Gaynor is a 49 year old mature married woman with two full grown daughters who has gone to the coast for a relaxing few days, a chance meeting with a familiar younger man leads to so much more.........
Lust On The Beach (The Start of the Affair)
Gaynor Day Out

Gaynor Day was in her 40s and had blonde bronze like hair with a slim athletic body which for her age of 49 was impressive. At this present time the office secretary was laying down on the beach reading a book entitled “Adventures in the East”. Gaynor had come to this beach to escape for a while.

Eager was she to get away from the strains of working in an intense office that specialised in law and other legal related issues. The beach was a quiet cove on the coast facing westwards and for Gaynor it was a welcome escape, she rented out a local B & B for three nights leaving her husband who was on a business trip in London and her two daughters who were off at university, so she had time to herself which she missed a lot.

As she lay there before her was a view to adore, the sandy beaches and the distant horizon was what she loved and nature walks, beach walks and mountain walks was what she lived for. Gaynor loved the outdoors and loved getting all wet and sweaty whenever she could. She had not seen anyone on this beach since arriving and had a few dips in the ocean before getting engrossed into her book, she had been reading for about 1 hour flat enjoying the sun rays and allowing it to tan her already bonze body when she heard a familiar voice, a voice that would change everything.

As she flipped the page the voice said “Gaynor” she put down the book and took off her glasses “Mike, oh my what a nice surprise” she said surprised as Mike went on “I thought it was you, I just swam around the rock and you are the only person I have seen in a while” standing before her was Mike, a youngster she knew from her swimming club she occasionally attended. She had taught Mike how to snorkel and recalled instantly he was one of her most pleasing students, pleasing to the eye of course, there he was wearing a set of swimming black trunks and nothing more, his dark hair was wet from a recent swim no doubt and his brown eyes straining to keep open in the hot sun.

He too was athletic, and young at 20, attractive and good looking also. His sight meant Gaynor felt herself becoming somewhat excited at the sight of the man before her, she noticed he too was quite excited, his shorts were not leaving much to the imagination as there was a slight bulge in them, if it was not for the fact they were so tight then he would be rather obvious, typical boys she thought “What brings you to this beach Mike” “I have been swimming, snorkelling looking for craps and shells” “I can see did you find any” “Not much, what about you. Why are you here?” “I have been seeking a little getaway, work is hectic right now and I thought I would take advantage of the weather, you know how often do we get such strong rays this time of year”

They were both silent now, just looking at each other, it was not secret they fancied each other, she and he had such a sexual tension, all the classic flirtatious signs were there when they engaged casually in the pool or socialised in the bar afterwards or on the day trips out, and it was no different this time, in fact it was totally different this time for it was just he and her. She in her swimming outfit and he in his, Gaynor now put her legs down and placed the book on the side, she thought she would play with this youngster who was clearly checking her out.

She loved this, it was a joy for Gaynor and she could not believe one of her favourite person she had fantasies over was here on the beach, just the two. The amount of times she had those naughty thoughts when she saw Mike in his swimming gear in the pool, let’s just say she would go home at the end of the swimming session and lay in the bath, close the door and let her fantasies run wild, she had called her finger Mike more than once and he was no different, because he thought Gaynor was very sexually attractive and had lost count of the amount of times he had masturbated over her after he had done exercises or spent time with her. They had to release their sexual tension somehow. There was silence again as the two continued to look, both were being natural, she a woman and he a man, she married and he single, she 40 something he 20 something.

“Where is Gordon” Gordon being her husband, she timed her response to perfection. She opened her legs slightly letting him see her pussy which was only hidden behind the very small bikini shorts “He is not here, he is away on business in London” again a silence, the sexual tension between the two was intensified, she knew he liked her and she loved in the pool to get close to him when they were doing drills and press up against him, she loved to rub her shaven legs on his hairy legs and found her thigh nudging his crotch, he was always hard when she was close and to a mature woman like herself it was very flattering to know she still had a certain sexual influence over younger men.

“I am here all alone” she said as Mike now placed his own hands into his shorts, like a cowboy hold to display his confidence, he wanted to get Gaynor to fix on his shorts and what lies beneath as well as trying to magnify his bulge. Gaynor smiled, this boy is flirting with me but she thought she could match him and then placed her hands on to her own crotch area which was getting a little wet and she pulled on it and it snapped back onto her flesh, she had to give herself some air as it was that wet now as he himself tried to hide his own developing hard on by pressing on his shorts and tugging them down.

“Are you here alone” she asked “Yes, I am camping in a nearby field, I decided to come down here for a swim and like you to enjoy the weather” Gaynor could not believe how this day was playing out, Mike looked around the beach and commented “It is so quiet here isn’t” “Sure is Mike, that is why I like it. How did you know about this, not many people do” “I remember you all talking about this part of the country and how there were small coves, and I thought I would give it a check” “You like what you see” she said as she again opened her legs and watched his gaze rest on her most intimate area “I sure do” he said looking blatantly at it.

