This story will have lesbian and threesome sex
Chapter Five – Here comes the Queen of the School

There had been quite a lot of guilt for Rachel Smith, over molesting her best friend while he slept. At least there had been at first. Eventually she discovered that night after night of orgasming until she passed out, was quite an effective cure for guilt. Just after month two of her sexual activities with her oblivious best friend, she was completely guilt free. She knew she was being a depraved, selfish, nymphomaniac bitch, but she was guilt free nonetheless.

It was at about this point however that she made her first critical mistake; a mistake that not only risked her secret being exposed to Mark, but to her entire school. In a moment of weakness, a moment of foolish prideful 'Rachelness,' she had done the worst thing possible. She had started bragging.

It had happened after cheer practice one afternoon, after everyone had showered. Rachel was walking by wearing a little white towel, when she caught Jennifer talking to the rest of the squad. Jennifer Taylor, Queen B of Martin High. The B of course stood for bitch. She was Queen B of the universe as far as Rachel was concerned. She just couldn't stand that girl.

Nevertheless, the brunette bombshell was one of the most popular girls in school, and on very friendly terms with the rest of the squad. About the only popular person Jennifer really hated seemed to be Rachel. Which was one of the reasons Rachel wasn't one of the cheerleaders who were gathered around Jennifer, listening in rapt attention to what she was saying. Rachel listened as she opened up her locker and pulled out some clean clothes.

"I'm telling you girls, Jason is not only a total hottie, he has to be the best lay in school!" Jennifer bragged. This comment definitely caught Rachel's attention. "The guy's hung like a bull, and last night. He made me cum five times!"

Rachel made the mistake of laughing loud enough for Jennifer to hear. The other girls were a little too wrapped up in the story to notice. But Jennifer noticed. She noticed and glowered at her rival. And once Rachel was dressed in blue jeans and a pink tank top, the rest of the squad had left the locker room, all of them except for her and Jennifer.

"What do you think you were laughing at?!" Jennifer snapped, stalking up to the Rachel.

That caused Rachel's ego to kick into overdrive. She had something to hold over Jennifer's head, and that immediately put her into brag-without-thinking-mode. "Why shouldn't I laugh? I mean five orgasms? Please!"

"Oh like your BF ever gave you close to that many? Oh wait, that's right! You don't have a BF, do you Rachel? And it isn't like the whole school doesn't know you're still a virgin! Where does a prude like you get off..."

"For your information, Jennifer, I am not a virgin!" Rachel cut her off. "And I am so not a prude!"

Jennifer scoffed at that. "Let me guess Rachel, you finally decided to commit social suicide, and boned that loser friend of yours!"

"He is not a loser! And I get way more than five orgasms from him! Five doesn't even qualify as a warm up!"

"Yeah, well let’s see how much you like fucking him, after I tell the whole school about it!" Jennifer sneered, as she turned and walked towards the door. Rachel grabbed her shoulder before she went.

"Wait, don't!"

Jennifer turned with a malevolent smile. "This is the best piece of gossip I've had in a long time! Every student in is going to know Rachel Smith fucks losers!"

"I don't care about the whole stupid school!" Rachel blurted out. "I just don't want Mark to know!"

Jennifer paused, and then smiled. "If you've been fucking him, how couldn't he know? I knew it, you were lying! Like that freak would know anything about pleasing a woman!"

"I was not lying!! Mark just..." She hesitated. "... Doesn't know I've been screwing him... And I like it that way..."

Now Jennifer looked confused. "What do you mean he doesn't know? How can a guy not know that he's getting laid?"

Okay, Rachel knew she had already said way too much. "Uh... He just doesn't, okay?!"

Jennifer had a knack for reading people, and it was clear that she sensed Rachel was hiding something. "Come on Rachel. Cough it up! Or should I just ask Mark himself?"

"No, don't!" she gasped. Damn she had really stepped into a great huge pile of horseshit this time. "Mark, he... He's a really deep sleeper, okay? And nothing I do wakes him up..."

Jennifer paused and seemed to be letting her mind process this. "So what you’re saying... is that you've been fucking Mark Johnson... and he doesn't even know? He sleeps through it every time?"

Rachel started to blush a little at being busted and calmly nodded. "Call it a fetish okay? I like knowing he has no idea."

Jennifer squealed with delight. "Oh this is just too perfect!! This is going straight to the school newspaper!! Right after I tell everything to your fuck toy!"

Rachel grabbed her by the shoulders again as she headed for the door. "No Jennifer, please don't! I'll do anything!"

"Rachel I don't think there is anything you could do, that would make me give this up! This is the single juiciest piece of gossip I've ever had! I wouldn't keep my mouth shut for all..."

"I'll share!!" Rachel shouted.

Jennifer paused for a quick second; Again that malevolent smile crossed her face. "Share what? Johnson?! What makes you think that I'd ever want to fuck that freak?"

Rachel stepped up and looked seriously into her eyes. "Maybe because you're under the impression those five orgasms you had was a lot? Tell me Jennifer, how long does Jason go for? Fifteen maybe twenty minutes at most?"

Jennifer smiled, and made an obvious lie. "More than half an hour actually!"

