This my first short story, It is not intended to be realistic and I am aware there may be grammatical errors But I hope you enjoy
Timmy and Jessica

Jessica Was 16, Slim Built and Had Long Straight Blonde Hair, She Had Round Perky Breasts, that lots of girls envied

Jessica’s Little brother, Tim Was 12, He Was Abit of a Nerd and had some very pervy tendencies

About 7 o clock in the evening, Jessica walked into the bathroom to gather up the laundry, wondering if her parents would be late home again, ‘probably’ she though, they always are, as she bent down to pick up the dirty laundry, she noticed a pair of her panties, ‘that weird’ she thought ‘I only washed these the other day, and haven’t worn them since’ then she noticed there was a sticky stain on the crotch, ‘oh lord’ she though, realising that Tim must have stolen them and wanked into them, the though slightly aroused jess, in a moment of lust, she put on the cum soaked panties, sat down on the toilet and began to rub her tight little pussy through them, making them damp with pussy juice as well as her little brother’s spunk, her breathing fastened as she approached orgasm, she rapidly rubbed her clit through the soaked fabric of the panties, As She Came She Bucked Her Hips And rubbed her pussy hard, when she finished, she peeled off the panties and put them back in with the laundry, then took the laundry downstairs to the washing machine.

Tim watched His Big Sister jess go into the bathroom to gather the laundry, ‘Now’s my chance’ he thought to himself, and crept out of his room and into jess’s room, he quickly and decisively went to her underwear drawer and grabbed a cute looking pair with love hearts on, he silently made his way back to his room, locked the door and sat down on the bed, he looked at the panties and pulled down his trousers and pants, he was already hard, his cock pointed up into the air, he quickly wrapped the panties around his cock and began stroking it with the panties, He Started Stroking Quicker As He Thought About His Sister, He Imagined Her Sucking on his cock, He Imagined The Feeling Of Her hot mouth around his cock, the heat, the wetness, suddenly he came, shooting huge ropes of thick cum all over his chest, he lay there for a minute savouring it, Then he took the now cum soaked panties and wiped the cum off his chest, he slowly made his way to the door and looked to see if Jess was still upstairs, he was surprised to see jess come out of the bathroom, looking hot and bothered, ‘she must have just gone back in there’ Tim thought, After she went downstairs he crept into the bathroom and put the jizz soaked panties in the laundry basket And went back to his room to play computer games.

The Next Evening

Jess had been thinking about what she had seen and done yesterday evening, she was lying on her bed watching telly, and she realised that as a big sister, it was her duty to teach her little brother about things like sex, seeing as her parents were rarely home, She got up and walked out to Tim’s bedroom door, she knocked 3 times and heard him scurry about and shout “just a minute”, she waited, and he opened the door,
“hey sis what’s up?” He said slightly hurried,

“Can I come in Tim? I’ve got something very important to discuss with you”, she said, “Um right now sis? I’m kind of busy” jess could see the bulge in his pants, he had obviously been masturbating, “Yes now Tim” Tim Backed into the Room, Not realising his erection was visible through his trousers.

“Now Tim, I know it’s you that’s been stealing my panties to wank into, and that’s why I Have decided that it’s time you learnt about Sex Little Brother”, “Sex?” Tim asked innocently “what’s that?” “Well Timmy, it’s How Babies Are Made And... Hmm” Jess Thought To Herself for a Moment,

And Realised That The Best Way To Teach Timmy About Sex Was To Show Him.
“Timmy, You Don’t Need to Steal My panties, I’m Gonna Show You What Sex is” Jess Said Slightly Seductively, “show me?” Tim Said Curiously
Jess Lifted Off Her Top And Revealed Her Perky Breasts To Tim, Tim shocked And Almost Came In His Pants At The Sight of His Sexy Big Sis With Her Tits Out, Jess moved Closer to Tim And Pushed Him Down onto The bed, She Pulled Off His Shirt And Ran Her Finger Down His Chest To The Top Of His Trousers,

Suddenly Tim Started Convulsing And Filled His Pants With Hot Sticky Cum “my my aren’t you Eager” Jess Said With A Mischievous Smile “oh god I’m so sorry sis I dunno what happened” Tim Stuttered, “Its Okay Tim, It Happens, Looks Like your still hard though” Jess Said, Eyeing His Erection Through His Trousers, A Damp Spot Appearing Around the Crotch, “Here” Jess Said,