“Where are you staying” “I am in a local B&B, it is not far from here” he stood still now and watched her as she asked “Do you want to join me or are you going to stand there all day, you will need hard stiff legs to stand there so long, are you hard and stiff enough Mike” very careful choosing her words, as he not being a dope realised what she was doing “Hard and stiff, well that depends Gaynor” “On what” she asked “On why I need to be hard and stiff” she nodded smirking and then he sat down on the bottom of her towel, instantly Gaynor had thoughts of him ravaging her pussy and licking her all over her legs and sticking his tongue deep inside as he played with her tits, she could not stop herself from showing what was on her mind as she stroked her chest and then lifted up her bikini bottoms once more to get some air inside as she was incredibly wet.

He now saw some cream on the sand as Gaynor asked “Would you like me to put some on you?” he did not know as he knew the moment she started to rub him he would go harder than he was but she lifted up the tube and put some onto her hands “Come on, it is important to protect yourself from the sun” “Okay sure” he then turned around hoping to not face her but she was not having this “Nonsense lay down on the sand I will put it on” he was going to lay down on his stomach but again “No, no, front first” he took his time and laid down as Gaynor now went onto her knees and noticed the bulge more clear, she was going to bring him as close as possible to being hard, she did not have to worry about anyone observing them due to the quietness nor did she have to worry about anyone suspecting this would be cheating as they were alone.

Mike laid down and his shorts were so small on him she thought as she put some of the cream onto his chest which was hairy, but she herself underestimated the effect of this touching as she became so wet she knew her bikini bottoms was soaked, he himself had images of himself placing his cock inside her pussy and fucking her as his tongue and her tongue met but the more he tried to fight off these naughty thoughts the more his penis just reacted and Gaynor placed some of the cream on his shoulder, his neck and then gradually came down.

She spoke “You like this” “Sure” he had to respond with one words as he was trying to concentrate on not letting his member explode out of his pants, Gaynor saw he was pulling at his shorts and smirked as she now came down towards his top shorts she looked and he was hard as a rock, her gaze went back to his and he knew she had noticed but who would say anything, instead Gaynor did not she merely rubbed more and more slowly as if she had not noticed, she then lifted up his shorts and when he gasped she said “Every part must be done in case you go skinny dipping” she giggled. Mike then felt her hands go up his shorts and touch his balls which were so hard, they were liable to explode as Gaynor then said “Mike, we seem to have a problem here, I might have to take your shorts off to get to the rest of the flesh is that okay” he looked at her and saw her lust, he nodded “Yes Gaynor, I do not mind”

This married woman then said to him “You understand this is our secret, nobody must know, do you want this” “Oh yeah I do” she noticed her married ring now and he did to “Does this make it dirtier for you Mike” she asked him, he nodded and then she watched as he took off his shorts and there standing before her was an 8 inch cock. She could not help it and placed the cream onto the cock and began to gently stroke it “you see Mike each part of your body must be done if it is not then you still risk being burnt” she now came to the helmet as he moaned slightly, Gaynor found herself stroking it with slow motioning as Mike was breathing harder.

Gaynor continued “You see I know how to get under every little part of a body to put the cream on and make it all slide in nicely” she placed some cream under his balls and then stroked more and more as he felt himself liable to explode, she then noticed his own hands fleeting across the sand and rise towards her pussy, he touched it and she liked he was so bold “Wet isn’t, it is natural Mike like why you are so hard right now, our thoughts are what is too blame, I cannot help mine, I know you cannot help yours Mike. Do have thoughts don’t you Mike?”.

“Gaynor” he gasped “Yes Mike” “This is, this is amazing” as she continued to stroke up and down, “It is, I am glad you like my technique, but, you might need some more lubricant” she then did one of the most eroticist things he had ever seen in all his life, Gaynor went over his cock and looked at him, gazing into his eyes “Lube from me” she then spat onto the top of his cock and he watched as her spit dribbled down either side of his member, and Gaynor then stroked in her spit all the while looking into his eyes “You like this lube” he nodded unable to say anything as his cock just became more and more sensitive.

He looked down at it and it was thicker than he had ever seen it, longer but it was so red, the reddest he had ever known it could be, Gaynor then went on her knees facing him as she said with her eyes looking into his “I think I need to tidy it up” she then brought her mouth towards it and started to lick the base and came up the 8 inch pole, licking and when she got to the helmet she sucked and sucked all the while he found his hands and placed them onto her hair, he took hold of her hair and then directed her down, she loved it how he did this, made her feel like a right slut. Here she was blowing this young boy on the beach showing this young boy that the mature married women had so much more than just experience.