"Mark can go for hours. Almost all night sometimes."

Jennifer's smile fell. "Bull!"

"And the orgasms! I wasn't exaggerating Jennifer; five doesn't even qualify as a warm up!"

"Oh and how many are we talking then?" Jennifer asked skeptically.

Rachel smirked and made a casual shrug. "Not sure. I'm usually too busy enjoying myself to keep counting past twenty something."

This made the other girl go pale. "T-twenty...?" She scowled and pursed her lips. "Okay, now I know your lying!!"

"Lying?" Rachel laughed. "I'm not even half done by the time I reach twenty! And if you don't believe me, I'm more than happy to prove it! Mark is a sex God!"

At this point, the gossip Jennifer had been so happy about slipped her mind. And she just silently stared for a few minutes as she processed what Rachel had said. "... Okay... maybe I am interested... But if you're lying..."

"I'm not lying! It will only take five minutes for Mark to make you forget about Jason, trust me! Then you can spend the next few hours enjoying the best sex of your life!"

"But I always have a man go down on me before I fuck him! He can't do that while he sleeps!"

"Oh yes he can," Rachel promised. "And he can do that for hours too. You wouldn't believe how long his tongue is."

Jennifer hesitated again. "Okay... you've sold me... for now."

Rachel smiled. "So we have a deal?"

Jennifer smiled back; her smile however had a cruelty to it. "No. Not quite."

Rachel face faulted. "What?"

"I want something else too." She stepped in close to the head cheerleader. "Like I said, I like to have my pussy licked. And I've always heard that women are better at it than men, but I've never had a woman before." Her evil smile widened. "Lately I've been thinking about giving it a go, but I haven't been able to decide who. Now however, that I've got some leverage, and..."

Jennifer was a little startled when Rachel pushed her up against the lockers and fell to her knees. She lifted her black mini skirt, pulled down black lace panties then dove in with her tongue. Rachel was pleased by her rival's surprised gasp. Jennifer had expected her to be reluctant, to argue with her.

"Ahhh, Rachel hold on! I... Uhhh!!"

"Mmmm, yummy!"

It wasn't long for Jennifer to start moaning and grinding her pussy into Rachel's face. "Ohhh, you've done this before, haven't you?"

Rachel stopped long enough to answer. "Let's just say you're not the first woman I've shared Mark with. Mmmm!"

Jennifer threw back her head and groaned. Rachel's skilled and experienced tongue had her cumming within minutes. What an amateur, this girl was too easy... Tasty though. Rachel was quite enjoying the new flavor. Very different from Amy, Jennifer was just a little sweet and a lot muskier. The scent and flavor of her arousal was strong, but Rachel loved it. Jennifer didn't hold back her orgasms like Amy either, just shuddered and moaned when Rachel licked her in just the right places. She didn't have to work for the delicious treat at all.

"Oh God!!" Rachel got her to about six orgasms so easily it was almost funny. And already Jennifer's knees were turning to jelly, what a fucking lightweight! "Rachel, I don't think I can take anymore!"

Rachel looked up at her and whispered, "Just a little more," before resuming her meal.

Her moans got louder, and then she grabbed two handfuls of red hair. "Mmmm, you really like that don't you Rachel? You're such a cunt slut!" Her moaning got louder as she continued talking. "This is right where you belong! On your knees, worshipping my pussy! Eat it you bitch!! Show me you know who the better woman is, eat it!!"

Rachel bit down her pride and let Jennifer enjoy her little domination fantasy. She'd put her in her place soon enough. For now she'd spend some time enjoying her sexy team mate's delicious pussy. 'Let’s see just how hard I can make this bitch cum.'

Pretty hard, was the answer to that question. The way Jennifer shuddered, the way her legs nearly collapsed beneath her and the way she barely managed to stifle her scream. Rachel was pretty certain this was not only the hardest she had ever cum, but that this was probably her first multiple orgasm too. But she was going to have to get used to cumming like that if she really planned on joining her with Mark tonight.

Rachel decided to give her ten orgasms, doubling Jason’s pitiful record, before stopping. If Rachel was in Jennifer's shoes she would be demanding more, but Jennifer just sighed seeming tremendously satisfied. She would learn the true meaning of satisfaction tonight though.

Rachel looked up at the sweaty brunette, who had a wide smile on her face. "So Jennifer, women lick pussy as well as you heard?"

Looking down on her, still smiling, she groaned out her reply. "Mmmm, better."

Rachel stood up licking her lips, and looked into Jennifer's eyes. "Glad to know you enjoyed it."

"I guess you want me to return the favor now, huh?" she asked, with a suggestive smile.

Rachel smiled back, getting tingly at the prospect of feeling Jennifer's tongue inside her. "Yeah That would be nice."

In reply to that Jennifer leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth. Rachel kissed back. 'She may be a little lacking in experience when it comes to real pleasure, but at least she can kiss.' It was really good, and Rachel was getting hotter and more anxious for Jennifer's tongue by the second... But the brunette burst her bubble when she pulled out of the kiss.

