My first time with my longtime girlfriend Elena. We are both Korean. And i made a reference about 'my cousins' because i have fucked 2 of my cousins in my life (read Jane and Me)
I joined my school’s Asian club my freshman year in college. Initially, I didn’t want to go, but went to make it more comfortable for my roommate who had wanted to make some more friends. We met the different people in the club and I was surprised to meet so many attractive girls. Almost all of them were very ditsy and talked in a ‘cute’ voice. As time went by, I integrated myself into the club and had grown close to many people. One girl in particular was Elena. She was the same year as me, and we had got to know each other as the semester rolled on. By the end of our freshman year, we started dating.

Elena was a very conservative girl and had a very traditional upbringing (she was Korean and had very strict parents). As I had gotten to know Elena, I had found out that she had been sexually assaulted as a child and had been traumatized by the event. As a result, she hadn’t trusted many guys and I was her first boyfriend.
Ever since I first had sex, I had developed an insatiable hunger for it. However, because Elena meant a lot to me, I didn’t take any opportunity to fuck her, and as the months went by, we fell more in love with each other.

On our one year anniversary, we spent the whole day together. We started the day going to the spot we went to on our first date, walked around the park, and had a romantic dinner. I dressed in a nice suit, while she wore a black spaghetti strapped blouse. After dinner, we started to watch The Notebook in my dorm room. We were watching the movie on my bed and Elena had snuggled her way on my chest while I held her in my arms. Throughout the movie, she would give me a loving look and I would respond with a kiss.

As the movie went on, I gave her a more passionate kiss. We had made out many times before, but this was different. Elena pushed me away and stared directly into my eyes; just gazing into chinky, brown eyes was enough to melt any worries and forget every other love I ever had in my life (including my cousins). I’m not sure how long we gazed into each others’ eyes, but Elena looked away first. She licked her lips and we started to kiss much more passionately than we ever had. “I think I’ve fallen in love with you Elena.” I said. She gave a soft and innocent laugh. “I think I fell in love with you too Jon.” This was the first time I had proclaimed my love for her.

We began to kiss again, but this time, she started to unbutton my shirt. Quickly, I broke the kiss. “Look… I don’t want to hurt you.” “How would you hurt me?” “I don’t want to do this if you’re not ready.” She gave me a soft smile and said, “I love you… and I trust you.” I paused. I looked into her eyes again and saw her brown, loving eyes look back. “I love you too…so much.” I started to kiss her neck as she continued to unbutton my shirt and took off my shirt. She stretched out her arm and started to feel my pecs. She ran her fingers from my chest down to my abs; feeling every crease along the way. When she reached my waist, she started to unbuckle my belt. “Wait…” I said. “Are you sure you want to do this?” she looked up at me and almost guiltfully down on the sheets of my bed. After several seconds of contemplation, “Yes…I really do.” She said with a shy smile. She unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I took my pants off and I was down to my boxers; my 6 inch cock had been fully erected; a fact she had already noticed. She looked down at my cock, which was pushing my boxers, trying to get free. She gave another shy smile and started to take off the spaghetti straps. Her shoulders were both free. I could see her peach-colored skin shine as she slowly took off her blouse. This was the first time I had ever seen her flat stomach

She was down to her black bra and panties. This time, I reached over and unhooked her 32C sized bra. When I took it off, it revealed her erect, pink areolas. She shyly smiled again, almost looking ashamed. “What’s wrong?” I asked. She responded, “You got such a great body…but mine” I cut her off. “There’s nothing wrong with your body, you are so beautiful…I love you for you, not because of your body.” I responded. She leaned over and kissed me; her erect nipples rubbed against my sternum. As we kissed, our tongues lapped against each others’ just like a dog’s tongue laps when it drinks water. I started to feel up her titties, remembering to go slow. She let out a low-pitched moaned. “It tingles.” She said. I smiled and kissed her again. This time, she used her free hand to go under my boxers and grab a fist full of cock. “Wow it’s so big!” she exclaimed. My cock started to throb; she could feel my heartbeat through it.

I took off my boxers and she gazed at my erect cock with awe. She seemed scared, whether it was because of her previous experiences or because it was her first time at consensual sex, I didn’t know. I gently told her to lie back onto the bed. From there, I took off her damp, wet panties and positioned myself on top of her; my throbbing cock was only a few inches from her hairy pussy. Again, I stopped and had to make sure that she was willing to give herself to me.

‘Yes’. She answered, this time more confident. We started another passionate kiss and finally my hard cock reached her pussy lips. “Okay…here it goes.” I said as I slowly inserted my cock inside her. Elena let out a sharp breathe as my cock split her pussy lips and entered into her body. As I continued to push myself into her, she let out a semi-painful and semi-pleasurable moan. “UH it’s so big!” she said. Eagerly, I started to push a bit faster into her cunt. “Ughh! Go…go slower.” She said. I slowed down and pushed the full length of my rock hard cock into her tight pussy; it had felt like she had already came, the pussy walls were just so tight. I started to pull out my cock; the motion of my cock coming out of her resulted in a loud moan. “Are you okay?” I asked. She slowly nodded and I pushed in my cock into her again.

I pulled my cock in and out of Elena until her pussy had loosened up a little more. “Is it okay if I go faster?” I asked. “Yeah…just don’t go to fast”. I quickened my pace. Our breaths shortened and Elena seemed to be enjoying it more and more. She tilted her head back onto the bed again; she no longer felt pain, but pleasure. She moaned as I rode on top of her. I felt her body start to convulse; she started losing control of her hips. “Ohh my God!” she yelled, enjoying sex for the first time.
I quickened my pace once again. I could feel my orgasm rising. Elena started to thrust her body upwards towards mine. Finally her body could no longer handle it and with a loud yell, her pussy contracted onto my cock; I felt the heat from her pussy and its juices surround my penis. At this point I couldn’t hold it any longer; my cock exploded inside her pussy. Elena let out a loud scream as her pussy ate all 10 loads of my cum.
Convulsions took control of her body as she experienced pure pleasure for the first time. I took out my wet, softening cock out of her body, hoping that she would regain control of her body. She let out a pleasure-filled moan as her hips twitched. After a period of time, she still laid there spasming. I decided to lick my fingers and massage her magnificent clit. At the top of her lungs, she yelled out another pleasurable scream as her small, brown eyes widened. She grabbed a strand of her black, shoulder-long hair and put it in her mouth as she tried to muffle her scream.
Convulsions regained control of her body as my cock started to harden once again…..

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