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A hardcore sadist and an uninhibited masochistic nymphet who have shared a longterm internet correspondence meet in person for the first time.

I love my slut, and she loves me. We've helped each other through tough times and developed a bond too deep for words. More relevantly, we are both sick fucks. But we have never seen each other face-to-face. Until now.

Waiting alone by the exit terminal, boredom and expectation have my mind churning through disjointed memories. We met online when she was only eighteen. Barely eighteen, even, if I recall correctly. Would that I could have had my way with her lithe body before she had aged even another day, but alas, distance and circumstances made that impossible. Now, she is almost as old as I was during those first talks, when I was twenty-two and finishing my degree, recently single and frustrated with a sexual history that fell flat of the perversions I had been cultivating for a lifetime.

I wasn't expecting to find somebody who could cater to every one of my obscene fantasies. I couldn't even imagine that such a person might exist. All I hoped for was a girl with the right attitude and a broad enough palette of kinks to cover my more reasonable and urgent desires. But somehow, the man who wanted everything found the perfect slut who would do anything, and we hit it off immediately.

Oh, how we've waited. For now, we are making do with this meager first weekend together, two nights and just one full day before she leaves me again. But, hopefully, this will be a prelude to a more permanent arrangement. I check my watch, which seems to be ticking away with disappointingly little enthusiasm. Her flight should be arriving soon, finally. While my timepiece lacks eagerness, I remind myself that the sweet bundle of lust currently being air-mailed to my feet will have it in spades.

What is she into' The specifics don't matter much. She is into me. She worships me. There is nothing she won't do to make me happy, and she takes particular delight, even pride, in not only being able to fulfill the absolute darkest desires I can conjure, but also in anticipating those desires in the most imaginative and awe-inspiring of ways. I have tested this devotion many times and never once found it to be lacking.

She does have a serious domestic violence fetish. There has been some conflict between her stated need for severe, full-force beatings and my own insistence that, regardless of how twisted our mutual fantasies might go, I have no desire in reality to put her health at risk. After countless heart-wrenching appeals on my part, she finally (reluctantly) agreed that she can live without it. Not only does she give me anything I want, but she'll give up anything for me, too. I love my slut, and she loves me just as much.

I hear a flurry of footsteps, turn my head, and there she is, leading the pack or else I wouldn't be able to see her, five feet tall with a smile that just splits her face as our eyes meet for the first time and, damn it, I'm grinning like a fool, too. Then my eyes threaten to pop out of my head. She almost has more long, reddish blonde hair than clothes on. This is per my specification, and I've seen plenty of photos of her wearing even less, but the real thing is'well, it's something else.

She's a walking stereotype, a caricature. The red plaid skirt doesn't even fully cover her buttocks. Striped thigh-highs grip her slender legs down to the small black shoes that tap towards me with sudden urgency. A skimpy white top exposes her belly and the tops of her breasts. It would be a stretch to call her 'buxom', but I find that I don't mind so much now that her not-insubstantial tits are heaving five feet from my arms, and then my hand is around her naked waist and my fingers are in her hair dragging her face up to mine as our lips meet in the most electric kiss I have ever experienced.

She has told me that she finds ingesting a man's spit revolting, and I have told her I will teach her to love taking mine. I didn't tell her I was planning to force some in her at this exact moment. But in fact, I haven't swallowed in ten minutes, and now I shovel a great gob of my collected saliva onto her tongue in the second before I release her, dirtying her before she even gets a chance to speak. She looks like she may vomit as she chokes it down, but then I can see in her eyes that she loves me for having found this small way to use her so immediately, even in a crowd of strangers.

'Hi, slut,' I say, hugging her close.

'Master,' she breathes.

She rests her head against my chest and we stand together embracing in silence for a minute.

Then we depart for the baggage claim, her tiny hand clasped tightly in mine.

* * *

'Touch yourself from now until the drive is over. And don't cum.' This is the second time I speak to her.

Her luggage is in the trunk of my car, and part of me wistfully imagined cramming her in along with it, but that's a thrill we will have to share at a later date.

Instead, she is strapped into the passenger seat, responding with a blissful, 'Yes, master,' as I start the car and pull out of the parking space.

This is the second time she speaks to me. The mind-bendingly short skirt grants her easy access, and though I haven't scrutinized or inquired, I trust that she is not wearing any underwear, since I told her not to.

Turning onto the highway, I say, 'I want you ready to fuck as soon as we get in the door, baby.'

'Yes, master.' After a pause, she adds, 'I love you.'

I just smile and give that outrageously-bare upper thigh of hers a little squeeze, brushing against her gyrating elbow as her hands work between her legs.

Very soon, her breath is coming out ragged, those cute little gasps echoing so many late-night phone calls, making this moment suddenly intoxicatingly real. It's her. It's really her. She's here. She's mine. I've felt my prick jump more than a few times in the past twenty minutes, but now the thing is worming around and stretching out in my clothes like a rattlesnake uncoiling at twilight.

Needless to say, we are both very much in the mood as I pull up to my place.

'Come around and open my door.' She hastens to comply, even bowing slightly as she pulls it ajar, my dutiful slutty chauffeur.

'You can worry about your things later,' I say, hearing the door slam behind me as she scrambles to follow me toward the house. I'm renting this scummy little one-story in a bad neighborhood while I save up to afford something nicer for us both to move into eventually. She has a long-term project at work which I'm being kind enough to allow her to see to completion in the meantime.

She dashes ahead to beat me to the glass storm door, pulling it open for me as I fish for my keys. Her swinging legs brought the skirt up high enough to give me glimpses of her bare ass and even a hint of the moisture clinging to her inner thighs. She's not just trying to ease our entry into the house for my convenience; she's hungry for me to plug that dripping hole for the first time. My own organ, engorged but not yet straining, reminds me of how badly I want it, too.

I let her in first, and then close and bolt the door behind us. Like I said, it really isn't the best neighborhood, but I also enjoy the visual, the symbolic act of trapping her in my home.

She stands before me, gazing up expectantly, her chest rising and falling from more than just exertion, so blatantly giddy and worked-up that I imagine she's forcing herself not to dance for joy. My own heart is pounding so hard that I wonder if she can hear it.

Her arm shifts in my direction and she opens her mouth to say something, and then I slam a clenched fist into the side of her jaw. She reels backwards, off-balance and shocked, and I immediately follow up with a leg sweep that sends her tumbling to the linoleum.

'You fucking CUNT!' I shout. Bending to grasp her soft hair at the roots, I turn and heave like a bowler. She skids several inches into the center of the floor. Her palms find the ground and she starts pushing herself up, but I plant a shoe on her collarbone and shove her back with a thud. She takes the hint and stays there while I circle her, snarling insults and emphasizing every sentence with a kick to her spine, legs, arms, stomach, or chest.

