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The second sister
After Stacey left, I went back into the house to find Jane standing in the hallway with just her top.
“I was gonna go home but I can find my jeans”. Jane said

I couldn’t help but notice how smooth and tanned her legs were, I could even see the outline of her pussy through her black lace thong. “Oh fuck, what can I do to fuck this girl. I taught to myself.

“What the hell are you doing?” I said to her jokingly
“I can’t find jeans” she replied laughing

I was surprised that she was comfortable with walking around the house with just her top, then it got to me we were all drinking not so long ago.

“Come help me find them and where the hell is frank”? She said.
“How I am supposed to know that, you are the girlfriend remember? I answered.
“And you are the housemate” she replied. “Yeah but that doesn’t mean I’ll know everything about him” I replied.
“You guys are weird housemates” she said.
“Shut up or I’ll spank your bare ass” I said jokingly.

She looked at me and gave me a little smile, which was enough to bring back the cock feelings I had for her before seeing her gorgeous younger sister, my heart starts pumping to the idea that I might fuck this girl tonight. I was relived when she told me she was going to check for her jeans in frank’s room. I needed a little time to think about this, she was my Franks girlfriend, my housemate and a very good friend, I need to play my cards right. I was excited, my night was getting even better, never taught staying because of no money would produce such a wonderful night to remember, I mean it will be a fucking good thing to brag about fucking two sister in one night. While praying my luck will shine, Stacey crossed my mind, I taught of how good it felt when I fucked her young pussy, and the way she said goodbye. Then it hit me, Stacey’s handbag was bigger than when she came and I was quite sure I saw something blueesh poking out her bag, It might be Jane’s jeans but I wasn’t sure of this so I kept my mouth shut. Jane walks out of franks room.

“Any luck?” I asked.
“Nooooooooo” she said frustrated. “How can you lose a pair of jean in this small house?” I asked again.
“I dunno, I took it off a while me and frank was...” she stopped. “ Was what? Fucking” I said jokingly
“Hey!!!” she replied
“Hey why don’t I bring a pair of mine for you to wear for the time being, before I rip off that thong of your and do stuffs to you” I said to her.
“Oh please do, I don’t wanna be a victim of rape” She said smiling.

I went to my room to get a pair of jeans for her and at the same time I called frank to see what’s up with him. Frank was somewhere in town, he refused to give me more details but he ended the call with him saying he will be back very soon, what a fucked up situation this is turning out to be I taught to myself, I was beginning to think this will be a waste of time, What am I even doing, I just met a fucking hot girl, it’s too early for me to spoil things by fucking her elder sister. Today turned out to be great, I should end it here and hope for a better situation to fuck Jane.

Jane was watching MTV in the living room, I went in and handed her the pair of jean I had for her. I sat down on the couch to join watch MTV, Jane gets up and started to put on the jeans in front of me covering the screen, I found myself paying attention to her juicy butt chics as it force its way into the jeans.

“Even in a guy jean your ass still looks sexy” I said. “You perv stop starring at my ass” She replied.
“What would you have me do when you were covering the screen with that juicy ass of yours” I replied.
She takes her right and spanks her ass “Thanks for noticing my ass” she said smiling.
That got my cock rising to its peak.
“Hey can I get in on the spanking action” I asked.
“No way, I have a boyfriend” She replied throwing herself back on couch I was sitting.

Boyfriend my ass, for what I know he might be fucking another girl right at this moment I taught to myself. That’s right, frank never took this girl as his girlfriend, they don’t do what couples normally do and she only comes at night and leaves in the morning. What the fuck am I doing acting like a child, Frank will be here soon and I’m here having careless conversation.

“Do you have cigarettes”? She asked.
I reached for my pocket and brought out the 20 pack of B&H I had. I handed a stick to her and took one for myself; we both went to my kitchen window for a smoke. Jane stood in front, resting her hands on the window and I stood behind her getting a perfect view of her well shaped ass. It was then I noticed the jeans was still unbuckled because the waist was too small for her hips, the sight of her thong poking out of the jeans got me turned on even more.

