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I was invested in one party which is our college friends party there many girls and boys I don’t remember how much. Full of soft and hard drinks no restrictions party we can bring our girlfriends and call girls and whatever we want we can do. It’s something like rap party but it’s in my friend house which is little out of city and it’s like farm house. So i reach before the time and try to help my friends but it’s nothing there to arrange already is arranged. I was started taking drinks with my few friends there is sweet music ground not so loud. After a hour others also started to come.

Mostly girls more than boys that 2-3 girls with a boy so there is 30 percent boys and 70 percent girls. The party was rocking but not so loud everywhere is girls in t-shirt, jeans, skirts. And 2 call girls in bikinis. Drinks after drinks lover’s already went into the corners and bedrooms and started having fun I was alone and many girls are alone waiting for they turn’s the calls girls now only in there panties and shaking they boobs. All are very hard now everyone are Fucking. I say one girl before that I never seen that girl so

I asked her with whom you came, she told one of my classmate name and said she busy with her girlfriend. So you came and enjoy the hot party but she said she getting scared. I told why? She said if she get pregnant n all. I remains her all adds I pills n unwanted 42 and she started laughing and finally I take her to dance floor. Where all are semi-nude. Some of the boobs out, some of the cock’s out and some are topless some are bottomless. Some doing lesbian’s and some are Fucking almost every one having fun.

I directly kept my hands on her waist and move to her hips n enjoying the butt’s. Then she came near n started kissing, she is really a good kisser. She kissing very good in a few sec her tongue in my mouth n I started sucking her tongue n now my hands on her boobs n I was pressing her boobs like anything. Now my tongue in her mouth n she sucking very hard. Now I strip off her t-shirt n she was in black bra then i started kissing her chest then I unbutton her bra also. Now her hands on my cock she takeout my out of my pant n started stroking it.

My tongue licking her nipples which is very sweet after licking both I started sucking. While that I unbutton her jeans n then unzip then drag down then she only took off full. Now she is on her panty n I took of my t-shirt now she was licking-sucking-kissing my nipples n chest. Then I removed my pant to. Now I’m in boxer n she is in panty. When I took around all are full nude n having sex, some blowjobs, same anal, some sucking, kissing, and licking. Now my mind is not working i took off my boxer n she also took off her panty n she sit on floor her legs is wide open feet on ground and shaking her index finger and showing her pussy.

That time I was like a wild dog nothing in my mind i forget everything in world, I was like in some other world. I just jump on her she hold my cock n guide on her pussy n with in no time I started stroking like anything n she moaning very loud. Listing her moan which on floor having sex they get up. And cheering us like. Come on yaar tore her. Ya ya come on, come on, hard, speed, I don’t know what happen to them why they doing like this even all are Fucking there but no 1 cheering they.

She was moaning louder n louder then she was silent I think she cum, then again in few sec she started shouting Please stop Please stop he will kill me, help me Please. But who going to listen her I was on my full speed and I cum after few mini. I get up from on her and she was bleeding. I think she was virgin. She was crying like anything. Them immediately after i get up two girls come near to me and sucking my cock n balls. All are around me making a circle and watching me when girls are sucking me.

I was not able to think anything that time. From that girl one is my collage friend and one is my friend gf and he looking at us. One girl gets up and started kissing me sucking my lips very wild n biting it. I too response same like that. Then I push that girl n who sucking my cock she again raised my cock in full size and now it’s my turn to give her pleasure back. And I jump on her and make her in doggy style. And started Fucking in her G-hole and she was shocked and telling me to stop even I too don’t know I insert my cock in her g-hole.

But when I insert my cock in any hole I take it off when I cum only. She trying to run n moaning all are again cheering. I was stroking in a full speed her g-hole is very dry and my cock is burning like anything. But when I insert my cock in any hole I took it off when I cum only. The lubricant is just only her spit when she given me a blowjob. I spit on her g-hole n I stocking her like anything. She moaning like anything and scolding me like anything. She talks very dirty that time. She saying you Bastard, u mother Fucker. Fuck slowly when she said mother Fucker.

I hold her hairs n twist her hair in my palm like I was raiding a hours. By her every bad word i stock more harder than before. Then she silent i think she cum but there is still time to cum for me. Again she started shouting actually not shouting she started crying. Requesting me leave me Please leave me leave me aaaamnnn. Seeing that her friends come to help her but who going to leave her i was in my full force still her hairs in my palm twist twice finally cum. Now two three girls came near to me n jump on me one kept her pussy on my mouth n sit on my legs,

I was on floor they not giving chance to get up me she sitting on my face she pushing her pussy hard n who sitting on my legs she sucking my cock very hard. And one more girl on my stomach and holding my hands. Who sitting on my face she pressing hard n hard her pussy even I can’t breath. Then I thought to bite her pussy then only she will not do the same thing then I bite her ass chick then she get up and started kissing on my lips. Who sucking my cock she took in her pussy n started raiding my cock.

Three girls sitting on me I not even move my ass all are laughing who are around us and cheering my come on dude. Come on you can’t lose come on. But there is no energy left in my body. Who riding my cock I think she cum n other girl who sitting on my waist she came on my cock n she ride few mini then she also cum. Then who sitting on my face she took how cock in her ass hole after some time she also cum they all are tired. Then I push off all for them from me and I catch that girl who pressing her pussy on my face

I kept my cock in her ass make her in doggy style took her hairs twist twice in my hand then I started stroking after 5 mini I cum finally I cum. Then when I get up there is a morning all are still sleep all are nude. I dress up and I move to my home.
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