Taking His Hand And Placing It On Her Breast, She Sat Down Next to him and Slipped A hand into His Trousers And Began Stroking His Cum Covered Cock, “Oh My Lord, It’s So Big Tim” Jess Exclaimed With Surprise, “I’m Sorry Sis, I Didn’t Realise” Tim Said, “No No Don’t Apologise, This Is Great” Jess Said With Glee, She Slowly Slide his Hand Down Her Body And Into Her Pants, She Placed His Hand On Her Tiny Little Pussy And Pushed In His Finger, “That’s My Pussy Tim” She Told him, “Wow Sis, I Like it, it’s So Hot And Wet, But it’s Really Tight, It Feels Nice” Timmy Stuttered, “Move Your Finger In And Out, That Feels Really Good,” Jess Said,

Still Stroking his Cock In His Pants, Suddenly She Felt His Cock Spasm And Shoot Another Huge Load into his pants And All over her hand, she jacked his cock as he came and he bucked his hips into her hand, cum started seeping out the top of his pants, they were completely soaked around the crotch area now, and Timmy could feel cum running down his leg, “oh sis I’m sorry it happened again” Tim said, “Don’t Worry about it Tim” Said Jess, She Pulled her Hand Out of his pants and licked off all the cum, “mmm your cum tastes nice Timmy” jess said, Timmy was still fingering her tight pussy and jess was starting to feel really good, then his palm rubbed on her clit and she squeezed her legs together, “mmm Timmy, you just rubbed my clit, that feels really good for a lady” Jess said, her breathing getting heavier,

She Saw That His Cock Had Become Hard Again And Took His Hand Out Of Her Pants, She Stood up And Knelt Down In front Of Timmy And Began Pulling Down His Trousers ”I’m going to give you a blowjob Timmy, trust me, your gonna love this” Jess Said, “Blowjob?” Timmy asked, “It's Best if I Just Show You” Jess Said, She Pulled Down His Trousers, The Pulled Down His Cum Filled Pants Exposing His Huge Cum Covered Cock, It Must Have Been About 9 Inched Long And 4 Inches Around, “wow Who Knew My Little Brother Had Such A Huge Cock” Jess Said With A Seductive Lust In Her Voice,
She Stretched Her Mouth Around The Massive Head And Sucked On It A Little, While Licking Around it With Her Tongue “Oh This Is A Blow Job” Timmy Exclaimed, As His Big Sister Sucked On His Cock, As he had Fantasized About So Many Times,

Jess Forced Herself Down On His Massive Cock, Sucking it Deeper, And Deeper, Without Warning Timmy Thrust Into Her Mouth, Forcing Her To Deep throat His Enormous Cock, Jess Was Gagged At First, But then Got Into The Rhythm And Began Throat Fucking Her Little brother, “Sorry Sis, But It felt so good” Timmy said bucking his hips and forcing his cock down her throat, Jess Nodded at Timmy to let him know it was okay,

While Sucking on Her little brother’s cock, jess had an idea to try something she had seen in a porno she watched with her ex boyfriend, he didn’t want to do it, but Tim wouldn’t have a choice She decided, Without Warning Jess Stuck A Finger up Timmy’s Asshole, Timmy Yelped a little and Instantly Came Down Jess’s Throat, Shooting Thick Ropes Of Cum Straight Into her, Filling her Up, At First Jess Was Scared, She Couldn’t Breath, She Was Choking On the Cum As it Filled Her throat, She Managed To Pull Her Face Off Her Little Brothers Spasming Cock And Tried To Swallow As Much Cum As She Could, But It Flowed Out, Down Her Chin, She Pulled His Cock Out Of Her Mouth And Let It Shoot All Over Her Face And Boobs,

After Spewing Buckets Of Cum Timmy’s Gigantic Cock Stopped Shooting Cum Everywhere, But Timmy Kept Spasming, Having Dry Orgasms, Then Jess Realised, She Had Her Finger Pressed On His Prostate, Forcing Him To Keep Orgasming, She Quickly Pulled Out Her Finger And Timmy Stopped Spasming And Collapsed Backwards Onto the Bed “Oh My God Timmy Are you Okay” Jess Said Urgently
“uuuuhhhh...Sis....You’re The Best” Timmy Said With A Small Grin, Jess Was Relived That She Hadn’t Hurt Timmy And in her head planned out the next few days as she put the now sleeping Timmy in bed properly and made her way back to her own room, She Sat In front of her mirror and Cleaned off all the cum, then fell on her bed and drifted off to sleep.