'What the fuck is wrong with you' Why would you wear that whorish get-up in public' You thought I was serious' You worthless shit-for-brains cocksucker. I was fucking joking! As if I want the eyes of every dumb limp-dick lusting after my property. You are MINE, retard! Don't you know how bad it makes me look going around hand-in-hand with a bitch dressed like a gaudy streetwalker' I'm fucking ashamed. You embarrass me. What if you'd caught the attention of some filthy old pervert and he'd raped you' You think I'd still want you then' Or maybe that's exactly what happened, and you're hiding it from me. Is that why you were so turned on in the car' Were you raped' I said were you fucking raped, slut''

During the last sentence, I punctuate every word with another sharp blow. My assault thus finished, I stand over her with my arms crossed, waiting.

'N-no, master. I-I wasn't r-raped'' she sputters. She's choking on sobs, hugging her knees to her chest and trembling on the ground like she's hypothermic.

Without another word, I spin on my heels and march away. I'm really turned on now, so I sit down at my computer, pull my dick out, and start browsing for some seriously hardcore porno.

* * *

It's close to ten minutes before she crawls into the room, dragging herself on all fours to the side of my chair and then sitting back on her haunches while I beat off to a video of an attractive young woman getting strangled and gang-banged.

'Master'' she whimpers. I ignore her, but she presses on. 'I took off those awful clothes for you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know I'm just a brainless slut. I shouldn't have dressed like that. I should have known better. I'm such a fuck-up. Please. I'm so sorry. Please forgive your stupid whore. I'll do anything to make it up to you.'

Her pathetic spiel is full of genuine, agonizing regret. It gets me so hot that I have to slow my strokes to stop from blowing my load right there. But I don't even glance at her to confirm her nudity. Then a small hand is massaging my leg, inches from my pumping fist. I'm reminded of a dog pawing for attention.

'Please, master, I want to do that for you. I want to make your cock feel so good. Let me taste it. I know I don't deserve it, but you should have a nice wet mouth to get you off and swallow all your precious cum whenever you get horny. I love you. Just give me some part of you to put in my mouth. I'll take whatever I can get. Sit on my face so I can bury my tongue in your ass. Push me down so I can lick your shoes. Kick me in the head, hurt me however you want. Please, baby. Please, please, please.'

I make a big show out of sighing as resignedly as I can, followed by kicking off my shoes and peeling my socks away with my toes. This is all the direction she needs. I stave off one orgasm upon seeing her fully-naked bum in person for the first time, wiggling attractively with swollen labia clearly visible as she squirms to get under the desk, and then I have to stop masturbating entirely to hold back yet another as she envelops my left foot in her warm lips without hesitation. A muffled groan of pleasure comes from below me, as if the girl hasn't eaten for days and has just popped a bit of juicy steak into her mouth. Likewise, I can't help from murmuring a soft, 'Mmm,' as her tongue immediately shifts into overdrive to lap and probe every bit of the hairy landscape and she greedily sucks and slurps the filth from between my toes. And they are filthy; I've avoided showering for five straight days just for this weekend, just for her, only washing my hair and face in the sink to keep up appearances.

I place my other foot against her cheek and slowly press her face down to the carpet sideways, holding her there with more pressure than I really need to while I take control of which bits are offered for servicing. Every time I pull away, she strains against my grip to prevent my retreat, tongue flailing and stabbing just to graze whatever flesh she can while she utters inhuman begging noises from her slackened jaw. Then she sighs in pleasure when I plug her back up, like a toddler being sated with a pacifier.

The minutes pass in a haze. The video I was watching ends and I'm too distracted to start another. Under the desk I keep alternating, left and then right and then back, holding her down, grinding her head into the carpet, carelessly scratching her face with my toenails, trying to force as much into her mouth as I can. My feet have surely been licked clean enough to shine, but I just keep going, it feels too good. I play with myself slowly the whole time, until my glans and fingers are absolutely coated with slimy precum. Some of the fluid has been whipped into a creamy froth in the groove beneath my cockhead, some has started to dry up and turn into a nasty grey crust, it's all getting mixed up with the older unwashed residue of the past week, and I want her licking every bit of it off me. Now.

Releasing her head and my prick at the same time, I push the chair back a little and pull my feet up to the seat. She rises along with my feet, keeping her mouth latched to me as best she can. Once she's in reach, I take her chin in hand and pull her off of me with a plop, manually lining up her gaze with the glistening mess on my pole. Her eyes widen, and I sling my legs over her shoulders and draw her face to my lap. Her mouth makes a grab, but I tighten my thighs, holding her just out of reach.

She looks up at me, face pleading silently even before she says, 'Master, please, let me clean off your dick. You can throw me out in the street when I'm done but let me clean you off first. Please.'

I can't help but laugh a little at that. 'What if I really did that' Gave you thirty seconds to eat the slime off my cock, then tossed you out and slammed the door in your face. It's getting dark soon, you know. You don't want to be outside around here after dark.'

'It's okay. Do it. Those would be the greatest thirty seconds of my life, and nothing that happens afterward matters. I love you, master.'

She sounds serious. I am spellbound. Somehow, I manage to stay in character. 'Well, let's see how fast you can make all this gunk disappear. If you can show me you aren't completely useless, I'll let you stay a little longer.'

'Oh, thank you, master! Thank you so much. You really spoil me.'

I relax my knees but keep them on her shoulders. 'That's gonna end real fucking fast if you don't shut up and get busy.'

She squeezes her hands up through the gap between my legs and tenderly wraps them about the base of my dick, bending it slightly down towards her mouth. She opens wide and engulfs me, just enough so that the length which is actually dirty is inside her. Then her lips clamp down with a pleasant tightness that sends shivers up my spine, and she slowly pulls off, keeping the seal airtight all the way to the tip. Once I'm completely out, she licks her lips and swallows hard. In that single motion, most of the fresher, clear precum is already gone, and she removes the rest of the still-watery muck by repeating this process a few more times. Next, she searches out those clumps of mushy white compacted filth, puckers up, and systematically sucks every last bit down her throat.

'This doesn't seem to bother you half as much as when I spit in your mouth earlier,' I observe.

'I love the taste of your cum. I really do,' she replies plainly, as she noisily vacuums up the last line of wet sludge.

Now she sets about digging at all the hardened accumulated scum and dirt with strong, concentrated licks, but I'm getting bored. Not to mention, it's been far more than the thirty seconds I had proposed.

