Mrs Maggie Henderson is the pastors wife who out of growing sexual frustration seduces a fellow church member Clay Nicholas who use to attend her Sunday School group, but will an unexpected house visit later in the day threaten to turn the small Christian community upside down. (told from the boy's perspective)
Mrs Maggie Henderson The Pastors Wife and Sunday School Teacher

The Pastors Wife

I was brought up to go to church and believe that there is a God who will send me to hell and let me burn for eternity should I break any of his commandments and rules, but there is hope for me because this God apparently loves me very much and wants what is best for me. If you think that is a controversial thing to say then try believing it.

Well no matter what way you all look at it to me religion was life and for the most part I believed in what I was taught. I grew up in a Protestant family in a sleepy rather affluent town in England. It was full of middle class families with middle class attitudes and middle of the road standards of what is right and wrong, yep, that was my surroundings from as far back as I remember and now as I am a young man over the age of 18 it still is my happy home.

I say happy rather brazenly because the passive acceptance I once had for religion has during my coming of age if you will has led me to question my faith of sorts. Of course talking to people in my Religious group about my doubt of belief is normal and they too often speak about doubt and the general consensus appears to be it is normal to question ones faith and this questioning they reason will help them and me become a stronger Christian.

Admirable isn’t, isn’t? Well I do not know how to take their viewpoints and maybe I never will, but like a good Christian I do not really think about it because to me it is far more complicated than just believing. Indeed I figured if I kept going to church and stuck to my usual routine of helping everyone and doing the neighbourly thing then maybe an answer would come to me.

You see I had done my neighbourly thing many times, in fact I had a reputation as a sort of nice friendly young man who would give anyone the shirt off his back, sure it is cliché and it is such a tedious thing to say about someone but that was me, Clay Nicholas the nice helpful guy who goes to the Protestant Church known as St Gracious. And part of my helping and neighbourly thing had to do with helping out the over worked Pastor and his equally over worked wife Margret, known to everyone in the community as Maggie.

My help was always reserved for post Sunday morning mass, and it was there where this story truly gets interesting, you see I was in the back after having collected all the books and pieces of paper people left behind following the service, and there I was stocking the books up on the shelves when I overheard Maggie say from another room “Goodbye” this was followed by the sound of a kiss and then her husband Pastor Joseph Henderson went on off to carry on his visitations to people in the community.

So now it was just Maggie and I, Maggie entered the storage room and said to me “Well Clay another successful day” I turned and smiled “Yes it was Maggie”. She then asked “Would you like some Lemonade before you offer your services back at mine or do you want some lemonade at the house”.
By “back at mine” she meant her own house, she lived about 1 mile away and she was going to drive me to her home to let me assist her mowing the lawn and also a general clean up outside.

I was asked by the pastor many times to do this and I had been doing it since I was 15, so it was a fair bit of time but in truth I had nothing much else to do, I had hardly no friends, no girlfriend at the moment and just lots of college work, not that I complained I mean I got out and did my own thing I suppose and I enjoyed myself as best as I could. I responded politely to Maggie “No thanks Maggie I would prefer to have some in the house” “Okay darling” she said and then left.

Now do you remember what I was saying before about how I questioned my faith about being a good Christian, well I might need to be a bit more clear, sure it came across like I was saying I questioned the overall existence of God, and that was the source of my doubt but to say so would be honestly a lie. Because frankly I do not really care about whether or not he exists as how the hell am I meant to prove or disprove it.

No, you see my doubt over my faith was coming from Maggie, the pastor is wife. I know, I know it is like how is this so? Well let me just say as of the last 3 years since I turned 18 I have been, well let me just say my thoughts about Maggie have been quite fruitful. I don’t know how else to describe it but when I see her I just want to have sex with her and do all kinds of depraved sexual things, of course consenting sex I mean Jesus Christ I am not an animal. Now you would not think that about me as like I said I am such a good Christian on the surface but behind my face, well like behind most closed doors, it is like an entire different world.

It all started as I said when I turned 18, but it mainly got hot and heavy when I started to view pornography for the first time, now I came to pornography late in life and I won’t say what age because I do not want laughter from you people but it was let me just say a very interesting and sexually awakening experience. I recall watching this section of porn called “Mature woman does younger man” and since then I have just been hooked. Maggie looked so much like the women in the porn films, Maggie was in her 40s I would say, and I had known her for a very long time as she was my Sunday school teacher at one point and she had also taught on occasion in the local high school up until I was 14 when she ,moved to another school, so as you can see I had known her for most of my life.

