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An Affair
My name is Nikhil Oberoi. I am 37 years of age. I am an investment banker with HSBC India, living and working in Mumbai. I am married and have a son(Rohan) and daughter(Rhea).My wife is Aleena Oberoi and is also an investment banker, but with ICICI.She is 35 yrs of age.

Ours was a love marriage. She is from Delhi and i am from Mumbai itself. We met each other during our MBA program at London School of Economics(LSE).We both earn handsomely and haven’t seen any shortage of money or anything till now. We live in a posh society in Colaba and own 3 cars. Basically, a more than well to do lifestyle is Upper Society. Our children study in an Upper-class, Swish South Mumbai school. Now about my wife and our married life. My wife was one of the hottest females when i met her in London School of Economics.

My friends use to call her Demi Moore. Fair in complexion, 5′8 and 34-30-32 if I’m not wrong. Perfect boobs and an ass to die for. Something immediately struck off between us. There must have been another 50-60 guys after her, including foreigners, but i was the lucky one. In fact, I myself am blessed with highly handsome looks. I am almost 6′1.I was a national level squash player in my 20’s and represented Maharashtra. I wanted to become a professional player, but economics got the better of me. Thus, till date I have an extremely agile body and have maintained at least 4 pack abs.

We dated for around 1 and a half yrs during MBA and soon after we got married and shifted to Mumbai. Neither of us were virgins when we started dating and it was fine with both. We had sex many times during our MBA but the real spicy stuff started after marriage. Kinky, role play, spanking, watching porn together, reading Cosmopolitan together, trying new sex positions every day, sex in bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, bathroom, on dining table, talking dirty, sending dirty/naughty texts while at work, clubbing.

The sex used to be very intense. Shouting, screaming love bites and much more. We used to discuss our fantasies, fetishes etc. I have a fetish for a woman’s armpits. Shaved is. Especially while having sex, Aleena used to be sweating, that odor was invigorating. And all this was almost 5 days a week. Everything was just amazing. But everything changed after we had our first child and became worse after our second one. Not that she lost her figure or something. She did become a little plump. She is now a yummy mummy and a smoking hot MILF.

But I preferred the earlier body. After having children she changed to 36C from 34C(because of breast feeding).Hers boobs are bigger now but they are sagging. After having children she completely lost interest and the urge for sex. I thought it happens with most of the women after pregnancy and that after sometime she will regain the lost interest, but i was wrong. After starting work again, she had to manage office, children, their studies, and house and after all this she neither had the energy nor the time for sex.

Even though we had two full time maids, she had become really busy and this was taking a toll on our relationship. It had become very frustrating for me. I am a Leo male and a Leo male has a very high sex appetite. I wanted sex from her which she could not provide. We used to have many arguments also in this context. Every time i was in the mood for sex, she used to be either busy with children or was too tired for it. Our daughter, Rhea further created problems.

She could not sleep in the children’s’ room and had to sleep with her mother only. So she used to sleep in our room and on our bed. Thus, even if i tried having sex, i had to make very less noise or else Rhea would wake up. Many times it used to so happen that Aleena used to go to sleep with Rhea and then in the middle of the night when i could not control myself, i used to open her night gown/nighty, remove her undergarments and try to suck her tits and make love.

She used to continue sleeping and it was almost like making love with a dead body. Next morning she used to fight with me and say I didn’t let her sleep. We both were quite disturbed. This thing continued for next few years and our children started growing up. My son, Rohan had reached 1st Standard. Right from Nursery to Lower Kg to Higher Kg and now 1st, both Aleena and I used to attend the schools Open House/Parent Teacher Meetings. They used to have 3 such meetings every year and we thought both the parents should attend it for the child’s benefit.

I tried to be as involved in Rohan’s studies and school activities as Aleena. Sometimes only one of us would be able to attend depending on whose office work permitted. Right through Nursery to Higher Kg, Rohan had teachers who were either in their 50s, semi grand mom types or those typical school teachers. Fat, stout and ugly to say the least. But those meetings concentrated on the child’s studies, habits, activities etc. rather than teachers’ looks. In fact I never really gave a thought to the looks of his teachers until i met his 1st Standard Class teacher.

Her name was Roshini Sahai. My goodness. As soon as we entered the classroom, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was shell shocked and dumbfounded to see a woman so beautiful to be a teacher. Infact she was one of the most beautiful women i had ever seen in my life. She was milky white. Not like those blonde types. But a clear smooth milky radiant complexion. In fact for those of you’ll who know the Hollywood actress Deise Richards, she looks 80% like her. A tad more fair. She was wearing a saree specially for the occasion of Parent Teacher Meeting i suppose.

A blue chiffon saree with a tight short black blouse. Her milky arms were quite prominent to everyone in the room. She had straight smooth light brown colored hair making her look every more sexy. Aleena, Rohan and I took our seats and were waiting for our turn to meet her. Rohan was busy playing with his friends and Aleena was busy chatting up with other Moms. I noticed some more fathers in the classroom who had also glued their eyes onto the sultry teacher. But they were the ones with tummy’s and bald heads and double chins.