The Next Morning

Jess Woke Up, Coughing And Spluttering, She Sat Up And Bent Over As She Coughed Up A Huge Amount Of Cum From Last Night, She Cleaned up And Got Ready For School, Jess Got Dressed, Feeling Particularly Naughty She Wore A Short Skirt And No Panties, With A White Tank top, She Leapt Down The stairs 2 at a time and went in the kitchen, there was a note on the fridge reading:

Dear Jess and Tim,
We are staying for a few nights in a hotel for a business conference
You were both asleep when we got back last night,
And we didn’t want to wake you,
Since you have to be up early for school
From your mum and dad

Jess Read the note and set it down on the table, she called Tim to get out of bed “Timmy Get out of Bed If You Want Some Breakfast before School!” After A Few Minutes Jess Went up Too See What Was Taking Timmy So Long, She Reached His Door and Peered Inside, She Saw him on the corner of his bed furiously masturbating,

Jess Opened The Door And Walked In, “Timmy Didn’t You Cum Enough Last Night?” Jess Asked With A Smile, Timmy Looked At Her And Instantly His Cock Twitched And Grew A little Bigger “Oh Sis” Timmy Said In Surprise And Instantly Came All Over Himself, Covering His Chest With Streaks Of Thick Cum, Jess Giggled And Walked over to Timmy, then Bent Down And Licked All The Cum Off Of His Hairless Chest And Belly, After It Was All gone, she moved down and licked around his cock, “Careful Sis your gonna get me hard again” Timmy Said,

“that’s the idea Silly” Jess Said Giggling, She bent down and stretched her mouth over the huge girth, sucking and licking, Timmy suddenly bucked his hips wildly and came in his big sisters mouth, jess choked and spluttered but swallowed as much as she could, trying not to get it on her clean clothes, when Timmy finished shooting his load jess stood up and wiped her mouth with her hand, “now then Timmy Its time for school” Jess Said Instructively.

Jessica and Timmy Arrived At school and said good bye, as they went off to their lessons

Jess walked into her science class and took a seat near the back of the class, she pulled out her books and set them out on the desk, she was a little early and the only other person in the room was a nerdy guy called Derek, Jess had known Derek since primary school, but they hadn’t ever really spoken to each other much.

Feeling particularly naughty jess decided to have a little bit of fun with Derek before anybody else arrived, Jess rolled her pen off her desk and pretended she had dropped it by mistake, “oops” she said aloud, making sure Derek heard and would be looking at her, she walked over to where the pen had dropped and bent right over, showing her bare pussy and ass to Derek, she help like this for a few moments, pretending she couldn’t get a grip on her pen and kept dropping it, After a moment she picked up her pen, and went back to her desk, she looked over at Derek and Saw his cock stretching the fabric of his trousers beneath his desk, Jess looked his straight in the eyes and winked her most seductive wink, she thought about finishing off her homework before the lesson began, but since nobody else was here she decided that she had been mean teasing Derek like that, and decided that to make up for it she’d have to do something really nice, Jess tore out a small piece of paper from one of her note books and wrote on it:

Meet Me after Class – Jessica

She Walked over to Derek, who just looked at her nervously, and pressed the piece of paper into his palm, running a finger along his shoulder as she walked around him to go back to her desk, before she got back she deliberately bent over again and stuck a finger up her pussy, just so Derek could see, she quickly straightened up, as she heard people coming down the corridor, and sat back down at her desk...

