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This is my first attempt at writing a story and it will comprise of a number of small chapters depending upon what you girls and guys think. This is a story about a pair of twin boys in the UK and some of their experiences in life and seen through the eyes of one of them. It is set in the past at an age when children in Britain did very much what they were told to do by an adult and never questioned it. Not to be read by persons under 18 years of age. ** WARNING ** You are about to read a chapter in a story that will contain graphic sexual activity between boys, a man and a woman and you need to be over 18 years old to continue reading this story. A fictional story Copyright: 2011 EnglishBoy no copying or changing without owner’s permission Written by EnglishBoy Contact me by sending a message via this site (preferred option) or by email
Les & Bob Part 1

When I was 11 years old, in the last year of Junior School with my identical twin brother and we were in the church choir.

We did everything together and he was and still is my best friend. We used to speak un unison most of the time if someone said something to us and we just heard it rather than looking at the person who was saying it.

One day the Vicar thought that we would both like to go with him to see another part of the country, visit a cathedral, caverns, castles etc and approached our parents to ask if they thought it a good idea. Well needless to say it gave them a weekend off and agreed that it could be a very beneficial educational experience and they said yes. They obviously trusted him. That was it we were away from home for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Mum hastily packed a bag of clothes for us and we climbed into the vicar’s car and off we went.

Let me describe who we are, my name is Les and my brother’s name is Bob. We are identical twins and had to wear badges at school so that the teachers could tell us apart (a common story for identical twins apparently). Bob was born 15 minutes before me.

At 11 years old we were 4' 7" (about 140 cm) with short brown hair. We had very athletic builds typical of other children of that age we were slim and did lots of playing outdoors climbing trees, building dams in the river playing football, riding bikes etc. Our muscle features were defined but had not filled out as they do with the onset of puberty. We were pre-pubescent had blue eyes and short brown hair on our heads, not much hair anywhere else other than a fine light down on our arms and legs.

At the time of this "story" it was just after Easter so we had not much skin colour.

Bob and I talked incessantly en-route for the 4.5 hours of the journey as we discussed with Father Fred the things that we will be doing. It transpired that we would be staying at his Sister Edith's house which was on the moors in Yorkshire.

We arrived at about 7pm and were greeted by Edith. She explained that we would all be sharing one bedroom but not to worry because it did have a large double bed in it. Bob and I didn't worry about that, we were just happy to be doing something different.

Edith lived by herself in this remote cottage. She was about as old as our Mum say around 36, but Mum said she was 36 for years. Fred was a little older at about 45.
We had been brought up with impeccable manners and thanked Edith for the excellent supper. We were then told that it was time for bed and shown the bedroom and bathroom. Fred went to fill a bath for us whilst Edith helped us unpack our things and get some PJs ready. She told us to follow her into the bathroom where Fred had finished filling the bath, Edith helped me undress whilst Fred helped Bob and they stood us side by side. Edith kept saying what beautiful little boys we were and kept commenting on it to Fred. She kept looking at our little pricks one and then the other then looking at our faces.

She also noticed that we were not circumcised (a new word to us) and said to Fred that he should be careful when bathing us. She told us that she would help him tonight on the basis that Fred was circumcised and needed to be shown what to do. Bob asked Edith what she meant by the word circumcised. "Oh it’s nothing to worry about" she said "just that Fred had a bit of skin removed when he was a baby." "What skin?" asked Bob and Edith then pointed to the bit of skin at the end of Bob's penis - "that bit" she said. Bob and I looked at each other with a questioning expression but decided to leave it at that.

Edith continued to help me into the bath whilst Fred helped Bob. They sat us down and washed our hair and soaped our arms, chest and backs. They then asked us to stand and they soaped our legs and bottoms, and Edith explained that Fred should run his fingers up and down the bottom crack to make sure it was clean. She smiled at Fred “you know what you are doing here don’t you, you don’t need instruction do you!”

It did feel a little strange to have someone doing this, our Mum and Dad never touched us like this and always used wash clothes. Edith was gentle but seemed pretty much matter of fact about it.

They then turned us round. With all the attention my penis was starting to grow.
As I mentioned earlier Bob and I were identical twins and that meant identical in all respects other than one. Bob's foreskin was tighter to pull back over his knob than mine. In the past we had compared our dicks and when flaccid, we were 2.25" (5.7 cm) long with the foreskin hanging over the end by about a 1/4" (.6 cm). There was not a hair in sight.