'That's enough. You're too slow.'

She looks mortified. 'B-but, master''

Is she just upset over disappointing me, or does she really think I'd throw her out'

'Put it in your mouth.'

This brightens her up right away. 'Yes, master! Thank you!'

'Take your hands off it.'

She does.

As she takes me inside her once again, I cross my legs behind her head and start forcing my shaft deeper into her mouth. She flinches as I slam against the back of her throat, but makes no effort to stop me or pull away as I increase my efforts and push my pelvis up and forward, trying to coax the tip into her gullet. She adjusts the angle of her head slightly and then I'm through, stretching her out and sliding further and further in until I'm sitting cross-legged grinding her nose against my pelvis. Apparently, my slut has no gag reflex to speak of.

Absently, I wonder how bad my pubes smell right now, but then I realize she probably can't even breathe at the moment. I place a finger under her nose, and sure enough, there isn't a hint of air going in or out of her nostrils. Did she have a chance to take a good breath before I cut off her supply' I have no idea. I'm sure she'll let me know when she starts to run out. In the meantime, I like her exactly where she is, so she stays pinned with me balls-deep in the constricting, vice-like depths of her throat. I pet her head gently, wiping the precum on my fingers into her hair, keeping an eye on my watch.

She doesn't let me know. She glances up a few times, but she seems more interested in reading my own expression than in communicating anything. A slow minute ticks by, and her throat starts making futile involuntary gasping motions. A chorus of gagging noises accompanies this development, straining muscles pleasantly rippling against my dick, and I keep her pressed against me to enjoy the sounds and sensations. Her face turns pink and then red, but still she doesn't struggle or move an inch, her arms hanging motionless at her sides the whole time. When it finally dawns on me that she would rather die than interrupt my pleasure, I let go with my legs, lift my bare feet over her shoulders to place them on her chest, and kick her off my dick so hard that the back of her head bangs against the edge of the desk. She drops like a stone, gasping for breath and writhing in agony at my feet as she clutches her head.

It doesn't look like she's bleeding. Good, I wouldn't have enjoyed waiting around for her to clean up the mess.

'Slut,' I say, impatiently.

'Yes, master'' She sounds a bit distracted, but the response comes quickly enough.

'You're a fucking idiot.'

'Thank you, master.'

'It's dinner time, get off your ass and go make something for me to eat.'

'Yes, master.'

She winces as she climbs to her feet, obviously trying not to limp as she walks out of the room. Seeing her fully nude in the light, I find that my beating has left quite a few ugly bruises behind.

* * *

The smell and sound of sizzling grease draw me to the kitchen some time later. She's at the stove prodding and flipping some assorted meat and vegetables in a pan with a black spatula, still wearing nothing but the marks of my violence. Some of her features are new to me even after all the photographs I've seen, like the pair of cute symmetrical dimples on her toned back just above those petite but bubbly cheeks which I can admire from every angle as her girlish and vaguely-defined hips twist back and forth while she works. A ribcage juts like a mountain from her flat little tummy and I give those small, droopy breasts with their wide areola only a cursory glance before returning my attention to her shapely rear - a shapely rear which is my possession, mine for the taking at any time I wish.

My fingertips find her shoulder blades and then slide lower, down to a fresh patch of dark blue on her skin, digging into the injury until she gasps. The renewed and growing hardness in my jeans presses into the small of her back, testicles resting on the bulge of her buttocks, as my arms slip under hers to envelop and molest this miniature body which I can scarcely believe belongs to a grown woman. Towering and peering over her to admire bruises, breasts, and the continuing efforts of my own roaming hands, I realize she's frozen in place. Oily cooking implement suspended in midair, eyes screwed shut, lips parted slightly, and stirring only with the steady contractions of breathing, enraptured.

'Don't stop,' I whisper.

Her head tilts back and with one soft, lingering kiss at my neck, she turns all my blood into raging lava.

'Don't stop,' she echoes. 'Don't ever stop.'

I don't stop. She manages to keep working over the stir fry with deft, experienced motions as my own well-practiced digits play across her torso. I brush teasingly over nipples and thighs. I prod the blackening imprints left by my shoes and pinch sharply in places where the flesh still remains unblemished, making her flinch and even cry out. I bring my hands to her sides and start kneading the bunched-up muscles like a masseuse, eliciting prolonged groans at this unexpected pleasure. Then I reach around suddenly to grasp a nipple, crushing and twisting and pulling it all at once. The groans turn to yells, then quickly transform again into muffled gurgles as my other hand comes up to her throat and clenches her windpipe shut. I choke and twist and choke and twist, all the while watching her obediently struggle to continue cooking. Then I release her and go right back to finding other little ways to both torture and pleasure her.

I don't even notice that I'm dry-humping until I realize my unconscious thrusts have gotten so powerful that the tremors are making her spill the food. I'm throbbing and so much hungrier for sex than for the meal, but I force myself to ease up until I'm just grinding slowly against her back, keeping myself on edge while I proceed with feeling up my complacent doll. Eventually, I figure out why pulling herself off the floor earlier seemed to pain her so much.

'Looks like I broke one of your ribs,' I observe, almost gleefully, tracing the cracked bone with a finger.

'Thank you, master- Oh!' she yelps, trembling, as I jab at the fracture. A tear drips onto the stovetop. 'Thank you so much.'

'I'll have to be more careful from now on.'

'No, master. Don't be careful. Break all my ribs, if you want.'

'I mean I'll have to be careful not to take it so easy on you. You're such a slut. Even pain makes your cunt drool.'

I haven't even touched her there yet, nor have I taken a close look at it, but it isn't a question. I know it's true. To prove the point, my arm reaches down across her and I unceremoniously jam two fingers straight up her twat. She's tight, but the hot pulsing organ sucks me inside with an audible squelch. It is indeed so juicy that I imagine my fingertips might prune in less than a minute.

'See what I mean' Jesus Christ,' I spit in mock disgust.

She squirms, rubbing her thighs against my wrist. 'I'm sorry, master. I can't help it. I know I'm a slut. Everything gets me off.'

I find the wrinkled mass of her G-spot and rub at it lazily.

'If I did break all your ribs, would it only turn you on even more''


'Fine then, let's see how you handle this.'

I yank my fingers free, grab the pan by its handle, and fling it thoughtlessly to the counter next to the stove where it clatters and spews some of its contents onto the countertop and floor. The coil is glowing dull red. I wrap an arm around her waist and drag her backwards, stumbling, just a foot or two, and then put a hand on her back and shove until she bends over. She manages to toss the spatula away and land palms-down instead of face-first, but I'm still pushing, overcoming the resistance from her arms, until one of her tits is grazing the burner, until it's pressed flat and the sound of searing flesh is drowned out by a horrible rising banshee wail.