"Eat your pussy? I don't think so, Rachel. Ewww!" And before Rachel could even register what she had said, Jennifer was out the door with a few parting words. "See you tonight."

Rachel just froze, and stared at the swinging doors Jennifer had just exited through. "... You bitch... You selfish BITCH!!!"

Nothing made Rachel crankier than being horny and having to wait for her release. And with a lover like Mark at her disposal every night, she never masturbated; considered it to be a waste of time. So she was going to have to save it for later; looks like her and Mark were going to bed early again tonight. Jennifer was going to pay for this, Rachel didn't care how delicious her pussy had been. She was not getting it licked again until she returned the favor. And she was going to be making it up for at least an hour. That'd show that selfish slut!

She smiled at that thought. First, she'd have to arrange tonight's three way. Cum first, then get revenge on Jennifer later. Yeah, now that was a plan.


That evening, Mark decided to get bitchy, like he often would when Rachel was extra horny and wanted to go to bed early. She said she was tired, but he started whining. Tonight he wanted to stay up to watch his wrestling.

"It's Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson versus The Undertaker! I can't miss this, Rachel! Go to bed without me, I'll join you when it’s finished."

"But Mark, you know I can't go to sleep without you!" she whined. She of course left out the reason she couldn't get to sleep without him. Pure sexual satisfaction was more effective than any sleeping pill on the market.

"Fine, then why don't you sit up and watch it with me?"

She frowned at that. He knew she hated his stupid fake wrestling! And even if she liked it, she'd still want to go to bed now anyway. But this isn't the first time he'd tried to stay up, and she knew how to get her own way by now. Besides she'd just called Jennifer, and given her a short sweet message before hanging up.

"Be outside my window in fifteen, or I'm starting without you."

So naturally she was on a schedule here. She walked up behind him, where he sat on the sofa, watching her giant television. And while he was distracted she pressed her thumb into the side of his neck. Before he even knew what was happening, he passed out and slumped over to the side. Rachel giggled evilly.

"What was that Mark? You're tired after all and want to go to bed with me now? Sure Mark, I'll carry you up, I don't mind." She lifted him off the sofa and started to carry him up the stairs. Rachel Smith was much stronger than your average teenage girl, so Mark was pretty light to her.

As she carried him up her mind started to wander. After having sex with him, and particularly after becoming so worried when Amy had kidnapped him, she had been forced to re-think her feelings about him. Did she love him? Sure, always had, always will. But was that why she was still having sex with him? ... Not so much.

She had sex with him, because it felt good. She loved everything about his body, the wonderful feeling she got when his big cock slid in and out of her body, the delicious flavor of his sexual release, the way he would moan and shudder beneath her with ecstasy when she made him cum. It was all so good. But she soon realized love had little to do with it. And she made a decision that would keep her happy for now.

She loved Mark. He was her best friend, and she liked what they had during the day. But after he fell asleep, it was as if he ceased to be Mark in her eyes. It might sound disrespectful to her friend, and even a little evil, but when Mark fell asleep she liked to call him her sex toy. An entire human body, designed for the sole purpose of giving her pleasure. And he was all hers!

She had the best of both worlds this way, fantastic sex every single night, with absolutely no changes to her precious day to day friendship with Mark. Some people might say it was unfair to him, but it wasn't like it was all bad. He didn't need his cum; if she didn't milk his cock every night he wouldn't have become nearly as popular in the last month as he had. Girls liked a guy who isn't always thinking about sex. In Rachel's honest opinion, things were better this way.

Her fun was sure to be revealed to him eventually, she wasn't naive enough to think she could get away with it forever. One day he was going to wake up, or she was going to slip up. And when he found out, she'd make it up to him by letting him fuck and cum in her as much as he liked. Sometimes she even found herself fantasizing about the day he woke up, and he was fully aware of all the pleasure she gave him. She would make him feel sooo good; he would forgive her in a second. But until that day came, she would enjoy him as her sex toy.

By the time she had him on her bed, had stripped off all his clothing and was eagerly stroking his big cock, she heard a tap on the window. In her excitement, she had already forgotten about Jennifer. Ever since her experiences with Amy, she had acquired a real taste for pussy. As great as Mark was, sometimes only a female body would really hit the spot. And
with Amy gone, Rachel had formulated a little plan to get Jennifer to provide that female body whenever she wanted it. Tonight was the first step in that plan.

Walking up to the window, she opened it and smiled at the brunette who was waiting. Jennifer scowled at Rachel, probably for making her wait.

Rachel smiled into her rival's narrowed eyes. "All wet and ready to start Jennifer?"

Jennifer replied harshly.


"You took your time!" she hissed. Jennifer Taylor was not a woman who liked to be kept waiting. Granted Rachel had only left her out there for a couple of minutes, but the stupid bitch should have left the window open for her.

She climbed in through the window, and looked around Rachel's totally lame bedroom. But before she could make any scathing comments about her lack of style, she noticed Mark on her bed. Asleep, totally naked, and with what can only be described as a meaty flagpole pointing towards the ceiling. She found herself being drawn to it, crawling across Rachel's bed, coming up to it for a closer look on her hands and knees.

