Following the beginning of their affair, mature married Gaynor Day and young single Mike take the affair to a new level back at the swimming pool....
Lust on the Beach Part II – The Affair Continues –

Following their meeting in the small cove the previous week, Gaynor and Mike were now back too their normal lives. On this particular day both of them were at the local swimming pool with the rest of the club. They had not seen each other since the passionate days and nights on the coast but now it was back to business for the snorkel club programme was back in full swing. There were about 100 members of this club and they were mainly composed of families and water sports enthusiasts. As Mike arrived he did not stand around for small talk, instead he chose to go straight to the changing rooms, and this was as much to do with what happened on the coast as it was to do with whether or not he could keep cool in front of people when around Gaynor. Speaking of Gaynor, he had briefly seen her but she did not give anything away about what she and he had done, she merely waved at him when she was with her husband and her friends.

Mike thought should he come here? Was it wise for him to do so? Could he keep their affair secret? Gaynor had told him before they parted that this was the first affair she had ever had and she wanted him to be her little bit on the side. He did not mind, in fact he loved the idea but again his fear at being found out made him worried if it did get out. The best thing he had going for him was Gaynor lived relatively alone, her husband was a travelling salesman and though back from London he was going away to Hong Kong within two days so he would be away for about 2 weeks, further her daughters were still in university far away.

Gaynor did have his mobile phone number and had sent texts saying “Can’t wait to suck your cock again” as well as “My pussy is still wet”. He could not believe how this had happened so fast, he originally was not going to go to the cove that weekend, instead he was going to go to the City to shop for some much needed summer clothes but boy he was pleased he stuck to his original plan. As Mike put on his swimming trucks and got his goggles he left the changing area and saw her husband Gordon “Hey Mike” was all he said and Mike said it back to him. No sign of anything other than passive friendliness on Gordon’s face.

Mike left the changing area and entered the pool area and when he looked around and saw Gaynor in the water swimming around with some other men talking he felt his cock twitch at the sight of her, how innocent and casual she looked compared to how he had seen her. He got into the water and wanted to remain away from her for fear of himself. The things they had done, he still could not get the image of her deep throating him out of his mind. Nor could he get out the fact he had covered his own face in her cum. He swam a couple of lengths and then heard one of the members of the group call “Mike, can you come over here and help us out” he swam over and asked “Sure, what is it?” “Could you go to the back and get those life jackets, they should be in the storage room somewhere. The lifeguards won’t leave the pool area to get them for us. Understandable really, will you be a pal I need to take through the new lot with some life saving techniques”.

“I will go” he climbed out of the pool and was pleased to be away from her, she was watching him all the time from afar he knew that much. He was not going off the idea of maintaining this affair but again his nerves played havoc with him. As he got into the back storage room he went through some lockers and pulled out various swimming boards and circles, then he heard a voice “You found any?” he turned and saw Dan, another one of the swimmers “Not yet” Dan went about helping him and after pulling out of the lockers 50 items Mike said “Got them Dan, buried behind here” “Great” Dan picked them up and looked at the mess “Do you want me to tidy it up Mike” “No it is okay, I will do go and do the exercise” “Thanks bud”.

As Dan left Mike set about putting all the items together and trying to remember where they came from. It was always easier making a mess than tidying one up, he must have been in there for 5 minutes when he heard “So this is where you’ve been hiding” Mike saw Gaynor, standing there in her swimming suit “you avoiding me Mike?” “No, I am just tidying up” she now looked at his trunks “Those are the same trunks aren’t they” he looked down at them and yes she was right, they were the very same black ones “Yes” “Have you washed them, my spit is not still on them is it, my mouth been all over them hasn’t”

“Gaynor keep it down” “Nobody is here Mike, it is just you and I”. Mike put some more items inside the cupboard when she came close, breathing so deeply was she “Let me help” she then came towards him and stroked his cock, he was hard instantly and he had no control over his penis “If you do not play ball Mike, I will ask to use you for first AID, do you want to get hard out there in front of everyone else...” “Gaynor, what do you want to do, everyone is out there, are you mad” “If I remember correctly, you were the one who ate my pussy and came inside me, me a married woman, so you must be mad” “Because you asked me to”

“I am asking you for something else now Mike” she looked further behind the cupboards “There is a small little room back there, we can go inside and do something” Mike looked towards the pool area “I don’t know” “Come on Mike where is your sense of adventure, it was so exciting on the beach and this will even be more exciting. Besides” she looked down at his erection which was pushing to be released from his shorts “You cannot go out there like that” she now lifted her swimming suit away from her genital area to show him how wet she was “Best thing about women is if it is a black overall then nobody can see how wet it is” he could not help and he put his fingers inside and began to press “You are so wet” “I have been wet since the beach Mike, did you not get my texts”.

