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Mini character information for main characters: Anya: A cat-girl who enjoys playing
around. Onihi: A demonic that likes to cause problems. Asoko: An angelic that thinks
that Onihi is too much trouble. Asuko: A wandering swordswoman who happens to get
into trouble very often. Hidimo: A member of the darkest shadow groups. Misao: An
ex-member of a darkest shadow group. Kaimei: A magic using wanderer.

“I lost again!” shouted Anya.
“Thank you for your time. Would you like to pay for another round?”
“You are cheating!!!”Anya had just lost for the tenth time that day and she was now down to her last hundred gold pieces. If this kept up, she would need to find some way of making money in a hurry.Onihi, appearing out of thin air, said, “How in the world could that guy be cheating? Everyone in here is watching because you just spent twenty thousand gold pieces in here.”“You are the cause of this!”
“Of course, that is my purpose, to cause havoc everywhere.”
“You better not mess with this game. If I lose, I won’t have a place to sleep.”
“I finally found you!”“Wha?! Asoko, why are you here?”
“To keep you out of trouble.”
“Asoko, you are late, this fool made me lose twenty thousand gold pieces.”
“Just why are you gambling? GAMBLING IS NOT PERMITED!”
“No buts about it!!! No gambling!”
“Just one more game to payfor my room.”
“Fine. You win, just take the money and go.”
“What? You are going let my hard work of getting her to stop gambling go to waste?”
“You were just trying to cause problems, you never help.”
“Ok, one more round!!!” Ten minutes later, Anya went out of the casino without a cent. Despite her winning, the dealer called her on cheating because she had help from an angelic. Now she did not even have money for a room.“And just how am I supposed to make five hundred gold pieces in two hours?”
“That won’t be such a problem, I can make a room for both of us for the cheap price of two hundred gold pieces,” a mysterious voice said.
“Because of that stupid demonic following me, I lost all of my gold.”
“Let me into the story,” Misao complained.
“Misao, just like I can’t attack you until we both enter the story, you are not supposed to say anything,” Said Hidimo in an attempt to silence Misao.
“They ruined my perfect line!” complained Kaimei.
“Face it though, there is just no way I could make even two hundred gold in two hours,” continued
Anya as if nothing had happened.
“Well there are ways, but I suggest you ditch that angelic.”
“Really? I am intrigued.”
“You can either talk to Misao or Hidimo but don’t see them together, they hate each other because Misao is a deserter and Hidimo is a hunter of deserters.”
“Hmmm… You act as if Hidimo was some secret assassin in an army.”
“He basically is, although I am not sure if you can call him a secret.”
“Ok, I’ll see you here in two hours if I get enough money, ok?”
“I’ll see you then,” whispered Kaimei as he faded back into the shadows.
“Onihi, you go that way and cause trouble, I’ll go this way and cause a little less trouble, ok?”
“Now you understand. You better hope this idiot who happens to TALK LIKE THIS, follows me instead of you.”
“She has to follow you, you will be causing more trouble, see you!” said Anya as she dashed into the nearest alley. Onihi quickly dashed the other way knowing what Anya was getting herself into. And of course, Asoko had to follow Onihi to try to do damage control.About ten minutes later, Anya was at Hidimo’s home.“Is anyone here? I am wondering if I can have a
temporary job.”
“Another person who is just going to get one job and then desert? Never.”
“What exactly do you employ people to do?”As a figure appeared behind Anya and pinned her to the ground painfully, it said, “We capture criminals with as much force as needed.”
“Ow ow ow ow ow!”
“So, would you truly like to join us?”
“Stop it, you are hurting me.”
“Too weak. Come back when you are stronger.” At that, the figure
disappeared and Anya was free.
“Baka! I guess I’ll just have to check up Misao.”A few minutes later, Anya was next to Misao’s home, but the home seemed dark and forbidding.“He-hello? I-is anyone t-there?”
“Come in now. And don’t bring any dirt in.”
“H-hai! Right away Misao-senpai.”Less than a minute later, Anya was next to Misao-senpai being examined. Misao was just starting to write things down when Anya asked what she was supposed to do.“Sleep with men, of course.”