She had brown hair with shades of blonde and always wore these dresses which did expose some cleavage, the rumour had it she was a previous divorcee but nobody really asked her about it as it was just bored gossip for the Christians to divulge in around tea and cakes, I mean personally I did not care I knew she married young but that was it, nope, all I loved doing was just looking at her body and the moments we shared alone always got my conscious turning.

The amount of times I masturbated over her I lost track of and I often wondered what the Christians would say should they know, but Maggie was worth every sexual thought and as she walked back inside the store room and said “Are you ready to come and help me” I nodded and then I made my way outside following her to her car, Maggie wore a brown conservative dress with her cleavage as I said modestly showing, she had her blonde/brownish hair all tied up behind her head and I noticed she had put some lipstick on, which was unusual as she did not often as far as I remember wear any cosmetics but it was summer and a hot day, so maybe this was different. Maggie was also wearing perfume which I found very odd because I had never really seen her done up like this.

Maggie opened the door and sat down then she leant over and opened the door for me and I climbed in. “I really appreciate this Clay, I am sure on a Sunday you have better things to do” “Nonsense I do not mind Maggie” “You are such a sweetie” she drove the mile and pulled up into her large house. It was a beautiful house with a wide garden and a long drive and also white walls and a nice white picket fence, it was the perfect house if you want to call it that. I remember playing around the trees and the park with the rest of the kids in the Sunday class Maggie hosted.

As we entered the home it smelt like always immaculate and clean and was so spacious, on the wall she had pictures of lakes, gardens and also the expected religious symbols. Maggie said “Take your coat off it is way too hot Clay, I will go and get some lemonade” Maggie was right it was very hot, so I took off my coat and placed it on the holder in the hall as I heard her opening the kitchen cupboards to make the lemonade. As I walked in I asked “So what other jobs you got for me to do?” “We will go along and see, you have all day to do the jobs Clay as my husband is not going to be back for a while so take your time, and nobody is expected to call”.

I stood there in the corridor of the kitchen watching her stroke the glass up and down looking at me “Come on pour some” I watched her still, I was quite unsure about her behaviour it just seemed odd, as I walked over and poured some, she was watching me from behind her glasses so carefully “You might need to take off your t-shirt as well Clay it is a swelter today, I won’t mind” seeing my unease, I then took off my t-shirt and exposed my vest, I was not bulky nor muscular I was average in physical stature but Maggie said maybe out of politeness “Nice and strong arms” “Maybe, I will tell you after I have done some hard graft” she giggled slightly “Clay what do you think of me?” This was very random and I did not know how to answer “I think you are....nice” my hesitation was not intended to cause offence as I was unsure of what she wanted me to say. She then lifted up the last drop of her lemonade and drank it down.

“Thanks but there is my problem I am known as Maggie who is nice. Do you know I have been married to the same man for over nearly 20 years, I am 45 Clay and I have never really known a life outside of my marriage and outside my faith, do not get me wrong I believe in God but I ask myself is this all there is, is it Church on a Sunday and Sunday school, with the occasional visits into local comprehensives to give a talk on God, is that all I have” she became more and more personal now “I got married was when I was just 25, and before that I had boyfriends but it was so tame, not like I would have liked” I was so unsure where this was going.

“And then I look at you, I have known you for about the same time since I have been married, I have seen you grow up, I taught you and I watched you grow into a man and here you are going to start your life and I am here still stuck” “I am not going anywhere Maggie, I am happy with the way things are, all that is going to happen to me is I will just I don’t know go to college, get an education and see what happens” “I do not mean those things Clay, I mean you will like you know have girlfriends”.

I was quite taken aback “Yes, that is normal isn’t” “Do you have a girlfriend Clay?” I did not so I shook my head rather nervously “No” “So what is your plan then Clay” “I will go to college and I will try and study agriculture and maybe have a girlfriend” “A girlfriend” she said looking at me now “you know, have you ever had a girlfriend” I had not but was feeling quite pressured and rather than lie I said “No”. She nodded looking at me, I was half expecting the next question and half not expecting it but it came “Are you a virgin” now I was really unsure how to answer so did the first thing that came to my mind “Not in the conventional sense Maggie”. I did not know what I meant by that.