He pressed my fingers inside and rubbing her clit as she moaned licking her lips, her blonde hair all wet from her dip in the pool as was his dark hair which added to the sensual experience “Come on Mike” she took him by the hand as he put the fingers he had just dipped inside her sweet twat into his mouth and licked at it, so tasty he remarked, once they got inside she closed the door and then said “Right, we better be fast, we have to get rid of your hard what shall we do? I wonder what do you think is more appropriate? A blow job, a quickie a tit fuck or all three”

She now took off her top and exposed her tits, they were not too saggy and quite pert, her nipples were erect as she then went on her knees and then laid down “Go on fuck my tits” “What” “You heard me, do it...come on” Mike took off his shorts as his full on erection sprung back. Gaynor was laying on the grey cold hard floor as Mike saddled her near her tits. Luckily they were wet already from her swimming and then he cupped her breasts and fondling them slid his cock in-between.

Mike now began to massage her tits as Gaynor brought up her hands and helped him, holding her hands over his hands and stroking, massaging and watching his member grow, she poked her tongue at it as he fucked her tits. Thrusting his hips forward and watching her eyes “Fuck yeah Gaynor, take my cock you slut” “give it to me Mike, ram my married tits you perverted boy” she stammered back, raising her voice “go on, call yourself a man, cum over me for fuck sake”. He was trying to cum but it was just too hard, she turned him on so much he wanted to do more to her.

Gaynor sensing this was not working said “you will have to fuck me” she now took off her bottom swimming suit and now both of us were totally naked, she stood up against the wall and held his shoulders as he kept her at a height. Next he grabbed her ass and using his strong legs he lifted her down on his cock and then she assisted him by ramming her hips onto his cock, fucking it the way she did on the beach but with a sense of urgency.

He was moaning “Gaynor” she told him to shut up and then kissed him, both of them were kissing, doing about 100 repetitions within 2 minutes of her riding his cock. Her pussy was now tightening around his cock, it was the moment before she came, as her muscles contracted and tightened around his throbbing member she whispered “I did not expect to cum”

She arched her back arched as he held her steady but she pulled away from him and rested away from his body lifting her hips into his penis as he struggled to keep hold of her, she was leaning back and if he lost grip she would fall onto the floor. But he found his footing as her legs buckled and tightened up before she came, she moaned quite loudly but then she covered her mouth and squeaked, as she came and then came back to hold onto him she was sweating and breathing so heavily as he took hold of her and said “I think I am coming to” Mike then pulled away from her and standing there in the back old locker room she on her knees said “on my face” he unloaded all over her, giving her a pearl necklace. She rubbed it in and all over her as he stood there breathing hard.

Gaynor now stood up and put on her swimming suit, rubbing his spunk all over her trying to disguise it, she then kissed him “Come out a little later than me”. She then left the room and Mike was standing there with his balls back to their normal position standing naked. Her kisses and her taste all over him, his cock bathed once more in her juices. It was more than a quickie it was another sordid detail in this affair, a risky one but fuck Mike could not help at how aroused she made him. And so he waited, put on his trunks and went back towards the pool area.

&&& Afterwards &&&

Mike had finished up in the pool as everyone else had and he left the changing rooms early when he saw Dan again “Hey Mike thanks for helping out in the back” Mike was tense “Wh, What do you mean” Dan laughed “You know with the life jackets, what do you think I mean?” Mike nervously smiled “Oh no, sorry no problem” “Well, I am glad I saw you, Gaynor wanted me to pass on a message she would like you to go to hers on Monday night at 18:00pm” he lost his smile and then rather suspiciously asked “Why, what have I done?”, Dan detected his suspicion and Mike asked “Why does she want me to go?”

“It is okay man relax, you are a bit nervous tonight aren’t you, are you okay” Mike nodded though unconvincingly “I, I am just tired” “No worries, uh, well as far as I know Mike I don’t think you have not done nothing, it is just she said to me to say she wants you to go over some work for the club, I don’t know, maybe it is a future course Mike...Gordon also told me to tell you should bring a pen and paper, I don’t think it is a test” “Will Gordon be there to” he shook his head “No, he is going away to Hong Kong isn’t he...they just wanted me to tell you, see you later” Dan left as I stood there in the parking lot wondering what she was up to.

&&& Monday Night &&&

When Monday came Mike drove up towards the house. He had in his hand a pen and paper readying himself for whatever she had in store for him, Gaynor was growing more and more wilder by the day, her texts increased at an alarming rate but the more Mike spoke to her on the phone, the more he went over what they had done, been doing and what more they could do made his cock just became so alive. It led him on, and he went towards the door and rang the door bell of the pretty house, the house which was attached to another house.

He heard footsteps from inside and then Gaynor opened the door, she had her hair neatly brushed, was wearing a blue blouse and also wearing jeans, her perfume was also quite high as she looked at the pen and paper he held and giggled “You actually bought the pen and paper” “I was told by Dan” “Who was told by Gordon, Gordon thinks I am giving you some lesson on health and safety...he is away in Hong Kong now, bless him. Come on in” he stepped inside and looked around the neat immaculate house, it was so posh and evident of a well off couple.

“We will go upstairs to the bedroom” “You do not take your time do you” “Nope, I am 49 I know how much time flies, come on...” she led him up the stairs passing the family pictures along the way. Then she opened the bedroom door. It was entirely white, white carpets, white walls, white furniture and white bedding. “Sit down on my bed mike”. Mike sat down as she now went towards the cupboard and took out some hand cream, she put it on her hands and then came towards him. He took off his trousers and left his t-shirt on.