“Let me see you,” said Misao as she forced Anya onto her back and removed her black panties. Misao felt into Anya’s pussy and said, “I see; a virgin trying to be a slut.”
“Please stop. I feel… Strange.”
“And why would you feel strange? So many wannabe sluts come into my home every day. Now wear this,” commanded Misao as she handed Anya a set of black leather clothing.
“You are not popular enough to wear something comfortable. Now get in.”
“ Please…”
“I know about you Anya. You surely don’t want me to use the command word and leave you with nothing, now do you?”
“But you couldn’t be her.”
“Of course I am your sister.”
“Silence slut! I am Misao the owner of five harems, you are not worthy enough to lick my shoe, much less say my true name.”
“Please sister,just…”SMACK! Anya went flying into the wall. “Silence slut. When I needed help, you did not do anything. Why should I help you now? I should just force you to do the work
for free.”
“Sister, that is too much!”
“Vada Monos Dain—”
“Hear me, change your clothes silently now!” shouted Misao as she threw a piece of candy to Anya. Anya then changed her clothes crying silently. How could her sister be so cruel? She was still only 16 while her sister was already 19.
“Now, for your first client, it will be a bit more expensive, of course, because of your foolish attempts to resist, you will be doing it for free. I will get all of the money.”
“Please no!”
“Shut up. Take her to the client, you heard the command words Hear me, use them if she resists.” Misao then left while two shadows grabbed Anya and dragged her to the client.“Please sir, please don’t I am…”
“Of course I know you are a virgin. Why else would I have paid extra? Now get onto the
“Si—Ahhh!!!” The client had just grabbed Anya by her hair and forced her on the
“Misao told me that if you continued to resist, you would be doing even more for free
and then you’d have to pay her 1000 gold pieces for her giving you a room. I suggest you
just do everything I say.”
“Y-yes…” said Anya while crying.“Suck my dick and do it well.”Anya grabbed the man’s 7-inch cock and put it into her mouth. Anya then started sucking on it.“I said to do it well you worthless crap!”Anya winced expecting a blow, but the man just glared at her asking, “Can’t you cast a knowledge spell? Or are you that pathetic of a mage?”
Removing the cock, Anya said, “Yes I can, it is real—”
“Shut up! Call me Sir and I do not care about your worthless explanations, just do it now and start
doing things right you slut! I will make sure this time comes out of your pay!”
“H-hai Sir! Akiri’s flame, Obagawa’s wave, Inizo’s gust, Unido’s force. All these join as the main
vent. Please grant me the power of knowledge.”
“Yes, my little one? What is it that you require?”
“Of course.”
“Why couldn’t it be someone else?”
“Anya? What is
wrong? And why are you unclothed?”
“I-I need to learn about a-ah ano-ano sucking a cock and other slut stuff.”
“I am sorry Inizo, but I needed the money.”
“Not precisely, although, Diten’s servant Onihi had a bit to do with the problem. Please don’t ask anymore, just give me the information.”
“Just this once, but you must never sell yourself again.”
“I’ll try not to.”
“Good-bye my little one.”Anya, now knowing about what to do, sighed. She took
the client’s hard cock into her mouth and started to massage it with her tongue.“That is
-oh! -so much more like it.”Within a few minutes, the man had cummed into her mouth
and she was busy trying to hold all of it in her mouth.“Now, open your legs wide so I can
use you.”Anya, swallowing the last of the cum, opened up her legs. She was still crying,
but not as much. “Please go easy on-AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!” The man had just
ignored her and sunk deep into her, causing her hymen to tear apart. Anya felt a deep
pain occurring that felt the greatest pain she had ever felt. She was now used and could
never go back.The client just smiled evilly and pinched her nipples as he pounded on her
pussy. Anya felt a need to release something, but could not figure out what until she
remembered what Inizo had told her. She was being turned on to what the man was
doing to her and she hated herself for that. The man told her to stick a finger into his ass
and she obeyed, understanding that it turned him on intensely. Finally, when Anya felt
that she was going to explode, the man came into her. “Now take your finger out of my
ass and lick it.”