She merely nodded “I see, it is the religious thing isn’t, the more I think about it and how religion preaches on sexual abstinence until marriage, before I met my husband the boyfriends I had it was all hold hands and kissing, even then I felt guilty I was not married to them, I was so scared I would be damned to hell. But now, I kind of think who is too know, if there is no God and all of this is a lie then have I just given up on pleasure, if I have what kind of a person am I” she was not just questioning her faith but was telling me she wanted more physically from life andI knew how she felt.

Now Maggie saw my unease and walked towards the fridge, she opened it bringing out some ice, I wanted to ask her what she was getting at but then I just watched her move to the fridge, her dress brushing on her legs, her ass moving and wiggling, God she was so hot. “I am sorry about asking you I just thought maybe we could help each other” naively I responded “You mean like talking” she looked at me as if I was joking but could tell I was serious.

“Well...In a way. Tell me about girls? Do you have any girls you like?” “I like girls I suppose” “Is there anyone you like in the church group, girls you’ve grown up with Clay” “Uh” I looked around now I felt cheeks get red “Don’t be ashamed Clay, I am just curious” For a pastors wife she was more than just curious “Not exactly” she now smirked “Really” I then did not want to lie and said “I guess I have someone in mind” “Ah, I thought so” she now sat down and lifted up her dress my eyes fell immediately on her legs as she scratched her flesh “Who is she” “I don’t know if I should say Maggie” “It is okay Clay I will not tell anyone...” seeing my reluctance she asked “Do you think about her, I mean do you think about her” I nodded “And does it make you feel bad because you’ve been taught it is wrong to lust”.

“Sometimes” I sheepishly said “So give me at least a clue who this lucky woman is” “Well she is not exactly someone I can come out with and be with because it would be improper as she is taken” I was so naive “Has she got a boyfriend” “Not exactly” Not exactly was quickly becoming my theme tune. “So she is someone who you cannot date openly but she is taken and she has not got a boyfriend, so she is married and I am guessing she is older than you, am I right?” I nodded sheepishly again. “It is okay Clay, you would not believe the amount of things I overhear when my husband is giving confession, the people and what they say, shocking” she now took a banana from the fruit bowl and peeled it looking at me.

I was thinking “Don’t, don’t” but she did she began to put it into her mouth and then lick it around the tip “It is normal Clay all of what you feel, I am sure it is harder for you boys as you are so driven by image and picture. And you see sexual things all around you, but it is harder for us to Clay, especially since we have to be extra well behaved” she licked the banana tip and my imagination was on a rampage to hell, I am fucked I thought, I am so fucked God is watching me and he is going to send me to Satan and Satan will burn me alive, but why did I not care, it was such a good feeling watching her, imaging her doing something else with her tongue to something that resembled a banana on my body. “Seeing as we are talking like this Clay, I will say a confession to you now, of course if you want to hear my confession, do you want to hear my confession?”

I was still standing up and thankfully my jeans were on and they were tightly buckling what was raging behind my denim, so I gulped and said “I do not mind hearing your confession Maggie” she then said “You do understand it is a confession which means you keep it to yourself and I will keep what you have said to myself...” I nodded “I have been having thoughts about other men, I have struggled with it all my life you see it is normal to have those thoughts but I never really have had them as intensively as I am now, I think less about my husband and more about other people. Do you understand?” “I think I do”

“Clay, I am telling you I am committing adultery” “You mean you are cheating on him” “In my mind Clay, do you not know what it says in the bible about your lustful eye, and how this is the same as committing adultery in the flesh” “Yeah I recall...” “Well I cannot go and confess can I” “Why can’t you?” “Clay, all my friends are religious, I have no real friends outside of this system, Like I said I got married young and have not really developed the way I should, the way I see other girls and women developing today” she moved onto another topic “Do you know Mrs Joyce” “Mrs Joyce, the librarian” she nodded

“Yes that Mrs Joyce, well she is one of my few friends who is not like the others, she told me in confidence she is having an affair with the gardener” “The gardener, I do not know her gardener” “You would not know him, I have never met him now I don’t know if Mrs Joyce is lying to me to make herself more interesting or whatever but what she said was she has never felt so good. Like me she is quite religious and her husband is away a lot, like mine in a way, like mine is right now”.

