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Part 5

After all the men had dumped their seed during my first ever gang bang, they took a break and went to the living room to watch more porn and drink some more. I fell into a fitful sleep on the bed while the strangers' cum oozed out of my holes. I'm not sure how long they were gone for, but after awhile a few of them came back into the room, rousing me from my light sleep. I felt starved and thirsty; immediately the pain in my restrained arms came back. The masked men stared down at me as I awakened, fear coming right back to me. I recognized my dad by voice as the men talked amongst themselves.

"Jack, do we have to keep her tied up? And what about her mouth, I want her mouth, too..." said the guy with the red mask on.

"Hmm, well Eddie, I guess there are enough of us here to keep her in the room if we unbound her. I don't think she could escape us. As far as cock sucking, she may try to bite your dick off. Unless you have a gun you're hiding up in your naked gut somewhere?" My eyes widened as I heard my dad say that. He was horrible! Even Eddie's eyebrows raised at that. My dad left the room, and to my horror, came back with a handgun. I froze in fear.

"Now Jack..." said Eddie.

"It's fine, Eddie," said Dad. "Angel, if I untie your arms and mouth, are you going to cooperate?" Dad asked. I nodded, eager to be free from my restraints. Dad walked over and began releasing my arms from the bed. He pointed the gun at my head. "Now. I don't want you saying a single word. Do you understand? Not one. I have this gun here. You don't see a bullet, right? 'Cause the bullet is in the gun. Okay?" my father said to me. I began crying hard but staying very quiet as I nodded. A few more men walked into the room.

"This is gonna be great," said Dad, still aiming the gun at me as I rubbed my sore wrists and struggled to my feet only to be pushed down on my knees on the carpet. "First, some cock sucking lessons. Angel, get on your knees in front of Eddie. Look up at him. See his cock? You're gonna put that inside your mouth. Do it, now. Start with the tip."

I gingerly moved in front of Eddie, my teary eyes looking up at his, which were on my jiggling tits with lust. My hands were shaking, wrists and arms so sore as I raised them to his sweaty cock and balls. The balls were soft in my hands, and fuzzy. He sighed a little at my touch. Dad backed up a little as I raised the cockhead to my lips and tasted the nasty stranger's prick. I shrieked when I felt the cold metal of the gun on my wet pussy lips. I turned around to see Dad putting the barrel of the gun in my cunt. Eddie grabbed my hair roughly, forcing my attention on his cock. My mouth was so dry, the only lubrication was my tears.

Eddie's prick was salty in my mouth, not a bad taste, but not a good one either. I inserted another inch, holding the base of it, stroking him and sucking him like I'd seen in so many pornos. Soon I was swallowing his cock down to the base while cupping his balls. He began moaning and fucking my face, forcing his prick into my throat. Several other masked men stepped up around him, their own hard dicks out in my face for sucking. My dad kept the gun in my pussy as Tom grabbed me off of Eddie's dick and forced me on my knees in front of his own. I was breathless, terrified, feeling chills through my entire body.

Through my tears, I looked up at Tom while I choked his cock down. He looked away while he began building up a pace within my mouth. I was then pulled away from his dick, and another cock was forced in my face, I don't know whose. My hair was disheveled and completely in my eyes. I sucked blindly and grabbed balls and stroked cocks while Dad kept the cold gun barrel inside my wet pussyhole.

I was choking on Jim's cock when he said, "Damn, somebody get this bitch a glass of water. I can feel how thirsty she is, her mouth is so dry on my cock!" Somebody left the room and got a glass of tap water for me, which I chugged down immediately. Jim forced his cock back in my mouth after I drank the water. It went in easier now, and wasn't quite so difficult with some lubrication.

Pretty soon Jim was being pushed away and another cock was stuffed in my mouth. I felt my dad remove his gun from my poor pussy and replace it instead with his cock. He began fucking me from behind while I was on my sore hands and knees sucking various pricks. The men were groaning with my oral and manual attention.

Dad began fucking me with a rapid pace, his balls swinging against my asscheeks while he thrust into his daughter's cunt again and again. His hands hard on my hips. He started slapping my asscheeks, alternating between the two, as he fucked me fast and hard. I felt sore, and so tired, so hungry... Very soon I was thirsty again, sucking the cocks of all of these men simultaneously was tough work and totally non-consensual.

Pretty soon I felt Dad shoot his load into my womb again, his meat pulsating deep within me. He stayed still for a few moments and then pulled out, his prick quickly replaced with someone else's, I couldn't tell whose it was since they were behind me. The new fucker pounded me hard and fast as well-- I knew they had all taken some of Dad's "little blue sex pills." I choked on the cock in front of me, it being forced down into my gullet. Looking up through my messy hair I saw it was the purple masked man, Joel, I think. He was staring down at me, burying his prick in my throat, his balls against my chin.

Joel was shoved out of the way by Bob, who rammed his hard prick into my mouth and fucked my face hard while tugging on my hair. His balls slapped against my face with the force of his thrusting into my throat. I gagged and sputtered, feeling dizzy. The pounding in my pussy from behind continued. I could feel the cock inside me erupt, and quickly it was pulled out and another replacing it in seconds. I felt cum dribbling out of my pussy.

