Bishop Ridge High is a uniformed Catholic School awash with sexual tension and sexual repression. This comes to ahead when one boys overt desire sets off a chain of events that starrts in a storage cupboard and ends up in the headmisstresses room for a showdown with the torn mature female principial.
A Teacher, a Student, a Storage Cupboard and the Dilemma of a Headmistress

“Miss I have completed my work” Geller held the piece of paper in his hand as Mrs Millie sitting at her desk turned from marking her papers. Mrs Millie was the English teacher of this high school. She faced him and took off her glasses. Miss Millie was 35 and had reddish hair with freckles. She also had quite big breasts and stood at 5’5.

Geller looked down able to see inside her top, her cleavage from his height of 6’0 meant he could even make out her white bra and with his dark brown hair and eyes plus his footballers frame meant he usually got away with a lot more from the girls he chose to ogle, but his was no girl and certainly not a schoolgirl who he was ogling, this was his stern and sexy teacher Miss Lisa Millie.

Geller was dressed in a school uniform of the high school “Bishops Ridge School” and was a bit of slow learner and this is why at nearly 18 he was still in this particular school, he should have graduated by now but was nevertheless from his own lack of effort was having to repeat another year in this strict Catholic school. She Miss Millie was more causal in her dress sense and was dressed in a red dress with brown leather boots up to her knees, she was quite a professional teacher to and demanded a strong work ethic from her students, but why Geller, the reluctant student was here was simply because he was taking his roving eye and undressing Miss Millie with it.

Mrs Millie was eye candy there was no denying and was probably one of the most attractive teaches in this Catholic school. She was also well aware of Geller’s eye and noticed he had not moved at all but was still standing transfixed onto her breasts waiting was he for her to say “you may leave”, she now sighed and turned to him saying politely “Sit own Geller, I will mark it as soon as I have finished marking this work” he walked back to his seat and sat down in the back of the class, quietly walking past his classmates. He was a quiet sly boy and Miss Millie suspected behind his quietness was something rather vivacious and nasty.

Miss Millie was very conscious of how she presented herself to the pupils in the school and she was also knowledgeable that many of the boys in this class were going to use Miss Millie as the sum of some of their first ever sexual fantasies. Geller was no different, and as she looked at him she wondered what she should do, it was wrong for him to stare so openly at her breasts but then again it was flattering, Geller was after all a very handsome young boy, he was tall, 6’0 dark hair and brownish eyes with a hint of Latin that she secretly found a turn on. Yes, let him watch me she thought, let him watch me and masturbate over me I don’t mind, I know he likes it.

Millie went back to the paper he handed in, the task was creative writing and he had a title called of his creative writing “Me Desiring She” her eyebrow raised at the title, both because the title was grammatically incorrect and quite clumsy but also because it was yet another sexually themed story from him. She went about reading a story of a lady who matched her word for word in description and also a man who was matching of Geller is description but a little older, it spoke of an affair between the two of them and though not explicit the opening scene was both of them in her bedroom whilst her husband was out.

She found herself entrenched in it, not for Geller’s amazing writing ability which was not up to a satisfactory standard in the slightest but for his sheer audacity and his own clear wanting of her. She herself was quite quiet and would not go on and tell other people about this, in fact she herself had quite a open and wild sexuality and though she was a professional, she could not deny this boy was arousing her. She had known him since he was 14 when he moved to the school and all the while watched him grow from the carefree young teenager to the careless teenager he now was.

Mrs Millie had been so use to reading the creative writing of the rest of the class that spoke of things as diverse as talking elephants, witches and dragons or skyscrapers that wrestled for control of cities that this one was far more human and though not the creativity she was looking for it nevertheless was inspiring. She noticed Geller was still looking at her and could see under the desk his legs were wide open and pointing in her direction, she knew he was thinking of her, his legs pointing to her wide open and she did not need much imagination to imagine what he was thinking.

Out of all the pupils in this big Catholic school of 1000 pupils he was one of the ones who was obvious about his desires and his lust, though he was inarticulate and probably could not understand how his own thoughts inside came across Miss Millie found it endearing and flattering, she and some of her fellow female teachers often spoke of the boys and how they behaved around them, they were an attractive group of teachers the ones she spoke to. There was Mrs Delia another English teacher, Miss Florence a French teacher and Miss Law was a physical educational teacher.