As i mentioned earlier, because of my sports background i am still, at 37, a muscular strong Leo Male. But because of the catching age, my hair has streaks of gray. But i never dyed my hair. Infact i suppose this gray hair look projects my manliness and makes me more attractive. An experienced lion ready to take on any lioness. Maybe that’s what must have caught Roshini’s eye also. After about 15 minutes of waiting it was our turn to have a tete a tete.Aleena and I greeted her and introduced ourselves. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her say to me “Hi am Roshini”, and shook first Aleena’s hand then mine.

Before us, all the parents were greeted with a ‘Good Morning’ and no handshakes. Anyway, i really dint think too much into it and soon we started discussing Rohan’s studies and his behavior etc. She had an American accent and both, Aleena and I were surprised to hear it. My wife eventually asked her about it. She said she was born in Mumbai but flew away to New Zealand at the age of 6.She completed her studies and graduation there itself.

She said she felt that she should come back to India and give something back to this country. And as she was very fond of kids and teaching, she became a teacher. This was her first stint as a school teacher. She was looking only at my wife and addressing her. After a minute or two i lost track of the conversation and simply drowned myself in her eyes. They were sea blue in color, complimenting her blue saree and her perfume was driving me crazy. I suppose she understood after a while that i was staring hopelessly at her because she made a feral noise in her throat and kind of smiled at me in a weird way

And then was trying to control that smile. My wife dint really notice this as she was busy asking about Rohan’s homework etc etc etc. After around 8-10 minutes it was time for us to leave. I was wondering how her figure and assests would be. I couldn’t make out as she was sitting. Only her beautiful face was visible and as her saree was very dark in color nothing could be seen or deciphered. Just then she asked us to wait and got up from her chair and walked to a cupboard at the far end of the class.

Wow! I’m not exaggerating like other stories, but that’s what i thought to myself as she got up. The most babelicious female i had seen. She had the right curves at the exact right places.36-30-32.The lion inside me was raring to be unleashed and i wanted to grope her then and there. But alas, the civilized society. She came back with her purse and gave 2 Cadbury Bournvilles to Rohan saying one was for him and one for his sister. I was wondering why she did this because she hadn’t given any chocolates to any of the children before us. Anyway, we said thank you and were leaving.

My wife and Rohan were ahead of me and just as we were about to exit the class, i turned and looked in her(Roshini’s) direction. She was looking at me and immediately snapped her glance. Rohan went home and Aleena and I went to our offices. I couldn’t work the entire day as i was thinking about Roshini Sahai and her looking at me. I couldn’t get her figure and her swaggering walk and her blue eyes out of my mind. I was becoming very horny. My 8′ inch monster wanted a hole.

That evening while going home from work i bought few flavored condoms and a 100mg sleeping pill. After dinner i put the sleeping pill in Rhea’s milk without Aleena’s knowledge. It was sufficient for Rhea to sleep in deep slumber till morning. And as soon as the lights were out i started my work. I grabbed my wife and smooched her madly fantasizing about Roshini Sahai. As usual, Aleena was in no mood for sex and said that Rhea would wake up.

I told her that she wouldn’t and removed by clothes and stripped her of her nighty as well. She tried to resist and said she had to reach office early in the morning but i wasn’t listening. I removed her 36C black bra and panty and flung it. I didn’t even realize, the bra fell on Rhea’s face. But she continued sleeping. I was thinking only about Roshini Sahai and her body. I put on a strawberry flavored condom and got into a 69 position. Aleena was cribbing and wanted to sleep but I stuffed my cock into her mouth and at the same time was sucking out all her juices.

She didn’t cooperate and stopped the blowjob. I had to get down to fucking. For the next half n hour, I fucked her black and blue, squeezed her tits while sniffing her armpits thinking them to be Roshini Sahai’s. I forced my tongue into her mouth and smooched her without even letting her breath. I was unstoppable that time. I increased my pace and went deeper into her cunt. She was in pain and must have been shocked to see this form of me.

She kept saying, “Slow Slow..stop…Ouch its hurting”, but the lion in me just fucked and fucked and fucked. I moaned loudly and had a massive climax which filled the condom full. I fell on her and remained there until she pushed me aside. I then washed my dick flushed the condom, wore my clothes and went off to sleep. Aleena had already worn hers and was sleeping.

Next day I was much more relaxed but I still wanted Roshini Sahai. This was July and the next Parent Teacher Meeting would be 3 months later in October. For the next 3 months I fucked my wife many times fantasizing about Rohan’s teacher. I was using the sleeping pill for Rhea. With each fuck I was getting more desperate for Roshini Sahai. To be frank I was bored of my wife and her body and wanted new excitement and flavors in my life. Little did I know that my dream would turn into a reality.

to be contd............

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