Young women extract payment overdue
If you are reading this and have heard of my disappearance I'm being held in the empty warehouse my family business was located in. I'm writing this under duress but hoping it will appease my captors and secure my release. I have been held now for 2 days with little food or water and was told if I confess to my crimes of perversion I may be released relatively unharmed. What they see as crimes I see as the normal desires of a human male.

My captors are all females who were previous employees and come here in groups of three to make demands and threats. So far I have counted 12 different women and have tried to talk to some of them alone but the others always intervene before I can enlist anyone to help me escape. I was left paper and pencils to put down my confession. A jury of my peers.

They are using the heavy wired cage that was for securing parts and inventory as my prison. The wire is called acorn fencing and is impossible to beak or cut without tools. The warehouse is empty of anything but chairs and benches. The fenced area is about 20' by 40' and there is one chair and bench inside with me. There was also a camera set up to record everything going on in the cage but is positioned just out of my reach. There are benches and chairs set up outside along the side almost as an observation area or as someone called it the first day the jury box. I awoke to find while unconscious I had been stripped naked and left on the bench. I assume the young woman I conversed with on the internet and then met in the local the bar was a setup and drugged my drink. What a shame because she promised all kinds of tasty perversions.

The background to this little charade is I worked in and then inherited my fathers small family business. We build electronic harnesses and cables. We were small and usually had no more than 30 employees at a time. These were all females doing the assembly. I see nothing wrong with hiring all attractive women if they are qualified to do the work. Fortunately the qualifications are minimal and the list of candidates is overflowing with very attractive females of many different cultures and all desperate for a job. I never stated that sex was a part of the job but I did hint to each of them prior to employment that I found them attractive and might want to pursue something more intimate later. Those that were offended or not interested were not hired. No one that didn't show that spark of interest got past the first interview. The second interview was the clincher when I would initiate some fondling and heavy kissing.

I have a private office upstairs with a full bath and an adjoining room that has a very large collection of sex toys and devices that I love to use on these women and have them use on them selves. I do not introduce them to any of my extreme urges until they have submitted to normal intercourse and the more tame desires which I have filmed to force their full cooperation later. One of my favorites is a power fucking machine that has numerious attachments to violate a womans ever opening. I also posses an $8,000 dollar female replica that is very life like with a beautiful face and very large tits. She can be fucked in any hole and has a life like pussy, mouth and asshole. I delight in having women simulate sex with the doll and secretly filming it. Most get off by using a double headed dildo on them selves and the doll. The most inovative was Linda who used two double dildos so she was fucked in her mouth and pussy while doing the same to the doll. Most entertaining.

I admit I have had sexual relations with most of them on different occasions but no one was forced to submit, they could have quit at any time. I like to think of it as part of the job requirements and each of them was being paid for their time at more than minimum wage. No one was physically hurt much or left scarred. Nothing worse than a few bruises on occasion. I know that most all of them enjoyed our sexual encounters and most often gave and received sexual gratification. I know it got out of hand a few times, but on those occasions they were given overtime pay to compensate them for any embarrassment or pain they received. What more could a person ask for in a job. Making good money and a couple of times a week having good safe sex. I'm 43 years old and a little over weight but not bad looking and defiantly not repulsive. I had a vasectomy and get tested for STD’s regularly so I’m not irresponsible and do care about the welfare of these women. I have taught them so much about sex and a little humiliation is good for everyone on occasion. Well that's about all the confession you are going to get from me.

The trouble started when I was offered a large cash buyout for the business. A larger local company wanted my client base and to eliminate my competition. They took only the contracts and company equipment with an agreement I would not restart another similar business within the next 5 years. I own the building and am in the process of putting it up for sale. I was then forced to terminated everyone and there were a few of them that made some threats but nothing that alarmed me. I may have been a little abrupt when I informed every one they were terminated on Friday afternoon and given their final pay checks.

