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of the family
I looked up at the antique grandfather’s clock across from the bed and it was almost midnight. Fuck! I had passed out. The last thing I remember after returning to my room was taking a shower and lying down. Jetlag is a bitch though I had never had it hit me quite like this. I stretched and did twenty-five quick push-ups and heard my stomach growl. I suddenly realized I was ravenous. I needed food and soon. I was blessed with a super fast metabolism and my stomach was beginning to churn and tickle my spine and that was not a good thing.

I opened the small fridge but there was nothing substantial that I could chow down on so throwing on a T-shirt, I decided to head towards Olivia’s room. I was sure she could scrounge up something for me to eat and then maybe we could explore that ‘anything’ she had mentioned. If she was asleep I’d just have to cook the giant, white Umbrella Cockatoo I saw in the foyer, the one Peter called ‘Freddy the Fucker’. Okay, so I’m being facetious.

As I walked down the narrow passageway connecting our rooms, the strains of muffled voices wafted towards me. It was the male voice which piqued my curiosity. And as I got closer, I noticed that the door was left slightly ajar either intentionally or by accident. I knelt down and peeked in, careful not to make any noise. It was Paul. He was seated on the edge of the bed and was leaning over, massaging his sister’s back. The heavy curtains of the baldachin were drawn back and wrapped around the bedpost leaving only the fleur-de-lis finials exposed.

“You like that American bastard, don’t you?” he accused his sister. Olivia was lying face down and despite my view being partially hindered by Paul’s body I could make out that all she had on were her panties. I could see the rise of her fabulous behind and his hand resting on her ass cheeks. I was shocked and titillated by their overt intimacy. I wasn’t naïve and knew a bit about incest but to witness it was something else. My cock responded immediately as thoughts of my own sister and our juvenile explorations came rushing back.

“I think he’s cute and he has a great bod,” she said, turning her head towards her brother.

“How would you know?” was the terse query.

“Lady C and I went to call him for dinner and he was asleep with only his boxer’s on,” she sighed then continued, “all muscle, dear brother, and if you were to believe Peter, he’s a pretty tough cookie.”I later found out that Olivia called her mother Lady C for Lady Catharine. Her Grandfather Aaron was some kind of Lord or Duke or whatever it is that makes them royalty.

“We’ll see,” her brother responded, “we’ll see just how good he is.”

“Careful, darling, you wouldn’t want that pretty face to get worked over, would you?”

Her brother didn’t answer instead he leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth. I could see her turn over so that she was now facing him as their mouths locked in incestuous passion and he began kneading her breasts. I wanted to get a better look so I inched forward inadvertently nudging the door and it creaked softly.

As I slipped quickly back into the shadows I heard the susurrant rustle of bed sheets accompanied by the soft, intimate groan of bedsprings followed by Paul’s voice, “Who’s there?”

“It’s no one, darling, it must be the wind! Come back here … I need a back rub,” Olivia cajoled, speaking softly, and then commanded, “come back or get out! Don’t you dare leave me hanging.” There was a brief, anxiety filled silence as I waited with bated breath, my heart pounding and my mind racing with a million excuses none of which made any sense. I was hoping with all my heart; willing him to stay put. After what seemed like an eternity I heard the bed creak again, the rickety noise slicing through the tension, deflating it like a balloon bleeding air.

Okay, so where were we?” he said as he crawled back up on top of his sister. I stood still, making sure that they were once again engaged before moving back to the doorway. I had a much better view now. She had turned over so she was now lying on her stomach again with him straddling her thighs just above the knees. He began massaging her back, working up and down her willowy, spine; his long fingers caressing her muscles from her Trapezius to the small of her back. I could tell from the soft sighs and moans that she was aroused and subjugated by his touch, her body melting into the bed as he needed her muscles with the familiar dexterity of a masseuse.

After a while, he shimmied down her legs working on her lower back until he was pulling down on her panties with his fingers, his thumbs pressing into her ass cheeks spreading them with blatant indiscretion. It’s in the way,” he said his voice strangled and hoarse as he grabbed the waistband and rolled it down, totally exposing his sister’s ass. Before she could say anything he had his hands on her ass again, massaging her cheeks and running his fingers along her crack. The thought of him getting a peek of his sister’s cunt excited the heck out of me and from my vantage point I could see the silvery wetness of her slit as he continued to rub between her legs, pulling her ass-cheeks apart, leaning forward and using his tongue to give his sister a rim job.

It was an intensely steamy sight augmented by her moaning and his raspy breathing which reverberated in the room arousing every aspect of my carnal senses. Each time he pulled his head back, I got fleeting glimpses of the fullness of her puffy lips, her swollen labia betraying her excitement. I could feel my chest tighten while my heart began pounding in my head. I wanted to join the siblings in the worst possible way as thoughts of Kay played in the recesses of my mind.

Though there was something decidedly kinky about this, I wanted them to do it; to fuck so I could watch. I mean, he’s her brother for God’s sake, but I couldn’t help it and was rubbing my cock through my trousers! With each stroke his thumbs worked lower and lower until they dipped between his sister’s legs and finally he pulled her thighs apart, splaying her legs, exposing her bare, vaginal lips for all to see. From what I could gather, she had either shaved her mons or she had a very sparse growth but in either case, it was increasingly obvious by her copious juicing that she had reached a state of hyper-excitement.