Mike laid watching the 49 year old blonde women gluing her eyes on him, Mike could make out her make up a little more now that the sun from outside was shining on her. Gaynor took hold of his cock gently this time, she rubbed her hands over his hairy stomach and chest and then onto his thighs, her mouth she placed onto his helmet and began to flick her tongue gently on it, she flicked and smiled at him as he watched her unable to move, the sensation made him poke his toes as she now took slow licks of his helmet, she did not deep throat him as before but instead took her time toying with his helmet “I have been thinking of this all day” she said. Gaynor now took him four inches into her mouth moving her hand back and forth looking always into his eyes, the lust from this 49 year old woman was staggering.

“Suck it, suck it Gaynor” she now grated her teeth and licked around his helmet before sitting back down and leaving his cock without holding her hands to it, then she went back to using her tongue to hold it in place. Her blonde hair flapping around as she licked it as an ice cream “Did you think we would have gotten away Mike in the pool with that quickie” he was now watching as she went onto his balls, suckling it in her mouth, she placed her teeth on it before chewing playing fully on it. he now had her stand him up as she went on her knees holding onto his buttocks and licking around the helmet again, taking flicks with her tongue staring up at him “My, how old are you again” she asked “20, nearly 21” he responded “29 year age gap...naughty”

She mouthed still sucking his balls which were tightening as her slobbering was heard.
Gaynor cupping his balls, smelling his sweat kept on sucking as he took hold of his cock knowing he was going to come, she kept her tongue out as Mike now unleashed his spunk onto her chin, and then it went into her mouth as she remained feeling the warmth cover her. Groaning from Mike continued as he now laid back onto the bed, Gaynor gave him no mercy and went back to sucking every last drop from his penis, his legs buckled around her, tightening as she smiled once more looking deep into his eyes, smirking so slyly.

&&& Licking out Gaynor &&&

Gaynor and Mike were now down stairs, she had made each one of them some tea and both sat facing each other “So Mike, I know it is improper to ask but how do I fair as a fuck” Mike sipped his tea “Taking into account you are married and 49 and we fucked literally 10 meters away from all your friends in the pool, I would say you are pretty much fucking scoring high” she giggled as she sipped the tea “Mike, you really have given me so much pleasure, the day down the beach, the hotel and the pool, I still cannot believe we were so bold, and then the blowjob upstairs, just having your cock in my mouth, sucking on it like the that was amazing, and I have cum so much as of late...”

“Do you want to do something else” he asked now as he licked his lips, this made her smile with a sparkle in her eyes. She now stood up “you really do not stop do you” “Well I am 20 Gaynor, I know how such time flies” playing on what she said earlier on, she now giggled. Gaynor now looked at the table and said “What about my pussy, you want to lick me out” he did not need to be told twice, so he stood up as she smiled and then taking off her clothes she sat on the table as one leg was kept bent slightly, Mike bent his elbows onto the edge of the table and slowly moved his fingers onto her clit, he was poking it, prodding it and just as she did at the beach he spat four times at it, she giggled “You learn fast what I like”

He rubbed his spit inside and it mixed with her juices as Gaynor now felt his fingers stream inside, her breathing became more protracted and more heavier, she was gripping the edges of the table as her hips moved like she was being fucked by his cock and instantly she came. Mike was surprised she came so soon as he had only just started but he kept going as his hands covered in her spunk did not mean he was done, he kissed her belly button and then smothered her stomach in his kisses before placing his tongue into her pussy and teasing around her asshole as she felt his face burying itself, licking around the skin between her cunt and her asshole.

He was tonguing it like intently Gaynor placed one hand on his head and another one to lift her legs further “You like this don’t you” she asked him” he kept licking and pressing going crazy now as he bent over and showing him her ass. Mike opened up her ass cheeks and then stuck his tongue inside without any hesitation, Gaynor felt his hands shake her ass as he fingered her pussy, pressing inside whilst his tongue made her asshole raw and wet. Gaynor was calling out all kinds of swear words “God, God, God FUCK MY CUNT WITH YOUR TONGUE”

His tongue was now buried into her clit hole and there he remained it until Gaynor exploded, it squirted out covering the dining table she made dinner for her family and slithering onto the floor Mike did not stop he kept on clit licking and she must had multiple orgasms for the amount of cum leaving her made her scream, he slid a finger into her asshole and then as she shouted one last time Mike stopped Gaynor sat up on the table her legs open Mike before her with his mouth dripping with her juices, she said “I have not had my cunt and ass ever eaten that way Mike”.

What was it about this young man that made Gaynor’s wildest and most animalistic side come out, it was not just the sexual positions, her dirtiness and her foul mouth which was out of character, it was just the way she looked upon him and wanted him more. she had to keep pinching herself as she at 49 who up until that time on the beach imagined her days of sexual desirability were behind her was made to feel alive again, made to feel like a woman again. It was as if she was someone new, and as he stared at her in her kitchen she knew this would always be like this, either for as long as they wanted it or until they got caught.

And so the affair continues......

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