‘God what a boring lesson’ Jess thought as she waited for everyone to leave, as she hoped Derek waited behind for her, When everyone left, Jess walked over to the door, locked it and pulled down the little curtain thing and moved over to Derek, Derek looked really nervous Jess though, but regardless, Jess moved over to him and kissed him passionately, her tongue exploring his mouth, she took his hand and pressed it to her pussy,

Derek still didn’t say a word As his finger nervously entered her pussy, Jess Slowly slid her hand down Derek’s trousers, her hands found his rapidly hardening cock, she began to stroke it softly as he fingered her, after a few strokes Derek Tensed up and Filled his pants with a huge load of cum, jess wanked his cock still in his trousers until he finished blowing his load, she milked the last drops of cum his cock, then pulled out her hand and licked off the cum, Satisfied that she had made up for teasing him earlier jess left without saying a word, she unlocked the room and walked out to find her friends, leaving Derek with his pants full of cum

Timmy left his French class and headed straight for the boy’s toilets, he went in, checked there was nobody in there and headed for the last cubicle on the right hand side, nobody ever used it because the toilet Didn’t work in there and there was an out of order sign nailed to the door, He quickly opened the door and went inside, and shut the door behind him, he climbed up on the toilet and pushed up the ceiling panel, He Climber up into the ceiling cavity and crawled along to the area above the girls toilets And Looked down through the gaps, he could see a girl in his English class called Suzie Miller just entering the toilets, he watched her through the gap in the ceiling, enter the cubicle right beneath him, she pulled down the jeans and sat down on the toilet,

Timmy had always had a bit of a crush on Suzie Miller, But She Was One Of the popular girls, and he was considered by most of the school to be a geek, as Timmy Watched Suzie he realised that she wasn’t peeing, she was playing with herself, one of her hands was rubbing her clit and the other was on one of her small barely developed breasts, massaging it, Timmy was hard instantly and Decided not to miss the opportunity, It was Suzie Miller for crying out loud,
Timmy pulled out his cock and moved onto all fours with one hand to keep him up and one hand wanking off his now fully erect cock, he watched Suzie playing with herself and wanked over her,

As Suzie began to orgasm she moaned a little, and slipped forward off the toilet, her head on the floor, sideways leaving her bare pussy and ass pointing up into the air, giving Timmy the perfect view, as soon as he saw her perfect ass and pussy he came like a fire hose, spewing cum all over the ceiling cavity, He didn’t notice a spurt of cum shoot right onto the crack he had been peeking through and land right on Suzie Miller’s Hand as she calmed down from her orgasm, She jumped a little at first and then looked up, right into the crack in the ceiling, winked and licked it off her hand, then left quickly, Timmy was shocked and quickly clambered out of his little spy hole, back down into the boy’s toilets, and walked out pretending nothing had happened, as he opened the door to leave,

Suzie Miller Was waiting right outside and pushed him back in the boy’s toilets, “you like spying on me Timmy?” Suzie said seductively, advancing on him, Timmy didn’t know what to say and just kept moving back as Suzie advanced on him smiling sinisterly, “If you wanted to look at my pussy Tim, you only had to ask” Suzie Said as Timmy backed into a cubicle, too nervous to respond, Suzie Looked Timmy In The eyes and Pulled her top off over her head revealing her small boobs, she threw her top on the floor and moved into the cubicle with Timmy and pulled her jeans and panties down and stepped out of them,

Suzie Miller stood before Timmy completely naked, Timmy’s cock had gotten hard again and Suzie could see the material of his trousers straining to contain his bulging erection, Suzie pulled Timmy’s shirt off and threw it on the floor next to her clothes, then she pushed Timmy down so he was sitting on the toilet seat and climbed up on him, spreading her legs, supporting herself just above Timmy, her pussy in his face, “have a taste Timmy, my vagina won’t bite” Suzie said with a giggle, Timmy was uncertain what to do, but he knew he wanted to lick her pussy and taste it, he began licking up and down her tiny slit, pausing on her clit, he remembered what Jess had said about that spot, he then stuck his tongue inside her tiny hole and licked inside her, she squirmed on top of him and ground her pussy against his face, as Timmy licked out Suzie’s tiny pussy,

she awkwardly undid his flies and pulled his pants down freeing his cock from its fabric prison, “oh my god Timmy, it’s so big” Suzie said startled, she began wanking him off as he licked her out, as she stroked his cock with one hand, she grabbed his balls with the other hand, and Timmy suddenly began shooting hot thick loads of cum all over the cubicle wall and coating Suzie’s hand, she leant over, letting him penetrate her pussy deeper with his tongue and letting his cum shoot all over her face and small boobs, as Timmy finished Cumming she sat up on his face and began orgasming, Timmy moved his mouth upwards and began sucking on her clit and began fingering Suzie’s tight virgin pussy, Suzie was in a state of bliss as she continued to orgasm on Timmy’s face, Timmy could feel her vagina clench down on his finger as she came,