He had at least a couple of inches on Jason. And as she studied the rest of his naked body, she couldn't help but realize how nice it was. Firm toned muscles, and she would never admit it but he was also really cute when he was sleeping. Why did he hide it all under those cheap baggy clothes? And that cock. That was one nice piece of meat; she was soon stroking it and smiling as she heard Mark moan.

There was an unusual urge to put it in her mouth. Jennifer Taylor was always a little too proud to do something she considered so demeaning. A few guys had asked for it from her, but why should she?! What kind of pleasure was she going to get from doing that? Sure, she pretty much commanded anyone she fucked to eat her out, but she was never too big on returning the favor. Jennifer was just selfish that way.

For some reason though she found herself really tempted to see what Mark tasted like. It probably had something to do with him not being awake to fully appreciate it. But still she decided against it and resisted the urge. Who cared about Mark's pleasure, her pussy needed some attention, and now!

She looked back at Rachel, when she felt her reaching up her miniskirt, and slipping off her panties.

"I don't think you're going to be needing those," Rachel giggled.

Jennifer followed Rachel's lead and pulled off her pink tank top, revealing the large firm breasts beneath. In moments both girls were completely naked, and Jennifer was again on her hands and knees stroking Mark's long hard cock. Man, he was a lot thicker than Jason too, and more often than not that was where it counted for a woman. In all honesty, despite Jennifer telling everyone he was hung like a bull, he was a little narrow.

Mark though! Oooh! She was finding herself quite looking forward to feeling this thing inside her. Turning her head again, she felt Rachel grabbing a tanned butt cheek. Jennifer sunbathed in the nude, so she only had a slight tan line where her panties usually were.

"So Jennifer…are you gonna put that cock where you need it, or are you just going to kneel here stroking it all night?"

She smiled back. "Actually I usually like to have a little tongue to warm me up first."

With a moan, Rachel leaned forward and lapped at her pussy from behind, making the brunette shiver with delight. "Mmmm, you want me to do it?"

"It is tempting Rachel, but I think I want to feel that long Mark-tongue, you've been bragging about." Shuffling forward, Jennifer looked into Rachel's eyes while she mounted the guy's face. Rachel was pouting sadly.

"Awww!" she whined.

Jennifer smiled at that. She'd always thought Rachel was such a prude. Who would've dreamed she was such an eager little cunt slut? She knew for a fact how good she was with her tongue, but she was curious to see how good Mark was. If he didn't measure up, she would probably honor Rachel with another nice long meal.

As she lowered her pussy onto the boy's mouth though, her worries about him measuring up went out the damn window. As soon as the scent of her arousal reached his nostrils, the longest tongue she had ever felt shot out and started running over all the right places. Gasping, she almost fell over, and heard Rachel giggling at her.

"Like that, Jennifer?"

"Oh... God! Sweet Jesus!"

Damn, if this was real pussy licking, what the hell had Jason been doing?! The quarterback would often take five to ten minutes to make her cum and then he'd stop. But what Mark was doing had her ready to orgasm almost instantly! And this was too good for her to even think about letting him stop.

She thought her tongue bath from Rachel this afternoon had been good, but it was clear to Jennifer now that she had been holding back. Mark however was doing no such thing, and in no time her whole body was shuddering into one of the most intense orgasms she had ever felt. Her juices dripped into his mouth, and he slurped away eagerly.

"Ohhh fuuuck!!"

What the hell had she been missing?! She thought she was experienced, but that one orgasm was better than every time with Jason combined. That loser was never having sex with her again! Mark Johnson was a true stud!

Moaning she ground her pussy into his face as he kept licking. Dear God, she was going to be cumming more than just once on this tongue! She looked at Rachel as she crawled towards Mark's cock and prepared to mount it.

"I'll keep this warm for you until you're ready to use it."

Already on the edge of her second orgasm, Jennifer snapped at her. "No! Don't you dare put that cock in your pussy, until I've used it! You can have it after I've finished with it! Uhhh!"

Pausing, Rachel frowned at her, but did as she was told and knelt down next to him, where she took his cock into her mouth and contentedly started sucking on it. "Mmmm!"

Jennifer knew it; Rachel was a totally depraved whore! And as she shuddered into a third fantastic orgasm, a plan started to formulate in her mind. If Rachel wanted her to keep her secret from Mark, she would have to keep sharing. Also she would have to eat her pussy out as often as she wanted. These thoughts had her even hotter!

When she was done with Rachel, she was going to be her eager cunt-licking lesbian slave, and Mark was going to be all hers! And if Rachel was a good obedient little slave, maybe she'd let her have an orgasm or two... Probably not though. Only her pleasure ever mattered, Rachel could just suffer while her and her fuck toy pleasured their mistress to her heart's content.

God, just the thought of that had her rewarding Mark with more of her juices. As she rode his face, she looked into Rachel's eyes, who were still slurping on that cock. Smiling evilly, she started to massage her ample 34DD breasts. She always knew that Rachel was jealous that she had bigger boobs that her. And this was her way of rubbing it in her future slave's face. And by the envious look in the red head's eyes she knew it was working.