I grab her by the hair and pull her back upright, then let go. Her legs wobble and give out. She slides to the ground, panting and shaking, and smears the oven door with the sweat from her forehead.

'Well'' I inquire. 'Did that still get you off''

She's sniffling and weeping, hair plastered to the sticky sheen which has broken out across her back.

'Y-y-yes. God, yes. Th-thank you, master,' she gasps.

'You ought to be fucking ashamed.'

'I am, master. I'm so embarrassed. You almost burned my tit off, and it only made me hornier. But I can't help it. I might have cum if you'd held me down longer.'

'You're fucking pathetic. I can't believe what a sad, easy little bitch you are.'

'Thank you, master.'

'Show me your chest.'

She turns her upper body towards me. I'm a little disappointed, and she's right, I probably should have held her down longer. The burn doesn't look severe at all and will surely not be permanent, but I must admit, the faint, off-center spiral branded into her right breast is gorgeous nonetheless.

'Wow, that looks hideous,' I say.

'Thank you, baby. Would you like to burn the other one to match' You don't even have to force me. I'll do it to myself while you watch, with the heat on max this time. I'll scream until my voice gives out, you can fuck me or whip me, or''

'No, be quiet. I'm leaving it lopsided. It's even uglier this way.'

'You'you want me to be ugly''

'You're already ugly, dumbass. I'm just finishing the job God started. Now get up. I'm exhausted from abusing you, and I want my dinner and some fucking coffee.'

'Yes, master.'

My darling slave grabs the side of the stove and pulls herself up with some uncertainty. I open a cupboard and produce a box of white filters and a half-full tub of ground dark roast. While she makes herself useful getting the pot brewing, I move to another cupboard and find a clean glass bowl, then grab an unwashed green plastic dog dish and return to the stove. I dump what's left in the pan into the glass bowl and proceed to scrape the spilt food on the dirty counter into the dog dish, topping it off with scraps peeled from the floor.

As I'm digging the last greasy slice of beef out from under the stove, I hear a tentative, 'Master'' from behind me.

'What' You don't want food that's been on the floor''

'No, master! That's not' '

I stand up and slam the dish down on the counter angrily, glaring. She shrinks back and stops talking.

'If this isn't good enough for you, I can always find something rotting in the trash to feed you instead.'

'Baby, I'd be so happy to eat your garbage. Giving me some of the food I worked to cook for you, even off the floor, is better than I deserve. You're spoiling me letting me eat anything at all.'

'So what's the fucking problem''

'I'I wasn't done cooking it yet. There aren't any spices in it, and I was going to make some rice, and''

'And that's my fault''

'No, master. No. It's my fault.'

'Then shut the fuck up and let's have dinner.'

'Yes, master.'

I pour myself a cup of coffee and hand her the plastic dish. The food in it is a disheveled clump of stir fry, hair, dust, and month-old crumbs.

She looks up at me. 'Master''


'Can you'will you please put something in my food, like jerk off in it or piss in it' So I can taste you while I eat' Please, baby''

I think for a moment, then hock up a loogie and add a helping of my own saliva to the mix.

'Thank you, master.'

She follows me into the dining room where I pull out a chair and sit down to eat.

'Your place is on the floor, beside me,' I say.

She sets the bowl on the ground and kneels over it with her butt in the air.

'I love you, master,' she says suddenly, kissing my leg. 'Have I been a good girl' Is that why I get to eat with you''

'Yes, baby. You've been a very good girl. You're my perfect little slave.'

'Oh, thank you, master,' she gushes, kissing me again. 'Thank you, thank you. I love you.'

'I love you, too, my pet,' I reply, patting her naked rump. 'Now eat.'

'Yes, master.'

* * *

I can only manage to finish about three quarters of the bowl. It really isn't very good after all, and I must confess that thinking about the disgusting dishful that my slut is being forced to ingest isn't helping my appetite any. Yet the girl has somehow polished off her slim portion in no time at all and is now actually licking the filthy plastic clean.

'This is fucking terrible,' I say at last.

'I know. I'm so sorry, master. I ruined your dinner.'

I sigh and stand up.

'This coffee is going right through me. I need to take a shit. Come along, slut.'

'Is that my dessert''

'We'll see.' I'm not terribly keen on that idea right now. My tasteless dinner and the coffee have left me a bit queasy, and envisioning the girl munching on my feces is threatening to push me into full-blown nausea.

She crawls after me into the bathroom. I take the opportunity to strip completely and then sit down on the toilet. She comes over to my lap unbidden, snatches the flaccid cock from between my legs, and takes it into her mouth. The distraction isn't entirely welcome, but I offer no resistance and try to relax and do my business while putting it out of my mind. Trickles of urine start coming out in abbreviated bursts and she sucks down every drop. Then I grunt and push out what feels like a mile-long log. All of my muscles unclench as it plops into the toilet bowl and suddenly I'm pissing for real, blasting her tonsils like a fire hose. She chokes and dribbles yellow from her overfull lips even as she tries valiantly to swallow as fast as she can.

After what seems an eternity, the flow abates, and then her tongue flickers on top of my leaking prick until I know I must be bone dry. She's really starting to get me hard now, but I'm not done with my bowel movement and I fear I won't be able to finish if this keeps up.

'Get off me.'

Lengthened by her attentions, my dick falls onto the rim of the toilet when she drops it, and I have to tuck it down between my legs again manually. How many times have I accidentally rubbed it against that filthy porcelain mantel in the past week, in the time since I stopped showering, not just here at home but in public restrooms, at hole-in-the-wall dive bars and fast food restaurants, before it found its way into this slut's unsuspecting mouth' I chase the thought from my head as quickly as possible to keep it from exacerbating my semi-erection.

That wonderful slave, meanwhile, is busy lapping up the puddles of piss that spilled from her inadequate mouth. Her wide tongue scoops up acrid mouthfuls and scrubs until the grungy tile is sparkling white. She cleans the spatters off my feet and I kindly lift them so she can take care of the undersides as well.

I push and strain until I pass a few smaller nuggets, and then I'm done, and the floor is spotless. Impressive.

