Mary massages her father's pain away
Mary was, to most people, a typical 19 year old girl. She would go to school during the week and then on the weekends she would hang out with her friends. When she was younger, her parents had enrolled her into St. Augustine Catholic School for girls so that she had very little contact with boys her age.

According to her dad boys were a distraction that kept good little girls from being focused on their school work.

Mary's father Nicholas was an investment broker. He spent tireless hours at the office trying to support himself and Mary as his wife had left him more than ten years ago for their pool boy, Greg.

Mary and her dad began flirting just after her eighteenth birthday. She was sitting on the couch watching television in her silk PJ's late on night when her dad came home from work.

"What a fucking awful day," he said, flopping down on the couch next to his daughter. "I lost the account with Merrimack and Gary is on my case now about next week’s meeting with the VP of Pyrosoft."

Mary curled up with her dad on the couch, giving him a hug. "I know you'll do great next week, dad. You and that guy from Pyro have been golfing together for years. You'll do great."

He looked into his daughters eyes and sighed. "Yeah. I guess. I'm still stressed, though. My back is killing me from all of the paperwork today."

Mary smiled up at him and bit her lower lip. "I can give you a massage if you like, Daddy." He turned his back to her, grateful for the attention.

Mary got comfortable behind her father and began to lightly massage his back through his shirt. "Dad, it isn't going to do you any good unless you actually take your shirt off." Nicholas turned his head slightly back to his daughter, unsure of whether he should remove his shirt or not.

He had lusted over her supple young body since she had started developing as a woman. He watched her when she went swimming in her tight and wet little bikinis. He got a hard-on just thinking about it.

Since she had turned 18 a few short months ago, Nicholas had gone to bed almost every night and jerked off to the thought of fucking her.

Mary had blonde hair down to the middle of her back and wore only the tightest of clothing. As a father he never said anything about her choice of clothing. He hoped she wasn't a virgin anymore, despite the school he and his ex wife had chosen to send her to.

He had thoughts of her in her school uniform fucking guys in the bathroom that snuck over from the nearby boy’s school.

Mary was by no means plain looking. She had figured out how to use make-up early on and used it to accentuate her already beautiful features. She was a fan of shorter skirts and tight tank tops and Nicholas could see the way that the boys her age looked at her. Because he looked at her the same way.

Nicholas began unbuttoning his shirt so that his daughter could massage his back. Mary felt chills go down her spine as she watched her dad remove his shirt.

She craved the thought of an older mature cock inside her young, tight little pussy. She had lost her virginity years ago to a boyfriend at the time. Wishing it was her own father with every pump of his cock. The fact that it was so wrong to crave something like this only turned her on more.

Mary ran her fingers lightly over her dads back, giving him goose bumps. His shoulders shook slightly. Nicholas could feel his cock throbbing as his daughter touched his back, trying to push the thoughts out of his mind that were telling him to drive it into her little cunt.

She began working his back harder, feeling for the tight muscles. "You really are tight, Daddy." she said to him. A slight grunt came from Nicholas' mouth as she kneaded him.

Mary could feel herself getting wet as she massaged her father. She thought of him turning around and flipping her on her back and just fucking her. As she thought of her own daddy inside her, her hands started rubbing lightly along her father’s back and up along his neck.

Nickolas didn't think he couldn't take it anymore. His cock was rock solid and there was his daughter, in silk PJ's massaging him in one of the most sensual manners he could have imagined. Suddenly, the movements stopped.

"Daddy, you should lay down so that I can get a better angle for this. You have a lot of tension in your lower back."

Nicholas didn't have to be asked twice. "Sure, baby girl. We can head upstairs and I can lay on the bed for you." She nodded and he led the way upstairs.

Nicholas sprawled out on his King sized bed, being careful to position his rock hard cock. Mary wasn't shy in the least as she climbed on top of him and began to work at his back again.

