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boys lost on an island
Boys going through puberty and experimenting for the first time

Subject: flight 247 lost boys. Chapter 8

FLIGHT 247 LOST BOYSBy Boys in the Hood

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This is all fiction, make believe it never happened so any names, places or
events are all fake.

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CHAPTER 8 what a find that floats by.Squeals of joy could be heard as a white and red ice chest floated closer
to the boys, everyone was thinking what was inside it and where it came
from. "Hurry up Ron and go get it so we can see what's in it."Jackson
yelled as the ice chest was now close enough to the boys to carry to the
shore, the twins helped Ron carry the huge ice chest to the beach and soon
all the boys were crowding around waiting for Ron to open up the chest.

`This is like finding a treasure chest and seeing lots of gold and coins
inside it." Desmond hooted. "I bet it's filled with bank notes that have
fallen off a ship." Peter quoted. "Right guys just hang back a bit, we
don't know what's inside it, it could be a bomb or something." Ron said.

We all waited for Ron to use a stick to pop the seals on the ice chest and
then make sure it didn't blow up on us. "Click, click. Click." the seals
were now pushed off the ice chest and Ron flicked the lid back and took a
step forward to see if it was safe for everyone to take a look.

Ron's eyes opened and his jaw dropped as he saw 20 cans of soda, boxes of
candy and some mouldy sandwiches that had become rotten but everything else
was in great condition. "Can we look what's in there Ron, is it a body
inside it." Mike asked. "Ron was smiling as the rest of the boys quickly
looked inside the ice chest and a roar of cheers and happiness could be
heard as Ron lifted up a box of candy and a can of soda.

A mad scramble could be seen as sodas and candy was being pulled out of the
Ice chest, "Stop, hey you guys stop what you are doing." Ron yelled trying
to stop the boys taking any of the stuff as most of it was covered in
rotten food.

The twins quickly closed the lid and told everyone to drop what they had or
they would hit anyone that had any of the goodies in their hands. "Hang on
you guys, we have to wash the shit off the soda cans and wipe any crap that
came in contact with the rotten food." Ron yelled as the other boys quickly
dropped what was in their hands.

"Desmond, Jackson and Wesley go find something to wipe the shit off the
candy boxes and you twins go and fill some coconut shells with clean water
so we can wash the soda cans." Ron asked. Groans and moans could be heard
as the other boys cleaned up the items found in the ice chest. "We need to
share this out as we don't know how long we will be here and this will have
to last as long as we are here." Ron told the boys.

"Desmond have you finished wiping the candy?" Jackson asked as he had
cleaned all the candy boxes that he was given and placed them under the
shelter. The twins had wiped off the green mess off the soda cans and
washed any goo that made contact with the cans.

"Everyone go sit over there for a minute so we can sort out this shit and
we will hand out some of the candy for you and open some of the cans so you
can have a drink of soda." Ron said. Cheers could be heard as Ron and the
twins handed out the candy that was not damaged and a small cup full of

"Oh boy this is so yummy." Wesley gasped as he bit into a chocolate bar and
sipped his warm but tasty soda. `Desmond, you look like you are on a sugar
high." Jackson said as he bit into his Hershey bar. `Mumm, oh this is so
good, better than a jerk off." Peter gasped as he licked his lips licking
off the chocolate that was left there when chewing into his candy.

"You mean my spermies are not better than that Hershey's bar." Mike
giggled. "Well this is nice but your spermies are just as good as this."
Peter hooted as he sipped his orange soda. Boys were rubbing their tummies
as the candy settled and soon the boys were asking for more." Sorry guys
but you will get sick as your body is not used to all this sugar and we
will have some more tomorrow and if I find anyone taking any candy or sodas
will be dealt with by my hands." Ron yelled.

Food was need for breakfast lunch and dinner and the boys looked towards
the ice chest and soon were told to go look for fresh fruit and catch some
fish. "Come on Mike let's go and see what we caught in the traps as the
tide is down." Peter hooted.