Speaking of Geller was often the topic of their discussion, he would often help out after class and the teachers always knew he was eyeing them up watching them move across the glass, Miss Millie though was more reserved in what Geller got up to but the French teacher Miss Florence was not and once told Miss Millie how one day she was in the cupboard and moving a box when Geller came behind her and assisted her to move it, he pressed so close to her she felt his penis briefly brush up her ass. She was unsure if he meant this to be so and at the time did not know how to proceed, as she was unsure if he meant it or not and if he did not mean it then if she brought it up then she would feel quite awkward. For days after Miss Millie thought long and hard about it and knew Geller meant it.

Miss Millie also knew a rowing eye of a man when she saw it and oh yes as she looked at him briefly she knew Geller meant it, he still had his legs wide open facing her as she put her pen into her mouth without looking at him but knowing his gaze was on her, she then took the blue pen top and started to lick it, she was very conscious of what she was doing and knew this would send his thoughts into overdrive. Indeed she took a quick glance his way and saw that under the table Geller was flapping his legs quite rapidly at this point clearly enjoying what she was doing to the pen.

Miss Millie devoured the pen and brought out her tongue, caressing the tip as he watched her so intently, nobody else in the class appeared to notice or really see the connection between the two, Miss Millie committing fellatio on a small blue pen while Geller imagining her on her knees blowing his cock. She then saw as Geller placed his hand onto his trousers and undid his zip, she could not believe he was doing this, and the other 20 people in the class facing forward still did not notice. Geller licked his lips as he saw Miss Millie do the same to the pen.

Then Geller placed his hand into his trousers pocket and was playing with his member, arousing it all the while watching Miss Millie. Should she stop, should she put down the pen and have a word with him or scold him in front of the class, how embarrassing for the boy but she had every right to do this as he had more or less exposed himself, though she could not see his privates as of yet. But who was she kidding, she liked it, she was a woman after all and he was a young man, perfectly legal as well, this was not wrong.

The fact this was a Catholic school and it had a strict religious ethos did not bother in the slightest, in fact she liked the idea of committing some kind of infidelity, though not married she was engaged and would in two years time be married should she stay with her boyfriend, but this was not about love, this was not about religion, this was about a human desire, a normal one, one which she knew many repressed but not Geller and as of late certainly not her.

As she was thinking all this she was still sucking the pen and licking its tip, all the time moving between the papers in front of her and stealing quick glances at Geller. Geller was unable to control his own excitement and placed his hand around his cock and this meant that Miss Millie actually saw a little bit of it and then she and he was interrupted as the school bell went.

The class all stood up and put their books into their back packs, if the pen was like a man’s member then Miss Millie would be covered in blue ink, as she put down the pen and Geller discreetly zipped up his trousers the class had already made their way out when Geller as always took the most time, eager was he to just keep checking Miss Millie out.

Miss Millie saw the time was 3:25pm which meant the pupils would all be racing for the buses. Geller meanwhile was walking out when she said “Geller, could you come over here please”. Geller now shuffled over, “Yes Miss” her eyes quickly gazed down towards his crotch to notice a small bulge behind his dark trousers. “Would you like to help me in the storage cupboard?” what was she doing she thought “Uh, why?” “I have some boxes in there I would like to move” now he nodded and did not smile but merely did as was asked, she remembered what Miss Florence told her and seeing as bold as he was in class then maybe he would be even bolder in the cupboard.

Miss Millie asked him “Go inside the storage room I will be in shortly” he went inside the back cupboard as Miss Millie went towards the door, she closed it with her key and then went back towards the storage room, Geller was sitting on the table, his legs open once more as she looked upon him “Now” she closed the cupboard door as he appeared somewhat confused.