After a few minute’s she began to calm down and, stopped orgasming, “wow Timmy, who would have guessed you would be so good at licking pussy” Suzie Exclaimed,
“I never tried it before” Timmy confessed,
“wow, we have to do this again sometime” Suzie said with a grin, then added “but you can’t tell anyone, it would ruin my reputation if anyone found out I was with a geek like you Timmy, no offence” With that Suzie picked up her panties and wiped off all the cum coating her face and small boobs, then licked hand clean of cum and pushed the panties into Timmy’s hand and said “These are for you, don’t tell anyone remember, or I’ll tell everyone you stole them and you’re a perv” Suzie gave him a quick peck on the cheek then got dressed and left for her next lesson leaving Timmy stunned, after a few moments of gathering his thoughts Timmy got dressed and made his way to his next lesson, Art ...

Jess Was Horny, It was lunchtime and she wasn’t hungry, and her friends were all busy doing homework in an classroom somewhere and that didn’t really appeal to Jess,

She walked down past the sports hall and saw Dave, muscular, athletic Dave, Dave was the star of the cricket team and the rugby team, Jess watched him for a moment and remembered some gossip she overheard earlier, Dave had broken up with Suzie Miller, Suzie’s older brother had threatened to beat Dave up if he kept seeing her, Dave was older, in his final year of school, and Suzie, like Timmy, was in her first year,

Jess Quickly Formulated a plan in her head, Dave had been playing rugby on the sports field and was probably going to take a shower in the boy’s changing room, Jess followed him and watched him disappear into the boy’s changing room, Jess was getting wet already, she followed him into the changing rooms being careful not to be seen, by him or anybody else, as she crept in she saw him stripping off, and was surprised by how small his cock was, but, it would have to do she reasoned, as he stepped into the and pulled the thin nylon curtain shut, jess quickly stripped off her clothes and placed them neatly in one of the open lockers,

she then walked into the showers ,Dave was looking away from the curtain, so jess pushed her body against the wet sheet and felt it cling to her then Whistled at Dave, making him jump and spin around, he was surprised to see a female shape through the curtain, and pulled in open revealing jess’s now wet, naked body before him, “jess what are you doing in here” he said Startled, trying to hide his growing erection with his hand, “What does it look like Dave” jess said seductively, and walked into the shower, she felt the hot water cascade down her body as she reached out and put both of Dave’s hands on her boob’s, Dave was shy about his penis but let jess take it in her hand and slowly stroke it up and down, “oh jess you’re so hot” Dave said, getting into the motion of things, his hand slid down from her breast and his finger slid up inside of her pussy, Jess moaned in pleasure and leant against Dave’s muscular body as his fingered her,

She stroked his cock faster and she could feel him about to cum, she wanked his cock faster, he grunted and shot one huge splat of cum onto her belly and then shot 4 little spurts onto the floor, the shower washed off the cum quickly,

“oh jess, you’re so good” Dave said, not out of breath or tired at all, his small cock still hard as steel, jess kept on wanking it, “are you on the pill?” Dave asked, “yeah” replied Jess, putting her arms around his muscular neck, Dave lifted her legs off the ground and pushed her against the wall, he began to push his cock into her tight pussy, she felt the head push in and then she slid down the thick shaft, his cock was not very long but it was pretty thick, he pulled it out then slammed it back in,