Edith told Fred to soap his hands whilst she was looking at both of our penises. She said “look Fred they are getting hard looks as though we are in a race” she smiled at me and Bob and then said to us that they were now going to make sure that our thingies are clean. She said “my you are 2 beautiful boys and have lovely bodies”.
Bob was also semi erect. She told Fred to gentle wash the ball sack and the area behind to the bottom. She did the same to me. The feeling was incredible, no one had ever touched me like that before and my little dick went to full throb with such experienced fingers fondling and washing by balls. Edith had obviously washed little boys before and was enjoying it. I looked at Father Fred who was engrossed in looking and feeling Bob’s balls and sack. He kept moving a finger back behind Bob’s ball sack toward his bottom, as was Edith to me. It felt really lovely.

Once erect Edith said “I think that was a draw – both hard at the same time!.” our foreskin’s went flat to the end of the knob, you couldn't see the glans just a little rosebud, we measured 3.25 inches (5.7 cm) the circumference of both penises was 2.25" (5.7 cm) so I guess about the size of the forth finger on a smallish hand.

"Well boys" she said, "you are certainly enjoying the feel of this arn’t you?" Bob said it felt funny but really nice and I had to agree said in unison. OK she said to Fred smiling “I want you to start and soap the length of the penis and watch me” she slid her 2 fingers and her thumb up and down my penis (as if holding a pen) and then slowly started to pull back my foreskin. It slipped behind my glans which displayed its deep purple glory for all to see. She told Fred you do the same, when he started to pull back the Bob's foreskin she could see that it was much tighter than mine. She asked us if we had ever pulled back our foreskins before. We said together “yes and that our Mum and Dad had shown us what to do”. Bob explained that his was easier to do when his "willy" was soft. Fred just be gentle, keep pulling the skin back gently and make sure that there is lots of soap to make it easier. All eyes were on Bob's foreskin and the gradually appearing knob. Then all of a sudden back it went and clipped in behind the glans.

Do you feel alright Bob, Edith asked, "yes thank you Aunt Edith, it didn't really hurt".

OK let’s finish off now “Fred, very gently wash the end with your fingers, watch me first”. She took hold of my penis which was standing upright and throbbing with my heart beat, I was enjoying this, it wasn't flat against my belly but certainly about 30 degrees out from my flat stomach. When her fingers touched my knob end I moved it back out of her grip because it was so sensitive. She asked if it hurt and I said yes. "Perhaps it is because it is not used to being handled yet, I will be little gentler, move it back this way she said.

I did as I was asked and once again she started to soap my knob. Although it wasn't really hurting it was so sensitive it was a feeling I had never noticed before. “OK Fred” she said “wash Bob’s knob” we all watched as Bob also moved back from the touch and Father Fred reassured Bob and softly washed the knob. Then she said to Fred, that he will need to pull the skin all the way down the shaft so that he can clean behind the rim of the glans and said “watch me”. She pulled my skin down so that the little skin on the bottom of the knob was stretched, and she ran her experienced finger around the rim at the back on the glans. She then rubbed the frenulum which felt really nice.

"Is this alright Les not painful I hope?" she asked. “No it feels really nice actually” I said, Inside I thought that my prick was going to burst.

Edith continued to hold my penis and she started to wash the shaft again as we watched Fred try and do the same to Bob. His skin was harder to pull all the way back and she said to Fred to be careful because you don't want to tear the frenulum. Fred rubbed his finger at the back of the rim of Bob's glans and then very gently washed the knob.
“How does that feel Bob?” she asked, It was hurting a little but actually it generally feels nice.

“OK well done” said Edith “now let’s wash off the soap”. We sat down in the bath and once again Edith told Fred what she was doing so that he would do the same to Bob. I am just rubbing my finger over the anus to get the soap away and now I am gently rubbing the ball sack making sure that I get to both sides. She then moved onto my shaft which was really hard and in fact Edith commented on how hard it was. Fred said that he was amazed at how hard Bob's was. He said "you forget just how hard you can get when you are young; it never ceases to amaze me." This seemed to tell me that this was definitely not the first time they had washed little boys together. Edith then washed the soap very carefully from my knob and told Fred to do the same.

“Now pull the foreskin forward again to cover the glans” she instructed Fred. Then she said to Bob that she would like to check his foreskin and make sure that there was no major problem with the tightness and asked both of us to stand again. She swapped places with Fred and she told Fred that he might like to just see how my foreskin slides back so that he knows what to expect for future baths.

Edith took hold of Bob's penis had she had done mine and started to pull the foreskin back. Bob was unperturbed and she ran her finger at the back of the glans to make sure that Fred had washed away all of the soap - she told Fred that was what she was doing and he pulled my skin back and did the same. Father Fred’s grip was much firmer than Edith’s and he had his face really close, “checking for soap as he put it.” He felt my ball sack and rubbed the perineum.