Okay if my alarm bells were about as effective as a traffic warden stopping a bus crash before they were now warning of an impending tsunami, as Maggie now stood up “Clay, you are here and you are attractive and I am here and I am lonely and what I am trying to say is” she now placed the banana down on the table and walked towards me, standing was I in my vest, feeling so exposed, only the metallic bulk of my jean belt preventing my excitement still being seen, she stood so close to me and said “What I am trying to say is, do you want a blowjob?” If I had lemonade in my mouth I would have spat it all out over her, out of total shock “Ex...excuse me”

“You do not want me to say it again, I will tell you something else I can lock the door, close the curtains and you can sit down on the couch and let me do something to you to make you feel good and to make myself feel good. then you and I Clay can do all kinds of things to make all those nuns in the church blush” “Mrs Henderson” she smiled “I like you calling me Mrs Henderson” an entirely different facial expression reared itself “We commit adultery all the time in our minds Clay, what will this hurt, just give in....I am offering you a chance to help me, and I can help you” she placed her hands onto my belt and I looked down seeing her red French nails tug on it

“I taught you in Sunday school Clay, I watched you grow up and when you hit 16 I started to notice but when you became older I could not help myself, the amount of times you and I have been alone in this house, when you have been outside helping out, moving items and doing general work in the woodland area, I have watched you from afar and I have touched myself in places I should not have. But once you do it once, you cannot help but do it over and over again, do you understand?”

That I did understand but there was a fine line between fantasy and reality, so I took a morale stance which looking back I admired myself for but also was cursed myself for, for I admired my courage and my morality at questioning her intent but cursed myself as I could have actually stopped what happened, the words “Clay is a dick” came to my mind more than once when I think about this moment “But you are married Mrs Henderson, you are a teacher and you are older than me...” “Clay, it is what makes it all the more exciting, don’t you see, we get one life and if we are lucky we have a healthy mind and healthy body but would it not be a sin to not use our health to celebrate this life of ours, to celebrate it and indulge in all our carnal desire and pleasures”.

I looked unsure at her, she was so close, her lipstick red her breath on me, and her eyes, her bluish eyes studying me, “On the other hand Clay, you can forget this conversation, finish up your lemonade and go outside and begin the work, forget this conversation as it is a confession after all. And then I will go upstairs and watch you work and I will excite myself” Jesus Christ I thought my former Sunday school teacher was saying she masturbates over me.

“It is your choice Clay” I now had a decision to make and I said breathing deeply, my cheeks so red “I, I want to” she smiled and nodded “You always were a good student, now let us go to the couch”. We walked over, she in front of me and then she sat down on the couch facing me, her dress all the more erotic to me, she was looking at me studiously like I had seen her dozens of times as I recalled when I went to Sunday school, her glasses so authoritative. Then I sat down next to her “Remember this is normal”.

I sat back as she now unbuckled my belt, my metallic belt clanging as she looked up at me and then undid the buttons on my jeans, my denims were very tight but she easily brought them down towards my ankles “Mrs Henderson” She smiled “Call me that more often” I had my white boxer shorts on as she now placed her hand onto my balls and cock “I cannot believe this is what you’ve become, I remember you so much as a child, and now you are a man, doing what a man should do to a woman, unbelievable to me this is Clay” she said rubbing her hands on my balls and cock.

I retorted instantly “You cannot believe it” How did she think I was feeling. Maggie now rubbed and rubbed, her French nails on occasion digging into my cock playfully “I have not held another man is cock apart from my husbands, bananas and cucumbers just do not cut it after a while” she was now tugging my cock through my white boxers as I laid back and watched her, her luscious eyes hidden behind her glasses “Take off your vest” she asked and I did so, then when she saw my brown hair on parts of my chest and said gleefully “ah, manly” she then came close and kissed my upper chest around my nipples, licking and making them erect, I had never had a woman do this to me before, I could smell the perfume on her and she had an erotic sensation of church, on the wall I saw Maggie in a picture with some members of the church and thought is this woman the same woman in the picture.

As she was kissing my chest her breasts occasionally rubbed onto my cock, and when she did this her breasts must have become very receptive as she now took down my boxers and there my cock which was nearly 9 inches flapped onto my stomach as she said “You’ve shaven” she asked and I nodded “Good” She now looked at it as if feasting her eyes on a meal she had not had for a very long time, which was true in a way.