"Mmmm, you like that pussy, Mark? That's what a real woman tastes like! You wanna see what I feel like too?"

Frowning at her rival, Rachel stopped sucking, but didn't say a word. Jennifer lifted her pussy up from his face, shuffled forward and was soon poised above his cock. Mark had craned his neck in search of the missing pussy, but Jennifer was eagerly replaced by Rachel.

"Mmmm, that's good baby, just like that!" Rachel moaned, as Mark's tongue got to work on her. "Rachel needs to cum!"

Grabbing Mark's cock, Jennifer gingerly caressed the head with the outside of her juicy pussy. She was really looking forward to feeling him inside her now, but before taking Mark inside she watched Rachel for a little bit. The red headed slut was moaning and shuddering, with a huge grin on her face. Jennifer smiled at that. She'd let Rachel enjoy her fuck toy this one last night before taking him for herself.

With that thought she started to descend, and moaned as Mark's cock slid into her aching empty pussy. She had never been so happy to be penetrated. It felt better than she could have imagined, and to her shock and delight she shuddered into yet another orgasm once she buried him to the hilt. She had never been this full of cock in her life, and it felt fantastic.

"Oh yeeesss!!"

Rachel giggled as she rode Mark's face, and watched Jennifer's eyes roll into the back of her head. "So then Jennifer? Is he everything I promised he'd be?"

Jolt after jolt of pleasure racked her body as she started to let her hips rise and fall. "He's wonderful!! I'm never going to fuck Jason ever again!!"

"Mmmm! I told you! You go ahead and ride that cock all you like Jennifer, this stud will never cum too early."

Jennifer moaned as her riding motions quickened. God, it was already better than any sex she had ever had, and Mark was barely warmed up! Rachel had been absolutely right! Mark Johnson was a sex GOD!! For her, sex had usually lasted until the guy came, but if what Rachel said was true that would take Mark hours. There was no way she could take this kind of pleasure for that long!

She was going to be fully satisfied long before Mark came inside her. Not that Mark cumming was high on Jennifer's list of priorities. As always her own pleasure was of foremost importance, and if Mark didn't get any that wasn't her problem. That kind of selfish dominance was always a huge turn on for Jennifer. Where she cums her brains out and her lover is left frustrated. There was a lot of that in Rachel's immediate future. She would eat Jennifer's pussy every single day, but Jennifer would never return the favor. She would also make Rachel watch while she fucked Mark, but wouldn't let her ever join in. Yeah, that bitch was going to suffer!

Again the thoughts of turning Rachel into her slave had her cumming hard. The great big cock sliding in and out of her was her property now! She was going to have it every single night, and brag to the suffering, sexually frustrated Rachel about how good it felt, while she made her watch. In that moment Jennifer Taylor felt like the luckiest girl on the planet.

Dear God, Rachel really hadn't been exaggerating! Not only had Mark already mutilated Jason's pitiful record of five orgasms, he had also shot past the ten Rachel had given her earlier in the day. She was approaching twenty and Mark wasn't even close to cumming yet! Jennifer was already exhausted from all the pleasure, how the hell did Rachel do this for hours?! That lucky bitch was probably used to it!

"You like that Jennifer? You wanna cum some more? I bet you do! Here let me help." Leaning forward she took the rock hard nipple of one breast into her mouth, then grabbed the other and started to massage. This had the desired effect, and had Jennifer cumming hard again all over Mark's cock.

Damn, she was good at this! Never before had Jennifer had her breasts been pleasured so masterfully before, Jason was such a clumsy oaf with them! Oh hell yeah, Rachel Smith was going to make one fantastic pussy pleasing slave! Jennifer was almost temped to return the pleasure by fondling Rachel’s breasts too, but decided her hands could be put to better use. Grabbing a handful of red hair with one hand to hold Rachel in place, she used her other hand to start teasing her own clit as she rode.

Her climaxes came hard, fast and frequently from there. Endless electric jolts of pleasure racked her body, over and over again. The pleasure didn't wane or slow, if anything it was getting stronger and stronger. She was cumming almost constantly under the combined attention of both Rachel and Mark. Her hips were moving in a blur of the huge cock, Rachel had started to gently bite and nibble on her nipple, and each climax that hit Jennifer was harder and more intense than the last.

"Oh God, so good! It’s SO GOOD!! Uhhh, I... can't... take... much... FUUUUUCK!!!"

It was too much! Her body was totally worn out and exhausted, but her hips refused her commands to stop moving. Her brain refused to allow the pleasure to stop, yet her body simply couldn't take anymore. For Jennifer Taylor there was only pleasure; a non-stop brain melting pleasure. And then there was only darkness.


Rachel felt Jennifer's body go limp while she sucked and nibbled on her tasty nipple. Pulling away her mouth she sat up, still grinding her pussy into Mark's dutifully working tongue, and watched Jennifer collapse forward unconscious with the world's biggest smile on her face.

Rachel giggled at that. Sometimes she would pass out from the pleasure too, but it usually took her longer than that. Jennifer can't have been riding that cock for more than half an hour. Didn't matter to Rachel though, this just meant more Mark cock for her.