Jackson and a few other boys went looking for fruit and now it was taking a
bit longer to find any as most of the fruit was eaten close by so now the
hunters had to go further afield to find fruit and berries that have not
been picked yet. "Over here guys, look a huge bunch of bananas and this
coconut tree is full." Desmond yells out.

The boys fill their homemade bags with all the fruit they can carry and
soon head back to their camp site. The twins also returned with a load of
fish that was trapped in the fish snares that the boy's built using rocks
to trap the fish as the tide fell. "Hey guys go find some wood so we can
eat you lazy lot." Peter yelled.

Ron looked towards the twins nude as the day they were born, their tan line
was now brown and their white butts now a bronze looking tan. Their
wieners were also tanned as their bell ends turned from a bright pink to a
darker looking red. Ron was licking his lips as he was in need to spill
his seed and he wanted the twins to help him out.

Wesley was also thinking of Ron but for another reason, he was a
chocoholic, he wanted another Hershey's bar and he was going to try and get
one, one way or another. He was going to try and keep the twins busy by
having Jackson and Desmond have fun with them and keep them away from Ron
so he could give him a special treat and in return get his hands on some of
that candy.

He had to make sure he got Jackson and Desmond worked up so they would have
some boy fun with the twins. After breakfast he worked his charm with the
twins and Jackson and Desmond so they would be busy tonight enjoying each
other's bodies. "What is up with Wesley, he was like a match maker with us
just now." Jackson said. "I don't know but having a four some with the
twins sounds like fun." Desmond hooted.

The day went by with no problems as fun was on all of the boys minds as
they had a treat that would be normal for kids to have, but to find an ice
chest full of sodas and candy and be marooned on an isolated beach was too
much for some.

A few boys that had just started puberty were feeling their oats, you know
getting erections, finding sticky patches of cum in their torn briefs,
learning the art of masturbation and enjoying friendship with another boy.
Jackson and Desmond were taking a piss behind a tree when a moan was let
out as the boys found two 12 year old boys sucking on each other's wieners
in a scrub of bush.

Jackson was erect so was Desmond as the boys had not jerked off since
yesterday and now were watching boys enjoying themselves in a way that boys
could only enjoy. Sucking noises like a baby on a mothers breast was
getting louder as the two boys engaging in oral sex were getting close to
their orgasms.

"I need to jerk off Jackson; this is making me so hard it's hurting my
pecker." Desmond gasped as he took hold of his wiener and began to jerk
off. Jackson was also jerking off his cut wiener and soon both boys were
watching each other squirt their boy love out of their piss slits. "Hey
what are you two looking at?" The blond 12 year old said, as whitish goo
dripped off his lips. "Just watching two randy boys having fun with their
wieners." Jackson hooted. "So are you going to tell anyone what you saw?"
The other 12 year old boy asked.

"Why would we, we knew you wanted to do this as you are the last boys here
we know that have not done anything with another boy before so did you
enjoy doing it." Desmond asked. "If my parents found out that I had a
boy's wiener in my mouth they would kill me." Phil gasped. "Me too, I
always wanted to do this and my friends at school never wanted to do this
with me and now I did it." Steve replied as he licked his lips tasting his
friends cum off his lips.

"Guys, it's natural to be curious about wieners and jerking off as we have
been doing it since we crashed here and so have most of the other guys here
so what took you so long to fool around with another boy." Jackson wanted
to know.

"Were Jewish, as you can see, it's against our religion to have sex play
with another boy as our Rabbi told us only females are allowed to touch our
cocks and it was a sin to suck and jerk another boy's wiener so we didn't
well up to know." Steve said.

"Wow, Jewish huh, so by the sounds you were making you two must have
enjoyed then." Desmond hooted as he slowly milked his foreskin back and
forth in front of the Jewish boys. "How would you like to see how this
works as you have never seen a boy like me?" Desmond panted as he boned up
and was showing the two cut boys what he could do with his wiener.