While Bob's cock was in my mouth, another guy tried forcing his prick in there too-- I looked up, it was Tom, with his long prick pointed upwards at my face. Bob withdrew his cock from my throat a little so Tom could get his meat in my mouth along with Bob's. There were two pricks in my mouth, another fucking my pussy. Soon the pussyfucker shot his load and Bob stepped away from my mouth and went up behind me.

Tom continued fucking my face hard while I felt Bob rub his cock all up and down my slit. I was out of breath and completely parched. Bob was pounding into me forcefully, his rod as hard as steel. The men were roughly jamming their cocks into my mouth and pulling on my hair. Bob started spanking me while he fucked me from behind. My small tits bounced against my chest with his thrusts.

Several minutes later, Bob was still fucking me and I could take no more cocks in my sore, dry mouth. My upper body collapsed against the floor, my face flat in the dirty carpet, and I passed out as I felt Bob pull his cock from my pussy and jam it into my ass.

When I came to, I was on my back on top of someone, surrounded by the crowd of masked men in Dad's bedroom. I became aware of a hard dick up in my asshole as I was forced up and down on it, my pussy bulging open and oozing sperm. Jim was standing in front of me, holding his cock in his hand. He was about to fuck me while someone else was in my ass! I was about to be double penetrated!

"No..." I said, my voice scratchy and a whisper. Jim paid no attention as he aimed his prick at my pussy. The hard meat parted my wet slit and slid in a few inches. I gasped, he was so thick and long! Meanwhile whoever was fucking my ass slowed down so Jim could get himself inside me. Tears began welling up in my eyes again with the brutal assault. My ass felt split, full of man meat, and now Jim was stuffing his uncut prick in my poor teen pussy!

Jim was inside me about halfway, both men groaning as they pushed themselves in me. My stuffed asshole made my pussy feel even tighter around Jim's large cock, and Jim stuffing my pussy made my ass feel tighter around the cock lodged up in my bowels. I moaned with the pain of being double stuffed. Jim bent down and began kissing my neck, then to my horror, kissing me on my lips. I tried tossing my head around to prevent him from kissing my face, but he held my head in his hands so he could forcefully kiss me.

The man underneath me groaned while fucking my ass. He and Jim began alternately fucking in and out of my used holes. I could feel previous sperm deposits oozing down my legs. Everyone else in the room were jacking their hard cocks to the sight of me getting double penetrated on the floor. Double raped. There was my dad, staring evilly at me from the corner, his hard meat in his hand as he rapidly wanked it. The asshole winked at me as he saw me glaring at him.

Jim began pounding my pussy hard, groaning on top of me, sweat glistening on his hard body. I could only see half of his face since he had the black mask on. He closed his eyes in obvious ecstasy as he fucked me hard, enjoying the feeling of his cock buried in my pussy while another prick was stuck secure in my ass. I closed my eyes too, wishing the assault would soon end.

Suddenly Jim went still inside my womb. He was unloading another dose of cum up inside me! I groaned with the feeling of my insides being so stuffed. Jim's cum oozed out of me as he withdrew his cock. The man in my ass fucked me hard for a few minutes while the other guys debated which one would step up to fuck my cunt next.

I closed my eyes as someone else stood over top of me and straddled my body, cock hard and ready for my unprotected hole. My breath caught in my throat as my pussy was immediately filled up with one hard thrust. I could tell from the cock that it was Tom; his cock pointed upwards and I could feel it stimulating me in areas where the other men's cocks didn't reach. A moan involuntarily escaped my lips as Tom fucked me hard, his balls swinging wildly as he grunted with the efforts.

"Fuck, you are an amazing cunt, little girl..." Tom said through clenched teeth. He was fucking me deep, his pubic mound grinding hard against mine. I cried out as he began squeezing my tits hard and then tonguing them and sucking my nipples. "Ugh, God, I love fucking you while Joel is buried up in your ass, it makes your sweet pussy even tighter!" he laughed.

The men groaned as they fell into a smooth rhythm fucking my holes. Soon both of them were grunting as they unloaded their cum in my asshole and pussy almost simultaneously. Tom quickly pulled his dripping cock from my cunt and Eddie was pulling me over to him as he lay on his back on the floor. He forced me to sit on top of his prick, and bounced me up and down on his cock for a few minutes. My face was smashed into his chest as he held me down tightly to him.

I felt someone step up behind me and press a cock to my ass again. Eddie held me hard against him as I squirmed with the force of my ass being split open once more. My ass was slapped while my asshole was being filled up. I cried as I lifted my head slightly, the eyes of all the men in the room on me lustfully while they observed my torment and couldn't wait to get back inside me. My father, the instigator, one of them. Jacking his hard prick at the sight of his daughter's forced gang fuck.

Eddie's cock went further up in my womb as my ass was stuffed with meat. The cock in my rectum was soon buried fully, balls pressing against my ass. Whoever was fucking my ass began pounding me hard -- Eddie couldn't even fuck me, he had to stay still in my cunt while the assfucker pounded away at me from behind. Eddie just closed his eyes with the bliss of being in my teen cunt.

The guy in my ass pounded hard and fast for a few more minutes before I felt his cock pulse in my bowels and spurts of cum began shooting into my bowels once more. My insides were coated with cum. There was groaning as the cock spermed inside me. Eddie remained still underneath me while the man in my ass finished dumping his load, then pulled out of me abruptly. I moaned as another man stepped up and started fucking my ass immediately.