She reached forward and pulled Jennifer's satisfied carcass of Mark's still erect member, and let her fall to the side. The brunette lay down beside Mark on her back, still unconscious and still smiling. Rachel leaned forward and claimed his cock as her own, by taking it between her lips.


It was absolutely drenched in Jennifer's pleasure juices, and Rachel relished the chance to clean up the delicious mess. As she slowly and leisurely suckled away, she thought about her sexy team mate. She was a really inconsiderate lover. She'd made absolutely no move to give either Rachel or Mark an ounce of pleasure, her hands had been concentrating on her own body the whole time. Even Amy would return the favor when Rachel did something that she had liked. But Jennifer was a totally selfish bitch!

And for some reason, Rachel found that kind of sexy. She liked to please women; her own pleasure had always been taken care of by Mark. Once or twice she had spent hours licking out Amy, while she saved her own orgasms for her sleeping fuck toy back home. Of course most times the two women satisfied each other thoroughly.

But Jennifer the way her selfish tendencies drove her to take pleasure, without giving back one bit in return. That was kind of a turn on. But turn on or not, Rachel had every intention of feeling the brunette's tongue up between her legs. Not tonight though, tonight she would allow Jennifer to have her way.

Rachel took Mark's entire cock down her throat for a few moments, and smiled when she felt him moaning into her pussy. She had quickly mastered that deepthroating trick Amy had taught her, and used it regularly to get Mark hard. On most nights she would also use it to coax his delicious cum out into her mouth.

She pulled him out, and shuddered as she came in his mouth again. "Mmmm, did Jennifer finish too early baby? Do you want a nice tight pussy that will actually satisfy you? I bet you would."

She lifted her pussy up off his face, moved across the bed and turned to face him, his cock poised to enter her. Slowly and eagerly she lowered her hips onto him, and let him fill her up.

"Ohhh, yesss!! That's what Rachel needed!" Her hips started bouncing. "Time to make me cum some more, lover."

Mark moaned, as Rachel rode him in ways she knew pleased him. And every time she orgasmed her inner muscles would squeeze and massage him in maddeningly pleasurable ways. Several of Rachel's orgasms later, and Mark was starting to moan in that way that told her he had a tasty treat brewing just for her. She pulled him out of her, then knelt down between his legs and took his throbbing prick between her soft moist lips.

She was pretty anxious for her first helping of Mark cream tonight, and she showed this with her vigorous slurping, and deepthroating. Mark had become very, very good at holding back his cum, but Rachel had also become good at coaxing every last drop out of him. He could never hold out very long, when she wanted what he had so badly.

"Mmmm! Come on baby, give it to me! I want it!!" Rachel moaned, stroking the head of his cock with her soft cheek while she spoke. Rachel always knew by the rise in Mark's excitement that he always heard her talking. He probably thought it was a dream though, a dream he would be too embarrassed to tell Rachel about in the morning.

She was sucking and slurping hard, stroking his shaft with one hand and squeezing and tugging on his balls with the other. As Mark's moans got louder, Rachel's did too. He didn't need that cum; it was doing him no good to him in those balls of his. She was doing him a favor by milking him of his delicious cream every night. He was close, his muscles were going taught, hands were clenched into fists and his balls were starting to tighten in her massaging hand.

"Mmmm! MMMMMMMM!!!"

Just as he was about to go over the edge, Mark did something he often did before cumming. He called out Rachel's name. It was always Rachel's name he called out, even when it was someone else making him cum.


She felt her eyes roll into the back of her head as the first spurt hit the roof of her mouth, the pooled all over her tongue. Started gulping eagerly as many more shots followed, still slurping and stroking on his cock, while demandingly squeezing on his balls for more. She moaned with pleasure as Mark's every muscle went taught, his toes curled and his whole body shuddered under the treatment.

Eyes shot to the side to see Jennifer still sleeping, while Rachel continued to put everything she had into keeping Mark's delicious flow coming. She smiled around his cock as she looked at Jennifer, still eagerly gulping everything Mark had to give. That stupid brunette bitch had no idea what she was missing... but... Maybe Rachel would show her.

Her smile got wider as Mark's spurts started to die down, and she slipped her mouth of his cock when it started to soften. Then she got up on her hands and knees and crawled to Jennifer's side.


Jennifer woke up to the feeling of someone's soft moist lips pressing up against hers. Something was dripping into her mouth as she was kissed, and in her stupor she decided that she liked it, and absently swallowed. Her senses started to return slowly, and she became aware of red hair and a firm, muscular and naked body pressed up against her. Soon she was feeling a tongue slipping between her lips, and extended her own to meet it with a moan.

This was a hell of a way to wake up!

Her senses regained, the girl who had kissed her sat up and looked at her with a sinister look in her hazel eyes. "Want a second round Jennifer?" Without taking her eyes off Jennifer's, she reached to the side and started stroking Mark's cock, which immediately started hardening. "Mark's good to go, if you are."

She stared at the penis with a fair amount of shock. Here she was, sore exhausted, and more utterly satisfied than she had ever been in her life, and Mark wasn't even half done. If he was this good when he was sleeping, how good was he when he was awake? If the sex got any better than what she'd just had, it'd probably kill her! But damn, what a way to die!

