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I was 17 at the time and I wasn’t the most popular kid in the school. I wasn’t ugly or anything, if anything I was often told by my friends I was rather handsome, but not popular.
I have a chestnut brown hair and was one of the taller people in my class. I wasn’t muscular like those on the football team but I did have some. I’m also very proud to any had an 8 inch cock which was fairly thick as well. Anyway there is this girl; popular, hot (seriously, she has straight girls swooning over her) and way, way out of my league. Her name’s Isabella.
Now I had, like every single guy within a two mile radius of her, asked, or at least tried to ask, her out on a date. She of course said no. But that all changed one day after receiving a magic item which granted me three wishes. It’s a cliché, I know.
It was an amulet I received from my parents, apparently they had found it on one of their digs in Egypt when I was young and had intended to give it to me but they forgot and it had stayed in their bag for six years. Anyway they gave it to me and I put it on.
Nothing happened at that time but once they left to go shopping or something it whispered to me.
“ I am the amulet of {yeah forgot} and I will grant three wishes for a small drop of your blood!” this freaked me out. I should have been scared of the fact it was talking or exilerated by the offer of three wishes or even the unknown horror of wondering what it wanted my blood for. But no. I said:
“I’ll need to call my lawyer to discourse the terms in more detail” The amulet didn’t talk for a bit. Then it repeated the offer. I, having recovered somewhat responded with question in order of most to least important.
“What are the limitation of these wishes? How can you talk? And why do you want my blood?!”
“no limitations. I’m Magical, ask no further it will hurt your pea sized brain. And all I want is to go home! That’s why I need your blood!” I didn’t think, or even care, for any better answer than that!
Getting my pocket knife out I cut a small hole in my finger and dropped a splat of blood on the amulet. I almost heard a sigh of relief when the blood touched the metal surface.
“Alright, your three wishes?” the amulet asked
I, like an idiot kid in the candy store, immediately, and un-thoughtfully, blurted out the first two wishes.
“I want my bank account to have three billion dollars and for my second wish I want legendary endurance!” Now they weren’t too bad but I probably should have checked to see if there was something I wanted more, like the intelligence I seemed to be lacking at this point!
“And your final wish?” I stopped at this point and considered. To be honest even today I think I could have made a better choice blindly blurting it out.
“I want the ability to control women’s minds” I should have said people’s.
“So let it be!” and then the amulet was gone. And I felt no different. I decided to go after to the nearest cash machine; while I was at it I would test this new endurance. Went well. The nearest cash point was almost two miles away and I ran it at full speed with little difficulty. And sure enough in the bank was 3 billion dollars. I was ecstatic. I decided then and there to lose my virginity by the end of the week with my mind controlling abilities, and who else than the hottest girl in school. The next day I saw her getting her books out of her locker. I haven’t described her have I? Long blond hair, the face of the Goddess Aphrodite (Greek god of beauty), slim but toned arms and legs a beautifullt proportioned ass and breasts which had to be D cup atleast! I decided to fuck her at school. It would be more exciting this way! I thought at her what I wanted to do.
Go to the back of the school at 5 o’clock. Bring no one with you.
She stopped, for a moment, before carrying on as if nothing had happened. The day passed agonizingly slowly until the bell went and we were let out. I went home and got ready for my meeting with Isabella.
I arrived 20 minutes before 5 and waited them out by checking to see no one was here (not even the teachers were which was good) before she arrived the second it turned 5 o’clock. She stood before me, unconfused at my presence here. I decided to experiment a bit.
“Come with me” and I led her to our History class room. She followed obediently and silently. I had got my hands on the school keys after winning a bet with the janitor. Once we were inside I closed all the blinds so no one could see. There she was, standing there waiting for me. I wanted this to last.
“take your jeans off!” I demanded. She obeyed. She was wearing a frilly white panties underneath.
“Sit on the teachers desk and masterbate” I demanded. She obeyed. She jumped onto the teachers desk and began to masturbate, her right hand finger her pussy and her left holding her panties to one side. My cock was already semi-hard just by thinking about it but now it was trying to force it’s way out of my Jeans. Like I was going to stop it.
I took off my trousers and underwear and let my cock hang free. I began to masturbate myself strong my cock at an increasing rhythm as I watched Isabella finger her pussy. It occurred to me that she looked as if she was near Cumming.