“Don’t you guys sleep in this house, it fucking 5 in the morning” Jane asked
“Well I don’t have uni tomorrow I mean today, so I can stay up late as I want” I answered
“Oh okay, well am going to bed after this smoke” she said replied.
“Where is frank?” She asked again “I want to talk to him” she went on saying.
“I have no idea where frank is” I answered her.
“Are you making that up?” She asked.
“Why would I” I answered.

She smiled at me I smiled back, I took my right and slides it through the little space the unbuckle jeans made between the fabric and her ass. I grabbed I her ass tight, oh fuck this feels soo soft I taught to myself.

“Hey don’t do that, It’s wrong” She said while taking my hand off her ass. “
Why not? Because of frank? I asked.
I was fully prepared for her, because I knew her answer would be yes.
“Nooooo. It’s because you fucked my younger sister you twat! She said jokingly. That I did not expect, and it left me speechless for a while.
“Did you think no one heard you two, it was soooooo soo embarrassing hearing my younger sis being fucked hard by a guy” she said. I let out some laughter,
“It’s not funny” she went on saying.

She ashes her cigarette and threw it out of the window. I did the same and went for a sit on the couch, still laughing to cover my agony and still nothing to say. I was confused at that moment because I was not sure if she’ll still fuck me after hearing me ramming her sister in the toilet. Fuck it, I taught to myself, there is nothing I can say to her that will change her mind if she doesn’t want to fuck me, but it’s a different story if how I fucked Stacey turned her on.

“Stacey enjoyed herself with me in the toilet” jokingly said.
“I know she did, her voice covered yours” she said smiling.

Hey now that’s positive talk, maybe this girl actually wants to fuck me. She left the kitchen to have a sit with me on the couch. Oh nice, me thinking to myself she even not going to bed anymore. I leaned toward her, her hips brushing my waist, I could already feel how soft her skin was. I leaned closer again this time I put my left hand in between her laps, feeling her soft thighs.

“Stop it” she said in a weak tone removing my hand from her thighs.

Oh nice, this is what Stacey did to me in the end I fucked her pussy dry in the toilet. I went in again, this time I went for her breast, her nipples was already rock hard, I squeezed her nipples a little bit then leaned sideways to get a hold of bra buckle.

“Frank we’re not doing anything tonight” she said, I ignored her totally. My heart was racing, my cock was on full erection, she wouldn’t let take off her bra, ignored that too and try to remove her top. “Please stop” she pleaded, hitting me and taking my hands off her.

“Am I making you uncomfortable? I asked
“No you’re not, I just don’t want to do anything with you” She replied.
“Jane you are saying you don’t want to but your body is saying something else. Would it help if I told you how long I have being waiting to do this?” I said.
“No it won’t” She said.

I was frustrated, my cock wants to explode I searched through my mind for help, I did not know how to counter or change her mind. I took a deep breath, stood up and went to the toilet. The taught of masturbation came to me, i shook off the taught and rang frank to find out what he was up to. A girl pick up the phone, it was Leanne, Frank’s ex, I honestly am tired of counting how many times they broke up and got back together but that not the issue, it seems frank was not coming back home very soon. I went back to the living room, switch off the TV while Jane was still watching and I told we should go to bed that it has gotten really late or rather really early. She agrees and joins me to my room. Getting into my room she took off the jeans I gave to her.

“Hey don’t think because I’m sleeping in the same room with you means I’m going to fuck you” She said covering herself with the duvet.
“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything if you don’t want me too.” I replied.

I stripped totally nude and joined her under the duvet. I swear she saw me taking off all my clothes and she said nothing. While under the duvet I put my hands between her thighs again, her skin felt soo smooth it got me hard again. I began to massage her thighs slowly moving my hand to her pussy, I felt her wetness from her damped thong and I shifted her thong sideways and felt her dripping wet pussy. God today must be my lucky day, I get to fuck two sister with rain forest pussies, I slide two fingers into her, immediately she takes them out, I cupped one of her breast squeezing her rigid nipples with frustration, again she removes my hands from her breast. This time around I taught it was better because she just lay on the bed letting me do I want without saying stop, but I needed to do something she won’t be able to resist. I lean close to her the aromas of her hair, her perfume, her skin wafting through the air, I took my rock hard cock and use her thong to suspend my cock against her ass then I began to move my waist. The feeling of my cock caressing her ass felt so good, my precum dripped down my hard 9 inch cock. Soon Jane became powerless to the sensation she began to move her hips in a different motion from mine, which made the pleasure more intense, as soon I noticed her desire for my cock, I reached for a condom on the lamp table beside my bed and mounted Jane, I spread her leg wide open, moved her thong sideways to reveal her fucking wet pussy, Her pussy smelt so good as I put my tongue in her and lick her teen pussy juice.
She helps herself taking off her top and her bra while I sucked her dry, she grabs my head then began to move her hips.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh” she moaned in a high pitch voice,
my right hand moves to her breast massaging those juicy 36D breast, her breathing became heavy, hips tempo increased the moaning became louder

