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my worst nightmare
this is a story of my nightmare
My name is Tom im 17-year-old boy.My parents devorse and I stayed with my father
my mom move to another city.It was summer and I go to visit my mom. she pick
me up from the station and we go to her new house.While she driving she told me about
her new boyfriend.When we arrived I meet him.He was very muscular big
First i was little scared but he was very funny i laugh like never before.His name is
Bob and he is very nice guy.It was my first night in the house i couldnt sleep so
i was going to the kitchen when i heard sounds coming from my mom's room.I knew what
they are doing but i came closer.I open the door very little.I couldnt see much
but what i saw was horrible.after a while he turn on the night limp my mother ask him:
-what you doing?
-turn around.-she do it and she start fuck her anal.I was staring and couldnt move.
I thought how sick must be to watch your mom to this kind of things.After the anal
she suck his dick(which was huge btw).i thought he said "swallow" to her but couldnt
see what actually happen(they turn off the lamp couple minutes ago).I go to my room
and all night think about that.The next day my mom gone early to work.I was with
Bob in the house.I went to breakfast and saw.He start joking with me i couldnt
lough after last night.he told me "you want go somewhere today" I answer "I dont know"
"hey lets go play basketball,what youll say" I told him "ok".one hour later we went
to play.He was very good but that is my game no one can beat me.After that he said:
-what is going on?
-You dont look very good,if you have problem you can tell me.
-yeah ill try to help you.
-well last night i saw you with my mom.
-what exactly you saw?
-well everything.
-will you be ok?
-yeah i think.
-should i talk to mom?
-I dont know.
we went home i was decided to tell her about last night.when she come home Bob told
her that i want to speak with her.She came and i told her everything she said:
-Honey im sorry you saw that but this is normal things that couples do.
-ok.ill try to forget it.
I knew i never forget that.It cantt get out of my mind.I allways think about that.
I needed a little distraction so go to play on my mom computer.While i browsing
her documents i saw video.My mom and Bob was fucking ot that clip.It couldnt get
worse.My mom was in police costume and Bob was tied to bed.She start suck his dick.
After that she untied him and he grab he and say"that was your biggest mistake".
He turn her around and fuck her anal in doggystyle.I couldnt watch more.I go to my
room i didnt get out.I think a lot but this is kind of things that couples do like
my mom kind of sick to watch your mom how fuck.its her life and he can
do whatever she want so i try to get with my mind was born maybe
the most sick idea.i couldnt belive i actually thing of that.Most people
probebly will think im for psychiatry.I decide to do it and go to my mom and
Bob.I told them"im gonna ask you something its may look crazy" mom respond
"what is it honey?" and I ask them "can i watch you when you fuck" Bob was looking
to me strange and my just say "excuse me you want what?!?" i just want to watch
i know it looks crazy but i actually want that.She refuse of course.I really
have to watch them so i figure out i need to do it like first time.It was late
and I go to watch but they were sleeping.its not going to be that night.i go to my
room and decide to try every night.the next day everybody was pretending like
notheng was very boring there all day in the house I didnt know
anyone just waiting for the night.I was alone and decide to see what my mom have
in her room.There was a box under the bed inside was sex toys.I browse her computer
documenst to find more clips there was many porn movies but none of my mother(exept
the old one).It was night and I went to my mom's room to watch but notheng was
happening so i wait.They was talking but i couldnt hear something.I saw my mom to
get up and open the door there was no time for me to hide and she saw me ask me:
-what you doing?
-go to your room.
And I go.Ten minutes later she came to my room and tald me:
-you were trying to watch us,right.
-you wont give up.ok you will watch but this is gona be one time only.
-ok but you will do all the stuff you do last time.
I turn on the lamp and they mom suck his dick first it was very awkward
for everything especially for me but I want to proof something to my self.When she
finish with blowjobs he fuck he in her pussy.She was on top of him and he take
the butt plug and put it in her ass.i just sit there staring them.The anal sex
was after he put his cock and fuck her in doggystyle third time they do this position
maybe is there favorite.He cum in her ass right after that i go to my room.The next
morning my mom came in my room:
-why you want to watch this?
-To prove myself i can watch my mom being fuck.


2012-12-04 17:01:45
More kids watch their parents than you think. I caught my mom too and continued to go watch from her door. Mom eventually went black too. That was amazing to me. He was huge and very aggressive and had her screaming like ive never heard

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2012-07-06 01:04:52
That Was A Good Story And I Hpie You Write A Part 2!

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2012-07-06 01:04:26
That Was A Good Story And I Hpie You Write A Lart 2!

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2012-07-06 01:04:02
That Was A Goid Story And I Hpie You Write A Lart 2!

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2011-11-15 14:01:02
comment are comment but thse are sodamn funny hell the story was funny! hell this is to much

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