“Now Geller, I saw what you were doing in class” he went red “Miss” he began but stopped “You were looking at my breasts and also I saw you unzip your trousers, do you know that is very inappropriate” he looked down and then away “I, I am sorry” he said nervously “Geller look at me” he looked at her gaze as she took off her glasses “You realise I could get you in trouble if I tell the headmistress, do you want me to” “No Miss, it won’t happen again, I promise”

“But this is not the first time is it Geller, I have seen you looking at me many times when you should not be” “I do not mean to be, I am sorry” “So what on Earth should I do?” “Do not tell”. Miss Millie then asked him “Did you like what you saw?” of course he did but he shook his head saying no “You did not like what you saw, you did not look like you did not like what you saw”. Then she came close towards him and said “Well, I liked what I saw...In fact I really did” she waited for his response but he was shocked and then she whispered “I could let you see more if you want”

Miss Millie then lifted up her dress and sat on his lap facing him. He was stunned shaking almost as she looked at him in the eyes, putting her glass back on. Her pussy resting on his crotch as her boots went on either side of him, he was becoming harder as she now waited “Won’t be long will it Geller until you are really hard” he then looked down at her breasts as she brought them close to his face “Go on, kiss them if you want, lick them” he buried his head into them as Miss Millie felt him lick around her nipple, she held his head inside and rubbed her mouth along his brown hair, as she took her fingers and moved her knickers to the side.

Rubbing was she on his lap as he stood up, he was a strong boy and rammed Miss Millie on the wall, she let out a groan, her feet were not touching the floor and her dark boots were wrapped around Geller’s ass as she was held up against the wall by the 6’0 Geller who was kissing her tits, she held onto him for dear life and continued to rub her pussy on him, he then undid his belt as his trousers fell to the ground and she assisted him with taking off his boxer shorts, his member was erect and being held by Miss Millie in her hands, after letting his cock be she now cleared her knickers from her twat.

Naturally all this came to Geller who now began to thud his member up into her, she was holding onto his shoulder and unable to see his face as he was still buried inside her tits and overlooking the back of him, she had a bird’s eye view of the small cupboard seeing the numerous books with all her pupils name on it, she looked outside the small window of the storage room and then back down at Geller, his white shirt all the clothing he had on now, Miss Millie had never felt so aroused as this. The boy was so hard and though she had not seen how big he was, she was sure it was over 6 inches.

“Geller, Geller that is right...” “Miss...Miss” he mouthed at her, as her glasses fell on the floor falling from her face as his thuds increased in speed. She was being pummelled up against the wall and the noise was quite loud, it was just as well she had closed the door. As Geller now ripped at her blouse and her white bra was exposed, he used his teeth and tore at it and then like an animal she scratched his back.
Her bra had fallen off and all she had on was her bottom dress and her brown leather boots, she tore at his tie and it was half dangling off his neck.

Some shirt buttons had also been torn off, he held her under her ass and rising her up on the wall for leverage as his penis continued to thud into her, it was so wet and the slapping was heavy “Baby, yes” she mourned almost. Until Geller took her back towards the small desk in the storage room and sat her down, she now could see just how big he was.

“Geller” she gripped his girth and tugged on it quite violently “Did you notice me with the pen Geller” he nodded “Would you like me to do the same to this” before he could answer she went forward and took hold of his helmet, using her tongue to flick on it, she kissed around his balls and then spat on his cock. As Geller sat down on the desk and opened his legs widely for her. Miss Millie went on her knees and now settled into passionately sucking his cock, her pony tail hair was then held by Geller who tugged on it as she felt his pulls, making her raise his penis and lick it from the very bottom to the top of the tip and then she repeated this process several more times.

As Miss Geller was giving her student this wet, dirty and spit riddled blowjob in the cupboard, outside the headmistress Mrs Barney was walking down the quiet corridor, Mrs Barney was in her 50s and much older than many of the teachers in the school. She had one fully grown daughter who was a doctor and also a husband who worked in business, she was tall to with curly brown hair and dark blue eyes.

She wore a business suit and also a set of librarian like glasses but she was also very sexually repressed being in a Catholic school for most of her working career she had more than once to compensate for her repression used pornography without even her husband is knowledge, he was very Catholic and did not believe in sex beyond procreation which was bizarre to her but like a good Christian she never once complained and instead went along with what she believed to be the church is teachings, of course like a good Christian she went along with those teachings in public but in private, well Mrs Barney was different when she was alone with her own thoughts.