“Do not Cum. Keep fingering yourself but do not cum” She continued fingering herself, her face becoming contorted in her pleasure as she screamed and thrashed on the desk. I was surprised I had not come yet. I could feel a growing pleasure but I usually came within ten minuites and yet it had been nearly twenty. Another part of the Endurance wish I guessed.
I eventually became bored with this after thirty minuites and allowed Isabella to cum. thankfully I had taken the precaution to tell her to stay conscious otherwise the release would have caused her to. I let her lie there twitching as the orgasm continued to course through her body.
“Come over here and suck my cock” I commanded. She moved over to me and knelt down and began to suck my cock. The sensation was so much greater than anything I had had before. Her tongue curled around the head. I had never had my cock sucked before but I could tell from the head she was giving she was no newbie to it. The porn stars I had watched had done the same thing, although their were probably much better still.
After several blissful minutes Isabella moved on to deep throating, taking only 5 inches to start with and eventually taking the whole 8. After around ten minutes after she started I finally came, shooting my load onto her tonsils. She then swallowed the lot, scooping up any of my sperm which had dripped out of her mouth before sucking it off her finger, making a low humming noise as she did it. She continued by cleaning off my still rock hard cock with her tongue causing it to twitch in anticipation. Once my cock was ‘clean’ once again I ordered her onto the teacher’s instructing her to spread her legs, after she had removed all items of clothing.
I looked over her body which was lying in front of me completely at my mercy. I had dreamt about this for years, ok it was only one year. I had heard that women, on their first time, suffered from pain when the cock entered the pussy. I didn’t know if she had actually slept with someone before but I wasn’t going to pound her on the off chance that she might be a slut. So I asked her.
“Have you had sex before?” I asked nonchalantly
“Yes” I wasn’t surprised
“How often?”
“Once” she replied. Now I was surprised. After breaking that boundary I would have thought she would get fucked like a dog in heat. Feeling better about knowing I didn’t have to hold back, and that I was about to fuck Isabella against her will, I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it against her cilt. She began to squirm a little and her pussy began to overflow with juices appearing. I then put it in. It was incredibly tight. She let out a loud moan as my cock hit her cervix, her breasts wobbling because of the impact. I began moving backwards and forward as I fucked her, picking up speed as time went by. Her moans grew ever louder until she was screaming.
“FUCK, OH FUCK YEAH! FUCK ME HARDER JOHN FUCK MEEEEEEEE” just to let you know my name is John. I continued to fuck her faster and harder until she gave one massive scream as the orgasmed. Her pussy clenched my cock soo hard I was unsure I would be able to get it out again. Pussy Juice gushed out of her as she continued to orgasm.
I gave her a moment until it died down a bit. She was obviously a little dazed but she would come round quickly. I wrapped my arm around her back and lifted her up so I was the only thing supporting her. Moving my arms around carefully I positioned myself to a position where I could fuck her without dropping her, by which time she had come round and had her hands grasping my back for support.
I began moving her her up and down making her ride my cock. Her pussy much have been very sensitive at this point as she very quickly began to moan very loudly. I continued to pound her pussy harder and harder, just as she asked. I felt myself on the verge of Cumming and I knew she was near her third. I picked up the pace
“Lets come together Master” she begged. I was surprised but happy she enjoyed fucking me so much I gave one last thrust before sending several long shot of come up into her pussy as she orgasmed. I gently let her down onto the desk again and let her ride out her orgasm as she twitched silently. After several minutes she sat up with a slight smile on her face.
“You will not tell anyone what has happened this night. You will however retain all memory of what has occurred and if you wish to fuck again come to my house at 6 o’clock, make sure you arn’t followed!”
I stood up, got dressed and left with a huge grin. All I could think of at that point was “I got to fuck Isabella”. This is only the start.


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Hope there is another part to come

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Continue pleas!! Continue pleas!! Continue pleas!! Continue pleas!!

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Continue pleas!! Continue pleas!! Continue pleas!! Continue pleas!!


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Nice story, It could be more interesting if it continued

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Isabella got fucked by her brother?

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