Jackson walked in front of Desmond and took hold of Desmond's wiener and
pulled his foreskin back and joined cocks as their piss slits kissed.
Desmond was moaning as he felt his foreskin cover Jackson's cut cock, the
warmth of joined cocks was the best feeling both boys liked as Desmond
Demonstrated how two boys could enjoy docking cocks? The two 12 year old
moved closer to see the joining of wieners and were now boned up and slowly
stroking each other.

"It looks like you are enjoying this show, would you like to see how it
feels. Jackson asked as he slipped Desmond's foreskin back exposing the
wetness on Desmond's cock head. Phil stood up and waited for Desmond to
stand in front of him and in a flash Desmond took hold of Phil's pink
wiener and closed his foreskin over Phil's erect cock and for the first
time Phil enjoyed what and how a foreskin felt over his own cock.

Both boys just stood there and slowly enjoyed the feeling of bonding boys
together until Steve stood up and asked if he could feel a foreskin on his
cut pecker. Phil was jerking his hand over both cocks until he felt
wetness around his cock head and gasped as Desmond slipped his foreskin
back and finding some sticky goo under his skin.

"You shot your load into his cock." Steve hooted as he touched the milky
clear cum and sniffed it until he moved his finger closer to his tongue and
licked the mixed boy juice into his mouth. "Come here Steve and see how it
feels." Desmond asked as he cleaned up the mess under his foreskin so he
could slip it over Steve's cock head.

Steve was shaking, he had his foreskin removed when he was a baby and now
he is about to feel a foreskin again on his wiener, If his rabbi ever saw
him with a foreskin on his wiener he would surely have a fit. "Stand close
to me Steve, you are about to feel something that you lost a long time
ago." Desmond smiled.

"It rocks Steve; man it feels like your cock is covered up and squishy."
Phil giggled. "I know how it feels dude II have done a few times and I get
so stiff when we connect." Jackson laughed as he stroked himself watching
Desmond cover Steve's cock with his boy skin.

"Holy shit Phil, all of our cousins and friends would love this." Steve
gasped as Desmond started to masturbate both peckers and moved his fingers
across both cock heads feeling the ridges of the cocks connected.

Phil was panting as he continued to fondle his tool watching his brother
smile as he started to get his boy orgasm and felt Desmond squirt his boy
juice into his foreskin and then Steve moaned as his piss slit opened and
deposited his spermies in to Desmond's wiener. All the boys hugged and
kissed to say thanks for the bonding and sex play.

Wesley was counting down the time as he will be bunking with Ron later on
to night as he had to get his hands on a Hershey bar and a full can of soda
and he was going to give Ron a night he would not forget.

Dinner was almost ready as the twins had cooked the crabs they caught in
their homemade nets. Pineapples were found up top of the island and was
fried with the bananas that the younger boys found early on today. Later
Ron handed out half bars of the choc candy and opened 4 cans of soda so all
the boys had a few sips of the sweet tangy drinks.

"I bet this lot came from our plane that crashed." Jackson said. "Yeah,
the food was all green and yucky but the candy was wrapped up so it didn't
get covered in all that shit." Desmond replied. "Hi Mike, are you and
Peter ready for a foursome tonight." Desmond hooted.

"Hell yeah, we have wanted to do this with you guys when we first started
school with you all but never had the chance, but now we are ready to have
some fun with you all." Mike replied.

Most of the boys went to a shady area and laid on the sand and slowly ate
their candy bars mixing their spit and chocolate so it lasted longer. This
was a gift from god as the sugar started to flow around their bodies and a
few boys even got boners as the feeling of excitement passed through
them. {I think it was a sugar high the boys were getting}

Now relaxed all the boys paired up for some hugs and kisses with their
partners and found an area so they could enjoy one another without too many
eyes watching. Ron was waiting for the twins to enter his shack but got a
surprise when Wesley arrived with a huge smile on his face. "Wesley, what
are you doing here tonight, I thought you bunked with Jackson and Desmond."
Ron asked.

