The Nineteenth Hole – Day Four – The Captain’s Ball

I was sat at home on Monday evening when the phone went. It was Carol.
“Hi John, how are you? I was wondering if you’d do me a favour.”
“Of course, I did you a favour last week and enjoyed every second of it.”
“Thank you, I did too. Susan has been nagging me to go to the Captain’s Ball and I wondered if you’d be my escort?”
“Oh Carol, I hate those things!”
“I do too, but we can have a good time. You like Susan and we can all take the piss out of David. I’ll even point out my customers amongst the committee members.”
“I quite like David as well as Susan, and isn’t it against the rules of the dominatrix union to identify your slaves?”
“I don’t think there are any rules, but I was only joking anyway, what happens in the cellar stays in the cellar. Although I think some of them would enjoy the humiliation. Please say you’ll come, I’ll be very grateful.”
“Of course I’ll come. I’ll be honoured to be you escort, and I’ll keep you to that.”
I’d already started to hatch a plan and as soon as I hung up I phoned Susan.

The taxi pulled up outside Carol’s and I stepped out to show her into the car. When she walked out of her door I nearly fainted. She looked absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing what I think is called a sheaf dress. She had a black ribbon choker around her neck and the dress covered her from there to her feet. It was so tight that, although everything was covered, nothing was hidden. Her pert bra-less breasts were obvious and when she climbed into the taxi I thought I could see the shape of a suspender belt. Yes, a suspender belt, not tights or stay-ups but a good old fashioned suspender belt! In short, she was the sexiest thing I’d seen in years.
“You look beautiful.”
“Thank you, you scrub up well too.” I was only wearing my old ready-to-wear dinner jacket, but I’ll take the compliment.
I think that the less you see of a woman, the sexier she is, the attraction of the unknown I guess. I remember, a few years ago, a muslim girl passed me in the street. She was dressed from head to foot in black, with a scarf wrapped around her face, the only part visible was her eyes. When she got closer I could see they were beautiful and perfectly made up. As she passed me I turned around to watch her walk away, as you do, and I saw that she was wearing the tightest possible pair of trousers and her buttocks were jostling like two puppies in a sack! I like to think that she knew what she was doing and it was some sort of protest against whoever made her cover herself, good for you girl!

We arrived at the Golf Club at the same time as Susan and David, and as much as Carol’s dress covered everything, Susan’s covered nothing. Her magnificent tits were held in place by basically two pieces of string and the skirt was slit up to the top of her thighs. I still preferred Carol. David was wearing full Scottish traditional dress, tweed jacket, tartan waistcoat, kilt, sporran and gartered knee socks. The only things missing were the claymore, dagger tucked in the socks and, despite his claims, the slightest drop of Scottish blood in his body. It really is too easy to take the piss out of him. That said, he was the heart and soul of the evening, dancing with the girls and with an anecdote on every subject, not full of himself and encouraging everyone else around the table to join in the conversation. I took it in turn to dance with the two girls, and in a slow smooch with Susan towards the end of the evening, she rubbed herself up against my crotch and whispered in my ear,
“I wish I was coming home with you tonight.”
“Perhaps next time.”
“Oh yes please.” She knew what I had planned for Carol!