The entire school was by this time empty of pupils and the teachers themselves had all gone either to the staff room or had made their way home but Mrs Barney knowing Miss Millie was still here walked towards the English class, when she got there she went to open the door but it was locked. She thought she had gone home for the day but saw her back inside so figured she had gone to the rest room, so she tried once more to knock and hope someone heard but no movement inside, indeed inside the storage room the moans of Geller and the slobbering noises Miss Millie was making around his cock meant the knocks of Mrs Barney was not heard.

Mrs Barney however decided to go ahead and use her spare key, she slid it in the lock and went towards the desk, she took out of her pocket a pen and was going to write down for Mrs Geller “To come and see me” when she heard the noise of Geller which went “Miss, yes Miss...” Mrs Barney stood up now wide eyed, it was clear where the noise was coming from, and she went to the door and placed her ear up against it, she knew those slobbering noises from the pornography she habitually watched when her husband was away, she also knew them from her fantasies being one who liked description in her sexual dreams.

Inside the cupboard Geller was still pulling on Mrs Millie is pony tail as she licked his helmet still, she took glances at him and asked “You want to cum on my tits Geller” “Oh yes Miss, all over your tits and your freckled face” “My freckled face, your nasty”. Mrs Barney realised who it was, she pressed her ear up and could hear the thudding now as Mrs Millie was more or less head fucking him to orgasm, he laid down on the desk as she came close to the table and decided she was going to make him cum all over her. Mrs Barney could not help but find those noises so arousing, they were so wet and raw and the slobbering of Mrs Millie did not leave much to the imagination of Mrs Barney.

Mrs Barney found herself placing her fingers into her dress, she moved her knickers aside and then looking down saw her pink twat which she realised was receptive, she rubbed her clit with her fingers, pressing it inside almost and purring as she entered, during this time Geller had taken hold of Miss Millie is hair and held it on his cock, she was covering most if his penis as he now unloaded lifting his hips up and felt the tip of his member press in the back of her throat, then Miss Millie felt the warm spunk leave his balls and enter her throat, it was now dripping from her mouth but her freckled face was as of yet not covered in it.

Miss Millie pulled away as Geller stood up and overlooking her as she was on her knees he blew his load all over her face, covering her from her forehead to her eyes, to her jaws and as he promised making sure to mingle it all over her freckled face. She must of been there for one minute and as he watched her, she smiled “So now you’ve learned not to look, when you could do so much more” she scooped up some of the spunk from her face and then licked it before swallowing some of it.

Geller was exhausted and sat on the desk, Miss Millie also was exhausted and she now came on to the desk with him and laid on top of him “Remember, you learn a lot in my class”. Outside Mrs Barney hearing they had finished and feeling herself still aroused quickly left the room, she closed the door behind her forgetting to lock the door and left going down the corridor almost running back to her office, rushing as her pussy was dripping and she felt she could not face them in her flustered state.

Miss Millie now opened the storage cupboard and said to Geller “You get an A for that and for your writing, I will have to finish marking it later” Geller picked up his school bag and came close to Miss Millie he kissed her on the cheek as she seemed quite taken a back “You kiss me on my cheek after what we just did” she then put her tongue in his mouth and squeezed his ass “Keep to the programme” he then laughed and asked “Will we do this again” “when the opportunity presents itself” “I am going to clean up in the bathroom, I will be back” then he left the room as Miss Millie sat down on her chair, she had a broken bra strap and also a dress that was torn, whilst Geller looked like he had been in a fight.

After she had settled it was then she noticed what was amiss, firstly Geller opened the door himself she remembered locking it and secondly the note on the desk, it read “Please come to see me in my office... Mrs Barney”. Miss Millie went pale and sat back in horror. The head mistress must have overheard everything, she must have heard it.

She covered her mouth and then looked at the clock, it was just gone 16:00pm and they had been in the cupboard for about 30 minutes. Did Mrs Barney hear them? How long did she hear them for? Why did she not confront them? Miss Millie had so many more questions to ask, what should I do she wondered, what should I do?