“Gaynor do not stop” she did not she kept going and sucking, deep throating him about 7 inches and he heard her gobble and choke the sounds were mind blowing to him until she managed to deep throat him the full 8 inches and as she lifted her head he saw all her spit and his cock disconnect. “You still not right yet” she got him to lift his legs up and then set about to lick around his balls and under his balls, she buried her face into his balls and he felt her nibble at them both, he could only just stop himself from exploding all over her in the middle of the beach, as he closed his eyes he thought about Gaynor and how he often went home after swimming classes and just laid down and masturbated his cock empty of all the spunk just imagining her sucking him off, he loved to pretend her tongue was slobbering all along his member and she with her perfume brought him to a climax but as it was, as he looked down he was doing this for real and Gaynor was far more depraved than he ever imagined.

Gaynor now lowered his legs and stood over him “Do you want to fuck me now Mike” he nodded and was desperate “Please let me fuck you” she then took off her bikini and kicked her soaked panties aside and finally he saw her standing there naked. This married mature woman who was standing for him waiting for him, was parading herself and her blondeness in the pubic area made him want to taste it, he studied her, seeing her tits that were ripe as her nipples poked hard towards him, she was as aroused as he.

Gaynor now went and laid down on Mike, she rubbed on his hard cock with her stomach and began to kiss him, her tongue exploring this youth and he opened his legs and felt her pussy rub all along his cock licking her by this time, the kissing had just deteriorated into animalistic licking of tongues and then the cheek. This was such an explosion of sexual tension, long pent up tension of both of them. It was all the frustration of her having to maintain a married woman prose and he trying to be the respectful single boy when both were in public but deep behind the facade there was something lustful, something sexual, something human.

“Oh Mike, make love to me” she mouthed, as she rubbed her pussy all over him “You are so sexy” he said “Tell me again” “You are so sexy” he said to the mature woman who as he kissed her back with so much passion, her pussy was so wet Mike could feel it rub all over his stomach leaving a trial just begging to be fucked. But Gaynor then suddenly stood up and said “If you want me to finish this off then come to my hotel tonight at 21:00pm. It is the “Castle and Shell, I am in room 10, just knock at 21:00pm” she then picked up her book as he looked at her in disbelief “But we’ve done” “you have now, I got to go, see you soon” she covered herself up with her jacket and then left the beach leaving Mike laying there hard as he had ever been.

---- Castle & Shell ---- Room 10 ---

Gaynor was in her room having just put on her stockings and her French negligee she knew Mike would come, she also knew he would not say anything to anyone, she could not believe she masturbated and gave that boy a blowjob, how naughty she felt and how more eager to finish it off, it was 21:00pm almost and she sat in the room opening her legs waiting for the knock, and then “Knock knock” she said “Come in Mike” the door opened and he was wearing the same shorts with a t-shirt once he looked at her and she said as she opened her legs “I want you to lick my pussy and bury your handsome face between my legs.

Press it inside” he closed the door behind him and locked it, without saying a word he went onto his knees lifted up her left leg and began to kiss along the black tights of hers, followed by pressing his tongue onto her pussy and through her knickers, he then moved the knickers to the side and returned the beach favour by spitting on her pussy, he looked up at her as she looked at him, half her age and around the same age as her daughter who had just spat on her juicy wet pussy.

Her legs opening wider “fuck my pussy Mike, fuck my pussy” he shook his head playfully saying no but then Gaynor commanded “Do it, I have been waiting so long” and so he licked all around her pussy and then pressed his tongue into the pussy, it was so wet that he could do nothing other than inhale the smell of her desperate sex. She opened her legs the widest she could as he now poked his tongue inside and used one hand to finger press into her pussy and another hand to fondle her breasts, rubbing them and cupping them, meanwhile she stroked his dark hair as she moaned and screamed almost, having to bite her lip just to prevent herself from screaming and alerting the neighbourhood to her affair with this hunk.

After Gaynor had her pussy fucked with his tongue she sat up and looked down at him “Take those shorts off Mike” he did as she asked and then laid there hard again, she placed her tongue onto the underside of the cock as she again deep throated him, Gaynor kept the cock in her mouth like this for about 1 minute grating her teeth onto the cock sides breathing deeply through her nose.

Mike had never had a blowjob like this and felt it being bathed in her salvia and taste. Gaynor herself had never given a blowjob like this to anyone but when this boy was receptive to her, her 49 years of age what else could she do. Gaynor then laid on the bed and had Mike place his cock under her bra as she saw it grate along her flesh as the Velcro made his own cock pressed onto her breast.

“Oh Gaynor I cannot believe this” he said as he began to rub his cock between her tits, all she was doing was licking her lips and sticking out her tongue reddening them “My husband must never know, nobody must ever know this is between us Mike” “God yes, between us” as he pressed her tits up against his cock, she tongued the top and licked a little of the pre cum, kissing it. After a while of this tit fuck she said “Lay down next to me and let us kiss”.