"I... I want to. I really do," she said hesitantly. "It's just... um..."

Rachel smiled evilly, then reached down with her free hand and slid two fingers up into Jennifer's hot snatch without a word of warning. Naturally she gasped; almost screamed. "What's the matter? Too sore?"

"Y... Uhhhh!" Sore was an understatement. She ached all over, but as much as she hurt, what Rachel was doing felt so damn good at the same time.

"I know how that can be," Rachel giggled, sliding her two fingers in and out and teasing the clit in the most pleasurable ways with her thumb. "And I know a sure fire cure for it too... Kissing it all better."

Jennifer watched in shock, as in no time Rachel was kneeling at her feet. She spread the tanned girl's legs with her hands then leaned forward and lowered her face into her hot core, with her tongue extended. No way was Jennifer going to be able to take more orgasms, no way in hell.

"No! Rachel wai-Ahhhhhhh!!"

Ignoring the other girl’s objections, the red head was soon licking away like a pro, moaning and slurping. Jennifer lost the ability to speak as the pleasure started to rise up through her body. Rachel really HAD been holding back in their little cunt licking session earlier that day, but now she was going all out. Jennifer had never felt anything like it; her aching well fucked pussy never felt as good as Rachel's talented tongue had her cumming hard and fast. In no time Jennifer was right into it, grabbing two handfuls of red hair, and moaning as she ground her pussy up into the other girl's face.

"Ohhhhh, Rachel! More! Please more, don't stop!"


Jennifer's scheming started again as she came. She fantasized about what tomorrow was going to bring. She was going to take Mark for herself, and turn Rachel Smith into her cunt licking slave! She was going to get licked like this every day, twice during the day and a third time at night like this after being thoroughly fucked by Mark. Jennifer was going to cum more than any other girl ever had before, and Rachel was never going to cum at all! She'd probably beg eventually, but Jennifer would just laugh. Slaves don't need to cum just their masters.

Yeah, if Rachel wanted her secret kept from Mark and the rest of the school, she would do as she was told! Those thoughts alone were enough to make her cum hard, but Rachel's talented tongue helped a lot too of course. The total slut was licking and slurping away with such enthusiasm, and refused to stop. Even when Jennifer felt she'd cum too much, and told Rachel she couldn't take anymore, she would just shut her up with more orgasms. It seemed Rachel knew Jennifer's limits better than she knew them herself.

The teen hero enjoyed her meal for a good half hour, making Jennifer cum almost constantly the whole time before finally stopping. Jennifer was breathing like she'd just run a marathon, and Rachel was looking down into her aqua blue eyes and licking her lips.

"Mmmm, yummy."

Jennifer sat up and smiled back at her new lover, still panting. "You're quite the eager little cunt licker, aren't you Rachel?"

"Always," she replied, before leaning back on her bed and spreading her legs invitingly before Jennifer. "Feel up to returning the favor this time?"

Jennifer spent a moment staring a glistening pink flesh of Rachel's vagina. Strangely enough she was a little tempted to take Rachel up on her offer. Part of her thought it would be so delicious, leaning forward and pleasuring Rachel for hours and hour... No, Rachel was her slave, and she wasn't ever going to be getting an orgasm from her mistress... No matter how tempting her juicy pussy was right about now...

Jennifer heaved herself up off the bed, onto shaky legs and started gathering up her clothes. "No thanks Rachel."

Rachel had a ghost of a smile on her face as she watched Jennifer dress. "Next time maybe?"

'Don't hold your breath,' she thought, as she walked towards the window. "See you tomorrow."

As she climbed out of the window, she watched Rachel climb back onto Mark's hard cock and shiver with delight as he sank into her warm body. Jennifer had an evil smile as she climbed down off the roof.

"Enjoy him tonight Rachel, because soon he will be mine. And I'm not going to share him with you. Ever."


The following day, Jennifer waited before using what she had on Rachel to take Mark, and turn her into her sexual servant. Waiting all day, until the end of practice after school. All the girls showered, dressed, and once again she and Rachel were left alone in the girl’s locker room. She walked up to the red head with a malevolent smile on her face. This was going to be so sweet. She couldn't wait to feel her rival's tongue up inside her again.

"Rachel. We need to talk."

Rachel looked into her eyes, with a hint of evil in the smile she gave her. "Sure Jennifer. What about?"

"I'm taking Mark for myself," she replied, with a toothy grin.

To Jennifer's surprise, Rachel's smile remained. "Oh is that so?"

"Yes. You see, if you want me to keep your secret from Mark, and the rest of the school, you're going to do what I tell you. And first I am taking Mark for myself. Then I think I might make you eat out my pussy for a little while. Oh, and you're giving up the Captain's spot to me too."

Again Jennifer was surprised by Rachel's failure to drop her smile. It actually widened, and she had started laughing. "None of that is going to happen, Jennifer. Except maybe the pussy licking bit. But only if you're good."

Jennifer didn't understand Rachel's confidence, but it was making her scowl. "You listen to me Rachel! I'm holding all the cards here, and I say..."