Jess moaned and threw her head back in pleasure, she held onto Dave with one hand around his shoulders and rubbed her clit with the other as he slid his cock in and out of her tight pussy, Jess felt the pleasure building inside her as he increased his pace, her pussy was very wet from her arousal and the hot water from the shower, suddenly Jess yelped in pain as Dave accidentally slammed his cock all the way up her asshole, “oh god sorry jess, i didn’t mean to” Dave said as he stopped, “no no keep going Dave” jess said feeling her orgasm approaching, without a question Dave penetrated her tight little ass and proceeded to slid his cock in and out as jess rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy with her free hand, “oh jess I’m gonna cum” Dave said as he thrust into her ass, jess squirted over Dave’s chest as she came and he filled her tiny bum full of cum, jess screamed with pleasure as Dave pumped her ass full of his hot load, jess felt his hot cum fill her rectum as she came, Dave quickly pulled out of her ass and rammed his cock up inside her pussy and shot his last few spurts in her pussy, feeling her vagina clench on his cock as she finished Cumming,

“oh god jess that was awesome” Dave said a little out of breath, “I’m glad you enjoyed It” Jess Replied, without saying anything else jess left the showers found a towel and dried her body off, she quickly put on her top and panties, knowing that cum would seep out of her pussy and asshole, she slipped into her jeans and carefully exited the boy’s changing rooms and went realised she was late for her lesson, she walked quickly up to the maths classroom and took her seat, she sat there while the teacher lectured her about being late, with a pussy and anus full of cum.

Timmy like art and was a little pissed that he only got to do art once a week, after art he always had English, he walked down the hall to his English classroom and sat down, to his surprise Suzie sat next to him, and her friends sat the other side of her, Suzie didn’t look at him or pay any attention to him.

The teacher was giving a talk about Shakespearian Language when Suzie stealthily slipped a note onto Timmy’s workbook, Timmy read it, it said:

Don’t Say a Word

Timmy didn’t quite know what it meant until he felt her small hand on his crotch, she rubbed his cock through his trousers until it was hard, she then slipped her hand under the waistband and wanked his cock under the table, the fear of getting caught made Timmy feel really turned on,

Suzie jacked his cock faster and he shot a huge load in his pants, filling them with cum, Timmy tried not to move, To hide the fact he had just Jizzed in his pants during an English lesson, Suzie pulled her hand out and wiped off the cum on the inside of his trousers, Suzie then took his hand and slipped in into her jeans, Timmy still had her panties in his bag, Timmy nervously slipped his finger into her tiny bare little pussy and fingered her for a while, his cock grew hard again and Suzie rubbed it through his trousers and made him fill his pants with another hot sticky load of cum as he rubbed her clit,

her breathing became heavy and she squeezed her thighs together and silently had an orgasm as Timmy rubbed his palm in circles on her clit as he penetrated her with his finger as she orgasmed, he squeezed in another finger and thrust them in and out, she finished orgasming and her jeans crotch was soaking with pussy juice, Timmy silently pulled out his hand and got on with his work, as did Suzie

It was the end of the day and Jessica waited for Timmy at the gates so they could walk home together, she saw Timmy come out of the English block and walk towards her, “Hey Timmy, How Was Your Day” jess said smiling sweetly, “it was great fun sis” Timmy said back with a happy smile

As Soon As Jess And Timmy Got home, Timmy said he was gonna go upstairs and play some video games, and jess decided to take a bath, her asshole was still a little sore from its unexpected penetration earlier and she though a nice long soak in the bath would be nice.

