cunt dry and stood there still looking at her. "Can't believe I just fucked my neighbour!". He looked at the watched, & was startled, a shift was about to take place, he ran out the bathroom quickly closing every door. He wanted to exit her appartment but it was too late. He spawned right there and everything was back to normal. She heard the sound and ran out of the bathroom with a towel around her. She saw him. Right there in the hall.

"WHAT THE .." -"Shhh!", said Jason. "Don't let them hear us". -"What?", she whispered on. -"You have to help me, they have come looking for me because of some stupid mistake I made. They'll be leaving soon but you gotta be quiet, ok?". -"Ok but how the hell did you get in here?" -"Sorry, and thanks, but I knew you put that key under the carpet". -"Damn, but-but don't go out there Jason". -"Why not? You probably don't want the trouble?". -"Are you crazy? Those guys will kick your ass if you go". -"Look, I appreciate the worries, but I'm sure I'll make it". -"No, just stay for a minute, keep me some company I'm bored". -"Oh, in that case.. Alright then, not far away from home anyway".

She went back into the bathroom saying: "Make yourself at home, watch some TV". Jason was surprised about her reaction. She didn't seem to dislike his pressence, and they barely talk. She came back from the bathroom with only panties and bra. "Say Jason, you did massage for proffesion right?". Jason looked at her with an absent look, but played along: "Yes, why?". -"I'm having this backache for days now! Would you mind... ". Not a moment later she unhooked her bra and went lying on her sofa, flashing her tits just for a sec. Jason went over and did what he could. "OOoh, your hands are so smooth. You really are a proffesional .. ooh". Everytime Jason changed his position he hit her sweet spots. She suddenly stood up and dropped her panties, just like that. "NOW FUCK ME JASON". With a surprised smile Jason was completely blown away. She didn't give Jason time to let it sink in, but already unbuttoned his pants to grab his cock, which was still a bit wet. Luckily she didn't notice it and sucked hard on a dick that had already fucked her. She could clearly taste lube but did not care to ask about it.

She ripped his clothes off and pushed him on the sofa, she sat on him and pushed her super-wet cunt on to his prick. It was sliding like butter! She made some small horny noises. Then she accelerated and started screaming out loud. The wetness was dripping on Jason's balls & the sofa. Even though Jason just came a few minutes ago, he felt another load coming. He growled, then she wrapped her arm around him tightly. They both came pretty hard. "That was soo great!". Jason replied: "Yeah, didn't expect you to be this social". She laughed, they went to bed and slept right away.

The next morning Jason woke up with a light head. He tried to figure out where he was. It soon came back to him. He stood up & looked around in the appartment. No sign of her. Then it occured to him, "Oh shit the watch. If she...". There he stood in front of him again, Andreas. "Took it?", he said. I don't suppose you'd take the risk to let anybody? Or am I mistaken". Jason looked at him with a trapped face. "If I were you Jason, I'd be very careful or you might just be one of the unlucky". The man left, Jason was too ashamed to say anything. "Damnit, gotta be more careful!".

Suddenly jason noticed a small change. He looked outside. There was traffic all over, standing still. He focused on bypassers, they weren't moving. Jason was in no time again. He started panicing. "The watch". He went to look for it in his shirt. When he found it, the glass was broken. The bars got blocked & the cross was nowhere to be seen. The push-button was loose in it's socket & there was no light-particle. Jason was shocked and felt his stomach turning at the sight of this ordeal. "H-Help! Andreas, wherever you are! You have to help me, ANDREAS!". No response.

Jason didn't dare to go outside, but he looked through the window, to see when time would go back to normal. Which it didn't. After this, Jason decided to go to the museum to find out more about the watch. He grabbed his coat, went to the top of the building, and started using the waves to travel around the city.

To be continued...

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