This went on for what seemed like eternity. I felt myself slipping in and out of consciousness and my body was pulled around in all directions and stuffed with numerous pricks. My body felt too weak to endure much more. At some point, after what seemed like dozens of loads of cum were injected into my body, I felt myself being lifted onto the bed. The room had emptied.

There was a pause, then my father appeared over my body, again about to fuck my young, destroyed pussy. I was so out of it that I was hardly aware of the feeling of his prick sinking back into my warm, cum-soaked hole. There was the weight of his body on top of me once more. His prick easily fucked in and out of my wet cunt. He was grunting with the effort, his body sweating atop mine as he stared hard into my eyes.

A few minutes later I felt my dad slam as deep into me as he could, his cock pulsing once more as he released his sperm in his daughter's womb. While his cock throbbed inside me, I hatefully glared at him.

"You know, Dad, my dog is a much better fuck than you," I said. And then he hit me hard in the face, and everything went black as I passed out again, this time for hours.

Part 6

Dad had me locked back up in the cage, leaving me shivering in the basement, feeding me bread, pudding, water, and apple juice occasionally, and fucking my pussy every night for hours. My subsistence had become a hellish extreme; enduring daily rapings while being held captive like an animal at the hands of my father. I was now uncertain how much time had gone by since I was first restrained in the basement that fateful, warm summer night.

My belly had become swollen, and I knew it was most likely my father's child developing inside me. I cried myself to sleep every night after Dad was finished depositing his seed in my pregnant womb. It had probably been a few months since he caught me fucking the dog out back and began holding me captive as some kind of punishment. I didn't know how much more I could take...

He had been arranging weekly gang bangs with masked men, charging them to do whatever they want to me the whole night long. The men fucked my ass and pussy and forced their cocks in my mouth. One night they ended the gang bang by pissing on me and actually inside my pussy. During the last one, I recognized some of my male relatives by voice: Uncle Donald, sperming again and again in my ass, he didn't fuck my pussy once. My older male cousin Peter, who sucked my nipples the entire time he fucked my cunt. My grandfather-- my dad's dad, another drunk asshole like his son. His horrible, wrinkly body pressing down on his teen granddaughter, making me gag into my gag.

Since my body was now clearly showing signs of pregnancy, Dad was now more frequently lining men up to fuck his teen daughter. I overheard him saying how it was so easy to find men who'd pay to fuck a pregnant girl. Apparently a lot of men were turned on by the thought of fucking a pregnant pussy. Dad began arranging for a few different men to have sex with me every night, charging them hundreds of dollars each. He had to be accumulating a small fortune by prostituting his daughter. I felt I had become a sex slave in my own childhood home.

The men ran their rough hands all over my swollen belly as they plunged their cock in and out of my pussy and ass. Squeezing my sore tits, suckling my nipples, trying to encourage milk to spurt out. Each time, I was restrained on Dad's bed with a ball gag in my mouth. Dad would escort the man to the room and then leave him to do whatever he wanted with me. If there was a gang bang, Dad would join in of course. The men seemed to fuck me more passionately knowing I was full of child.

One night Dad decided to do something a little different. He put a dog collar on me with a leash and some handcuffs around my wrists and forced me to the bedroom floor. A group of men were standing around, all wearing cheap colored masks. I heard my beloved Golden Retriever Beefy down in the basement barking. But I could hear the barks of other dogs, too, coming from outside somewhere...

"Manny, go get your dog from your truck, man," said my dad. "Let's get this bitch fucked!" he laughed. I raised me eyebrows. Dad was going to let me get dog fucked? My heart began beating fast-- this I would actually enjoy! Not the rapings I'd been enduring at the hands of men!

"I want to fuck her first, come on let us fuck her first before the dogs do," said the one called Manny, rubbing his cock. All the men were nude except for the masks, all sporting hard cocks for me.

"Alright, yeah, that's fine -- fuck her preggo cunt all you want," said Dad with a chuckle. The men queued up over me as I sat handcuffed on the floor. One of them pushed me to my back and quickly spread my legs, caressing my hard belly while he pressed his prickhead to my cunthole. I gasped as he shoved himself hard up in my womb. He grunted like an animal as he quickly worked up a sweat over my petite body. Someone else was holding the leash. Men were jacking their cocks in my face as I looked up blankly.

The man fucking my cunt unloaded the first dose of sperm to my pussy for the gang bang, and within seconds of his cock being pulled out it was replaced with someone else's. I could tell from the voice that it was my Uncle Jason! His body hairy, covering mine as he shoved his prick into my hole and moaned on top of me. His cock erupted jets of sperm within minutes, lubricating my cunt very well for man #3 of the evening.

My cunt was quickly stuffed again full of meat, this man now sucking my nipples hard and holding my hips firmly as his rod plunged in and out of my wet pussyhole. He kissed my neck while fucking me, making me squirm underneath him. My handcuffed wrists were being held up over my head as I was being pounded on my back. His prick began spurting deep in my womb several minutes later.