"Are you, Jennifer?" Rachel cut her off, looking right into her eyes. "Are you really? From where I'm standing, you're in the exact same boat as I am. You've slept with Mark too. If the school finds out about what I've been doing, they'll find out about you as well."

Jennifer's malevolent smile returned. "Yeah maybe, but what's to stop me from telling Mark? I'm sure you don't want him to know."

Again Rachel laughed, causing Jennifer's smile to fall. "Please! You're forgetting who you're talking to! I'm Mark's best friend, who do you think he's going to believe? Me or the Queen Bitch of the school? Understand this you selfish egotistical bitch, if you want more Mark time, and I'm sure you really do, it is you who's going to have to do as she's told. Not me."

"Okay, now you're the one forgetting who she's talking too!" Jennifer sneered. "I am Jennifer Taylor; I can have any man I want! All I have to do is turn on the charm, and I'll have Mark eating out of my palm!"

"Not if I tell him you're planning something," she countered, still smiling evilly. "Trust me, a few choice words from me, and he'd avoid you like the plague! There is only one way you're going to ever fuck him again, and that's to be good to me."

Jennifer stared, and started to go pale like a ghost. Rachel was right, she couldn't believe it, but she had just been out-schemed by her rival. Rachel had probably been planning it this way all along. And though there was that big part of her that didn't want to let her rival win, there was a bigger part that wanted to fuck Mark again.

"I know you too well," Rachel giggled. "I knew as soon as you saw how good he was, you'd try and take him for yourself. I knew everything you were going to do, before you did. And now it seems you've backed yourself into a bit of a corner, doesn't it?"

Jennifer stared silently at her for a few moments, before Rachel stepped forward and pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees.

"You owe me a good hour's worth of tongue. And you're about to pay me with interest, bitch."

Once Jennifer was on her knees, Rachel lifted her cheer skirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties. She had obviously been planning on this, and the scent of her arousal was strong. The brunette looked up into those big hazel eyes with a nervous expression.

"B... but Rachel. I don't want to."

At first Rachel smiled, and stroked her soft brown hair affectionately. "Well Jennifer, there's a very small problem with that," she said sweetly, just before pulling hard on a handful of hair and becoming angry. "I don't give a FUCK whether you WANT TO or NOT!! You're licking my snatch, and you're licking it now!!"

She winced when her hair was pulled, but she was shocked by the fact that Rachel's dominant attitude was quite a turn on. Leaning forward, with another encouraging pull of her hair from Rachel, Jennifer stuck out her tongue and tasted pussy for the first time. She wouldn't admit it, not even to herself, but she liked the taste of it. And she decided to put some real effort into it, with the hope that Rachel would share Mark again tonight. Soon Rachel had two handfuls of hair, and Jennifer was flicking her tongue over places Rachel seemed to like.

"Mmmm! That's a good cunt-slave; you lick your mistress' pussy just like that!"

Those words caused her to hesitate for a moment, but she was soon licking again with vigor. Rachel was right; she was a cunt-slave. She had started the day thinking she was going to be in Rachel's place right now, but things had backfired. It was supposed to be her cumming into Rachel's mouth right now, not the other way around! Rachel was supposed to be her slave!

But Rachel had proved to be the better schemer this time around, which surprised Jennifer. It aroused her too. She had always thought that one of the things she was always better at than Rachel was scheming. The fact that she could be so brilliant, so calculated, really got Jennifer hot. And absently she was soon putting more into her licking because of it.

"Ooooh, yeah! That's it Jennifer! I'm cumming, just it little bit more! You want that don't you?! Yeah! Eat it! Eat it!! I'm... Cuuuuummiiiiiing!!"

Jennifer hated to admit it but this was really tasty. She still felt doing something like this was demeaning and beneath her, but at the same time she kind of liked being forced to do it. She liked being on the receiving end of the mistreatment she usually gave to her own lovers. Rachel Smith was one of the few people strong enough; worthy enough to dominate her. And though for the most part Jennifer didn't like it, there was that part of her that relished the experience.

"Did you like that, slave? I hope you do, because you're going to be doing it every single day from now on! If you want some more Mark cock, you'll be doing a lot of this! Oh Yeah!"

For what felt like more than an hour, Jennifer licked out the moaning and shuddering young woman. Eventually she was going to learn to absolutely love doing this for her mistress. And if she was really good, Rachel would make her cum too. But sometimes she would be a cruel mistress; eating her pussy but not making her cum and then leaving her hanging on the edge of orgasm to suffer. It was all worth it though, for the occasional times mistress would decide to share Mark with her. On those occasions she would be allowed to cum as much as she wanted.

So it wasn't long before Jennifer accepted the fact that she was a cunt slave. Even enjoyed it at times, though she often wished her mistress would let her cum more often. And Rachel was going to take a lot of pleasure from mistreating her new slave for a very long time, over a whole school year in fact.

But after that time, well into their senior year of high school, Jennifer's slavery was going to come to an abrupt end. The cause was something that had been a long time coming, something both Jennifer and Rachel were surprised had taken so long to happen. The day Mark Johnson finally learned the truth.


To be continued...

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