I just woke up after consuming the food and water they left last time. I awoke standing up and tied spread eagle with rope that runs through the sides of the cage. The gate to the cage is open and there are three women inside with me and nine outside watching and drinking wine. The ones inside have a hose and buckets with soapy cold water and scrub brushes. Mary and Linda have said they read my confession and are not yet satisfied. They want me to show more sorrow and remorse for my crimes. Mary seems to be in charge and when I said I could have no remorse for the pleasure I had shoving my dick up her virgin ass the first time she motioned for the other two women to start. They turned on the hose and began squirting me down then using rough scrub brushes with soap to wash me from head to foot and inflicting as much pain as they could. I could see the women in the audience enjoying my humiliation as they rinsed me off with the hose. A table was then slid over in front of me and the ropes around my arms were released so I could be tied laying bent over the table face down. When I pleaded with Mary for a second chance to write a confession and apology she said I only got one chance each day and could spend the night writing and reflecting on the punishment they were now going to inflict. They all three talked about the humiliation they felt about the things I had done to them and made them do. That’s when one of them inserted the hose nozzle up my ass and turned on the pressure. She started with the pressure to high and almost exploded my insides. They were captivated by my screams of pain and fortunately someone saw what was about to happen and yanked the hose out. There was a huge release of pressure as I evacuated my bowls and squirted liquid and crap about 8' behind me.

They used the hose to wash me down and everything else into the drain at the center of the floor. I could hear the laughter and cheering from the observers on the sidelines who were eating popcorn and still drinking wine. I pleaded with them to stop and let me make some kind of restitution but only caused everyone to laugh harder and shout comments. They inserted the hose again and turned on the water slower this time. I could feel the pressure building slowly and Linda reached under the edge of the table and stroked my erect cock, saying that was what I had her do almost daily and she didn't want me to miss out. She would bring me to the point of climax and then either stop or slap my dick. The odd thing was that even though I was frightened to the point of panic I still had the erection I had awoken with and it had not depleted when they left me later. No one would allow me to orgasm and I was in no position to touch myself. When I was full to almost bursting again they shut off the water but made me hold the pressure inside by not removing the hose. This was held in place for what seemed about 15 minutes with one of them I think it was Angie giving me light punches in the sides on occasion to make it worst. When they had finally removed the hose nozzle and allowed me to release the liquid I almost cried. They went through the enema process twice more.

Mary told me they would be back tomorrow and three more of my victims from the group would take their turn at getting a little payback. She bent down close and also told me that I didn't have to take much time on the confession because they had decided before hand that every one would get their chance at doing what ever they wanted to me before they decided what was going to be my fate. The one that scared me the most was Angie. When I asked what Mary meant by my fate Angie responded with whether they would kill me or just cut my balls off. She laughed and said it didn't matter because if they castrated me they would probably leave me tied there to bleed to death. They all left and after locking the cage door they released the ropes tied to my left hand and leg from outside. They turned out the lights when they left but there was enough light from the sky lights to see.

I managed to untie my self and could see by the clock on the wall that they had only been there about three hours. The ordeal seem like it had lasted about 12 hours and I felt weak and sick from the repeated stretching of my insides. I laid on the table and went to sleep even though I was cold and shivering. During the night, about six hours later the lights went on and Mary, Linda and Angie returned with a sandwich and bottled water that they left inside the cage for me.
They were all carrying baseball bats but I was in no shape to confront them. I said I would not eat or drink anything they brought and Angie said with a wicked smile that they didn't need to drug me as they wanted me wide awake for what they had planned for tomorrow. When they left I did eat the sandwich and drink the water before I laid back down and slept.

The next morning I awoke with a raging hard on still. I was not enjoying this as a sexual experience at all but my cock had been erect since the day before. It made it difficult to take a piss but I finally managed and still got no relief from the hard on. My abductors showed up about 10 that morning and stood and waited for everyone to come inside. They had all just been out to breakfast and were laughing and joking as the filed in. Three different women approached the cage with the baseball bats and unlocked the gate. The leader this time was a woman named Alice. She said as she entered if I made any attempt at getting by them they would beat me unconscious. I was still weak and knew I had no chance of escape. They surrounded me and again tied me bent over the table face down. If I had known what they had planned I would have made some attempt. I was then washed with soap and brushed again and hosed off.