"I do but tonight I am here just for you, I want to be with you Ron, the
twins are busy and it's just you and me."The cute looking Wesley said as
his preteen wiener stood straight out as pointing the way to Ron's mouth.
Ron could not care less who he slept with as long as he got his rocks off
and unloaded his teen boy juice into someone he would be happy at the end
of his session.

Wesley kneeled down in front of Ron and pushed him back onto the stack of
banana leaves and slowly began to lick all around Ron's chest. Moving
lower, Wesley soon found his face covered in Ron's 14 year old pubes and
felt wetness on top of his cut tool.

"Oh Wesley, ahh, ohh, fuck----- umm---ahh—take more of my cock dude."
Ron gasped as Wesley took as much of Ron's cock until his mouth was full of
the teens wiener. Bobbing up and down licking his way around Ron's shaft
as he found the area that once was joined by Ron's foreskin and licked his
scar as he was so ticklish there he would always shoot his load if the
twins double worked him there, Wesley was getting him close to his release
of teen seed.

"I'm cumin Wesley, move if you don't want to drown in my cum as I will blow
you away." Ron panted as he felt Wesley suck harder until he could not
hold on any more and blasted Wesley with 4 ropes of his hot wet goo and
Wesley was shocked to find how much Ron could squirt out of his cock.

"Oh god, fuck you almost drowned me in that stuff," Wesley gasped as he
tried to swallow what was left in his mouth. "Come here little one and let
me taste it." Ron asked as he held Wesley close to him and began to tongue
Wesley's mouth licking his cum off Wesley's teeth and inside his throat.
Wesley was in heaven, he wanted to enjoy his night with Ron and he wanted
to have Ron tongue his uncut wiener.

"Ron can you do me now, you now lick my dinky." Wesley gasped. "Sure dude,
lie over here and I will take care of that for you." Ron winked. Wesley
was in a state of total bliss, his eyes were shut as Ron took all of his
wiener and balls into his mouth and rubbed his tongue all over Wesley's
uncut cock. Ron exposed Wesley's cock head as he teased his foreskin back
and held onto it as he licked up and down the tiny shaft.

"Make me cum Ron; I need to get that feeling in my cock." Wesley panted as
he started to thrust his hard on in and out of Ron's mouth. As he was
about to get his dry cum a plane flew over the boys, it was loud enough to
shake all the boys out of their shacks and onto the beach.

"Fuck a plane, a fucking plane has seen us." Ron yelled as the plane flew
past them again and a few boxes started to fall towards them a few fell
into the sea and some landed near by the boys. Screams of joy could be
heard as the boys ran towards the boxes and opened them up finding bottles
of water and food plus lots of candy.

"Ron come here, look at all this shit." Jackson shouted. Ron looked inside
a box and found a 2 way radio, he turned it on and then almost dropped it
when he heard a voice. "This is commander smith of the Australian air
force, do you copy." The voice said. Ron pressed the button and said "Yes
we copy, do you hear me." Ron quoted.

"Hi there who am I talking too?" The commander asked. "I'm Ron the head boy
here." he replied. "OK Ron a ship is on its way to pick you all up, is
every OK there." The commander asked. "Yes, yes, we are all fine here."
Ron hotted. "Right the ship is a day away from you so get ready to be
picked up son, all of your families are waiting for you." The commander

All the boys were crying and jumping up and down with joy as they heard Ron
and the commander talk about their rescue. "Sorry we can't pick you up,
nowhere to land as we are a long range plane and we will get in contact
with you tomorrow so don't turn off the radio, it will last 3 days before
it stops working so we will be there soon enough." The commander replied as
he flew back towards his home base.

Food and water was passed around and all the candy and soda's were eaten,
well Wesley got his Hershey bar but sure missed out on his fun with Ron,
maybe he might be able to get his dry cum from the older boy one day.

End of chapter 8

Next chapter
Going home.

Boys in the hood.


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