The rest of the men took a turn, a dozen of them in all plus my dad. My pussy oozed with all of the loads of cum inside. Finally one of them walked out, and when he came back in he was holding the collar of a strong looking brindle-colored pit bull. I was forced onto my knees and elbows on the floor, ass in the air. The dog was excited. He was led behind me where one of the men instructed him to lick my ass and pussy slit. Immediately the dog slurped his long tongue out at my cum filled cunt and I moaned loudly.

The long tongue felt like heaven on my abused pussy. All this time I'd been raped repeatedly and none of the men were thoughtful enough to eat my pussy out to give me some pleasure before rutting away inside me. I shuddered as the dog began licking my entire slit, covering from asshole to clit in a single long slurp. My ass was raised voluntarily in the air for the dog to eat me as intensively as possible. I moaned with the pleasure of the animal's oral attention.

"Come here, Bull, up, up," said one of the men, calling the dog to jump up on my back. After a few playful circles around me, the dog followed command and jumped upon me, weighing me down with its muscular body. The dog was panting already as he started humping at my backside. I wiggled my ass around, feeling the hard nub of the dog's cock starting to come out of his sheath.

The dog started humping wildly, stabbing his prick into my asscrack and at my asscheeks. I was on my hands and knees like a bitch, trying to get the beast to insert his prick into my cunthole. Men I hated-- dogs I loved!

Unfortunately, the tip of the dog's prick felt the warmth of my asshole, and feeling my orifice around his knob he immediately began thrusting hard to get more of himself inside me. I grunted as I felt his hips press hard against my butt, struggling to stuff his meat in my asshole. The men were laughing as they watched the dog about to fuck my ass on the floor.

The dog, called Bull by the men, started humping me with an intensely rapid pace, reminding me of the night Beefy fucked my ass and Dad found me tied to him in the backyard. I moaned as the prick began growing inside my asshole. The dog's forceful pounding was pushing me all around the carpet, rug-burn beginning to make my knees hurt.

Meanwhile, as Bull fucked me fast, I felt his prick getting even longer up my ass, reaching for my bowels to unload his cum. I was whimpering below him while being dominated by the big, strong dog. The men were laughing and cheering as the dog was effectively making me his bitch. I could feel the knot swelling up inside me, making me feel even more bloated and pregnant. One of the assholes was filming the ordeal.

About 10 minutes since the animal started fucking me, his knot felt impossibly swollen, filling me to capacity. Then the dog went still over top of me, panting hard in my ear. His cock suddenly twitched deep in my rectum and I felt it explode with cum up in my guts. I groaned as I felt the hot liquid gush out of his prick and into my ass.

"Yeah! I think he's cumming in her! Yeah Bull, sperm up inside that bitch of yours!" yelled one guy.

"Fuck that ass, yeah, fuck that ass, fuck that pregnant whore..." another was hissing through clenched teeth as he jerked his prick hard.

"That's fucking hot, ugh, look at that slut, knotted to that fucking big dog. Roger, make sure you zoom in close up on her stuffed ass! Fuck!" said another guy as he also masturbated his cock furiously at the sight of me tied to the dog. The guy filming walked behind me to get an up close shot of my stuffed asshole and bulging pregnant belly.

A few minutes later and the dog began struggling on top of my back, trying to get his prick and knot out of my ass. I shrieked as he turned ass to ass with me and tried to pull away, his knotted cock tugging on my insides. One of the men walked up and slapped my ass and the others laughed. Another one came up and unloaded his cum on my asscheek, then slapped my ass hard where his sperm puddle was, making the cum he deposited splatter all over me and the dog.

While the animal was still in my ass, one of the men slid underneath of me and began trying to stuff his prick in my cunt while the dog was in my ass! This made the dog struggle more to get out of me. I screamed as he pulled again, his knot still lodged inside me. The man who was underneath me now was holding me close to him while his prick searched around for my cunt under my hard pregnant belly. I felt the man's cock push into my cunthole and stab up into my womb. Again, the pit bull struggled to pull himself out of me. The man groaned with pleasure as he felt the pressure of the dog's cock and knot in my ass.

Shortly after though the dog was able to finally pull his cock and large knot from my ass -- I turned around to see the animal's long red cock dripping cum, coated with sperm, with a huge knot about the size of my fist. I moaned as the cum began gushing out of my asshole.

"Fuck, the dog cum's leaking all over my balls!" the guy below me exclaimed. All the men in the room laughed hard. Someone led the dog out of the room and in a few minutes another large dog was brought into the room -- this was a Rottweiler, big, shiny, and black. This dog seemed to instantly get excited at the smell of sex in the room, tugging on its leash to get at me.

The man underneath me grunted as he spermed inside me and pushed me off of him roughly. I toppled over onto my back and the man holding the Rottweiler's leash let it drop. The animal immediately bolted over to me and shoved its snout into my warm crotch. I squealed at the coolness of its nose on my pussy. The dog began licking at my cunt and I laid down on my back to give him better access. It began feeling incredibly pleasurable as his tongue lathered my pussy up good. This animal was very efficient at eating human cunt.

My moans grew louder in the room as the dog lapped my cum filled pussy steadily for a few minutes. He didn't seem like he was interested in fucking me, though. I reached down near his cock and began rubbing his sheath as best as I could while manacled. When I saw a small red tip emerge from his belly, I spread my legs wider and one of the men encouraged the dog to jump up, placing its forepaws around my shoulders. The animal began humping at air, and I spread myself open a little wider to encourage the beast to fuck my pussy. Two men stepped up to hold my legs open wide and guide the dog's prick to my pussyhole. I felt the hard prick stab at my slit and clit and gasped as it poked near my asshole -- not again!