Maggie now licked her lips and then brought up her hands and licked the palms and finger tips, she next placed her saliva covered hands onto my cock and started to masturbate me, brought my cock even more to life. After basically drowning it out in her hand spit she now licked her lips looking at me, taking so much time to slide her tongue around her red lips “Your cock is going to be coloured in my lipstick Clay”. She now placed her red French nails around the bottom half of my cock and immediately without any delay began to thrust her head forward taking the cock inside her mouth and then withdrawing, she was thrusting her head back and forth and I could hear the sloshing in her mouth, and feel it hit the back of her throat. “Mrs Henderson do I get some lemonade after this” she kept going down and down, it was as if it was the most delicious lolly pop in the world, she ignored me and continued to kiss it, making love to it with her tongue.

All her talk about desire and longing and not having her needs met were being unleashed on my erection. Her tongue now flipped on the tip of my penis, she was licking all around the end of it, her glasses seemed to be steaming up but she did not care as she held the balls cupping them with such gentle ease Maggie now went back to thrusting her head down in strides which drew a lot of salvia from her throat. “Mrs Henderson” I yammered once more. This was too much, the Sunday school teacher who I brought myself to orgasm over many times before was making me feel like a man, I saw the crucifix on her neck wave around but it did not matter anymore.

“Maggie put my balls in your mouth” “Its Mrs Henderson” she shot back “Sorry” I said as she moved my left testicle into her mouth and looked up at me from behind her thick studious glasses, her hair still bunched up. She was nibbling at them and as if sensitive to my impending explosion she eased off “Now fair is fair” I knew what she meant she lifted up her dress in front of me and then I laid on the couch my trousers and boxers around my ankles as she covered my face with her dress, the smell was overpowering, I had never seen a woman is pussy up so close and personal and it smelt divine, I placed my tongue inside and around her thong which had more or less been rendered useless due to the wetness. I kissed around her ass area and then began to lick up her pussy as if I was licking a peace and the taste of peach was what she reminded me of. She moaned and looking down at me unable to see my hand she placed her hands out onto my cock, I now felt her fingers rub it left and right, as her wedding ring grated “Clay, that is it boy, keep on doing it.

If anyone from the church walked in now, they would see me having oral sex with the pastors wife. The wife who had taught me for over 10 years in Sunday school, I was now covered in all her juices my tongue so alive in the pussy juices I was bringing forth from her, she must have cum already as I moved away as she made the most pleasurable noise I think I’d ever heard “Oh God, God Clay....that was so intense” and then her cum shot onto my face. She now lifted off her dress and was standing in her bra which she took off, her glasses and hair all bundled up “I want you to keep eating my pussy” she appeared to not really have had enough, so I laid on the bourbon carpet and she sat on my face.

I placed my tongue inside her once more as she more or less drowned out the light from the room she was lifting her hips up and down as I just kept my tongue poking out, as if my tongue was a cock and she was riding me, instead as she rode the tongue she made those noises again, noises that could only come from a cheating Pastors wife.

Once we had finished this Maggie stood up and faced me, my cock was still erect and she got onto her knees, resting on her hind legs as she looked up at me, making eye contact and her glasses still resting on her head, the fact she had her glasses on for whatever reason just made it seem all the more erotic. She licked the helmet again and sucked on it as if it was a lolly once more. her hands were on my ass as she now turned me around and this Sunday school teacher kissed all over the most fleshiest part of my butt as she then opened up my ass cheeks and said “You will like this handsome” and then Maggie poked her tongue into my asshole and it was me this time who moaned, I could not believe how good it felt, I held my hands behind my back and felt her hair as she kept going in and out as if returning the favour. I did not want to cum yet nor did Maggie want me to but if she kept doing this then I would.

My former Sunday school teacher now stood up and asked “Are you enjoying yourself” I must have nodded like a dog, she now licked her lips and looked down upon my balls and cock which was still erect for her. “Come to the table” I walked towards the dinning table, where I had sat so many times with Maggie and many other people from the church, as I sat on it, I felt the coldness on my back side and then I opened my legs as Maggie climbed onto the table via the chair, she looked down at my cock standing over me as I stared up at her and then she lowered herself down.