After the dance Carol and I went back to my place for a nightcap. It was the first time she’d been there, and she looked around the lounge while I fixed us some drinks. I handed her a drink and we sat together on the leather sofa, we hugged and enjoyed a long hard kiss.
“I thought David was on excellent form tonight,” I said. “He didn’t seem to have any hard feelings towards us, even after what we did to him last week.”
“Oh, I forgot to tell you. He called me the next day and asked me how much I charge for my services in the cellar! I told him he could have a discount because Susan is such a good assistant.”
“Susan helps you!”
“No, but I thought it’d be a bit more humiliation. Although, we’ve both seen Susan in action and if he thought about it he could get the same treatment, as from me, at home and for free.”
“You’ve never asked me if I want to join your customers.”
“I think I know you. You like to play and you’ll do most things for a fuck, but it’s just about the sex and enjoyment. I’ve come every time with you, with my slaves I never come, even if some think I do. My clients are in it for the pain and the humiliation, some of them don’t even want to come. These men are all CEOs and MDs, at work they’re always in charge, with me they’re helpless and subject to my discipline. Although they pay me and I do what they want, so I suppose they’re still in charge.”
“How did you get into it?”
“When I married my husband, George, I was much younger than him. I’d been his secretary at the bank and, when he divorced his first wife, I started to do personal things for him, one thing led to another and we began an affair and then married. We had a healthy sex life and George started to introduce me to new things. He liked me to dominate him, tie him up and spank him. We would watch videos and he’d say “I’d like you to do that.” and the videos became harder and harder. Then he had the torture chamber built in the cellar and soon I was whipping him and fucking him, he would still make sure I was satisfied every time. I loved George and would do anything to make him happy and, yes, I suppose I did enjoy it. When he died I was devastated. At his funeral one of his colleagues from the bank approached me and said George had told him what we got up to in the cellar and he would be interested in taking his place. I slapped his face and told him to fuck off, caused quite a scene, but it was George’s funeral for god’s sake.” Carol had got quite upset, we cuddled and sat quietly for a while. She took a drink and started again,
“After a month or so, I sat down and looked at my books. The house was paid for, but my widow’s pension didn’t amount to much, certainly not enough to pay for the golf club and the gym and the car and the shopping! I was going to have to get a job, the only skill I had was as a secretary and I didn’t want to go back to that. Then I realised I did have another skill, George had taught me well, there was at least one person who was interested and I would have no problem whipping him. Before I could chicken out, I picked up the phone and invited him over. We had a very formal meeting, he told me what he wanted, offered me a generous amount of money and the deal was done. The next evening he came around, I flogged him within what seemed like an inch of his life, he left a happy man and I was in the dominatrix business. After a couple of sessions he offered to introduce me to a friend who was interested in my services and that was that. Now I have the web site and men come to me from that, all in all I have more business than I need.”
During her story her eyes had started to roll around in their sockets. She realised what I’d done and said “You bastard” as she slipped into unconsciousness.