The men held me apart and I tried grinding my pussy at the dog's emerging dick to get it inside me. I wanted to feel the dog prick in my cunt, not my ass! I wanted my cunt to be knotted for once! Another guy stepped up to help push the dog meat to my slit, encouraging it to fuck me. Then the dog suddenly felt the wet warmth of my pussy and lurched forward to pound into me. His front paws wrapped tightly around my waist, holding me close to him while his prick began entering my hole. I started moaning instantly, the prick was so hard, and I was so wet. The cum from the previous dog was leaking out of my ass, and I was being fucked now by the Rottweiler while laying in a pool of dog sperm.

My moans grew louder as the cock inside me grew, reaching for my womb. It felt so hard, like a bone. The man filming the dog sex got down on his hands and knees to film the prick filling me up. It was an intense pace, my back pressing hard against the rug as the animal struggled to get as much of himself in me as possible. I could feel the knot forming at the base of his cock, seeking to seal up my womb with the dog's fuck juice.

I grunted as I raised my hips to meet the Rottweiler's thrusts. The men were still holding my legs wide open, letting the dog reach deep into my hole. Small drops of drool were falling on my breasts as the animal panted over me with his incredible efforts. It seemed the prick had grown further still, reaching to my cervix, trying to deposit seed into my already pregnant womb! The dog pounded rapidly, its pace manic, the prick about to explode. Its knot felt incredible within my pussy walls. I loved it! Flashes were going off as some of the men were taking pictures of my dog prick filled pussy.

The guy filming was getting a close up of the dog about to unload sperm in me. Everyone was silent as the dog went still, its head resting on my breast. I began moaning as the cum flooded up inside me. The feeling was amazing, a hot gush of liquid coating my insides as the animal spurted inside of me for what seemed like several minutes. The cock pulsed inside me, the knot sealed most of the cum in my hole but I heard the guys exclaiming that they could see dog cum starting to ooze from me.

"Damn, this bitch will take any dog, I bet!" said one of the men. They all agreed. The Rottweiler was still on top of me, its breathing slowing now. The knot held the prick firmly in place deep in my hole. I could now feel cum trickling out of my overloaded pussy and dripping down my asscrack, joining the existing cum puddle underneath my ass. My pussy felt good so stuffed up. The meat filled me to capacity. I grinded my cunt as it was knotted to the dog, trying to make myself cum. The dog started struggling on top of me, now trying to break free as his objective of filling his bitch up was accomplished. I moaned as he tried to pull his cock and knot out but failed. He whined a little, more of his cum starting to ooze from my hole. A few minutes went by and his knot had deflated enough for him to pull it from my cunt, releasing a copious amount of semen from my hole. The men collectively gasped, laughed, and hollered when the sperm began gushing out of me.

Someone stood me up on my feet, and they took pictures and video of the cum running out of my holes and down my legs. I stood unsteadily while the men examined my stretched out holes. The Rottweiler, who had been licking his deflating cock, was soon led out of the room. I was pushed back down on my hands and knees on the cum soaked floor, and heard another big dog being led into the room several minutes later. This one was a Great Dane! The dog was huge and a light gray color; a very handsome animal.

"Come here Hercules, lick her preggo cunt, boy!" said one of the men, pushing the dog's nose into my cunt from behind. I shivered at the cold nose touching my warm sex. Cum was still flowing from my holes. The Great Dane began licking the juices flowing from my ass and cunt. Someone spread my asscheeks to allow the animal easier access to clean my asshole. I moaned as the long, warm tongue covered my wet gash, effectively cleaning the previous cum loads from my holes to the best of its ability.

The dog was called up on my back, its huge body draping over my entire back. Once on top of me, someone pressed the dog's hips against my ass to encourage him to hump me. I could feel the beast's hard prick starting to twitch and rouse from its hiding place. A few minutes later and the animal was humping my backside, its balls swinging wildly at my pussy and ass. The prick was stabbing all around my holes, trying to get inside me. I wiggled my ass, trying to get the prick in my pussy.

The prickhead dug into my asscrack and slid down into my asshole, making me gasp. As the animal's prick found a hole, he thrust his hips hard into me and began humping me rapidly. The force of the huge animal's thrusts began pushing me around on the carpet, my knees getting further rug-burned. I cried out as I felt the massive cock growing in my shithole. The beast was huge, weighing me down as he forcefully pounded me. I didn't like anal sex, I wanted to be fucked in the pussy! There was nothing I could do now as I was being penetrated rapidly by the large Great Dane. The animal panted loudly in my ear as he banged me hard.

My asshole stretched as its knot grew in my chute, the prick searching to unload inside me. I started shrieking as I felt the knot rammed further into my rectum, the prickhead reaching to my guts. It felt like a searing hot rod had been inserted in my asshole, tearing up my insides. After minutes of intense fucking, the dog became still, its prick could reach no further, the knot was buried in my asshole. Balls swung to a stop, and then the cock exploded inside me. Hot gushes of cum made me cry out. The cock spurted again and again, cum flooding my insides while I moaned. The dog stayed still after its cock was done erupting, knotted securely to my ass. The men were all jerking off as they watched the dog tied to its pregnant teen bitch, faces contorted as they pleasured themselves to the sight of the dog sodomizing me.