She began pushing her butt back at him, trying to get him to lick her where she wanted him to and at that point I realized she was lost, consumed by the need to get off, moaning loudly in time to the strokes of his tongue. I watched intently as he shimmied down just a bit farther so he was now lying between her thighs and leaning forward, he licked her slit from the apex of her cunt to the bottom near the edge of her perineum. I could see her body twitch and jerk as she let out a long, hissing moan.

“Ohhhh, don’t stop … Paul … my darling, don’t stop … darling brother, keep going …”

As Paul continued to orally administer to the lascivious needs of his sister, her hips were rocking up and back bouncing off his face and he had to hold her ass to control the extent of her unbridled undulations. At this point she didn’t seem to care, spreading her thighs even wider while raising her hips higher off the bed to allow him better access to her cunt. It was just too much for me. I was already stroking my dick totally engrossed in their lovemaking.

Then he suddenly stopped lapping at her pussy and eased himself up onto her back with his hips resting just under her ass. I could see his butt flex as he used his hand to guide himself into her opening. And after a moment of holding still, he began stroking into her with slow, shallow strokes.

“Ah, oh … oh, oh, oh … unh, unh, unh … oh, Paul … harder, please …” she was moaning in time to his thrusts.

I could see her pushing back at him, timing the rocking motion of her hips to the burrowing action of his reciprocating cock. Then holding onto Olivia’s shoulders, he held her in place while pushing hard into her. And though I couldn’t see it, I was sure he had bottomed out in her.

“Uhnnnn, fuck …” she sighed, letting out a strangled gasp, “Yes … Oh, God, yes. That feels so, so good.”

I knew that he was now deep inside his sister’s vagina and had moved his hands from under her shoulders to cup her tits. He began kneading them and toying with her nipples, kissing her neck while sawing in and out of her. It was obvious that they were practiced lovers and the fact that they were so beautiful made this better than any Blue movie I had seen.”You feel so good, little sister … so fucking good!” Paul exclaimed as he slowly pulled all the way out and pushed back in hard, “You are mine, you hear me, mine … only mine!”

“Yes, yes … I’ve … I’ve always been yours, darling … you were my first … darling brother,” she replied, her voice stuttering in time to his hard thrusts. Their calling each other ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ only intensified my experience and I heard her whimper encouraging him to fuck her harder. His tempo had picked up and he began stroking in earnest, deep into her belly. You could hear the squishing noises and smacking sounds as he continued ravage her hot, wet, little hole. And for a while all you could hear were the lewd sounds of sex, her moans and his grunts, their bodies slapping together as they worked steadfastly towards their crescendo.

Then it happened. Her body stiffened and began jerking with small tremors as the ripples of pleasure crippled the network of her nerves and washed over her. Oh God, Paul … Ohhhhh … oh, oh, oh … oh, God … ohhhhhh!” she shouted as her climax peaked and crested, her body wracked by an intense orgasm. She was pushing back at him, rolling her hips with her eyes closed and an expression of pure bliss etched on her face. And almost like clockwork, I saw Paul’s butt cheeks flex tightly and then he thrust quickly into her three of four times before pushing in one final time. He held his position, trembling with his head thrown back and his eyes rolling backwards.

“Oh, baby!” he gasped as he buried his prick all the way up her cunt. His climax was so incredibly vivid that I could almost feel him spurting into his sister. It seemed like I was fucking her or was it really Kay? Just the fleeting thought of my sister pushed me to the brink and I blew. I pumped jets of ropey globules onto the sides of the stone wall and had to fight hard to quell the noises escaping from deep inside me. I had never had an orgasm quite that intense.

In time, all our orgasms subsided. They were still locked together, brother and sister, lying in a panting, sweaty pile. Then Paul pulled out of her and easing himself off the bed, went and stood by her face waiting expectantly. And as if on cue, she reached up and guided him into her mouth and began suckling him, her head moving back and forth while he lazily fucked his sister’s mouth.

He held her by her hair, allowing her to clean his cock but she didn’t stop even when it was glistening spit-clean. She kept sucking him, playing with his scrotal sac and balls and I noticed his root beginning to slowly regain some of its girth. Damn! She was a real slut and a beauty … her overt sexuality was rooted in the enjoyment she obviously derived from the oral interaction. She was holding his semi-hard shaft and licking around the red, bloated dome slowly working him up to his second erection. She kept sucking the enraged crown in and out of her mouth, treating it like a distended lollypop.

“Oh, baby …” he whimpered, his eyes shut tight, “you’re so fucking good, my baby slut … are you going to make me hard?”

“Yes, yes, darling … I want you to cum all over me; to anoint me, brother, anoint your little sister,” she moaned. Ohhhh, God …” He couldn’t finish his thoughts. She squeezed the base of his penis, trapping the blood and distorting the head like a grotesque, red puffer fish and then used her palm and fingers to ride the ridge of his glands, up and down,..I’m Raaj n I’m an incest lover…
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