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Just read the damn story
Feet pounding, breathing raged, heart racing, trees flashing past, the sound of a gunshot and a tree splintering in front of me. Tripping and falling I smash into the forest soil, spots flash across my vision and I'm up. Running for my life is nothing new to me. I don't do it every day but it happens once in a while. My ability is apparently very useful to the united states government. What IS my ability per say ... im a transformer... a shape-shifter... whatever you want to call it. Personally I prefer Shifter. Its short and to the point. Why don't i use this ability now? You could say i like to make them feel like they have a chance before i smash their hopes of ever catching me. I also like the adrenaline high I get from running away.

Pretty soon I have a considerable lead and I leap into the air, instantly morphing into a large eagle like bird but with my own twist. Thats the thing, not only can i transform into real animals, objects, and people but i can adjust the appearance or the chemical makeup of that object to whatever suits me. The bird is as big as an F-16 and has a black appearance but the feathers seem to bend light around it essentially making it invisible... that is if your not looking for it. I bank around and lower my talons to snatch up one of the soldiers that are pursuing me. My rear talon pierces his larynx instantly stifling his scream. I rip the soldier in half and drop him in front of the the command vehicle. I know that commander Pots is in there. He's the CO for capture of high value targets, or some shit like that.

I fly off into the night and away from Jonesboro, Arkansas and towards the distant rocky mountains off the the west. Suddenly the scream of a jet fills the night as I morph into an SU-37 and fly off at Mach 2.

My name is Forest, just Forest, I make up last names to register for schools or to give people. I was born as a normal child, however some chemical anomaly in my DNA gave me the ability to rearrange the molecules in my body into different elements. I can even transform other objects or people into something else. If I had wanted to I could have turned that soldier into a statue of living rock. He would still feel, see and hear his world around him BUT he would never again speak or move. I have done it and I can do it again. Moving on, I was born in northern Oregon on the side of a road, i lived with my mom until my ability manifested itself in the form of me turning into a mixture of wood, rock, steel, clay, glass, and water. I fell to pieces and my mother ran out of the house terrified. I concentrated and managed to turn everything but my metal hand back to my normal flesh.

Even when I had mastered my ability I kept that hand as cold steel. occasionally turning it to flesh when in public or when transforming into other animals. My mother never came back, apparently she went to the police and upon telling the sherif what had happened she was taken to an asylum. I ran away from that house and just kept running until I was in northern California, there I was picked up by a foster parent who looked after me while I practiced my ability in private. Soon I could do anything, I turned a sparrow into a hawk, a rabbit into a dog, I healed one kid's cancer without him or anyone else even knowing he had it. I could do anything simply by thinking of what I wanted an object, person, or myself to become, the change was permenant unless I changed it back. I could change my appearance, muscle tone, amount of fat, and even make myself ultra fit without any form of exercise. Eventually I left that place and continued to run. The military caught wind of my mothers strange tale and my dissapearance and started wonder if my old lady was lying or not. They looked into it and followed my trail to the foster home. They tracked me using another person with abilities like mine, but thats a different tale for a later time. My first experience with them ended with four of them dead and me still on the run.

That was in 1947. It is now 2031, remaining young is another trait of my morphing abilities. I am invulnerable to any form of trauma, be it poisons, explosions, bullets, blades, crushing forces, or the vacuum of space. I can survive it all, I can lose a limb and simply re attach it my putting the ends together. I am pretty much Superman on a much more intense scale.

I show up in Denver with one thing on my mind, teenage pussy, remaining a teenager has cause me to stay at the teenage level of maturity. I always want sex, and I always get it. I morph into a sparrow and fly to the local High school. I land on a tree branch relatively close to the ground and morph back into my normal teenage form. Im tall, about 6'2, light hair, brown almost blond, Blue eyes and darker skin. Im well toned and muscular (obviously exploits of my abilities) I have a larger cock, about 10 inches in length and 2 thick. I normally wear clothes from this time period, Sneakers that change color every five minutes, a jacket that does the same, simple cotton t-shirt, and jeans.

I sit on the tree branch and wait. Its maybe 2 hours before the high school lets its students out for the day. As the various students move to their multi function vehicles and the occasional lev board I spot a target. An attractive blonde about 5'9 with rather large tits. She had on jeans and a tight fitting shirt that showed of the blessings on her chest. Her shoes mirrored mine but in a more feminine fashion. She was headed for the tree that I was in and I was about to put my plan into action. As she passed under the tree I dropped down and crumpled to the ground with a loud thud and an ummph.

"Oh my god are you ok" she cries startled rushing over.

"I don't know." I state making a show out of getting up and crumpling back to the ground.

"Im pretty sure your not if you cant get up, why were you up in that tree?" she says pointing upwards.

"Some jerk threw my bag up there and I was trying to get it." I say touching the tree trunk and making a bag morph out of thin air. It had three of my favorite books in it to make it more believable.

"What kind of asshole would do that"

"Well what happens happens I guess" I shrug.

"We should have your ankle looked at" she says

"It'll be OK, I can walk."

I get up and dust myself off while she looks me over. Her gaze hovers over the bulge in my pants created by the partial erection that her being close to me had caused. She stood up, dusted off her knees and started to walk off.