Once she settled and I had entered she then began to rock rhythmically back and forth, I held onto her ass for guidance as she bopped up and down, up and down moaning and looking down at me, the eye contact was out of this world simply because I could just see how wrong this was and as the crucifix moved back and forth on chest I became more aroused but also justified in this. As regardless of our thoughts being wrong to many and regardless of our acts certainly being wrong to most, Maggie Henderson was still a woman I had known for a long time, she was a married church going woman and I was a single church going boy who had regarded her with so much respect and admiration when growing up, but as I cupped her tits and as she jumped, slamming into me the flesh so noisy and so raw I thought this is life, this is what men and women really want all the time, all the morals and all the abstinence can go to hell I thought, for it did not matter. We were both adults, clearly sexually attracted to each other so why not do as she suggested, just give in, and as she rode me I thought she was right. After all if Sunday school teachers do not know best then who really does.

Maggie now stopped rocking as she came close to me and we for the first time kissed, her tongue resting warmly into mine as I held her close she rested on my body, her tits pressing into my frontal chest, the smell from the oral sex we had done to each other you might think could have made this kiss unpleasant but it added to the dirtiness and naughtiness of all of what we had done. Maggie laid on the glass table as I went behind her and laid on top of her back, still up near her face I kissed her on the side as she turned around over her shoulder, my cock was between her ass crack, as I then noticed her arch her back, upon doing this I managed to rub my cock around her ass and pussy, all the while slobbering all over Maggie is face, kissing her.

“Clay, fuck my ass”. Imagine it, the pastors wife has just asked you to fuck her ass on the her dining room table. I wanted to do this right, so I opened up her ass cheeks and slid my cock from below, bringing it up towards her ass, she moaned “This is my first time” she said “Mine too” it was painful and so tight as I entered, her pussy when I began was also tight but her ass was something else. I wanted to go slowly and not hurt her so I gradually entered about half of it and then rested pulling on her hair which she moaned at, I then went further and put about 8 inches in, then I withdrew and re-entered as Maggie buried her head on the glass table, I could hear her glasses sliding and grating on the glass table, the sweat from both of us was all over the table and no doubt if she was too serve food on it again then it would need a very good clean.

She now bent over as I managed to get into a good stride, fucking her ass pressing inside and holding onto her ass, my palms resting on each cheek. All she said was “yeah, yes” over and over, I looked down at her pale back and noticed she herself was wiggling her ass all away around, doing a360 degree movements. “Mrs Henderson do you think the church will approve” I said as I held onto her shoulder and did upward thrusting movements “Your cock feels good keep pushing it...don’t stop” not answering my question “Clay, Clay that is it, right there...” I had so much energy in my legs I kept pushing faster than she expected and drove her to scream. Her scream made both of us stop as it was too loud and if someone was just outside they would have heard, indeed there was a noise outside which made us both quite paranoid.

“Okay, slow down Clay” I withdrew as she got off the table and then she said kissing me “Go get some lemonade, I will check if someone is outside” I was still erect as I ran towards the kitchen and took some lemonade, Maggie by the window and watching outside. She then called out “someone is coming” a car was coming up the drive, I saw her point “Go upstairs take your clothing” I did as she said and picked as much of my clothes as I could, but in my rush and panic I knew I had left something but up the stairs I went. Maggie then got changed quickly by putting the dress on, she tossed her soaked panties and bra away hiding them under a bookcase “Where do I go” I asked franticly “Go into my bedroom” and from the landing I went towards her room, and listened out as I the car pull up outside, then from upstairs I heard the doorbell. I was still not changed as I was worried as to who it was and in my panic did not think straight.

Maggie said “Hi girls” I listened closer and then heard female voices, they did sounded familiar but when I tip toed to the stairs I could make out the voices, one was Mrs Mandy Evans who was married with a young daughter and the other lady was Mrs Shelia Ball who was also married with a son older than me. “Such a nice day and you are cooped up, we thought we’d come and keep you company” said Mandy “Yes, it is only fair, seeing as your husband is out, I know today is your work day but come on and do something”.

Maggie was so nervous and twitchy but her horror was exasperated when Mandy said “Maggie, what is that smell” the sweat and evidence of our own affair was evident everywhere, and these two women knew what the smell was, Mandy then looked at her and smiled “You’ve been having sex” Maggie blushed “No” “I know that smell, and look at you, your are all flushed, you have marks and your clothes are all torn...” both women then stopped “Wait, your husband is out” said Mandy as Shelia looked amazed, Maggie seemed unable to defend herself but continued to try “Do not be ridiculous I have just been exercising” “In your dress?” Mandy questions, and then Shelia looked curiously at her. These three middle aged women were now having a standoff of sorts.