“Now you slut!”
“P-please. N-OWWWW!!!” screamed Anya as the man pushed his hand deep into her pussy.“The longer you take, the worse the pain will become.”
“I-I’ll do what you say, Sir, but please no more.” Anya quickly took her finger out of the evil man’s ass and licked it. It tasted awful and she was tempted to spit it out, however, she had no idea of what horrors would await her if she did.“Swallow.”Anya looked up at the client with pleading eyes.“Swallow it now, you obviously aren’t enjoying it, so we will need to try again.”Anya swallowed the shit, and knowing what the client wanted, proceeded to lick his ass. She wept softly as she did so, but did nothing else to indicate her despair.A few minutes later, the man just left and a woman took his place.“I suppose you can work a woman. Now pleasure me.”Anya
obediently went and started licking the woman’s cunt. The woman began moaning in
pleasure. Anya knew that she was probably doing a better job than anyone else the
woman had been with was before. Anya then, before the woman could climax, began
licking the woman’s inner thighs. As the woman started to need Anya more, Anya started
to brush against the woman’s clit. Each time, the woman was thrown into complete
ecstasy. Anya finally finished the job by licking her client’s cunt with extreme force.
The woman came in wave after wave of orgasms. The woman looked at Anya and told
Anya not to cum. The woman then started to lick Anya’s pussy with intensity. Anya
soon began shaking trying not to cum from her client’s experienced licking. Anya was
near the point where she had to cum, but the client showed no signs of stopping, so Anya
tried to think of other things, such as her life as a mage. However, five minutes later,
Anya was shaking from trying her best not to cum. The woman seemed relentless in
trying to make her cum. About four minutes after that, Anya was moaning in pain. The
woman finally stopped for a second and told her that she had 5 minutes left to go. Anya
groaned; she was not going to make it out whole. Anya counted the time, trying to fill her
heads with numbers, but as she finally counted to 294 seconds, Anya accidentally
exploded in a series of massive, painful orgasms. The client just lifted her face out and
said, “So, you couldn’t even control yourself, you pitiful slave. Lick your crap off of my
face now.”Anya just obediently did so, because she had no other choice.“Now, lets see
how you will feel about this.” The woman pulled out some ropes and tied Anya up so
that Anya’s limbs formed an X shape. Then, when Anya was vulnerable, the woman
stuck her foot into Anya’s cunt.“Ohhh…. It hurts…”“Of course it does; why else would I
do this?”The woman then took her foot out, moved a lever, and Anya found herself on the
ground, tied to a circle. The woman forced her foot into Anya’s mouth and Anya could
taste dirt and all sort of junk on the woman’s foot. The woman had purposefully gotten
her foot dirty just for this! Anya gagged, but could not do anything else aside from doing
what was certain to be the next order, licking her client’s foot. The client then stuck her
other foot into Anya’s cunt. Anya was now in extreme pain and tears were going to her
eyes. Her body could barely support this woman’s weight. Anya licked the woman’s
foot with even more intensity and speed until finally, the woman’s foot was clean. The
woman then calmly switched the two feet around, causing enormous pain. Anya also
cleaned the new foot as fast as she could. Finally, about five minutes later, the woman
left. Her sister came in about a minute afterwards.“The woman told me that you did ok. I
think that you should stay here a bit longer and pay for the money I lost from the first
person and your bill for the room. Now, I kind of like your position on the floor, let me
give you a little more to do though.”Out of nowhere, Misao pulled a horse, a wicked
device that was shaped like an A. Then, Misao placed a dildo into Anya’s pussy, lifted
Anya onto the horse, and tied Anya in a way that her pussy would be laying on the horse.
What made matters worse was that Misao gagged Anya. After some time, her cunt
became sore and she really needed release. Then, after what must have been an hour,
Anya realized that it would be a long night. The dildo was enchanted so that it would
bring her past the point where she would climax without her getting the release she
needed. The horse was enchanted so that it pulled her towards it just enough to cause her
incredible pain without harming her. Anya was going to be in a world of pain.(Continued
in part 2)

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