[b]&&& Mrs Barney’s Office &&&[b]

Mrs Barney entered her own office now and closed the door as she went towards the sink inside her room and then looked at herself in the mirror. “What am I going to do?” she asked herself, Miss Millie was fucking Geller and she herself found herself awash with a mixture of envy and professionalism, envy at how in her entire career of teaching she had never engaged in such acts with a pupil of course she had been tempted and met many older boys who she regarded as attractive but that was just commenting on their looks, it turns out Miss Millie had gone the extra mile. Her professional conflict came from being a headmistress in a Catholic school and also being a devout married Catholic.

Mrs Barney sat down on her chair now and laid back, her curly hair all frizzled on her side as she found herself quite wet below “God” she remarked as she opened her legs and then lifting up her dress. She had masturbated before in school, and on her lunch break sometimes she would come to the confines of her room lock it and use her laptop to watch pornography before when she felt up for it bringing herself to orgasm, but this was different, this was real.

As she opened her legs in the chair she licked her lips and sat back “What the heck” she said, she now pictured Geller in the office with her and began to fantasises “You wanted to see me Mrs” “Yes Geller I would like to see you, come inside” he closed the door and then went towards her, she now stood up and said “Sit down” she sat on the chair near the desk “I know what you were doing with Miss Millie” Geller in her fantasy sat back in the chair and seemed to not care “Really? What was I doing” “Do not lie to me boy, I know you were fucking her, were you fucking her?”.

Geller shrugged his shoulders “You will have to ask her” “But I am asking you, this school is not about sexual relations between teachers and pupils, no school you better come clean” “Okay, I might have been, what are you going to do?” “Do not push me boy...I have had to deal with far bigger fish than you” “I don’t think so” he said as he now looked at her crotch “Are you staring at my twat Geller” “Is that what you call it Mrs”.

In reality Mrs Barney was now picking at the elastic on her knickers and stroking her pubic hair as she continued the dialogue between herself and Geller in her mind. She now moved the fantasy off to the next stage “Do you want to see my twat” “I would love to Mrs, but I do not think you will like what I will do to it” “Really, what will you do?” “I will have to eat it...”

Mrs Barney then raised her leg up on the desk, bending it as he saw through her navy blue dress and saw her green knickers which were soaked through, this boy who was nearly 18 years was looking at her 58 year old snatch and licking his lips like it was the most adult meal he had ever had. “Go on then and look” he now brought the chair closer to her as Mrs Barney pushed all the objects on her desk. They scattered onto the floor as she now pulled her panties to the side so he could see her red hairy pubes, it was not shaven, as she now looked into her eyes “May I Mrs”.

She then laid onto the top of it and opened her legs wide as Geller lifted up her dress and kissed her feet and thigh, running his tongue around until he had crept up towards her knickers, he smelt her fumes and saw how there were wet patches “Mrs” Mrs Barney was over 30 years older than this youth “Are you sure you want my tongue all over your pink twat” he asked her as Mrs Barney raised her head from wooden desk and looked at him “Get down there and tell me you are sorry”.

Geller now dropped to his knees and went face to face towards Mrs Barney’s twat, she could no longer see his face, all she could do was fell his touches, he ran his hand slowly along the pussy lips and could feel all the juices making his tongue tip so wet.

He opened her twat with his fingers and then teased them over her swollen clit. Next he brought his head close and buried it inside the pinkness, affectionately kissing, which made Mrs Barney moan. His tongue was swirling all around her pussy and inside the hole which he was devouring with his tongue, kissing it, sucking on it. She now found her legs wrap around him.

Her high heels and her dark tights wrapped around the school pupil who was now smelling all her juices and fucking her with his tongue “Geller, that is a boy....” she brought her legs from behind his head and pressed them into her pussy. Mrs Barney now felt her ass being held by Geller as she felt her legs beginning to buzz, the tingling sensation was coming forth as she thrust her hips, grating Geller’s face as he felt her own muscles start to contract around his tongue, literally making the movement so much more harder for him, so to fight against her contraction he stuck in three fingers and fucked with them as he kissed her inner thigh. The juice from Mrs Barney flowed all over his face and covered him, she was screaming biting her lips as she braced herself for the agonising, mind blowing orgasm which was all over Geller’s face.