She didn't even notice the fact that her PJ's had become soaked at her crotch. Nicholas could feel the heat coming off of her, though. He had decided that enough was enough. If he didn't make a move now, he never would. His gorgeous daughter was perched on top of his half naked body rubbing him.

He flipped Mary over, and raised her hands above her head, pinning them to the bed.

"Do you have any idea how much I want you right now, Mary?" He asked her, the look of the wolf in his eyes. She nodded up at him lustfully.

"I want you, too, Daddy." Nicholas leaned down and kissed his daughter forcefully, grinding his cock against her PJ's.

"Good. Because I'm going to fuck you now."

He began to tug at her shirt, pulling it off over her head. Mary started to undo her daddy's belt, letting his pants fall to the floor. Nicholas pulled down her pajama bottoms, revealing no underwear but a cleanly shaved pussy. Nicholas pulled his own boxers off and brought his now naked daughters head forcefully down on his cock.

"Be a good girl and suck your daddy's cock. That's it..."

Mary moved along her daddy's cock with her masterful tongue. She glided along it, flicking at the head of his thick cock.

"You're a little slut, aren't you? Craving your daddy's cock like that."

Mary looked up at him with her innocent 18 year old eyes and nodded.

"I'm your little slut, Daddy." she said, before continuing to devour his cock. As her head bobbed up and down along his cock, he grabbed her hair at the roots.

"Yeah...good little slut. Suck on Daddy's cock."

"Lay on the bed, baby girl. Daddy is going to show you what it feels like to have your little cunt eaten out properly."

Mary obeyed and promptly opened her legs up for her daddy. Nicholas buried his face in his sweet young daughter’s young pussy. He flicked his tongue against her clit and began to suck lightly on it. Mary gripped the covers of the bed and moaned softly.

Nicholas plunged a finger inside his daughter to see how tight his cock would be squeezed when he finally fucked her with it. Gods. She still felt as tight as a virgin.

His cock throbbed eagerly awaiting the moment when he would finally fuck his baby girl. He flicked his tongue at her clit making her hips move and making her moan all the more. He could feel her muscles start to contract and knew she wanted to cum.

"Oh no you don't," he said, pulling his finger out of her and movie his cock to her tight little hole. "You only get to cum on your Daddy's cock."

He began to move his naked cock over his daughter's slit, playing with her clit with his massive hard-on.

"Daddy, I want you to fuck me so badly. I want to feel your cock inside my tight little cunt." Nicholas looked up at her and grunted slightly.

"Good little slut. You'll do whatever Daddy tells you, won't you?"

Mary nodded as she looked at his massive cock teasing her pussy. "I'm yours daddy. To fuck whenever you want." He leaned in and kissed her again, shoving his tongue inside her mouth.

"Yes. You are." and he plunged his cock deep inside her, not waiting to go slowly. She moaned loudly as she felt every inch of her daddy enter her pussy.

"Oh god....Daddy..." she moaned.

"You like getting fucked by your Daddy, baby girl? You like the feeling of your daddy's cock inside you?" he taunted as he began to pump into her.

"Yes, Daddy! Fuck me harder!"

Nicholas began to ram into his daughter. Fucking every inch of her tight pussy. He felt her juices saturating his cock.

"Now I want you to cum for Daddy. Cum all over Daddy's cock." Mary moaned even louder as her daddy ordered her to cum. She felt her muscles tighten and screamed loudly


As Nicholas felt the waves of her orgasm on his cock, he couldn't help but spill his load inside his baby girl. He pushed harder and deeper into her, filling her up with his juices.

"Good little slut. Take your Daddy's juices."

Nicholas left his cock inside his daughter for several minutes until he finally pulled out.

"You're such a good little girl, Mary. Daddy is going to have so much fun with that tight little cunt of yours."

Mary smiled at her dad. "I'm your little slut now, Daddy." Nicholas pulled her close to him and they lay together on his bed.

Ideas of what he would do to her next danced through his head...

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