"Wait! Do you want to go get a bite to eat or see a movie or something?" I shout

She pauses "Sure, I could go for a movie."

Her name was Lilli, she lived by herself since she had been emancipated, her parents were both assholes, she like to go see movies, and she liked to hang out at the Starbucks on the corner of fifth and Main. Her friends were all away in some trip to Spain for their senior class trip and she couldn't go because it was too expensive. I told her my Name was Forest Mckinley, I also lived alone, both my parents hated me, I got a large inheritance from my grandfather (the reason WHY my dad hated me) and I also like coffee.

An hour later we're in line for a sci fi flick about aliens taking over the planet and using humans as sex slaves, when she asks.

"Forest... are you a virgin?" she surprises me

"Yeah" I lie Blushing

"Well... so am I and I was looking for someone special to take it from me... I think your a pretty decent guy and you seem like the guy who would go for a relationship with me."

'Moving a little fast, I like it!'
"Well...." I 'blush' again "I guess if you want to... Your a great girl and neither of us is tied down by parents... Sure why not!"

"OK good cause after the movie we're going to my house" she says winking.

We get the tickets and move into the theater. We sit on the top row at the very end for maximum privacy. As we sit down she reaches over, grabs my head and pushes her lips onto mine. She presses them there for a few seconds before I start to kiss back. Passionately we kiss, I slide my tongue into her mouth slowly, as if exploring, she follows suit and we kiss for maybe about ten minutes when finally she moves back.

"That was nice." she says, looking at me from under her eyebrows seductively.

"Yeah" I Say stunned. It actually felt good, not just like most of the kisses I have gotten from the other girls I have seduced. This one felt ... Real.

We sat back and enjoyed the movie. About halfway through the movie Lilli put her hand on my thigh moving it upwards as the movie progressed. When it got to a scene where an alien with a tentacle for a dick begins fucking a young brunette, she moved her hand over my now hard dick. She unzips my pants and reaches inside. I feel her grip my shaft and gasp.

"Its so big!" she exclaims

"Thank you"

She leans over and slowly pulls my dick out of my pants. Once out she begins to pump my thick rod with her small hands and slowly but surely my dick becomes fully hard. She pumps it experimentally, not knowing weather or not she was doing it right. She was, I could feel the tension in my balls start to build and build. She cautiously lowers her mouth over the head of my dick, sucking it in and licking the top. It was like she was born to suck dick, she swirled her tongue around the head and slowly moved her mouth down my shaft, she got about halfway when she suddenly gagged. She pulls back up and then back down again but not going as far as last time. She starts to get a pace going and works on keeping the noise down. The tension in my balls suddenly becomes to great "I'm cumming!" I hiss into her ear. She moves up again so that only the head of my dick is in her mouth, my dick pumps 9 times before the stream of cum ends. She swallows it all as it comes out.

"Wow! You taste good" she whispers into my ear.

"I hope you taste good too."

She gives me a quizzical look before I grab her hand and lead her out of the theater. We cross the parking lot and get into her car. She drives to her house, 10 miles over the speed limit the whole way. When we get there its nothing more than a small trailer house, but what do you expect from a high school student without supportive parents. We burst in the front door frantically groping and pulling at each others cloths. I manage to remove her shirt and she gets my pants off, removing her shoes then her pants she leads me into her bedroom. Landing on the bed I remove my shirt and proceed to remove her bra. I reach around and unsnap the hook and loop and pull it from her body, allowing her arms to move out of the straps. There before me were the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. They were large and globe shaped with no droop to them, they sat upright proudly not drooping to either side of her chest nor towards the ground. Her nipples were a dark, almost red, pink, they were kind of puffy and didn't seem to be as pronounced as an adult females were.
I move my mouth to her left nipple and slip it into my mouth slowly sucking and nibbling on it, slowly it becomes a hard nub in my mouth. I continue to suckle like a newborn as I reach up and pinch and tweak the other with my left hand. She moans freely and contains none of her pleasure, I can feel her grinding her hips against my abdomen. I release her nipples and kiss my way down her stomach, lingering at her belly button for a little tickle. Finally I reach the promised land and kiss her inner thighs. I pull her thong off with my teeth and find my treasure. Her pussy was shaven, and had a slightly pouty look to it, her outer lips concealed all of the inner workings and her clit was not visible. I reach out with my tongue and push it between the folds of her pussy. Her back arches and suddenly she shakes and liquid runs over my tongue.