She said to Bob that his foreskin looked tight but nothing to worry about just to make sure that he always cleaned underneath it. Both of our skins were slipped forward and we were wrapped into a towel each and ushered into the sitting room where there was a lovely warm fire burning away warming our PJs.

OK lets make sure you two are dry and ready for bed, Fred you don't need instruction for that do you - just make sure that you dry between the toes, in the ears and between the legs. She started working on me and Fred asked if he needed to dry under the foreskin? “Of course” she said – look, watch me. All she did was pull back the skin again and wrap the towel around the glans, remove it and then help the skin slip forward again. Fred did the same. At this point both Bob and I were still fully erect having never had so much attention paid to are dicks before.

We sat in front of the fire and drank some warm milk.

Fred looked at his watch and said "right boys time for bed; it is late enough for me as well Edith so I will see you in the morning."

Bob and I said good night to Edith and followed Fred to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Fred started to get undressed and said that he would sleep on this side of the bed and you two could take it in turns for sleeping in the middle. Bob and I agreed that I would sleep in the middle first.

As Fred was all but stripped, he just had his boxer shorts on he said that he wanted us to know what Edith was talking about earlier when she mentioned circumcision. Bob and I were sat up in bed and he asked to go around to him - we sat on the bed right at the side of him and he took his boxers off. We had never seen an adult penis before and compared to ours it did seem large and it did look strange.

It was flaccid and about 4.5 “long (11.4 cm) and looked quite fat with a funny looking knob on the end.

He said let me show you the difference between your and a circumcised penis, come closer and have a good look. We knelt on the floor about 1 foot (30.5 cm) away from his dick. He picked up his shaft and pointed out the circumcision scar all around and the lack of skin underneath the glans. He then let it go again; it had started to get longer. He said go on pick it up and have a good look at it yourselves. I picked it up first, it felt very soft and I touched the knob to see if it made him squirm like it did me. It didn't but it did start to get even longer and fatter. Bob also had a go and by the time he finished picking it up and looking underneath it, it was pointing straight out from his body and throbbing. At this stage it was about 6" (15.2 cm) long and 1.5 inches (3.7 cm) across. The knob was a dark pink, reddish colour and fatter at than the rest of the shaft. He had lots of hair above his dick and on and around his ball sack, it was brown mixed with grey. His ball sack was large and hung low.

He said OK both of you explore it some more “take as much time as you need, you don’t get many opportunities like this at your age to learn about how your penises will be when you grow up” he said. We took it in turns feeling the penis and his balls which were huge or seemed it in our small hands. I pulled the skin back on his prick to see what would happen, Bob was watching me whilst seemingly weighing Father Fred’s balls, all the skin behind the glans seemed to go white as I stretched the blood out of it. There was some moisture gathering on the top of the knob. We decided that we had played enough and really we were quite embarrassed so we stopped.

He asked if we wanted to look some more and we both said "no we have seen enough thank you, it is much bigger than ours though." Fred smiled and said "of course it is I am much older than you, if you want to see more just ask."

We all lay in bed talking and I felt Fred’s hand go under my PJ top and feel my chest. I didn't think much about it but gradually his hand went down my chest and across my flat belly and under the waist of my PJ bottoms. My little penis started to get hard again. His fingers stopped just about my penis, almost as if he was checking to make sure there was no hair. His fingers went to either side of my prick and then he touched it as his hand made enough space for it to spring up and head toward my tummy. It grew and became erect again for the second time that night with someone else's fingers on it. He kept feeling it up and down the length like you would a pencil with 2 fingers and a thumb and then he started to pull back the foreskin again. It did feel nice and I did wonder if I should say something, but you didn’t really question adults. It clipped in behind the head and he kept feeling the end. He removed his fingers and I could feel the bed moving. Bob had fallen asleep. I was lying there with a prick that was really aching and then the bed stopped bouncing. I felt his hand returning and it went straight to my knob. This time his hand wasn't dry, it was wet and slimy and this made the end all the more sensitive. He then pulled the skin back over the end and again played with the length of the shaft before pulling his hand away and rolling over to go to sleep.

I put my hand down to feel my prick, it was all sticky, I smelled my fingers, it smelled a bit like Ajax cleaning powered that Mum used around the house, a detergent type of smell. I wiped my fingers clean on the bed sheets and eventually went to sleep.

It was only in the future that I learned that he must have had a wank and then rubbed his cum all over my uncovered knob and penis shaft.

The next morning ...


2011-04-08 11:58:23
Playing with little boys can be fun to, keep it going there is a lot to teach them and they are so willing to learn. Likeemyoung!!!


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NPlaying with little boys can be fun to keep it going there is a lot to teach them and they are so willing to lear

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loved it, keep it going dude. Max

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