I get off the toilet and turn around so my back is facing her. I spread my cheeks, and she dives right in without hesitation. I can't help murmuring in pleasure as that slippery wet muscle works its way up and down my crack. She has to contend not only with fresh smears but also, again, with the consequences of my recent intentional hygienic lapse. More than once, a hand comes up to pinch my ass hairs at the root so she can use her teeth to pull out a stale dingleberry without hurting me. After several minutes, apparently satisfied with the state of my exterior, she starts burrowing in and out of the hole itself. She's not just tongue-fucking me for my pleasure ' though it certainly is pleasurable; my manhood is like a tree trunk rising from my groin now and it's positively oozing pee-stained preseminal fluid. But no, I can feel her curling up inside me and scraping against the walls and going deeper on each stroke as she searches out and sucks down every bit of grime she can reach.

Christ, the way this bitch goes above and beyond the call of duty at every possible turn! I'm in love. I am truly, hopelessly in love.

Finally, I can tell she really is only staying in me for our mutual enjoyment. Her tongue must be doing somersaults or something, the things going on in my ass right now are unreal. A hand snakes around, presumably to administer a simultaneous handjob, but I slap it away, and then, reluctantly, palm her forehead behind me and throw her off. I turn around to the sight of my angel sitting back and merrily licking brown off her lips.

'You keep your fucking hands off my dick unless you have permission!' I bark, scowling.

It's like flipping a switch. Click, and she's bent double, prostrating, groveling, pleading, rubbing her face against my feet and sneaking in kisses and licks between desperate apologies and self-directed obscenities. Yeah, I could get used to this.

'Oh, God, please, master, I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry. Your cock is just so beautiful and I'm such a stupid horny slut. I want to touch it all the time. I want to make you cum. Your prick is a drug, I'm addicted to it and I haven't even had it inside me yet. God, I'm fucking pathetic. Please forgive me. Please, pity your stupid pathetic whore. I don't know any better. I'm a fucking retard for your dick.'

Truth be told, I'm rather enjoying the way she's been pouncing on my cock at every opportunity and I have no desire to see the behavior end.

'God,' I exclaim, 'I should stop underestimating just how deeply sick in the head you are. If I put a gun to your temple and promised to pull the trigger as soon as you touched my penis with any part of your body, how long do you think you could hold off''

'Oh, baby,' she veritably moans, 'I wouldn't even try to hold off. Nothing would make me happier than to die in the act of fondling you.'

'Are you for real'' The words escape my lips before I can even think. I feel dizzy, intoxicated with power and arousal. Did she notice the way my cock twitched when she said that'

'Completely real, my love. Do you have a gun' Let's do it.' There's excitement in her voice, raw adrenaline, even eagerness.

'Okay,' is all I can manage, struggling to regain my inner composure.

'You're gonna shoot me''

'No, I mean, okay, you are seriously a helpless, brainless wretch who can't keep her paws off me. It'd be impossible to try and control your libido 24/7, so, fuck it, my dick is yours. You're free to please it however and whenever you want, unless I explicitly tell you to piss off.'

'Ohhh, daddy!' she squeals, bounding up at me for a kiss. I know from experience that this particular pet name is something she only slips into using when I have really struck a chord.

I punch her in the face so hard that it just about sends her spinning.

'Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Do not put your foul, shit-eating mouth anywhere near my face. You really are retarded. Brush your fucking teeth, idiot.'

Her eyes are welling up with tears and her cheek is puffing out and changing colors right in front of me. 'B-but, daddy, my tooth brush is in the car''

I snatch my own tooth brush from beside the sink and drop it on the floor.

'There. That one's yours now.'

'Really, daddy' You'd let me use yours''

'I don't really give a shit. I needed to throw it out anyway. I've got a new one in the cupboard.'

She picks it up reverently and then hugs me.

'Thank you, daddy. This is the first present you've ever given me. It's the nicest present I've ever gotten.'

She sounds completely sincere, even though I know for a fact she's had boyfriends who bought her thousands of dollars worth of jewelry before.

'Where's the toothpaste' In this drawer''


She starts to open it and then I slam it shut, narrowly missing her fingers.

'But first, you're gonna fuck yourself with the bristle end. When it's covered in blood, then you can brush your teeth.'

'Okay, daddy.'

She sits against the counter and starts sawing away immediately.

'Does that hurt''

'No, daddy. I'm so wet I can barely feel it.'

'Do it harder. I'll be right back.'

* * *

After dumping my clothes on the floor of my bedroom and making some quick rounds elsewhere in the house, I stride back in to find her hand a blur between her legs.

'Any luck''

'No,' she moans in frustration. 'The only thing that hurts is my arm.'

'Take it out.'

I approach her and slap the tooth brush from her grasp, then hand her a rolled-up strip of sandpaper.

'Try that.'

'Yes, master.'

Just inserting it, she starts crying out. 'Ah, oh, fuck. Oh fuck, that hurts. Oh, shit, baby, I'm gonna bleed so much for you.'

'Get it deep,' I advise coolly.

The coarse cylinder disappears into the folds of her labia and then she just keeps pushing, producing an endless litany of profanities. She stops with her fingers halfway inside her.

'I think that's as far as it'll go. Baby, oh, Christ, baby please, will you do it for me' I know you want me to fuck myself with it really hard, but I don't think I can do it. Please do it for me. Tear my pussy apart. I can't do it.'

'You can do it,' I say. 'You just don't want to. You want me to fuck you with the sandpaper because you love it when I hurt you.'

'You're right. Of course you're right. I'm such a greedy stupid cunt, I'm so sorry. Please, baby. Please, I want you to hurt me so bad. Ruin me.'

'I guess if it turns you on, you'll get even wetter and it'll be easier to fuck you with it fast. Okay, I'll do it if you can tell me why I want this in the first place.'

She doesn't even pause to think about it, she's got me pegged already.

'You want to rip me open now, so when you finally fuck me for the first time, the only thing I'll feel is pain.'

'That's my girl.'

'Thank you, master. Ohh, I'm getting wetter just talking about it, I can feel it sliding out.'

My slut is many things, but a liar she is not. I kneel down in front of her snatch in time to watch a collected droplet of her crystal-clear arousal fall in stringy, dreamlike slow-motion to the ground. When I glance back up, the sandpaper is peeking out of her hole and slipping ever further. I pinch the edge and yank with all my strength. I'm expecting resistance, but it comes out quite freely. She yelps, but there is no visible damage yet. Oh, God help this poor bitch, I do love a challenge.

Cramming it roughly back inside, it occurs to me that not only will it be finger-crampingly difficult to keep up a good speed if I try for deep strokes, but since most of her sensitive nerves are around the entrance anyway, there's not even any motivation to do so besides posterity. So, throwing posterity to the wind, I keep a firm grip on the lower inch and start shallowly sandpaper-banging this cunt for all it's worth.