Mrs Barney now eased up as her body relaxed and Geller stood, she sat up using her elbows to bring her to look upon Geller, she looked at the boy, his tie all undone, his shirt buttons undone also, and his face covered in her juices, Mrs Barney took off her glasses and said rather authoritatively “Now, you’ve learned your lesson, get the fuck out of my office” he looked at her and then brought out his cock, Mrs Barney stared at his throbbing member.

She licked her lips at the sight “Mrs Barney, this cock of mine wants you” “she now opened her legs and it was so erotic, just looking at her with her navy business suit, her hair all curled up and her glasses with her mature body. But she was so delicious to him, he now undid his belt and dropped his trousers, pressing forward he leaned on the desk and savaged her tits, kissing and licking them through the top as Mrs Barney felt his cock enter her, she wrapped her legs around the pupil, who was young enough to be her grandson and then he began to find her tongue, looking into her eyes.

“Mrs, Mrs I love you” he said naively as she held onto the back of his head, she saw her wedding ring and quickly recalled her wedding some 30 years preciously and how this would look fucking a catholic school boy on her desk in a catholic school. Mrs Barney then whispered “fuck me boy” she said as he pressed the head of his cock around her cunt and then standing back he looked down and spat on her twat

She moaned as the boy then pressed his cock inside, it slide in easy, she moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain, he began to go easy and slow, with one hand on her hips and the other resting on her tight clad legs, she eased her thrusts further and further into him, she was already loose from him licking her out but now he could slam his balls in, she heard them clang around her ass as his penis entered her pussy, she screamed with pleasure, louder and louder with each thud.

He felt her muscles contract once more, this time around his cock as her cum began to flow out once more all around him, her cum around his cock as it was still dripping off his face now made him lose control and he found his cum shooting into her, leaving his body and entering hers exploding inside Susan Barney, the 58 year old headmistress of the school “Mrs” the teenager gravitated now, his mouth wide open as she herself felt those deep hard thrusts and his warm spunk make her feel like a woman once more. He then collapsed onto her his heads buried in her tits, both exhausted and they laid there for a while.

Only as this was a fantasy, and as Susan Barney woke up from it, she was on her desk chair her fingers all over her pussy and the chair and the floor below was covered in her cum, she had been making so much noise during this time that she had not noticed Miss Millie standing inside, Miss Millie had decided to come to explain herself but when she saw Mrs Barney and heard the things she was saying she realised she was not the only one with guilt on her conscience. Miss Millie and Mrs Susan Barney the headmistress merely looked at each other. Mrs Susan Barney realising she was in a very compromising situation as Miss Millie asked her as if not noticing “You wanted to see me”.

“Yes” Mrs Barney now stood up composing herself, she never was going to do the right thing and expose this teacher pupil thing, even though Geller was old enough it was still wrong on so many levels. No, this was perhaps what Mrs Barney had been waiting for, for over 30 years. Indeed Miss Millie could see the cum dripping from her pussy “I, I would like you to get Geller for me and bring him to my office” she nodded “Yes Ma..., I think he is in the bathroom....” Miss Millie said nervously “Fetch him Lisa and tell the caretaker I will lock up the school tonight so he can home early and if you want so can you, I want to be alone with Geller” Miss Millie was grateful that she would not be given any punishment as it was clear the thoughts of a young cock in her had made Mrs Barney following her fantasy all the irresistible. So Miss Millie decided to say no more and quietly left the office to break the good news to her pupil.

&&& Mrs Barney and the Boy &&&

Before Geller went into the office he was told by Miss Millie that Mrs Barney would be expecting the same treatment she had. Geller seemed quite excited by the prospect and as he opened the door, Mrs Barney stood up and looked at him “Geller, do you want to explain yourself to me?” “About” “You know what about” “About the cupboard” she nodded “Yes” she now sat down on the desk and opened her legs, remembering her fantasy “Would you like to show me how you did what you did to Miss Millie” he looked at her twat as he did in his fantasy and then she went on her knees, wearing her business suit so tightly around her body, she just could not stop herself, there was not much dialogue in Mrs Barney’s reality compared to her fantasy.