When she woke up she found she was lying face down on my bed. Her arms were stretched out above her head tied by a silken rope to a rail at the top of the bed and her legs were spread, the ankles tied to the bed posts, again by silk ropes not unlike the curtain tie backs I’d bought the day before. I’d taken off her dress and found she wasn’t wearing bra or panties, I was unable to resist leaving her stockings and suspenders on and they perfectly framed her bottom. She had a ball gag strapped into her mouth and a worried look on her face, as if she didn’t know me as well as she thought.
I was sitting by her head, naked, sporting a rock hard erection and trying to smile in a reassuring non-creepy way, “It’s ok, it’s ok. I only gave you a tiny dose, about half what you gave David last week. Now, if you look up at your hands, you’ll see that the ropes are only looped around your wrist, not tied. If you want to end this all you have to do is slide them out.”
Relief crossed her face, and her fingers gripped around the rope. She pulled against it and started struggling, shaking her arms, legs and all her body. Strangely enough her hands didn’t come free.
“Good, I’ll take your struggles as agreement. Now please behave yourself.” I picked up a paddle from my bedside table and slapped her three times across each buttock. She continued struggling so I gave her three more strokes, this time much harder. She stopped struggling and a pink glow crept across her backside, I felt like kissing it. “Good girl.” I pointed to the table, “ Do you recognise your toys? Susan let me into your house yesterday while you were at the hairdressers, and I had a great time exploring your cellar, I found your steriliser as well so everything is nice and clean.”
“You bastards, I’ll make you both suffer for this.” She mumbled around the gag.
“I know you will, that’s part of the point. But for tonight I’m the Master and will have my fun with you. I’ve noticed that in our games together almost every orifice has been used except one, we both know which one. I think I’ll have a little play with your cute little arse.”
“No, no.” she spluttered and started to wriggle again. Two more slaps stopped that. I knelt between her ankles, leaned forward and caressed her cheeks, I moved closer and kissed them. I pulled the cheeks apart and I swear her little pink star winked at me. I stuck my tongue out and ran the tip of it around her arsehole, I pushed against it and the tip entered her. I put a finger into my mouth to wet it, and while kissing and licking her, pushed it inside, first to one knuckle and then completely. I finger fucked her slowly and she groaned against the ball gag. I moved away, picked up an anal plug from the bedside and showed it to her, her eyes widened and she started to struggle again, but then thought better of it. I smeared a little gel on the plug and pushed the end into her. “This should stretch you a little for me.” And I forced the rest of the plug into her. She squealed in a combination of pleasure and pain, “I think I’ll leave that there for a little while.”
I undid the ankle ropes around the bed posts, flipped her onto her back and quickly re-tied the ropes. She obviously thought I couldn’t spank her anymore and started to struggle again. I’d prepared for that and picked up what looked like mini car jump cables from the table. Instead of crocodile teeth it had little plates on the clips and the wires were connected to a small handset with batteries. I clipped the plates onto each of her nipples and gave a five second burst at the lowest setting. I knew this would pass a tiny current and not cause any pain, just a tingle, because I’d tried it on myself earlier, a very weird experience flicking the switch to electrocute myself! She continued to struggle so I turned it up a notch and gave her another five second burst. “That was just number two, would you like a five for a bit longer?” She stopped struggling. The shocking had had a wonderful effect and her nipples were sticking out ‘like chapel hat pegs’ as they used to say. I couldn’t resist and, sitting across her legs, I removed the clips, leant forward and took a nipple into my mouth, sucking and nibbling at it, and then repeated on the second. Moving up her, I straddled her stomach and rubbed my erection across both nipples, smearing them in pre-cum. Her tits are not really big enough or I would have pushed them together and tit fucked her. Instead, I undid and removed the ball gag and forced my dick into her mouth, she immediately began to suck on it and run her tongue around the head. I could have come then, but made myself pull out. I moved down, ran the head of my prick up and down the lips of her fanny a couple of times and then pushed straight into her. She wasn’t quite ready for me and squealed, but after a few strokes became very lubricated and started to enjoy. Each downward thrust of her backside into the bed pushed the butt plug into her arse and I could feel it against my dick through the thin membrane. Again, I was almost ready to come, so I pulled out. “No, no. Don’t stop!” I reached down and pushed three fingers inside her, and with my thumb, I found her clitoris and started to rub it. I then moved my head down and sucked the clit into my mouth. Thanks to the attention from my hand and mouth, she came with an almighty scream, pulling against the ropes so strongly I thought she’d break the bed rails.
“Now it’s my turn.” I undid the ankle ropes, turned her over again, and pushed onto her knees. I pulled the butt plug out with a satisfying pop, slid my prick into her fanny, for a little lubrication, then pulled it straight out and held the head against her arsehole. I applied a little pressure and pushed into her.
“Oh fuck, that feels good.” She said and pushed back against me. I was fully inside her and leant back to look at the sight, her backside, still pink, looked wonderful and I couldn’t resist smacking it.
“Yes spank me and fuck me. I’ve been a really naughty girl and I deserve it.” I always do as I’m told, so began to alternate thrusts into her arse with smacks on her cheeks, she freed her hands and pushed three or four fingers into her cunt. I was more than ready to come and with a final push, I shot a load of hot spunk into her, I pulled out and hit her cheeks with two or three more bursts, covering her. She came at almost the same time and collapsed face down onto the bed. She brought her hands to her bottom and began to rub them “Oh yes, the cream feels really nice against my hot spanked bottom.”

After we’d showered, we lay in bed cuddling and she said, “You realise, the next time we play golf I am going to play so well you won’t stand a chance, I’ll get you in the cellar and make you pay so badly for what just happened.”
“Oh I do hope so.” I replied.

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