That does it. She shrieks and howls as I build up to a rapid, feverish pace. Her knuckles gripping the counter turn white as the tan implement between her legs turns red. It doesn't exactly pour out of her, which is fine, but by the time I stop, my fingers are pretty bloody and there are light splatters across my chest and the floor below. I let the roll just fall out of her and then fish for the tooth brush, wiping it around her shredded entrance as she winces.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,' she keeps saying, looking dazed.

'Hey, baby. Baby''

She stops mumbling and looks up at me, then looks at the bloody tooth brush I'm holding out to her.

'Did that hurt like you wanted''

'Ohhh, god, yes, master. Yes, fuck, it hurt so much. Thank you.'

'Do you think it'll hurt when I fuck you now''

'It's gonna hurt like hell, for sure.'

'Do you think it's gonna hurt even worse than the sandpaper''

'I don't know. I doubt it. But I hope so.'

'Baby, hurry up and brush your teeth so I can kiss you really hard on the mouth.'

She brushes with inhuman speed and then I'm lifting her little butt onto the counter and our arms are around each other's naked bodies with our lips locked so tightly that I may end up with some bruises of my own. She moans into me as she feels my erection rub against her sore cunt, bucking her hips in urgent desire.

She pulls away so she can speak, but all that comes out is, 'Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh, fuck me now, please just fuck me and never stop.'

'No,' I say, emphasizing the denial with a cruel twist of that breast with the spiraling burn that's already fading. 'But soon.'

So saying, I open the same drawer she found the toothpaste in and bring out two safety pins.

'What are those for''

'I thought it might be fun to attach the lips of your cunt to your thighs.'

She shivers lustfully. 'Oh, baby. That does sound fun. Yes. Pin me open, lover.'

'Easy, tiger. First things first, we gotta clean them off. It's irresponsible to play with unsterilized needles.' I hand them to her. 'You can use the toilet,' I offer brightly, gesturing to the unflushed murky water stewing in the bowl.

'Yes, master.' She kisses me again. 'Mm, you're so good to me, always keeping me safe. Thank you.'

She hops off and kneels in front of the toilet, unclasping one of the pins and then dunking it. She swirls it around a bit, then hands it to me before repeating the process with the second pin. I watch in awe as, of her own volition, she stabs this one straight into the pile of soggy fecal matter before taking it out.

'I hope they're as clean as you wanted, baby.' She flashes a coy grin. 'If that's not good enough, you can beat me up and make me try again.'

'Very tempting, my love, but no, this is perfect.'

'You're too kind, master.'

'This is going to hurt. Spread your legs as wide as you can.'

I try to hide my shock when she accomplishes something akin to a full horizontal split on the floor. Well, she has told me she's flexible'

Fresh blood still seeps from between her wrinkly protruding genitals. I snatch one of the outer lips and press the sharp point of the dirtier pin against it, not too close to the edge ' I won't care much if it gets torn out, but I'd also rather not amplify that possibility. It penetrates the thin membrane smooth as butter, and then I stretch out the impaled flap as far as I can and take a pinch of what little fat I can find on her inner thigh. This thick nub is more difficult to pierce. She inhales loudly between clenched teeth as I grind and push, red beads running down the needle as I slowly, agonizingly thread it through her leg. Finally it pops out the other side. Her whole body convulses and she breathes out in several stuttered gasps while I clasp the pin.

Her palm is cold and clammy at the back of my neck this time when I kiss her.

'Ready for me to do the other side''

'I can't wait, daddy.'

* * *

Marching her into the bedroom, it doesn't seem that my little experiment is restricting her movement too much, which I take as a sign of the operation's success. I shut and lock the door behind us, purely for effect.

'Hands behind your back.'

Her fingers intertwine above that lovely butt. I go to the corner where I've tossed my old college backpack, currently stocked with all kinds of handy supplies for this weekend. I rummage around for a few choice items and then return to my awaiting slut, dropping all but a pair of scissors and a roll of kite string onto the floor. I snip off a good length and bind her wrists together tightly.

'Get on the bed, tits up. Good girl. Now spread your legs.'

After our bathroom escapades, the sight between those parted thighs is quite dramatic. The pierced, raised little bulges are inflamed and turning red, the lips of her cunt pinned to them like butterfly wings and pulled away to completely expose the ravaged, congealing mess that is her fuckhole. I note with great pleasure that she appears even slicker with her sexual fluids alone than she is from the drying blood.

Betraying all my intentions, I'm suddenly climbing on top of her, hooking my legs over and under hers, forcing them apart even further while my cock slaps at her obscenely open entrance and our mouths find each other yet again. We're both moaning and my fingers are caught up in her hair while I grind against her, wetting my tip in her juices, but somehow I resist all those animal instincts screaming inside my brain.

I bend to suck a nipple into my mouth, twirling my tongue around it expertly, nibbling at the edges, and then biting down hard at the base.

'Ohhh, fuck,' she cries, bucking under my weight.

I prop myself up to look upon her flushed, love-drunk countenance, my hips still gyrating teasingly against hers.

'Open your mouth.'

She does. I take aim and let a wad of my spit descend like a spider to splash against her fleshy uvula. She coughs hard, but swallows.

'Is that getting any easier'' I ask, already knowing the answer from her body language.

'No, baby,' she sighs.

'You need more practice.'

'I think I'd like that very much.'

I smile. 'We'll work on it a later.'

'I love you, master. Thank you.'

Those bothersome urges are really threatening to overtake me and ruin all my plans now. One more little kiss and then I reluctantly dismount her, scooping up the nearly-forgotten pile of odds and ends from beside the bed. Among these are three standard black office-supply binder clips and some rubber bands. I dump them on her perfect stomach. A little foreshadowing never hurts.

Setting aside the string and scissors, I flick each of her nipples in turn to get them as hard as pebbles and then snap two binder clips shut on them. It's no surprise, at this point, that she seems hardly fazed by this relatively minor pain. Then I take two rubber bands and coil them just above the raised lip of each clip, wrapping again and again and then yanking on the clips to make sure those bastards aren't coming off. She does grunt softly when I do that.

I administer a loving smooch to her belly and pick up the last clip. This one I pry wide open and press against her clitoral hood until the entire sensitive organ is squeezed up between those merciless black walls, and then I let go.

Her hips leap from the bed as she yells, 'Ahhhhhh, son of a bitch! Shit! Oh, shit.'

When she settles down, I wrap a final rubber band around this clip.

'Turn over. Ass up, face in the mattress.'