She spat on her hand and then went towards him, crawling on her knees across the cold school floor, bringing up dust in her tights. She was now pressing his cock through his trousers “So meaty” he looked down at her “Do you want me to suck this” he nodded “Yes Mrs” she took out his cock from his school trousers and then began to lick the shaft with her lips, he watched her and groaned as she now took out his balls and began to cup them, fondling them and kissing his helmet with so much passion. Her eyes centring on his tie and realising she was blowing one of her own students, one student who was so sexually aroused and so sexually arousing her, she knew as she saw the crucifix on the wall that she may go to hell, but did she care.

Geller felt her mouth caress his shaft and lick up towards the helmet and she then deep throated this young boy in her office. The catholic school both were in a far cry from the teachings of the faith. He held onto Mrs Barney who had to have this young boy, she felt his pre-cum almost instantly and as she licked it all up with her tongue tip and then said as she squeezed his balls “I want you to lick my pussy Geller, do you understand? I have this thought of you doing it on my desk” he nodded as she now went towards her desk and then sat down, her navy blue business suit making her all the more desirable to him.

She opened her legs showing her green panties as he now went to take off his shirt and tie but when said “No, keep them adds to our moment” he now went towards her and buried his head into her panties, he smelt her sex as she placed her hand on the back of his head, noticing her wedding ring. What would her husband say if he were to know she was fucking a schoolboy, she then felt his finger tips move some of her twat flaps apart and went “hmm, yessss” she hissed “Yessss Geller, open up my twat and look at it, see how wet it is for you”.

Geller looked up at her and saw the headmistress, the religious pious woman who would go to church on a Sunday, the religious woman who would give lectures on behaving properly and once scolded a pupil by suspending him for two weeks for saying “fuck” in the presence of a teacher was now letting him take a up close and personal peak at her delicious twat.

He smelt it and the sweet succulent smell overpowered his nostrils, he could not believe it, he then placed his fingers deeper as she hissed again “Yessss Geller, stroke it now” he began to stroke around the headmistresses twat all the while she was thrusting her hips closer towards him. Geller felt her twat muscles tighten around his finger tips, making them so hard for him to remerge, he pressed inside and then lifted them up and around, she was so wet now as the lubrication danced on his fingers and ran down them “Mrs I can see your juices” “Yes, not many men have, never men as young as you Geller”.

She felt his soft tongue caressing her pussy now as he flicked it on inside. She hissed again thinking to herself once more God what would the school think, her husband, the parish, the priest what would they think if she was caught seducing and fucking this boy. His fingers now went towards her breasts and he pressed them down through her business suit.

She laid on the desk and opened up her business suit exposing her green bra matching her green panties. He now saw as she fondled her tits and rubbed her nipples up. He was now resting his chin below her pussy as his tongue flicked in and out. She used her fingers to help open up her sweet box as he watched her muscles in her legs work in overtime to meet his tongue movement.

Her black tights grated on his jaw as she laid back and pulled on her legs, she arched her back as she kept her tits being fondled then she groaned a pulsating scream as her young student pressed his tongue as far as he could inside, his nose was covered in her juices and as he kept licking her erect clit, Mrs Barney held her tits and then yelped loudly, she now held her lovers hair as she felt her pulsate and then she came, the cum rushed out of her and he watched it for the first time up close and having an immediate view, he saw as she squirted out, he looked at her shiver in ecstasy, shiver in delight.

She then buried his head down into her pussy “lick it, taste what you’ve done”. He was intrigued himself and so began to caress his tongue along it soaking it up and kissing it, she moaned and hissed “Yessssssssssss”, what had she done she thought as the euphoric comedown occurred, what had she just done......this was not a fantasy, this one was real.

Geller raised his head now and looked up at her, she saw him just like in her fantasy covered in her cum, smothered in her juices and he then asked “Did I do good Mrs Barney” she nodded “Yes Geller, you did really good....”

Education in Bishop Ridge High School for Geller who would never be the same again, he would be 18 in 2 weeks and if he cannot stay on in school after the term is over, then maybe he would look into being a teaching assistant. if that is he ever gets round to graduating........

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