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I remember coming home smiling the day I met Nicholas.
I told my sister about him, I told my mum about him. Hell, I even rang my grandma who lives in Australia and told her about him!
He was the new kid at my school. He was in my cooking class, and my teacher told him to sit next to me. I was really annoyed at first, because I love cooking and I thought he would annoy me and distract me and just generally be a dick, because pretty much all of the boys at my high school were dicks.
But he didn't.
He just gave me a bright smile and sat down next to me. He turned to face me and held out his hand and said 'Hi, i'm nick!". And smiled at me. His smile making his mossy green eyes soften and sparkle. He had a beautiful pearly smile, and a lovely head of curly dark hair.
He was so tall! And strong. I remembered not being able to open a cupboard in our classroom and he came over and literally ripped it open.

He was in my games class too. I remember walking past the boys changing rooms and the door swung open and I saw his back and arms. He was so muscly. His back was broad and his arms were ripped! Needless to say, I was incredibly attracted to him.

I could tell he was into me. He would wink at me down the hall way, and constantly try and talk to me in our lessons. But I loved it! Every second of it. At one point he was almost too flirty, trying to guess my bra size 'out of curiosity'. When I told him I wouldn't tell him he said 'well I guess I'll have to see if I'm right when I say 32D...".

So one night we were both invited to a party, my friend Betty's birthday party. Her dad owned a massive farm with loads of barns and a big house. The party was in a cosy barn filled with pillows and beds, and on the other side a big rug for us all to sit on. For her birthday she got 'naughty truth or dare', and she wanted us all to play! So we played. Most of the dares were 'switch clothes with the opposite sex closest to you', or 'flash someone for 10 seconds'.
I got 'demonstrate how you would unbutton someones pants with the person opposite you'. Nicholas was opposite me.
He gave me a cheeky wink and we shuffled closer to each other until we were in the middle of the circle. We stood up. Our friends giggled and encouraged me. He stared straight at me, into my eyes. I grabbed his zip. As I slowly pulled it down, he put his lips to my ear and whispered
"so later, I want to see if I guessed correctly..".
I started unbuttoning his pants. I could feel he was hard and pulsing. His lips started caressing my ear.
"Alright you two!" Betty giggled. "You can stop now!".
Embarrassed, I quickly sat down and didn't make eye contact with him, but I could hear him zipping up his fly.

As the night progressed, I got a dared to make out with my friend Katie.
Katie was quite pretty. She had light blonde hair and light blue eyes and average sized boobs, unlike me with Dark caramel hair, hazel eyes and large boobs.
She was famous in our school for having a big, peachy butt that all the guys drooled over. I envied that butt!

I didn't mind making out with her, we both just giggled and turned to face each other. She put her lips to mine and we started kissing, then introduced our tongues. She wasn't bad! But then, drunkenly, she put her hand on my boobs and started squeezing and rubbing. Not wanting to feel left out, I put my hands on her big peachy butt and started giving that a squeeze. We continued making out, and she started massaging my nipples through my t-shirt and bra, so I decided to massage her anus through her pants, and she squealed with delight!

So then we stopped, everyone was in absolute awe. Especially Nicholas.

"That was AWESOME!" all the boys cheered. Even the girls cheered.

In the group there four girls and four boys. The girls were me, Betty, Katie, and Alisha. I didn't know one of the boys and the other three were Nicholas, David and Matt.
The night continued, and were all incredibly drunk. Betty was hooking up with David on one of the beds, and Alisha with the boy I didn't know. So left in our truth or dare circle was me, Nicholas, Matt, and Katie.
"Make out with each other again!" Matt yelled.
"That was soo hot.. I don't think i've ever been so hard in my life!" he laughed.
At this point, the whole group had finished off three crates of beer, four bottles of white wine, two bottles of peach schnapps, a bottle of jack daniels, and a massive bottle of vodka, and we all had at least ten shots from it.
So wee agreed to the making out. Hell, it was fun! And it made Nicholas hot for me.. and I was off my face..
So once again we shuffled over to each other, very very drunkenly, and started kissing, again, and then we shoved our tongues down each others throats and she once again started groping my breasts and me her ass.. I gave it a quick spank which she then started moaning! Then I started fingering her ass through her pants, and slowly made my way to her wet pussy and started rubbing like i've never rubbed before! She was so wet, the juice dripping through her pants and onto the floor. Wow she produced a lot of juice.. it was so hot too.
She squealed and squealed with delight!

We toppled over so she was lying on top of me, our breasts squashed together, still making out. Her hands were all over my body. I was so fucking hot for her! And I didn't care if I was straight!

I put my hands down her pants, and then her underwear and started fingering her, hard, pushing two, then three fingers in her pulsing pussy, her screaming for more, her hot juice dripping down my arm and on to my t-shirt. I kept massaging and rubbing, she pushed us up so we were kneeling again, and soon her hands traveled down to my pants and shoved her cold hands in my underwear, my pussy soon warmed them up! Her fingers going in and out so fast, it made me scream and moan. So there we were, both kneeling, breasts squashed together and nipples parallel, our hands down each others pants, both screaming and squealing, shoving our fingers up each others tight dripping holes until we both cummed (on eachothers hands!) and then started licking our hands. Wow. That was hot.

We both looked at the guys. Their mouths wide open and hands down their pants. Haha! Katie literally passed out on the floor from exhaustion and drunkenness.
Suddenly, Nick got up, staggered slightly (he had the most of the jack daniels..) and pulled me up and dragged me out of the barn to a barn opposite it, it was filled mostly with hay, a few boxes and an old mattress....

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Informative, but not convincing. Something is missing but what I can not understand. But I will say frankly: bright and benevolent thoughts!....

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