With her hands bound, it takes some ungraceful flopping for her to comply, but she manages. Once she has assumed the position, I cut off another long string and reach under her to feel for those convenient metal hoops which are presently dangling from the three most sensitive parts of her skinny body. I feed the string through each loop and then tie it off, taut but not tugging, forming a neat white triangle. Settling down behind her, I take hold of her wrists and pull, forcing her to lean back and put strain on the new bindings. She indicates in loud and certain terms that she gets the message: if she tries to straighten out, lift her torso, or lay flat before I untie her, she could very well rip her nipples off.

Is there more I can do' An idea comes to me and I actually snap my fingers in celebration of my cleverness. I go to my piled-up clothes and free the belt from my discarded jeans. On a whim, I wallop her on the ass a few times with the metal end, the cries of pain erupting twofold when her involuntary struggles pull at the sturdy binder clips. Pleased with the welts left by my unyielding strikes, I slip the belt around her neck, and the holes which fortuitously run from end to end on the leathery surface allow me to close the twin prongs of the buckle snugly at her throat. There's some slack to let her breathe easy, until I pull back hard enough on the flopping strip to make her shoulders leave the mattress, tits garishly stretched down into conical points by their wicked and inescapable bondage. This time, she voices her reaction in an unintelligible pinched-off croak. Perfect.

'This will do nicely,' I announce, lowering her to the bed rather than outright dropping her.

'Thank you, master,' she whispers hoarsely.

I inch forward on my knees until my wobbling erection is close enough to feel the heat radiating from her clamped, pinned-open, viciously abraded groin. I put my hands on her cheeks and spread them for a better look.

'Oh, princess,' I exclaim with some concern, 'what happened to your poor little pussy' Did a bad man hurt you''

'No, master. It was a wonderful man. He only did it to make me happy.'

'This makes you happy''

'It makes me so happy, my heart could burst.'

I put two fingers to her hole, making playful circles in the muck.

'He really must be wonderful, if he went to all this trouble for you.'

'Mmm, yes, master. He's the most wonderful man on earth.'

I delicately wipe red-stained secretions and crusty brown flecks up and down into her crack, moistening the scrunched-up sphincter, dipping back into her gushing reservoir and tracing glistening patterns all over her lower back and the firm globes of her buttocks. She wiggles and trembles and sighs contentedly.

'Daddy,' she mewls, voice cracking with raw, desperate desire. 'Daddy, please fuck me. I've never been so ready in my life. Fuck your little girl. Make me bleed like a virgin. Choke me. Pull my titties off. Fuck your dirty slutty little princess, daddy. Cum in me until sunrise. Please, please, please. It's all I'm good for. Just fuck me.'

I replace my fingers with the gratuitously self-soaked head of my prick, but still I don't acquiesce to her demand, opting instead to plunge just a half inch of the tip into her inner folds over and over the way one might generously dunk a chicken nugget in a tub of honey.

'When did you stop taking your birth control''

'You made me quit almost four months ago.'

'You really stopped when I told you to''

'Yes, master. I threw out what I had left and never got a new .'

'And how long since your last period''

'Today isn't my riskiest day, baby, but it's definitely not safe.'

'And you still want me to cum inside you''

'Yes, I do. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, God, fuck, just put it in me, pleaaaaase,' she howls, and then actually starts crying in frustration.

Ignoring the groveling, I wag my cock from side to side, painting her punctured thighs with our mingled juices. Spreading her cheeks again, I slide my prick against her cunt and on up until it's resting against her asshole, then back down until it bumps into the rubber and plastic that's crushing her fat clitoris like a vice.

I continue to thrust, holding her open, rubbing slowly from clit to anus to clit, while I explain, 'Fucking you would be so easy, pumpkin. You already want it all the time. Daddy's got you all tied up and completely at his mercy. I can do anything to you right now. And you just want me to fuck you' That's so boring, baby. You sad, unimaginative child. Daddy wants to make his princess scream. I want to hear you protest and beg for mercy. I want you to say 'no' so I can say, 'oh, yes, bitch'.'

'But, baby,' she whimpers, 'I will never say no to you.'



'What if I want to take a hammer to your cute little hands and feet''

Her pussy spasms wetly.

'Do it, daddy. Smash them until they can't be fixed.'

'What about sticking a hot iron up your ass and melting your shithole closed''

'I wouldn't mind. But, daddy, if you do that, then you'll never get a chance to fuck me there''

'Babydoll, there's nothing stopping me from tearing it back open with my dick whenever I please and sealing it again when I'm done.'

'Ohhh, then yes. Yes, please, daddy.'

'If I burned and cut up your face, leaving all kinds of ugly, permanent scars on you forever, for the whole world to see, you still wouldn't protest' If I carved 'FUCK SLUT' deep into your forehead with a steak knife''

'Baby, I still have to go back home on Sunday''

'I know.'

'All of my friends and family and coworkers would see it, if you did that.'

'That's right, sweetie.'

'If you really fucked my face up, no amount of makeup could hide it.'

'That's the idea.'

'That's hot, daddy. That's so fucking hot.'

Is she just telling me what I want to hear' No, her creamy lube is an endless flood pouring out all over my dick.

She asks, 'Are you really going to do it' Are you really going to ruin my face forever''

'Maybe. Or maybe I'll just punch you in the kidneys, as hard as I can, over and over, until they both turn to pulp and you're pissing blood. How does that sound''

'Oh, oh, oh, daddy. Would you really' Go ahead, if you want, it's just''

'Just what''

'Do you really want to put me in the hospital or kill me already' It's only our first night together, and you haven't got much use out of me yet.'

'Didn't you propose getting shot in the head earlier''

'I' master' I know you don't own a gun,' she admits. 'I meant what I said, though. You can go out and buy one tonight and I'll prove it. Or you can smash my organs with your fists. Whatever you want. I know I'm not worth much, but I thought you might want to keep me around for at least the next couple days.'

'You're not worth anything, my darling slut,' I murmur soothingly. 'You're not worth anything at all.'

'Yes, daddy.'

'I could replace you so easily. I could replace you with a much better girl. I could find a new one tonight, if I really tried. You're nothing.'

'You're right.'

'Can I punch you in the kidneys, princess''

'Yes, daddy.'

'As hard as I can' As many times as I want''

'Yes, please, don't hold back. Destroy me before I even get a chance to taste your cum.'

'Does that idea turn you on''

'So much, daddy. God, yes.'

'You sexy, shameful little whore. I bet you'll cum the instant I land the first punch.'

'I bet you're right.'

'Are you ready''

'I'm ready, daddy. Do it. Fuck me up forever.'

'Shit, you really are getting off on this. I can't believe it. I don't need to fuck you up, you're already as fucked up as it gets. You could probably cum right now if I only whispered the word in your ear.'