Mandy went for a walk as if trying to find someone, Maggie called out “Mandy, please both of you, I am quite busy, there is nobody....” Maggie did not finish her sentence as Mandy was now holding in her hands my white boxer shorts which were on the floor. I knew I forgot something I cursed. “These are not your husbands are they” Shelia went up to them, “They are covered in spit” then Mandy looked on the couch and saw the stains, the spit and evidence of Maggie’s juices “Oh yes that is not exercise sweat...” Maggie was helpless now as Mandy and Shelia both looked at her, it was surreal listening to it “It is a Sunday today, your work day, you have help don’t you” Maggie did not answer she was exposed and found out. “Maggie...”

Maggie then said “Okay, I am...” she was speechless until Shelia remembered “your help today is Clay isn’t” Mandy then echoed “Clay Nicholas...” both women were in church this morning and themselves recalled seeing me with Maggie “Are these Clays, are you sleeping with Clay Maggie...” Mandy asked as Maggie then nodded “It is a one off, I swear...please do not tell anyone” all she could do was plead, there at this moment her reputation, her marriage, her position in the community, her job all of it was in the balance and the two who could determine it were two people she regarded as distant friends, I was stunned, I was convinced this was it for me, because like Maggie if this got out I would have to leave the community, but as it happened this would not be the case, as I was once more stunned.

“Is he still here?” asked Mandy... Maggie nodded “Can I see him” Shelia then looked at her “Mandy” saying disapprovingly “Come on Shelia, it is a secret, we are not going to tell anyone...let us have a look, see what he is made of” Shelia was unsure as Maggie herself seemed surprised by her friends, “I suppose a look won’t hurt..., where is he” asked Shelia. “He is in my bedroom” I ran into the bedroom and waited, I heard their footsteps coming up the stairs and then Maggie turned “What are you going to do?” “I just want to see him naked...he is kind of cute, okay, I can see why you have done it..” said Mandy, as Maggie opened the door.

I stood there in the middle of the room naked covering myself and the three middle aged women walked inside. Maggie in her 40s, Mandy in her late 30s and Shelia in her late 50s... I knew them all from my childhood “Clay” Mandy said as Maggie then walked in “It is just a one off...” “Have you had sex” asked Mandy I nodded “What was it like” Maggie smiled “Amazing...” “I know, can I watch” again Mandy with her comments “Please, it is not everyday you find something as exciting as this, especially in our boring community, the churchgoing helper and the priests wife fucking like wild animals in her home. What a story, go on Clay, move your hands do not be shy because we are here”.

I was still hard but had no choice, my cock was still erect and still had Maggie’s juices and saliva on it. Shelia and Mandy’s eyes widened, for them two had been in relatively frustrating marriages themselves I would later find out “This is a sight” Mandy said as she came close “Hold it for me” I did as she asked and held it tugging it as she herself began to touch her breasts, were they all going to do this. Shelia watched Mandy and then said “tug it Clay”. I did as Maggie herself seemed unsure what would happen now.

“We have interrupted you haven’t we” said Mandy, “I mean he is still hard and you are still flustered Maggie, you need to finish him off” Maggie then smirked as I was prey for these middle aged women and their measly gazes. Maggie took off her dress “Go on Clay” I laid on the bed as Maggie now took hold of my cock, she looked at her friends and then went back to sucking it, as she did this she could not see Mandy taking off her top, Shelia was a little more reserved but Mandy was getting into it “Shelia, why not. He is cute, and besides you were saying earlier on how desperate you are for something new” “I do not want to have sex”

“You do not have to, there is much more for you to do, but I certainly want to get fucked”. Mandy then came towards Maggie and the blonde haired 37 year old Mandy took hold of my cock and sucked as Maggie licked my balls, Shelia the dark haired mother then took off her top and shrugging her shoulders went towards me. there they were, Maggie naked, Mandy in her dark bra and Shelia in her white bra were all taking turns mouthing me, these three women who earlier on had sang numerous hymns, these three women who I knew locally throughout the community as helpers and parents were in the room of a pastor giving me a blow job.

I was now laying down on the bed as their eyes all centred on mine. Maggie still with her glasses on and Mandy is blue eyes sparkling and Shelia equally as aroused licking and kissing my genitals, my stomach and my thighs. All of them married, all of them Christian and all of them who worked in the Sunday school in some capacity were slobbering over my erect prick.