Cum was escaping my knotted hole and starting to drip down my thighs. I wiggled my ass a little, trying to encourage the dog to get off me now. He stayed still over my back for several more minutes, calming after fucking me wildly. More camera flashes were going off as the men took pictures of my stuffed asshole. I felt someone walk up to my pussy as I was tied to the dog on my hands and knees, and a cockhead was placed within my pussy slit, parting my lips just a little. Then I felt human cum spurting into my pussy while the dog was knotted to my ass. Whoever was unloading their sperm in my pussy from behind was moaning as they did so. This caused the dog to begin stirring, and the man's cock was soon pulled away from my oozing hole and the dog started trying to pull away from me.

I moaned as the huge knot bulged in my asshole, the long prick secure in my guts. Someone started calling the dog over and the animal began dragging me behind him while trotting over to the man. I squealed as I was dragged by my asshole across the room. The men were laughing and filming away. Some of the guys started pulling my blond hair and squeezing my tits. One of the guys jerking his cock in my face suddenly spurted ropes of cum all over my face, all in my eyes. I was still knotted to the Great Dane. The other guys followed suit jerking their cocks in my face, and my face was soon covered with loads of cum. They spermed in my hair and everything, and it dripped down my forehead into my eyes and down my cheeks. I felt a load shooting into my ear and tried to pull away but was roughly held in place by my hair. Soon my entire head was covered with loads of cum.

The Great Dane pulled out of me soon after the group of men unloaded their cum all over my face. The copious amount of dog sperm that had been injected into my bowels was now flowing freely out of my asshole. Somebody reached behind me and stuck a few fingers in my ass, scooping up dog cum and then wiping it on my lips, forcing me to taste the ass-flavored dog cum. I squirmed as my asshole was being pried open for the cameras, capturing my hole filled with cum.

One of the men pulled me on top of him and started fucking my pussy and held my asscheeks wide while he did so, making globs of dog cum more effectively ooze from my ass. He bounced me up and down while the Great Dane was led out of the room. I couldn't even feel the guys cum up in my pussy since by that point my cunt was so used up and spermed in. I was pulled off him and pushed to my back again on the floor. Another dog was brought into the room. I looked over, and my heart soared!

"Beefy!" I exclaimed weakly. As soon as he saw me he dove right between my legs-- I had trained him to be an excellent cunt-eater. I moaned and writhed as he licked my pussy and cleaned my asshole with his tongue. I could feel my face crusting with the loads of cum, and felt a couple more guys unloading their cum onto my chest as Beefy ate me intensively. My moans filled the room as my beloved Golden Retriever tended to my sore holes. I hoped he'd finally fuck my pussy and unload his cum inside me!

He continued lapping me up as I grinded my pussy into his snout. I shivered as he started licking my thighs and then my bulging belly, moving up to lick the cum puddles off my chest. He licked some of the cum from my face as I petted him as best as I could with my handcuffed wrists. I reached down to rub his sheath and his tail wagged excitedly. He was as happy to see me as I was to see him! My fingers rubbed near the pink prickhead that was dancing in and out of the sheath. Beefy went back down to my crotch to lick my cunt again. I could feel an orgasm building as he efficiently stimulated my clit with his long tongue.

My moans got even louder as I got close to cumming, but before I could Beefy stopped licking me. I called him to jump up on me and he did so; I spread my legs wide for my beloved pet. To my delight he soon started humping as I grinded my crotch at his sheath. His front legs wrapped tight around me, holding me close while his cockhead poked around at my slit. My legs were open as wide as they could go, inviting the dog to make me his bitch.

"She loves the dog cock, doesn't she?" one of the guys said. Fuck yeah I do-- a dog's cock isn't attached to some asshole man who could get me knocked up! A dog could fuck so much better, faster, and harder than a man, too! I felt Beefy's cockhead stabbing around my clit and I wiggled underneath him to try to get the prick into my pussyhole. Beefy began humping at me, trying to get his prick inside his human bitch. His prick was so close!

I felt his hard meat jab into my pussyhole suddenly, and once the head went inside a little Beefy started humping me hard. My moans grew louder as his pace increased. His cock started growing once inside my hole, reaching for my womb. He pounded me harder and harder, all the while holding me tight to him. My small breasts were heaving wildly with the dog's frenetic pace. I couldn't help but fuck my hips back at the dog, encouraging his cock to delve deep into my hole, having craved my pet's meat for so long now. We fucked hard, Beefy's cock extending into my cervix after several minutes of intense penetration. His knot had began swelling at the base of his long cock, pleasuring my pussyhole which was stretched tight around it. It didn't seem he could get any further inside me, but I felt the knot go in a little deeper.

The feeling of being filled by my beloved Golden Retriever was intensely pleasurable. He kept up his jackhammer pace for several minutes, steadily stimulating my cunt. My orgasm was building in my loins, beginning to surge through my body. I began moaning even louder, almost screaming with the pleasure as my orgasm grew stronger. Beefy didn't stop his intense pounding as my body convulsed below him on the floor. Oh, how I loved my dog! I wanted no other, just my Beefy! My eyes rolled back in my head, mouth agape as the waves of pleasure crashed over my petite, young, body.