Jess was in the bath when Timmy knocked on the door, “what is it Timmy” jess asked nicely, “um well I was wondering sis, if I could um maybe watch you in the bath” Timmy asked shyly, “of course you can, come in” jess said, Timmy opened the door and shuffled in and sat on the toilet, staring at his sister bathing, “you can wank if you want Timmy, I won’t mind” jess reassured him, Timmy nodded and pulled out his already hard cock and watched his sister in the bath, “uhh jess i can’t really see much” Timmy said timidly, “oh sorry Timmy” jess said, and moved herself in the bath so she was in it sideways and spread her legs wide giving Timmy an unobstructed view of her glistening wet pussy and asshole, Timmy instantly shot 7 thick ropes of cum all over jess’s pussy and ass, “oh god sis, Your Pussy Is So Hot” Timmy said, as he caught his breath, jess slid slowly around and layed down in the bath “Timmy, why don’t you take off your clothes and join me in the bath?”jess asked seductively “uh okay sis” Timmy said, Timmy pulled his shorts and shirt off and slipped into the hot bath on top of his sister, he could feel the shaft of his cock slide against his sister’s pussy, Timmy suddenly came into the bath “haha am I that good little brother” jess asked giggling, “uuhh sorry sis, i can’t control it” Timmy said, “oh don’t worry about that, I'm on the pill” jess assured her brother, Timmy didn’t know what the pill was but assumed it was a mean he could just cum when he liked, jess played with Timmy’s rapidly rehardening cock under the hot soapy water, “Timmy, would you like to have sex properly” jess asked, “uh yes please” Timmy replied, Jess took A hold of his erect cock and guided it to the opening of her vagina, she struggled to squeeze it in at first, but managed to push the head in, “oh it’s so warm” Timmy exclaimed, Sliding the length of his shaft up inside his sister’s tight pussy, jess moaned with pleasure as Timmy Tensed suddenly releasing a gush of hot sticky cum into her pussy, filling her womb with spunk, Timmy began thrusting, jess put his hands on her boobs and pulled herself up to meet his slow deep thrusts, Timmy thrust into his sister for a few minutes, and jess could feel her orgasm coming, she could feel waves of pleasure pulsing through her body, every nerve ending seemed to tingle as Timmy slid his huge cock up inside her, as he thrust Timmy’s foot slipped on the bath and he fell a little, making his cock slide up and an angle and hit jess’s g spot, jess began orgasming and threw her head back in fits of pleasure, Timmy felt the walls of her pussy contract around his cock as she came, Timmy began to shoot a huge load into his sister as her orgasming pussy milked his cock, he must have blasted gallons of cum inside her, as she calmed he fired a few last blasts of cum , which squirted out of her pussy and into the bathwater, her pussy was now completely full of cum, they both lay there for a few minutes savouring the moment, as Timmy’s cock deflated inside his sister and his cum flowed out of her, after a while they got out of the bath and dried off, Timmy went to bed and jess stayed up to watch some telly, then went to bed later, she checked in on Timmy and saw he was fast asleep, jess retired to her room and collapsed on her bed, spent, ‘what a busy day’ she though as she drifted off to sleep...

Jess woke up to her alarm clock ringing, it was 6:00 am, jess got up and pulled on a pair of jeans, without panties, then pulled a loose fitting tee-shirt on over her naked chest, she walked out of her room and into Timmy’s, Timmy was asleep, and jess could see he had a morning erection, jess smiled mischievously and climbed in to bed next to Timmy, her hand went under the covers and slipped into his pyjama bottoms, her hand found his cock, and she began to stroke it slowly, Timmy awoke slowly as jess stroked his morning glory “oh jess” he moaned as his cock spasmed and fired a huge load of cum into his pyjama bottoms, jess wanked his cock as he came, Timmy bucked his hips and spurted a few more blasts before finishing, jess pulled her hand out and licked off the cum, she swallowed it and got out of Timmy’s bed, “come on Timmy, time for school again” jess said happily as she walked out of his room leaving him to get ready,

Jess was waiting by the door as Timmy came down the stairs; they walked to school together as usual, and when they got there they said goodbye and went off to their separate lessons, Timmy walked to Maths while jess made her way to Science...

As Jess walking into the science room, she saw Derek sat alone, he deliberately avoided looking at her, jess smiled at him anyway and sat down at her desk, the teacher walked in and said that today they were starting Sex Education.