“OH, OH, OH, you are going to make me cum,
Oh don’t stop, don’t stop” but I stopped. I love teasing girls in bed after all she was fronting for me earlier on, so wanted to make her mad even for a second.
“What the Fuck don’t stooooopp” she pleaded
I dragged her hips towards mine, and teased her a little more with my cock head.

“Stick it in quick” she pleaded.
I teased her a little and shoved all 9 inch deep into her sweet pussy in one thrust,

“FUCK YEAH” She screamed, i shoved another hard thrust into her she goes

she grabs my ass with her two hands, God you are soo big, I love the feeling of you inside me” She moaned
Her moaning turned me on even more I kept shoving my cock hard and fast into her, my phone rings, I looked, it was frank. I did not give a fuck, he can walk in right now and it won’t stop me from fucking Jane. Jane’s moist pussy making noise when my dick goes into her, I fuck and fucked her, she moved her hips like a belly dancer continuously, “OH my pussy loves that cock make me cum, I want to cum on your dick. I felt my dick getting harder, she wraps her leg around my waist, her body twitching
“Oh, Oh Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh my God am fucking CUUUMMMMIIINNnnnnnnggg oh, oh, oh”
her mouth reaches for my neck and bites me while she cums.

“Turn over let me get you off” she said.

We switch position she is now on top, my cock still hard, she took my cock in between her moist lips, she use her tongue to lick her cum from my cock and took off the condom. “What is with these sister and skin to skin sex” thinking to myself. She deeps throat my cock, I held her head down and slowly shoved my cock deep into her throat almost made me cum. I wanted to fuck her hard again, I tell to stop , she position doggie and told me to

“Put that cock back in” she said.
I rammed my cock in to her sweet wet pussy, ramming her rapidly on the bed, our skin clapping each other, sweats running down from our body, I cupped one of her breast, she let out more moan.

“Fuuuuuuck, Fuuuuuuuck, Fuuuuuuuuck me” Her hand moves down to her clits, I supported her with my other hand, I stopped massaging her breast, I pulled back her hair hard, she screams.
“Yes, Yes, Yess, Ohh yes babe, Oh baby, fuck my pussy hard, I want to feel your cum in me, cum in my fucking pussy!!”
I was at my limit, She began moving her hips again, i pulled her back towards my chest, supported her with one of my hands squeezing her breast. “OH fuck, I gonna cum” I moaned.

“me too baby me too”
“Fuck, your pussy is so fucking good, whine that hips for me.”

I squeezed her breast together as we came together.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck, fuuuuuuuck, fuuuuuck, fuuuck, fuck, fuck” she moan in sort of a crying way.

I lay back on the bed, Jane reaches for cock, licking the mixture of our cum off my dick. We slept off with a satisfied feeling.

The End Of Part Two

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bad english or horrendous misspelling notwithstanding, the story tittilates

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bad english or horrendous misspelling notwithstanding, the story tittilates

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Through your mother ass you fucking cunt. write one for yourself lets see how good your english is homo. Go buy a novel if you want good english and writing skills, when your were in english class I was busy fucking the maths teacher in the toilet. Stop whining in a fucking free porn-site, masturbate and log off and pray you get a chance like this, you fucking twat.

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I'm sorry but lack of a grasp for the english language and lack of spelling skills makes trying to read this thing too difficult. And that is a sad statement for someone that is old enough to be in college. How did you get out of high school? sad sad sad Please get some remedial education.

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