Maggie then stood up as Mandy took over, Mandy kissed my stomach and reached my chest, she then went to my throat and bit into my Adams apple “You want to ride me” she whispered “I have always liked you” I was like the flavour of the month for these women. “Come on Clay”, was this the same Mandy who would hand out juice to the kids in Sunday school, he nodded “Good boy” she then took off her dress and wearing white tights looked at Maggie “May I” Mandy was so much more dominating as Maggie took a step back, Mandy then took hold of my cock and eased it inside her, she began to press down and felt it enter her, she was so wet, wetter than Maggie was to begin with.

“Oh, another affair, Clay you are a bad boy” said a teasing Maggie. As Mandy now jumped, her blonde hair moving all around as she shook it, Shelia was still licking my balls as her friend was riding my cock. Maggie meanwhile went towards my face and began to French kiss me, fingering her pussy. Mandy moaned and groaned, looking at herself in the mirror riding young me like I was a horse “That is it” Maggie whispered to me “You still have not cum, you are like a machine” I took hold of her head and pressed my tongue into hers.

Mandy was now fingering herself as Clays penis was still throbbing inside her “You like fucking Mrs Evans” demanded Mandy “Yeah, you bastard keep on fucking my pussy” her language was foul but I liked it as Shelia laughed from below where she had been licking my balls. Maggie meanwhile was sitting on the bed still fingering her pussy, looking at me, masturbating over me. Meanwhile I had to concentrate on Mandy who was in a reverse cowgirl position and basically lambasting my penis, she was wild. Totally relentless “Two fucking divorces Clay and this is what I get, being fucked in the pussy, fuck me boy” demanded Mandy, she hissed “Yessss” and then continued talking vulgar. “Mandy, Jesus” she was jumping slamming it violently the thuds of the wetness hitting my hardness squelching, and the flesh slamming was much louder than it was when I was banging Maggie.

“You are going to come around my house one day in the week aren’t you Clay, you going to fuck me in private....” Mandy was watching her reflection in the bedroom mirror, her blonde was loose and could not get any wilder. She now laid back onto my chest, she was French kissing me as I rubbed her clit “Your cock is lovely” she said tenderly, Shelia was still all this time nibbling my balls and when my hips buckled, Shelia recognising it said “ladies, looks like our boy is going to unload” it was true, this was the moment, Maggie took off her glasses and then went onto her knees, with Mandy in the middle and Shelia on the other side. These three church going women who had been around me most of my life. Were on their knees before me as I tugged and directed it at them, unsure who would I spray it on. I was standing tall and proud as they gasped and opened their mouths “give it to me” “give it to us” “cover me” they respectively said.

Mandy though was the most demanding Mandy demanding “I want this all over me Clay, in my mouth....”. Maggie sticking out her tongue as I watched my cock twitch and the spunk rushed out, firstly going all over Maggie is face and then onto Mandy’s tongue, then Shelia’s breasts, but Mandy herself was greedy and took hold of my cock and swallowed as much of my spunk as she could... I was out of breath and stood there unable to comprehend this weird afternoon.

The three women were still on their knees rubbing my spunk into them “We have to do this again Clay” Maggie said “I will have to have some of this Maggie, he is mine next week” Shelia holding my balls “You are starting up again” and it was true, I was getting harder once more in front of them. “How much time do we have” asked Mandy, Maggie looked at her watch “About 4 hours before he gets home....I suppose we can go another round....”

And so the relatively choir like of a boy had just fucked three Christian church going women, one of whom was the Sunday school teacher and pastors wife. If anyone in the world was going to hell it would be Clay, but if hell was like this, then bring on the brimstone he thought..........

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Take's far to l;ong to get going,I got fed up and moved on.

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That is intresting and i will love toexperience such a thing.

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Good story. I have fucked many women, my mother, my sister, mom's best friend in two different states and one catholic nun, one lutheran preacher's wife and one lutheran preacher's daughter and various other ladies as a young man. With the above mentioned women I fathered more than 16 children and I can't say that anyone regreted any actions we made.

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Good story. In next story have all three church going women get pregnant by Clay. Have Clay continue the affair with the preacher's wife for many years and produce many children In my lifetime I have fucked only two different preacher's wives. Got them both pregnant before I moved from the midwest to the far west.

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