The lesson dragged on for ages, jess didn’t learn anything new about sex, she had taught herself everything she needed to know via the internet, jess’s science class was small by class standards, only about 12 people ever turned up, most bunked off to go smoke or whatever it is they did, as the lesson drew to an end jess got up to leave and noticed Derek stayed sat down, he looked uncomfortable as he watched everyone leave, Jess walked slowly out and looked back at Derek through the glass, Derek didn’t know she was watching, and as he got up, it was obvious that Derek had a big erection, his cock was pressing against the fabric of his trousers, jess decided that she would be nice and help him take care of it, she waited outside for him and immediately pulled him into the girls toilets across the hall, Derek looked surprised but just went with it as jess pushed him into a stall and pulled off her shirt, Derek's face screwed up and he clutched his crotch as he stared at jess’s perky boobs, he filled his pants with cum without ever touching his cock, jess wasn’t about to let him off that easily though, jess walked into the stall and closed the door behind her, the door locked with a click, she pulled derek’s trousers down and took his now soft cock in her hand, she stroked it for a moment or 2, then she took his hand and placed it on her breast, massaging it, she took her hand away and he kept playing with her tits as she stroked his cock,
Jess pulled his hand away and knelt down, she licked up the cum that had dribbled around his cock from before, looked him in the eye’s, licked her lips and swallowed it all, his cock jumped and became harder, nearly back to its full length, jess slowly took the head in her mouth, and licked around it, slowly sucking the shaft deeper, until his cock was in her throat all the way, he began to thrust into her throat and within seconds let out a torrent of cum cascading down her insides, he quickly pulled out of her throat, but jess kept sucking it in her mouth, swallowing the huge loads of cum as Derek fired them into her mouth, after Derek stopped Cumming, jess swallowed the last of it and wiped off the dribble of cum that had run down her chin with the back of her hand, she then stood up, unlocked the door and went to pickup her shirt, while Derek pulled up his trousers, jess pushed open the door, the hallway was empty and she quickly hurried Derek out, before anybody saw, jess then walked slowly to her next lesson, enjoying the taste of cum in her mouth as she walked...

Timmy walked out of the maths room and made his way to English, he looked forward to English, wondering if Suzie would sit next to him again, he hoped so, he walked in and sat down, setting out his books, after a minute or two, students began filing into the room, Timmy spotted Suzie and her gang, heading for him, Timmy noticed Suzie was wearing a new skirt as She sat down next to him and set down her books, as she pulled her books out Timmy noticed a packet of cigarette’s in her bag, Timmy didn’t know Suzie smoked, but wasn’t surprised, most of her friends did, but most of them didn’t bother turning up to English lessons, as the lesson began, Suzie stopped talking with her mates and began pretending to get on with work, Timmy felt her soft hand slide across his under the table, her hand found his swiftly hardening cock and began rubbing it, before Timmy was even fully hard he blew his load, he struggled not to make a sound as his pants filled with hot sticky cum, feeling brave, Timmy slid his hand over to Suzie and ran it up her leg, under her skirt, as Timmy’s hand reached closer to her pussy, he could feel the heat emanating from it, he moved his hand closer and felt her bare pussy, she wasn’t wearing any panties, Suzie continued to rub his cock through his trousers, as it was still hard, Timmy slipped a finger inside Suzie’s hot wet cunt, and began fingering her, and rubbing her clit with his palm, Suzie silently moved her hips backward and forwards, Timmy felt Suzie's hand slide under his waistband and into his pants, her soft hand stroke along his length, Timmy shuddered silently with pleasure, Suzie bent down, pretending to drop something, and put her free hand on his, as he fingered her tight pussy, she pulled out his finger and pushed it down, onto the tight pucker of her ass, Timmy got the message and pushed his finger in, with some force, Suzie jumped as his finger popped in, and she began rubbing herself to a silent orgasm as she rubbed his cock, and he fingered her ass, Timmy felt her hand tighten as she began coming, Timmy suddenly came as her grip tightened, he shot 8 thick spurts into his trousers as she came on his finger, her ass clenched hard and her pussy leaked as she rubbed her clit, she pulled her hand out of Timmy’s cum filled trousers and pushed his hand away, fingering her own ass, using the cum on her hand as lube, Timmy resumed fingering her pussy as she calmed down, and without a word carried on with her work ...

Please keep in mind that This Is a work in Progress

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2014-10-06 19:34:09
Write more this was great

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2013-03-31 12:24:01
Omfg get real, a 12 yo with a 9 inch dick??? I know you're dreaming now. Hell my brother is 37 and he's only like 8 1/2 inches and 2 1/2 wide.
Re-write this story and get more realalistic.

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2012-06-17 19:21:01
best story ever made me cum so freakin hard im dizzy

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Damn. A 12yo with a nine incher. You do realize that it would clearly be visible to anybody if his shirt was off, right? A 6 incher is almost visible when your a few weeks from 14. The only way it woukdn't be visible is if he was 5' 8''.

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2012-01-24 23:11:48
wheres the pegging and the prostitution also i know about your grammar disclaimer but as the best typo i saw was "Timmy like art" sounds contradictory compared to the obvious use of the brittish version of the english language "telly" caveman versus brit... caveman ftw

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