Mick then laid down next to Gaynor and they began to French kiss, Gaynor was rubbing his cock, it grew in her hands and his balls were so large for her that she looked into his dark eyes and said “I’ve wanted this for so long, since you came to the club and I saw you, I have fingered my pussy and sucked on so many of my fingers thinking of your cock in my cunt, in my pussy” he kissed her neck and rubbed his hands on her pussy she opened her legs and kissed his tongue which he just left out for her “I too Gaynor have wanted this, I have never had sex with someone like you before” “Someone like me Mike, you mean someone married and mature” he nodded as he now went and laid on her, he directed his cock on her pussy “That is what I mean Gaynor” “It is time for us to fuck now” she purred “Are you sure” “Do it my handsome boy”.

He now watched as she opened her legs stretching them far and wide, her stockings and tights stretching as well, she had taken off her knickers and now with her blonde hair swaying and he able to see his own kisses and salvia on her body had her say “do it, fuck me Mike” he held his cock and stroked it, he did not have a condom “I have not protection” “Fuck protection, just do it Mike, I am dying here for it” and then he placed it on to her soft pink and very wet pussy, he eased down and began to enter slowly, as she moaned...

“Mike, that is it, Mike” he now reverted out and pressed back in as Gaynor yelled as he slid it back and forth she was giving him such intensive eye contact as he held onto her neck and grabbed her hair she seemed to appreciate his roughness, now Mike leant forward and kissed her, their tongues colliding like waves as she licked his lips and let lust overtake her she knew this was wrong being a married woman, she had never cheated before on her husband, never had any affair only in her fantasies but this boy, this hunk was too much.

She knew the opportunity was perfect as she watched him thrust his manhood into her pussy, a pussy she had not had fucked like this for years. Now his hips were moving shockingly fast as Gaynor realised just how fit and young he was but she tried to contain it, being twice his age she wanted to contain his thrusts and mouthed words at him telling him to “fuck me harder Mike, is that all you have got, put it in me, make me cum” he took her demands and pressed it in slamming her pussy with all he had “Fuck me Mike” Gaynor screamed now.

She placed her hands behind Mikes ass and assisted his thrusts, allowing him to get deeper and deeper inside her, she was so wet by this point, a point he realised all to well as the ease of his sliding in was just effortless “That is it, yes...yes...yes” Gaynor screamed as he rammed down harder on her watching her tits jump up and down as he came forward to kiss them once more and she kissed again with her tongue, Mike was almost going to explode inside her, he yelped “Gaynor, I am cuming” “Do not withdraw fill me up”

He kept thrusting as she moved her hips along with his still, they were coming to the last stages when Mike stopped suddenly and he filled her up, she felt his warm spunk enter her and she moaned bringing her hips to a steady decrease in speed whilst he was involuntarily twitching, the cum still coming out and inside her “Gaynor, Gaynor” he said over and over as she opened up her arms and said “Come and kiss me” he collapsed onto her exhausted and breathing deeply, their hearts beating together, she kissed him and stroked his air rather tenderly.

“Good boy Mike, you’ve done so much for me” their legs together and bodies close as Gaynor and he kissed “We do this again” he asked, her legs were so weak at this point and so was his, she nodded “Why not, this could be the start of a wonderful affair” a mischievous Gaynor said as she held her young lover who was still coming to terms with the fact he had just fucked a married mature woman.

This could be the start of a wonderful affair...............

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Good story. Get Gaynor pregnant. Then when home get to know the two daughters. Continue having your affair with Gaynor and start a love fest with the two daughters and get all three of them pregnant, the two daughters and the mother for a second time.

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Fiz your grammar, dude.

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A true capitavating story as I read from top to bottom. I never skipped a beat wanting to see how the young Milf would handle him. I am 61 yrs young and have been with 2 milfs one 72 now and my main squeeze of 71 both different,the first I had for 8 yrs while married from the Caribbean and orginally from Brazil and then went onto Barbados for another 8 yrs then onto Canada,,,I see here as a great friendabout once a month. She is stillsingle after her hubby passed. She used to make love to me at my office and one time scrathed my back and neck OMG I had to wear a turtleneck for a few days telling my wife I was cold at nite wew . then onto a few other affairs then I met my current flame 71 now we have been dating for 79 months and 29 daysShe is originally from the Netherlands and from Holland before Cumming to the states.I met her on line then drove 6 hrs to her place motels at the beginning til hubby passed from drinking for 45 yrs and smoking . He died 3 yrs ago now. she was married.

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you said YOUNG...ummm 16yrs is young...they are adults not young as you say????????

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nicely done.............................

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