They reset the video recorder and each of the women went into the ladys bathroom. About 15 minutes later they all returned wearing large strap on dildos over their clothes. They said since I showed such desire to ass fuck most everyone I was to receive the ass fucking of a life time. As sore and stretched as my asshole was they still had trouble inserting the first dildo in me. The pain was excruciating. The louder I screamed in pain and pleaded the more cheering and applauding there was from the on lookers. Alice finally asked one of the other women to bring some lubricant. She said if she forced it anymore she would have me bleeding like a stuck pig. Then everyone laughed when she said she had the pig part right anyway.

Unfortunately the lube did the trick. There was no fooling around. Once she had plunged it in she went to work pounding the big dick up my ass with as much speed as the straps on the dildo would permit. This went on for about ten minutes with her backing out and slapping my butt with her hand as hard as she could before plunging it into me again. When she had started to tire, Bonnie took over without missing more than a stroke or two. She went about another ten minutes and shouted insults calling me her little bitch and telling me to take that as she slammed the dildo up and into my ass. The last was Shirley who had the biggest strap on and a ping pong paddle. As Shirley started in Bonnie came around to the head of the table and removed the dildo she had just ass fucked me with and shoved it into my mouth making me suck it and give a mock blow job. She was yelling how do you like sucking a cock that just came out of your ass. You seemed to enjoy ass fucking me and making me suck your cock to climax after. Shirley rode me as hard as she could and worked my ass over with the paddle, making a loud pop about ever third stroke. I passed out for most of the last part and woke up to find they had untied me and turned me over on the table with new bindings installed.

I was praying this might satisfy them for the day when Angie ran into the cage and jumped on top of the table. She was wearing a skirt and straddled her legs over my head and sat down on my face. She had my mouth and nose stuffed into her bare pussy and was grinding away in what would have been very erotic if I could have breathed. She continued to rock back and forth rubbing her clit and pussy against my face. She kept moaning and saying this is what we both wanted for so long. I could hear the exclamations of the other women and sense that this was not part of the program. Two of them pulled her off me and forcefully escorted her out of the cage just before I would have passed out from lack of oxygen. Everyone started to leave then. I was more afraid of Angie than any of the others so far. Thinking back I could remember that Angie was one of the few I had groped a few times but never had any real relations with. She was very attractive and a good worker but her almost needful compliance to my sexual advances seemed to have turned me off. I was thinking this might be some unrequited love thing and it scared me worse. They left me a little food and drink again and all laughed as they said they would see me tomorrow. They had untied my hands again so I could release myself. I still had a raging erection but could not bring myself to even attempt sexual relief. Later than night I heard someone enter and the lights went on. My greatest fear was realized when I saw it was Angie. She had returned by her self.

When she entered she came to the cage and told me they had left the building key hidden outside but one of the women had kept the cage key. I asked where they had gotten the keys. She said they had taken my house and car keys when Mary’s daughter had enticed me to the bar. They had entered my house and found the facility keys and the stash of pictures and videos I had made of all the women I had ever had sex with. She said they had looked at all the pictures and watched the videos and were returning everything they could to the victims and destroying the rest. This was my ace in the hole and a real blow. I had hoped to bargain my way out with the promise of returning them. Some were taken without the womans knowledge. I had very clear and explicit photos of most ever woman I had ever had sex with. I had purposely made them as disgusting and as compromising as possible. I had hidden cameras in the ladies rest room, two enclosed stock rooms, my office and a couple of rooms in my home. The whole collection filled a large trunk and some of it could get me jail time for violating about ever sex related law possible.

