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a really hot one
This is Ronnie from Birmingham UK. I am 25 years old, medium built, 5feet and 7 inches tall. Today I am narrating you the incident which happened with me few months back. I met with this woman on a chat room. She was 37 years old and from West-Bromwich. I don’t really know about ladies figures but she had massive boobs and big ass. She was 5 feet and 2 inches tall and had 2 kids.

We started chatting to each other through a chat room. She introduced herself as Rohini. We normally chatted for hours and hours. After chatting for like few weeks, we get to know each other very well and she asked for my number and I gave her my number. Few days went past I was still waiting for her text/call but no luck. After two weeks she sent me a text.

Rohini – Ronnie hi, how are you? Its Rohini form Westbrook remember me? We met in chat room/

Me – Yes yes I do remember you. How are you?

Rohini– I am good ta. Just bored. My husband is doing night shift all this month and I get bored. Just want to ask you whether you free next week or not? My husband is going India for 2 weeks. We can then link up if u wants.

Me – Yes why not. I can come over next weekend if want. Where will I stay?

Rohini – OK that’s fine, you can stay at mines. So see you next week.

I was then eagerly waiting for the weekend to come fast so I can meet her. Days went pass and finally the weekend is here. I got the bus and went to west- brom by bus. She was waiting for me in the town centre. I got off from the bus and saw her standing in front of me (As I have already seen her in the pic). I hugged her and we sat in her car and went to her house. Her house was the medium size house. As we get in to the house, I have asked where the kids were. She replied she sent them to my mother’s place for few days as I was going to busy cause of work. I was so happy.

She offered me drink and she sat next to me. She was wearing jeans and a tank top. She was looking amazing. We were then looking in each other eyes for long time. After that I have asked her, you are married and r u happy? She replied – not really. Then I said what you waiting for then? I am here now and we are alone for 2 days. Let’s have fun. I then stand up and went towards her and hugged her but she didn’t replied, but I kept holding her and caressing her back and she was loving it now.

Then I pulled her back started kissing her everywhere and now she was responding me as well. Now we was like kissing for long time now and then she asked me lets go 2 my bedroom. I want you to fuck on a same bed my husband fucks me. Then both of stood and went towards her bedroom. She was looking amazing. While she was climbing stairs I then grabbed her ass from back and started massaging it. OMG dose buttocks were huge and soft. I was feeling like eating them. We started kissing her again in her bedroom,

I pushed onto her bed and went on top of her and started kissing her faster. While kissing I slowly went towards her boobs and started pressing them and then I can hear a soft moan from her mouth ahhh. Those melons in that bra want to come out. I unhooked her bra and released them. I was shocked to see them boobs, those boobs were massive. I always dream about fucking mature ladies,, now I am with a mature lady and sucking her boobs, wow that feeling was great. Slowly I went to her tummy and kissing her soft belly and I could feel the heat coming out her body.

While I was kissing her belly I slide my fingers into her jeans to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any underwear and I could feel her pussy hair. I pulled her jeans down and started licking her pussy. She then said my husband never licks them, because he thinks it’s horrible. Don’t worry babes I will lick them and show you heaven… she blushed and started moaning ooohhh ahhhhhh. Wow I am loving it come on Ronnie lick that pussy faster. You are a amazing guy and you know how to please a woman. Wish I met you 15 years ago.

By hearing to this slowly I increased the speed as she was about to cum. She shot loads of cum on my face, wow that was nice taste. She then stood up and told me that she want to taste her own cum. We then started kissing each other passionately and grabbed her ass and pulled her jeans and my jeans down. Now we both were naked in each other arms. She then went down and started touching my dick and took it in her mouth and gave me nice blowjob after 10 mins she said I can’t wait anymore, tear this mature pussy and fill my hunger of sex.

I put a condom on slowly entered into her pussy and stroking in out and she was moaning aahhhhhh. Come on do it faster. I fucked her for 20mins and when I took my dick out, it was filled with her cum maybe she came twice, I got up and went towards her and told her lick it bitch lick your own cum and clean my dick. She started following my orders and cleans it very well and then we was lying on top of each other in 69 positions and enjoying each other.

I then started to finger her ass but she stopped and said no ass fuck because it hurts. But I keep insisting her and finally she agrees. I slowly put my finger in her ass one by 1… to tell you truth that ass was like tight hole. I got up and found a bottle of oil and pour some oil on my dick and put some on her ass to make it soft and started continuing finger her ass… her moans was getting louder and louder ohhh and started fucking her ass and after 20mins I shot my loads in her ass. I fucked her in all position that night and all day before.

Both days we spent every min in other arms and left her house on Monday. She dropped in town centre and gave me a French kiss and said bye. I received her text as I got home. Whether I can meet her again? We finally met again 3 weeks later and stayed at her house for a week and made love to each other.

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2012-10-02 22:54:19
Emily is right in the aspect that flnnatiug what you got is soakin in the heads of our teenagers. I want to apologize for saying that in my previous comment. That is why teenagers seem to think that its ok to dress like adults and be promiscuous(sp?). I know that I would never let my daughter dress the way some of the teenagers do these days that is why I try to tell her that being nice and having a charasmatic personality will get her farther in life. Yes, looks help, but in todays society we do need to watch what say and what we do b/c wether you have kids or not you are a role model for someone younger than you. People are always watching you and how you act.

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2012-02-12 14:44:45
FWKVZ9 Comrade kill yourself.

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