"WOW! That was amazing! I hope I can have more of those." she exclaims

"Good cause you will"

I move in again and run my tongue over her lips again, slowly parting them to reveal the inside of what I've been longing for. I reach the top and swirl my tongue around her clit, causing her to squirm around and clamp my head between her thighs. Suddenly she grabs my head and pulls me to her mouth.
Kissing me she says "Just put your damn cock in my fucking pussy!"
I comply by removing my boxers and pushing my oozing member into her pussy until only the head is in. "Are you ready?" I ask one last time, before she can comply I ram my cock deeply into her pussy. Flinching she gasps and leans back onto the bed letting me crawl up her and suck her nipple once more into my mouth. Slowly she begins to grind her hips into my cock forcing it deeper into her to the point were I'm almost penetrating her cervix. She grabs my shoulders and rolls me onto my back. She takes quiet control and begins to slowly rock back and forth on my dick, after about five minutes she full blown bouncing on my hard cock. Pushing in and out of her fertile womb through her cervix, shes screaming and yelling my name. My balls suddenly tighten and she stops, I push into her deeply as both of us scream the others name. Her pussy had clamped down on my dick, holding me in her and causing me to pump her womb completely full to the point that its oozing out around my dick. She collapses onto my chest and promptly falls asleep.
At about three A.M. I wake up to dead silence, no dogs barking, no crickets chirping, not even a car or a police siren in the distant background. I rush to the nearest window and morph my eyes to see in infrared as well as emit it in a high powered beam so that I could see farther then any night vision goggles could. I see a group of about fifteen men on this side of the house, each carrying an M4 assault rifle and in full combat armor. I run to the other side of the house and find the same thing as before only a few of them have riot shields and some gas canister launchers. I morph my eyes back and run to the bedroom.

"LILLI wake up!" I say frantically "WAKE UP!"

"What is it?" she says hearing the distress in my voice.

"We cant talk right now, Im gonna do something to you that you will not like but I will explain it to you later, do you understand?"

"wait wha..." she was cut off as I transformed her into a large diamond.

I threw on my jeans and put the diamond into my pocket before morphing into a completely steel form of myself. Three gas canisters flew through the front window and a flashbang was after them. The gas spread quickly and the flash had no effect on me whatsoever. Three soldiers burst into the front door as I extend my right hand into a blade and form my left into a short barreled .50 caliber cannon. I slash at the first enemy completely removing his torso from the rest of his body, the second soldier receives a shot to the chest, blowing an eight inch hole were his heart should be. The third drops to his knees and puts his rifle down, begging for his life. I swiftly turn him into a chicken from the waist down and his arms into wings, giving him a beak with his human face.
I step outside to find that most of them are waiting for me on the front lawn, the rest are either on their way or on the roof pointing down at me. I create a belt of ammo for the cannon on my left hand out of thin air, a shout is heard from a distant humvee and the soldiers open fire. The rounds bounce off of me and have little effect. One soldier moves to one of the closer humvee's turret and pushes a round into the chamber before letting loose on my with a .50 cal. of his own. Before the round can reach me and push through my steel body like butter I reform into all diamond. and leave my hands as steel weapons. The rounds from the turret mushroom onto my chest and stick there. Soon everyone is on the reload when I make my move. I push off the porch and onto the grass of the yard. I sprint forwards and slash into four soldiers at once, shooting a round through five more and penetrating the gas tank of the humvee behind them. It erupts in flames, killing the four men nearest to it in seconds. I fire into another group of soldiers and this time with a high explosive round, the round detonates right at the center of the group sending frag into all but 2 of the ten occupants.
With all but two of his soldiers dead, Commander Pots steps out of his humvee, the thumping of two or three choppers is heard in the distance, Pots walks towards me drawing his pistol and promptly making a show of unloading it. He drops it to the ground and walks right into my face.

"Why cant we ever just talk to each other?" he asks sarcastically. "I mean were both good guys right?" again with plenty of sarcasm. "We could work out a deal... Or even get a job lined up for you."

I reach down and grab his wrist, morphing a line in his wrist into a large jagged scar. He pulls away as he feels the pain of his new would and stares at what I have done.

"Thats strike one... Two more and your dead along with any other person that comes after me... If I so much as catch a government officer admiring my lawn I will hunt you down and slash you to ribbons... DO YOU GET THE FUCKING IDEA NOW!!!???"

"I am going to catch you one day forest... weather it kills me or not is out of the question... the government could seriously use your ability to create a new breed of soldier that coul..."

"NO! I will not allow you to experiment on me just so that you can win some stupid war"

By now the choppers have arrived and had begun to land in a field a little north of the house. I morphed my hand into a 40 mm grenade launcher and fired two incendiary rounds into the cockpits of two of the four that arrived. They exploded into flames as the soldiers began to bail out 50 feet off the ground. The choppers spun out of control and slammed into the ground killing those that survived the initial fall.

"I can do this all fucking day!" I yell into the Commanders face.

Pots hangs his head and simply stands there. Overcome with rage I lash out and throw pots into one of the untouched humvees. I morph into my favorite form of the large black bird making sure that the diamond had remained by itself embedded in my flesh but not a part of me. I leap into the air and fly off towards the coast of southern California.

I land on the beach two hours later and draw the diamond from my pocket. Morphing it back into the form of Lilli, she promptly falls to the ground and stares at me.

"What?" I ask simply.

"What the hell was all that" she murmurs

"Its a long story" I look at the sun rising over the dunes that cover the coast "but we have time"
I create a fire and some comfortable hammocks and I retell my tale, pouring out every detail, and telling her my entire life's story. She listens the entire time and occasionally ask a question or two. Eventually she got tired of listening to my story and crawled into the hammock with me. Kissing me for a split second and falling asleep in my arms.

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