She's shivering and breathing hard, gasping, 'You're right. God, it's true. Just from talking about it. Just from hearing your voice. Do you want me to cum, daddy' Oh, Christ, just say the word.'

I slither on my chest up her back, hands reaching under to cup her childlike breasts, cockhead wedged between her dripping inner labia. My mouth gets so close that my lips brush her earlobe when I growl, 'Cum, slut.'

And she cums, in an instant. In the same instant, I rear back, dragging the end of the belt noose with me, letting the natural motion of my hips piston my cock up inside her pulsing, rippling cunt.

'Guhhh, ahhhh, fffffkkkk,' she sputters in a high-pitched, choking torrent in tandem with her convulsing body. Using the belt for leverage, I slam into her until my balls are being tickled by the binder clip, and then I start thrusting in earnest. I pull and pull at the noose, reaching hand over hand until I'm holding it at the buckle and still pulling, throwing as much of my weight behind it as I can, trying my damndest to cut off her air completely and not caring if she passes out before I succeed, wondering if success would come at the cost of obliterating her tits and not really caring about that either. I'm gone, hypnotized and mindless, fucking like an animal, feeling newly-formed scabs tear off inside her while I groan in approval, my hips twisting with a mind of their own until the angle is just right and I get in so deep I feel that little dip and the rough pucker of her cervix. Every last vestige of restraint evaporates from my mind and for a minute I'm just a jackhammer trying to break the door to her womb off its hinges.

If her convulsions and obstructed attempts at speech are really orgasmic in origin, she's cumming for the full minute. She starts calming down, or maybe just losing consciousness, around the same time that my brutal pace is getting me too worn out to continue. I simply release the belt this time, and her face crashes to the sheets. But she's awake, curling up reflexively to take as much pressure off the clips as she can, moaning and crying and fighting to get her breath back. I switch to long, slow strokes, trying to hold off the growing pressure in my loins and giving my aching muscles a rest.

'Did that hurt, my darling'' I ask, massaging her rear while I pump into her.

'Yess,' she hisses.

'Did it hurt worse than the sandpaper''

'Ohh, yes, fuck. It hurt so good, master. I've never cum like that before.'

Her pussy is so deliciously tight and I've kept myself on edge for so long now, I know I can push myself into an earth-shattering orgasm of my own as soon as I want, maybe sooner if I'm not careful. It's time for the grand finale.

'Baby, I'm going to blow my load in you very soon, and I have something to confess. The real reason I wanted to tear your cunt open before I fucked you.'

I dig my fingers into her thighs, in preparation for her imminent feeble escape attempt. I take a deep breath.

'The truth is, I have HIV. I tested positive a few months after we met. Now I'm gonna give it to you, too, fuck it right into your open wounds, and you can't stop me.'

'Ohhh, master,' she groans, and then her hips are moving, not away but up to meet my thrusts. 'Master, yes, I'm all yours, I'm yours forever. Taint me, infect me, make it so nobody but you will ever want to touch me again. Cum in me, baby. I want it. I need it. Knock me up and make me sick all in one go.'

Oh, my God. My slut is tied, clamped, bleeding, raw, possibly fertile, and choked half to death. She's just been told she's about to have HIV-positive semen forcibly injected into her torn-up pussy, and now she's humping me, fucking me back as hard as she can, and there's nothing I can do. I'm done, I can't stop her and I can't hold back for another second. I literally see stars for a moment, bellowing in ecstasy as the orgasm thunders through me, and then I'm spurting unbelievable, thick, heavy wads all over those shredded and helpless inner walls, spurting for what might be forever, spurting until there's nothing inside her but cum and cock. Finally, my dick stops shuddering, and I practically fall on my ass pulling out of her. Ears ringing and extremities tingling, I'm spent in every possible way a man can spend himself.

I watch with dumb, dazed eyes as my impossibly gigantic load slowly plops out of her hot cunt like magma. I guess I should untie her. I grapple for the scissors and go snipping with dangerously careless hands at the strings binding her tits and wrists. She collapses, stretching and bemoaning her stiff joints and abused little body. I lay down beside her, a bit sore myself, and she scoots over to snuggle up.

I curl up both legs and kick her so hard so goes tumbling out of the bed.

'Get the fuck out of my house,' I snarl.

Out of sight, lying on the floor, her meek little disembodied voice is rife with disbelief. 'What''

'I said get the fuck out, and don't come back.'

'M-master, are you serious''

'Yes I'm fucking serious. Get out. Stay out. Don't call me. Don't e-mail me. I never want to hear from you again.'


'But what''

'I'I love you so much, master. I'll leave, if you want. But I thought you loved me, too''

'I don't love you. I was using you. I've only ever been using you. You fucking believed me when I said I loved you' You've gotta be the dumbest bitch I've ever met. Now you've got AIDS and maybe a little bastard growing inside you. Have a nice life, slut. Bye.'

There's silence, and then she tosses each of the rubber bands up over the edge of the bed, one by one, followed soon after by the binder clips.

She clears her throat, then pipes up again, warbling, 'Baby, I think I might have internal bleeding, from when you beat me up. It hurts so much. I'm really dizzy and thirsty. I didn't want to say anything before, but''

'So find a hospital. You think I give a shit' Get out of my fucking house.'

'I don't think I need to go to a hospital, it's probably not that bad, but''


She sobs, and then after a few grunts, the two safety pins are added to the pile atop the sheets. She climbs back into view.

'My luggage is still in your car''

'Leave it.'

'Y-yes, master.'

She moves slowly, almost zombie-like, to the door, unlocking it before pausing again.

'I'I love you, master.'

'Yeah, whatever,' I say. 'Bye.'

'Good bye,' she echoes through her tears.

She closes the door behind her, and I get up and go pull my cell phone from the pocket of my jeans before returning to bed. I listen to the sound of what I assume is the slut getting dressed in the ridiculous skirt and white top she arrived in. Then I think she just cries for a while, and finally I hear the front door creak open. The moment it shuts again, I flip my phone open and start typing a text.

The message I send her says, 'Slut, if your lips aren't on my dick in thirty seconds, you really will be walking home.'

She makes it with five seconds to spare. And, by God, I have never seen a girl look so happy to have a cock in her mouth!



This story is heavily inspired by my real life, but the sexual activities described are pure fantasy! The narrator is me, the girl is real as well and she contributed a number of wonderful ideas for the plot, and most of the dialog is based heavily on real conversations we've had, but we collaborated on this as a healthy outlet for some of the fantasies we CAN'T really act out, for reasons that should be obvious. I do not recommend or even condone participating in most of the acts described here. Writing erotica won't land me in jail with a dead or crippled girlfriend, whereas doing this in reality very easily could!

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