As my orgasm was fading, Beefy became still on top of me with his cock stuck securely in my hole. His prickhead reaching my baby-filled womb. I felt the cock pulse, then the cum began gushing. The cum was so hot, it felt so incredible as it flowed inside me and trickled out of my stretched cunt. It felt like a gallon of sperm had filled me up! Beefy panted happily on top of me, his cock erupting its final spurts of cum in his human bitch.

"Good boy," I said to him as he stayed still. I grinded my cunt harder against him, feeling yet another orgasm start to stir in my well-fucked body. As I grinded hard, stuffed so full of dog meat, another orgasm surged from the tips of my toes to my nipples, making me scream loudly under Beefy. The men's pricks were still hard. As Beefy was knotted atop me, the group of guys began dispersing, some of them coming up to my face to release one last load of sperm on me before leaving.

Beefy stayed knotted to me for 15 more minutes while I told him how much I loved him and cooed at him for fucking me so well. The room had emptied, it seemed the men had gone home. Beefy eventually started pulling his knot out of me, and the feeling of his prick and knot tugging on my insides was making yet another orgasm build up in me. As Beefy pulled some more, the orgasm surged through me, still running through my legs as I felt the cock finally tearing from my insides, releasing a momentous amount of sperm from my pussyhole. Beefy licked his cum from my cunt as my orgasm still sizzled in my body, and I moaned as I came down from my intense climax. I patted him on the head, loving him more than ever. My breath was returning back to normal. The house was silent as I fell into a brief sleep sprawled on the floor, my beloved pet back by my side.

Part 7

All was still quiet throughout the house when I awoke. My gang bang and night of dog sex was over. I rose to my feet after Beefy was done licking his cum from my hole. My legs were sore from being fucked constantly for months on end and often being held wide open. And my wrists were sore, too, so often restrained. I looked around the room and suddenly noticed the handcuff keys on the top of the dresser. My dad's handgun was near the keys...

My heart started beating faster as I walked over to the dresser. I grabbed the handcuff keys and after some struggling was able to get myself free. Then I picked up the gun. Beefy was panting happily and looking up at me. I patted him calmly on the head. Walking out of the room, there was silence everywhere. The men were gone. I walked into my old bedroom, untouched since the last time I'd slept in it, and retrieved a dress. The first time I'd worn clothing in months. I had to pick a loose dress since my belly had gotten larger and I had no maternity clothes. Leaving the bedroom, I took the gun with me and tiptoed down the hall.

Then I saw my dad -- he was naked and laying on his stomach in the kitchen near the basement stairs. The small carpet nearby was in disarray, like he had possibly slipped on it. There was an open bottle of tequila on the kitchen counter, so I figured he probably gotten drunk after the other guys left, slipped on the carpet, and passed out. My pulse quickened as I contemplated what to do next. I held the handcuffs and gun in my hand. Beefy had followed behind me. I walked up to my snoring father on the floor, resisting the urge to stomp on his head right then and there. He had put me through a tremendous amount of torment, and so far I had survived and intended to get out of this alive!

There was a choke chain on the table with a matching collar, and some clothesline. My mind was racing. I bent down and gingerly slid one of the handcuffs around Dad's wrist and snapped it closed, holding my breath. He didn't wake. I gently took the other wrist and slapped the other cuff around that one, successfully handcuffing his wrists together. Taking the clothesline, I then tied the rope around his wrists and tied it to the banister at the top of the stairs, securing his arms out above his head. Then I slipped the choke collar and leash around his neck, but first held it in my hands to warm the metal, not wanting the shock of the cold metal to rouse him. Once the choke collar was around his neck and he was tied securely, I jerked hard on the leash and he began to stir. He turned his head and looked up at me, confused.

I pointed the gun at his face. His eyes met mine, surprised. He realized he was tied up, and I was holding the leash to the collar around his neck. I began to laugh at the surprised look on his face. Walking closer to him, I put my foot against the back of his neck and stepped down hard, smashing his face to the floor. I pressed the barrel of the gun to the back of his head. Beefy was watching me calmly. I chuckled madly.

"Fucking piece of shit ," I said through gritted teeth, keeping my foot on his neck as I straightened up, removing the gun from his head. I spat at him, covering the back of his head and shoulders with my spit. My foot pressed harder into his neck and he groaned. I stepped off of him and again pointed the gun in his face as he looked up at me.

"Angel, what do you think you're gonna do?" said my dad. "You think you can kill a man?" I glared down at him hatefully.

"Yes, yes, Dad, I do," I said, aiming the gun at him.

"Well, I'm not gonna beg you to spare my life, you dog-fucking slut," said Dad.

I kicked him hard in the head and he turned away from me, his face against the kitchen floor. Still holding the choke collar, I pulled on it again, raising his head off the floor so I could kick it again. His head collapsed to the ground with the impact of my foot on his skull. Then I walked to the stove and grabbed some cooking oil. He began squirming as I poured the oil down his back, into his asscrack.