Angie told me she had come back to rescue me because she feared they might decide to really kill me at the end of this and she had been in love with me from the beginning. I still feared her the most as I knew she had enjoyed my torture in a different way than the others and she still had that crazy eyed look. I asked if she knew why I had this perpetual erection and she said they were spiking the water with Viagra as an additional torture. She also said the other women were suspicious and were keeping and eye on her. I asked if she would leave and call the police. I promised I would not implicate her and we could be together after this was over. She thought about this for a few minutes and said she would. As she started to leave six of the other women walked in and confronted her with her betrayal. They locked her inside the cage with me and as they left they told Angie she could have her wish because my dick would not go soft for at least a week. Mary yelled happy fucking as they turned out the lights and left. Even though Angie tried to entice me by stripping I could not bring myself to be interested. All I wanted to do was lie down and sleep. She begged so much that I laid on my back on the table and allowed her sit on my cock and fuck away. My cock stayed hard but I was loosing feeling in it.

I went to sleep and awoke about 20 minuted later to her screams of pleasure as she climaxed. I asked what they had in store for me tomorrow. She said tomorrow I was going to get my wish of having all the pussy I wanted and then all the pussy I could handle and then they were going to attempt to fuck me to death. She said some of the other women laughed uncomfortably and tried to make out that it was a joke but others were really into my death by sex. We slept on the table close together for warmth.

In the morning I was awoken by being tied down on on my back on the table. My cock was still standing at attention but was looking kind of dark like the blood was not moving abound enough. Angie was tied to the side of the wire cage. Alice & Mary were telling her if she would behave herself she could join the fun later and they might need her to help finish off the plan. At this point the girls started stripping off their cloths. Some went totally naked and others stripped off most everything but their bra's. They had scrubbed me down with soapy brushes and rinsed me of again. They stacked wooden crates on one side of the table that were positioned like steps and another set at the end of the table by my head. Each woman would walk up the steps easily and squat down inserting my cock and taking about 2 or 3 dozen strokes and climbing off stepping forward and sitting down on my face and grinding their pussy into my mouth. As each one finished another would take her place so I continuously had a women pumping my cock and one sitting on my face. I couldn't see the clock but timed it in my head. I realized it was at about two minute intervals. someone was keeping time and telling them when to progress to the next station. I was thinking 11 or 12 women could probably keep this up for 10 or 12 hours. After about an hour and a half they took a break for wine and snacks and offered me water which I had no choice but to drink. This also was laced with more Viagra. I already had raw spots on my cock and around my mouth.

They took a 10 minute break and laughed about that was all they were allowed as faithful employees. I noticed after they started again if one of them was getting turned on she would go to the head of the line and get to start over immediately so she could have an orgasm. This must have been and extra turn on for them because most of them took extra turns at some point. I never did climax and passed out again after 3 or 4 hours. They quit and hosed me down again to wake me up. Once awake they started a new torture. This was to squat over my face and pee into my mouth and face. I think each of them had been drinking wine to purposely build up their fluids. I almost choked a couple of times to their delight. Who ever was running the show Alice or Mary would make them stop while I chocked and coughed up the pee in my throat and lungs. They would entertain them selves in between by slapping my face and punching me in the mid section. Some would try to punch me in the balls but the leaders told them that would hurt but would only make me go unconscious faster. Later that day they packed up their stuff, washed and hosed me down thoroughly and wiped down everything. All the chairs were moved and ever surface was cleaned with Clorox. I woke later to find my clothes on the table and I could see my keys laying on a chair next to the exit door. The cage door was one of those that takes a key to open from either side and locks idiomatically when slammed. It was usually propped open during a work day.

It's been two days sense they left and no one has stopped by. I assume my car is in the parking lot and it has been staged to look like I entered and left my keys and cell phone on the chair. They will think the cage door swung shut and I was locked in by accident. I figure one of them will stop by in a few days to make sure I don't leave any messages. And pickup any of this document that is left over. I did deserve some of this but not to loose my life. I can only pray that one of them will take pity and come back but I think they went beyond what society will forgive and know it.
I forgive them and understand what brought them to this. My last prayer is.

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