"What the fuck are you doing, Angel?" my dad said hoarsely, feeling the oil oozing over his ass. I called Beefy over to me and petted him lovingly on the head. My dad turned his head to watch me rub Beefy's sheath, coaxing the dog's cock to come out once again. Dad began to struggle, and I stopped caressing Beefy to shove the gun in my dad's mouth, breaking his front tooth in half as I did so. I laughed again as he spat blood and the broken tooth out.

"Stop moving, asshole," I said. Once again I turned my attention to my dog and rubbed his sheath, encouraging the pink prickhead to come back out. Beefy was getting excited and started trying to jump up at me to hump, but instead I instructed him to jump up on my dad. As Dad was sprawled on the floor, tied up to the banister, Beefy jumped up on his back and started humping his ass.

"No, no, Angel, no..." said my dad. I just laughed and pulled hard on the choke chain, cutting his air off. Beefy was wrapping his legs around my dad's waist as he humped at his ass. The dog's pink prick had come out a few inches and was now searching for a bitch hole. My dad squirmed some more and I again yanked the chain hard. Beefy thrust his hips, his prick rubbing Dad's asshole while I smiled. The cooking oil had lubricated Dad's ass crack very well. Suddenly Beefy's prick felt my dad's tight asshole-- I could tell because he immediately began fucking the shit out of my dad once he had found the hole. Dad began groaning on the floor.

"Shut up, you old fuck! You like that?! You like that Dad? You fucking old perverted piece of shit! You like that dog cock raping your asshole? I hope he destroys your ass! And if he doesn't, I'm gonna take this gun and shove it in your ass and blow you away, you old fucker!" I screamed. Dad was writhing as Beefy fucked his asshole with a rapid pace. I held the choke chain all the while, pulling on it to choke Dad's breath away. He deserved it.

I encouraged Beefy to fuck him harder, harder, harder. The dog was doing a great job, his cock becoming lodged securely in dad's asshole. I knew the cock was growing inside him. I knew the knot was expanding now in my dad's rectum. I laughed again, hard, and again yanked hard on the leash. Dad struggled against the restraints, making me laugh even more. Beefy was beginning to slow his pace. Any moment his cum was going to gush into my dad's ass.

When dad began groaning I knew the dog's knot was securely stuck in his hole and the prick was spewing cum. Beefy had become still, his nuts swinging to a stop against my father's ass. It was a wonderful sight. While Dad was tied up and the dog was knotted in his ass, I went back to my room and began packing up some clothes. My heart continued beating hard. I was going to steal his car, the dog, and any money I could find.

While I looked through his drawers, I found a book with records of the payments the men had given him to fuck me. It contained names and addresses. There were the names from my first gang bang-- Jim, Tom, Eddie, Joel, etc. There was a camera with various recordings of the men raping me. I took the address book and camera, and in another drawer I found a huge wad of cash, money Dad got for letting other men fuck his daughter's teenage holes. Quickly counting it up, it added up in the thousands. I stashed the money, address book, and camera in my suitcase and went back to the kitchen to get the car keys. Beefy was tied to Dad still, so I began calling him to me, resulting in the dog trying to roughly pull his meat from my dad's asshole.

Dad cried out as Beefy's cock and knot tugged on his insides. I laughed again. A few minutes later, Beefy pulled out of Dad's used up asshole and cum started gushing out of him. I took a handful of cum and rubbed it in his face, forcing him to taste it. When he spit it out I jerked the chain hard. I was packed and ready to go, ready to leave this asshole and this house of horrors.

Taking the car keys, I loaded Dad's car with my suitcase and Beefy. Then I went back inside and began dumping the cooking oil all over my dad. I took a book of matches, and lit a match on fire. Then I dropped it on his back. He screamed as the flame hit his skin. I just laughed again. I took another match and threw it at the curtains. Then another one in the living room. The house was beginning to burn. Dad was screaming as the flames began rising around his bound body. While he was scrambling around on the floor I kicked his balls hard, making him wail painfully. He struggled against his restraints.

"Fuck you, old man," I said, spitting at him once more. Then I got the fuck out of there. I turned to look once more as I pulled out of the driveway, watching flames enveloping the house. Finally, I was free, and I made it out alive with my beloved pet, Beefy.

Later, I used the address book and camera evidence to blackmail my dad's friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. If they didn't give me the money, I told them I'd turn them into the cops for raping an underage girl. I then used this money to eventually build a comfortable life for myself far, far away from home. When I had the baby a few months after escaping, I was delighted to see she was a light brown color -- she wasn't my dad's baby after all! She was mixed black and white. I thought back to all the sex my dad forced me to have, and only remembered one black guy out of all of them -- Jim.

So I blackmailed Jim into taking care of me and the baby for life. I began looking forward to his generous monthly checks. Eventually I began receiving enough cash from my dad's asshole friends to live comfortably in a sprawling place in the mountains-- fucking my dog whenever I wanted!

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A superb story with a magnificent ending

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Mmmm that was a great story, I loved the ending


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Eh.... story not true to life. The thing that would have actually happened is that this woman would have been found dead with a doubletap to the head. spoken like a true man that can't stand the thought of a woman getting the best of the deal
ask my uncle about that you can find him in huntsville prision

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Eh.... story not true to life. The thing that would have actually happened is that this woman would have been found dead with a doubletap to the head.

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A-man to that. Me I would have given him a hand full of rape pills and locked up in the cage for a week on Booz and pills. And wind he was to weak to move fired the house.

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